trust me i will heal your wounded heart (TS not OS by Rabia) phase-1

Guysss this is a TS not OS.. and it contains 3 phases this is the phase one which is little bit funny but 2nd phase will be emotional.. and third phase will be a happy one….and guys my fingers were not paining my hands were paining from the wrist area which comes on laptop while typing and due to continuous typing and touching of hard surface it starts paining..

Guys please answer the question in the last…

Phase 1:-

A building was shown imprinted with the big letter name SM enterprises… the whole building is made up of black unbreakable glass… 25 stories containing this beautiful building owned by non-other than Sanskar Meheswari… he provided all the facilities to his employees…but their one mistake makes their lives hell…

Everybody feels better to die than doing any mistake in office…it is true that employees got every facility that everyone wants to join sm ent. Butttt……. They think 100 times before joining… they dooo practice 1000 times of any work before going in front of their boss… whose one look melts a person which sun can’t do…

Sanskar Meheswari child of a broken family…. His parents treated him as a garbage.. he only lived with them till 8 yrs later he taken cared by care takers… he didn’t got love of his parents because his parents were bzy in doing marriages…he got only lump sum amount every month from his both parents noo love….he even don’t know the name of his step fathers or mothers….

He used his parents money till the age of 18 later he started his own business.. at a very young age… and now he not only returned his parents money which they gave or spent on him but also gave them interest of that money.. he kicked all the things which his parents gave.. and his parents being a shameless took back all the things…

Sanskar lives in a big mansion alone with number of servants… his tongue moves less than his eyes… because he talks with eyes mostly…

He only saw money from childhood no love that’s why he don’t know even the spelling of love… arrogant, heartless, due to the behavior of his parents…

2 yrs back he was forced to do a marriage with just a 18 yrs old girl…both even don’t know each other… sanky hardly listened her voice 3 to 4 times.. he came to know about her name when he goes with her for her admission…

He may be arrogant heartless but he didn’t tortured her ever.. because he just take her as a care taker of his house.. Whose face he didn’t saw clearly…butt both will become unbreakable couple but not soo soon…

Swara sanskar meheswari…. Scared rabbit in front of sanskar because she thinks him as a godzilla ;)… murmurs full at his back… all servants enjoys her company… but when sanskar enters in the house all hides like a small animals hide in the holes…

Studying in clg… this is the only thing swara talked with sanskar properly… and he didn’t said anything in fact next day he took her to clg for admission…


2 yrs back…. Once sanskar have to go to some small town for some land purpose… that town is famous for injustice… ppl only do what they want to doo.. they never cared whether it is poor or rich… when he was standing at the site of his land… some ppl came and grabbed him… and also a very superstitious…

Sanskar become startled butt they didn’t listen to him and took him somewhere…sanskar threat them… curse them but they act like they don’t have any ears.. and made him sit on a mandap… and on the otherside…

Same happened with swara.. she was from other town who came here for meeting her frnd.. and ppl grabbed her without any reason and make her ready forcefully and settle her down with sanskar… and made them marry….

Sanskar was numb while swara was crying.. later it was revealed that these ppl due to superstitious act that they will get more money and prosperity in their town all the problems will vanish if they will make marry two ppl who don’t belongs to their town.. but little did they know with whom they messed….sanskar destroyed the whole town within a year and the ppl who made them marry were now in jail

Swara cant go to her home because her family didn’t allowed her to enter in the home… sanskar reluctantly took her to her home…. Because swara pleaded him…

Swara: plz take me with u I don’t have any other place to live.. I will never disturb u plzz…

Sanskar without seeing towards her : okay u were just be a care taker of my mansion.. nothing else..

Swara: plzz plzz one more request plzzz…

Sanskar while on phone: yes?

Swara: I love studying plzzz allow me for continuing my study plzz..

Sanskar: hmm okay and goes towards the car..

Swara murmurs: he looks like Godzilla but thank God he didn’t spit fire.. and runs behind him…

Sanky reached home and his manager explains everything to all servants…

Servants look towards swara: who was looking like a kiddo because while manager explaining to them swara was making funny faces behind him… on which servants suppress their laughter…

Swara made them frnds in the short period of time.. even they got to known the new name of sanskar which swara put… Godzilla…

Next day sanskar took her to clg and got her admitted there.. and from that day till now he didn’t even notice his wife… because if he ever noticed then he came to know that how much bubbly she was…

Swara topped in graduation… on which first time sanskar smiled when he got congratulations calls for the success of his wife…

Sanskar after receiving almost 20 calls relaxed..

Sanskar (in mind): amazing I didn’t knew my wife is soo much intelligent.. but later he realized that he even didn’t know by her face… in fact he even don’t remember her name..

