TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 7

uttara: bhaaabhi yeh paani toh khatta hai…..phir bhi acha hai aap peogi
swara(shocked)cya? yeh tum kya bolri ho aur tune kya pee raki hai seedha kada bi nai ho raha tujse..dikao
uttara:(pouts) meine wirf pari pee chill nah bhabhs
swara(whispers)yeh to beer bottle hai(loudly)kisne diya?
uttara:(scared)divya di ne (and runs away from there
swara was now fuming….and stalks towards the car laksh sanskar and shresht are coming….ragini is trying to help a stubborn uttara
swara: divya niklo, meine kaha uto(she shouts and pulls divya’s hand)
divya mumbles and sleepily stands next to her
divya: ghar ke andar gadhe allowed nai hai sandal sanskar bejo bahaar
swara stares at her in astonishment while laksh and shresht run towards them seeing the hungama
laksh: bhaabhi wats wrong aap dono tina show kyun macha rahe ho?
divya: lo aagaya bhaabhi ka chamcha(in a loud clear voice, smirking)
shresht: zabaan samhal ke…aur di aap itni badtameez ladki baat na karo
laksh: he’s right…a girl who couldn’t care for her family’s respect can care for nothing……
divya: (with a bored look)ahaan
swara: but laksh uttara ……
laksh: bhaabhi she put an end to her own child what better could u….THUP
well our laksh was having a concussion…..but looked smug…this only seemed to anger divya more she decided physically assautling laksh would do she raised her hand to slap him but sanskar butted in with 5 ice creams in his hand held straight in her hand’s way… we can imagine how beautiful he looked in ice-cream pack…
swara laksh ragini a drunk uttara shresht every one were laughing and
sanskar: bada hasi aaraha hai na lo our lo( he says wiping it on swarm’s and lash’s face)and slowly started a ice-cream war…
divya moves and settles on the hood enjoying the fight….but after some time she stepped in
divya: well guys step into the park would u i’ll take care of her(she pointed to uttara)u have my word sanskar
swara: u wanted to talk…to me
divya: better place, better time, better mood now bye
she pulled uttara along with her and left
the storm of the sky had passed but the storm of the hearts din’t….
shresht lifts a now unconscious swara and moves to his car while sanskar hurries down the stairs……divya is nowhere to be seen

sanskar: hey u stop….i say stop and put her down
shresht turns :why so u can lift only to drop her….again
sanskar:(shocked) shresht……..i’m sorry i thought it was…ask her never to come back there’s a lot of danger around here…..u c me as danger even her……weapons that broke and could break ur sis and you but there’s greater danger out there……divya will say only she vanished
(he sighs saying this and turns )
shresht: divya shit divya kuch der pehle tak woh yahin thi………
sanskar: she was……shresht she left 5yrs ago promising never to return…divya never breaks a promise….i should know it..
by then swara wakes up by then and steps away from both of them…..shocking shresht and hurting sanskar
divya: hello anwar i can’t do this …muje wraps nana hai
anwar: divya u have to do this mere gear business evrythng is on u
pls dont ditch me….
divya: i….i’m sorry……….i’ll do it
male voice: good job anwar…… the love story will be rewritten… blood(he smiles viciously)
so guys how was the chapter……if u liked it then pls do cmnt…..keep reading……and suggestions are welcome…..

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  1. Good job dear but clear the dialogs … Like who.said to whom .. sorry if I hurt u .. but u r writing a good ff

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  3. nice,interesting…but can u try to add punctuation so it will be clear as to who said the dialogs

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