Sanskar curses himself in mind: Ooo God what type of husband im I have never seen her face… Sanskar Meheswari I think u should consult a doctor and he chuckled (OOOO MMMMM GGGGG) sanskar meheswari chuckled (me fainted)

He decided to go to home early… when he left office many office employees fainted, few become dead bodies… few lost their memories 😉 (hehehehehe) on seeing him leaving early from office…even his manager got saved from falling from the stairs due to shock…

Sanskar reached home on which servant also faced the same situation just like office employees….

Sanskar was going inside when his sight goes to a one little kid… he become amused… the little kid was non other than swara (hehehehe) but too sanskar she was looking like a kid because she was wearing hello kitty shirt with capri and having 2 pony tails…and playing with one servant’s kid

Sanskar calls one servant and asked about swara..

Sanskr: who is this little girl and what is she doing in my house??

On listening this servant throws the tray in shock which he was holding and saw towards sanky like he was having horns on his head…

Sanskar gave him a confused look: what the hell?? I asked u something and here u r throwing things??

Servant stammering: ss..iii..rrr…sheee…ee..iisss… yourrr wife swara..

Sanky become shocked and almost shouted on which swara looked towards him

Sanskar: wwwhhhhaaaattt??? And looked towards swara… who is now staring him just like a scared kitten..

Sanskar murmurs: I married to this kid?? Impossible.. and again looked towards swara but he didn’t found her there.. in fact he saw her running inside with a speed of light…

Sanskar’s mouth hung down of seeing swara’s antics.. and later burst into laughter… on seeing thisss literary his mansion also fainted 😉 (hehehehehhehehe)

Swara while running bumped into the cook who was having a dish in his hand and the dish fall down.. but swara didn’t stopped.. she runs further and bumped into kaki who was
holding fruit basket.. and all fruits got scattered… but again swara didn’t stopped she runs upstairs and reached 2nd floor where one servant was holding flowers for the vase and all flower flew away in the air.. and in this process swara strips and bumped into railing and from their she stumbled and fall down… all become shocked and screams her name on seeing her falling from 2nd floor

All: swara mam….

Swara: aaaaaaaaaaa….

But before her body touched the ground someone’s hold her and her head was just an inch above from the marble floor.. the one who saved her immediately jerked her towards him and in this way swara’s hand were now holding his neck .. that someone was one and only sanskar who was holding swara tightly in his arms..

Sanskar himself was in shock because he saw her running.. first he was laughing but when she stumbled against the railing he skipped his heart beat and runs towards her and hold her on the nick of the time because her head was just an inch above from the floor..

Sanskar’s heart is beating fast… while swara was shivering due to fear…

All signs in relief and leave their breath which they were holding….

One servant immediately bring water… and runs towards swasan who are standing

Servant: sir??

Sanskar came into senses and said with eye movement : what??

Servant: sir.. water.. mam..

On this sanskar realized that swara was in his arms and shivering badly.. and also not in her senses..

Sanskar walks towards the sofa and made her sitt… swara was holding his hand which was cold as ice..

Sanskar took the water silently and make her drink..

Swara drank the water in one gulp…

Sanskar took the glass from her and gave back to servant and ordered everyone to leave the hall…

Swara was now also shivering…

Sanskar sat down in front of her on the table and looked towards her keenly…

He can sense easily how much she was scared but he wants to know why she ran away after seeing him…

Sanskar: relax…

Swara first time notice sanskar and again became scared and tried to run away again..

On which sanskar become confused but holds her at the right moment and make her sit again..

Sanskar: heeeyyy why r u running like this???

Swara: woohhhh.. u r a Godzilla naa and laterr bites her tongue…

Sanskar eyes got wide on listening the word..

Sanskar: wwhhhattt?? Im a godzillaa??

Swara nodess in yess then nooo….

Sanskar smiles but hides it and asked in a strict tone: why were u running after seeing me??

Swara was staring her with CID eyes…

Sanskar loudly: speakkkkk…

Swara jumped on her place…: wohhh u were staring me like I have done some mistake that’s why I ran away…

Sanskar: yesss u have done a big mistake.. now u have to bear a punishment..

Swara’s pink clr turned into white clr…which was noticed by sanskar..

Swara while having tears: sss…oooo..rrryyy… I will never doo this again.. plzzz im sorryyy..

Sanskar :……………..

Screen freezes on swara’s teary face and sanskar’s serious face…

Precap: I don’t know 😉 may be very veryyy emotional 😛


guys as u all know im having my css exams in Feb… starting from 16th of Feb… soo thats why i want to know who wants love between swasan as a FF and who wants it as a TS.. because if u want it as a FF then i will continue it after my exams.. because it is the 2nd season of my one and only FF which i wrote and very dear to me because i never wrote that episodes of my any story which i wrote for its 1st season….soo i dont want to rushh… but if u want then i will convert it as TS otherwise it will be continue from feb… choice is yourss


  1. Mynalove


    |Registered Member

    waah everyone again fainted in ur story
    and u turned this os into a ts
    about ‘Love between swasan’ i really don’t know
    u do the best thing and it is not a problem for me to wait as even i will have exams in March

    and take care of urself no need to break ur hands
    and yes all the very best

  2. Hemanshi

    How are you!!
    You know i am missing you all soo much!!
    Read all ur works and loved it a lot

    Post next one asap!!!

  3. Swarmayi


    |Registered Member

    Wowww.. di.. amazing.. fabulous part.. loved it so much.. and abt love btw swasan.. let it be ff na plzz.. dont end it soon.. * sad pout

  4. Parul

    thank god rabia dr u r fine again ur fainting season started haahaa. just breathe in breathe out relax dr , calm down dont faint n write ur ff as u like it we will always love ur ff dr n ALL D BEST DR

  5. Semran


    |Registered Member

    Amazing part please post next one for the heartless and kind hearted don and for this one soon. As I just love your FF and can’t wait for them.

  6. Nagamanasa


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di…it’s really funny di…And coming to love between swasan you do it as per ur conveinence…I will wait…but pls post next part of this ts soon di

  7. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    di i will come and beat u if u change that into ts….. let it be ff…. u spoiled ur season 1 by rushing it… don’t try this time also ok…. otherwise i will take revenge by making u an obsessive lover of sanky in my ff…..😜

    about this ts its amazing di….. loved it a lot….. very funny too….. and sanskar doesn’t know his wife itself….. ha ha superb di

    • Rabia



      shannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn noooo u can kill bee but i can’t doo this too mee nowww i will end lbs when u will ask me to end u just wait and watch 😉 hehehehehhehe

  8. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    API…again ur fainting business started….. 😁😁
    Me also get shock…… U always portray sanky sooooooo cuteeeee…Nd swara so scareeee😜😜…sanskar don’t know about his wife… Hahaha…..what type of husband he is…….cute husband……….

    If u change LBS 2 in ts….I m nt gonna talk tooo u……..ff hi acha hai….change karne ke bare mein sochna bhi mat😬😬

    Next epi will be emotional naaaaa…….pehle hi warning de Dena😉😉😉

    • Rabia



      hehehehe okayy jiii nai changee karuu gee and sanky cutee ada acha lugta hay naa aur swara scary kitten thats why 😉 and dont worry i will tell in starting only 🙂

  9. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    Wow Rabi what a bomb blast
    It’s amazing just fab
    The way Swara ran seeing Sanskaar 2as totally funny and shocking
    And when Sanskaar catches her that was so romantic and Swara call Sanskaar Godzilla in front of him that was toh during on top of cake
    And I hav3 no problem if you want to continue it after your exams as I’m perfectly fine with it

  10. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Seriously don i was i laughing like hell while reading… awesome lovely chapie….. hahaha swara should also faint but she ran.. haha….. continue it as ff aftr examz…

  11. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr diiii…Haha,swaras monologue is so funny😂😂😂..Godzilla,lol😂😂..Aww,sanky is changing😉😉..But feeling bad for his bad past…His parents are disgusting😡😡😡.. Keep going dear di.. Waiting for nxt..

    About ‘love between swasan’,nooo,don’t change it into ts..Make it ff,otherwise🔪🔪🔫🔫💣💣💉💉🔌🔌✂✂(hope you got it)..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀

  12. Srusti


    |Registered Member

    OS is superb seriously saying I cannot control my smile after reading swara antics by seeing sanskar and I want love between swasan as ff only u can continue it in February as I don’t have any problem but don’t make that ff as a ts it’s a request from ur choti and take care of ur health di and inform me if u post love between swasan

  13. Manasvi


    |Registered Member

    First of all dont you dare make it as ts.. You know about whom i m talking.. If you will make that into ts, then
    Ohk dii, I thought.. If you will make that ff as ts, then I m ready with army full of weapons for you.. Get ready!!

    Ohk now coming to this shot,
    I was laughing like anything.. You reminded me of your ts: Arrogant man and his pink little kitten.. You know it was one of my fav ts by you.. So i loved it..
    Love you dii.. Take care..

  14. Romaisa

    Wow loved it baji plz don’t make love between swasan as a ts, ff hi better hain and wow it was really very funny ❤️

  15. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Amazing dii…..
    Dii I don’t know how many employees fainted of SM but i m fainted from laughing …superb diii….love u …n i want a ff…

  16. Amore


    |Registered Member

    hehehe… Yar kaise ye Sab aata hai dimag me???

    What was best you know??? His expression knowing swara is his wife …

    “who is this kid” hehehe

    Yar WO 12 paragraphs Maine sayad 30-40 times padha hoga… fir v hasi nai ruk rahi…

    pehle toh employees ka faint hona, then
    sanskar ka sawaal aur uske baad ka servant ka expression hahaha… fir Jo disbelief k Sath usne pucha khudko “i married to a kid?” hahaha!!!!

    Yar pet dard kar raha haste haste…

    As expected… comedy full on… aur waiting for next… saayad teaser dikhaogi… probably its someone’s past… jaldi post Karo

    I’m waiting for aur mastii… Yar sanskar kar question yaad aa gaya hahaha

    abb kal police station jaungi… FIR darz karwane KWBW k khilaf… stating as attempt to murder case… (*humph*)

    haaye reyyyy!!! hasa hasa k aadha maar diya reyyy!!! pura Marne se pehle case karke marungii!!!!!

    Aaoo dard ho raha hai (*deep deeper deepest sigh*) ufff abb saans le paa rahi hu … (*exhaled heavy breath*)

    • Rabia



      thankuu sooo much dearr and itna time luga parhnay may?? :O… hehehhehe mai touu zada say zada 10 mins laiti ;)…
      and agr murder case may ander krwa diyaaa touu agli epis kaisay millay ge??
      ya post kr dun?? 😉
      hehehee thankuu sooo much once again 🙂

  17. Afra96


    |Registered Member

    It’s awesome di..this part was funny but I will be ready with a hanky for the next part as u said it’s going to be an emotional one..

    And about u’r ff plz don’t convert it into a ts..we can wait till your exams r over..

  18. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    “Trust me i will give u tones of Choco n panipuri”(Tones not KG by Rabia).. this is my 1st reaction after reading ur tittle…. huh dun laugh.. i dun know why my mind revolve around all this…
    but seriously LOVED IT SOO MUCH.. it’s awesome
    ….. Love u lil lil…*giggle…
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    • Rabia



      hahahahaha kakuu u r tooo muchh no noo in fact u r threee muchhh 🙂 i was again feeling lowww but after reading your comment i was laughing 🙂 luv u tooo 0.05 mm 😉 hehehehehe

  19. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Lowwwwwww !!! whyy¿¿ didn’t u charge urself Rabiaa diii… plz do it.. otherwise my Pikachuuuuu is eveready to give 880 volt jhatka… want it? huh mumft mai chahiye?
    u know diiii..from mrng i was tensed thinking about my sis result…but now m soooo happy bcz my sis promoted from VIII to IX n her % was also good… 😊*huggggg..

    • Rabia



      hahahahha kaku i was not well thats whyyy i updated next epi also late.. now im fine but tiredness little bit and congratulations too your sis give her a tight kiss and hug from my side and give her for sure dont steal her hug and kiss okayyyy 😉 hehehehe

  20. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    heeeeeeee TC diiiii… acche se khayal rakhna appna.. don’t take tooo much stressi.. huhh dekho kise bol rahi hu mai… joo dushro ko stress dena janti hai mai unhe stressfree hone ko bool rahi huuuu… how mad n cute i m… 😶*shy!!!
    okiii okiiiiii ur hug to my sis.. i won’t steal… bcz i want mine walaaaaa…*huggg …

    • Rabia



      hahahaha okay ji okayy yee louu a biggggggg bear hug for u from my side 😉 :* luv u 😉 hehehehe anddd hawww mai nay kb diya stress (baby face) 😉

  21. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Abhiiii diya na apnaaa baby sa face dikhakarrrr… goshh now i have to take stress to imagine u in that pose with a small baby cap in ur head, a milk bottle in ur mouth, a jhunjhuna in ur hand… goshhh annnna annn ahannn u r crying for choco n m teasing u eating without giving a single piece…sooo now think u r giving me too much stress to my lil brain..😶

    • Rabia



      hahahahaha kakuuu bs bsss enoughhhh hhahahahahaa OOO Goddd kiya karuu mai iss larkii kaaa hahahahahha taubaaa kabhi baaz naa ana bsss hahahaha lol rofl har cheez

  22. Shreeyu


    |Registered Member

    Awwww awesomeeeeeeeeeee diiiii…… Sooorrrryyy foorrrr commmmentinggg lattteee….. Loveeddddd ittttt😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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