trust v/s love – Intro

hi friends…I am here to write a fanfiction…guyzz plzz comment to know if i can continue or not….first of all i will introduce t characters of my ff ..

Twinkle Taneja;;;;; She is a modern gorgeous stunning girl . She loves her family very much and can do anything for them. She believes that “Love can win anything in t world”.She is very bold girl sings very well…

Khushi Taneja;;;;; She is very naughty and beautiful girl. Her main hobby is to make people irritate by her talks. she loves her sis very much .[played by khushi from iss pyar ko kya naam doon]

R.Taneja;;;;;; Father of twinkle and khushi. he is very kind hearted person.

Leela Taneja;;; mother of twinkle and khushi. she is very sweet ,soft and cannot see others tears



Kunj Sarna;;;;; He is very sweet, handsome and a crazy boy. He believes “trust can win everything in t world”. He loves his family very much.

Yuvraj Sarna;;; He is t brother of kunj . He is so cute and handsome and his bro very much. But he hate girls and does not believe in love.

Usha Manohar Sarna;;;; She is the mother of kunj and yuvraj. She is very kind hearted person.

Manohar sarna;;;; He is very strict person. He takes his own desicions without asking anyone. But loves his family very much and do not show that love.
other characters will be introduce during t plot
I like to give a view about t episode and here it goes;;;
Taneja family lives in london and they r coming back to kolkata after so many years. there will be a hidden truth between taneja and sarna family which made taneja family to go to london…and trust and love war begins b/w t lovebirds…
Precap;; taneja family landing kolkata airport and also a boy fighting with goons are also shown..

again..plzzzz comment to know if i want to continue or not

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  1. Nice precap.. All d bst for ur ff.. Awaiting Fr ur episodes gopika..

    1. Thank u for t support tei

  2. very interesting…..plzz continue..btw are u from kolkata??

    1. thank u tara ….i am not from kolkata but from kerela …i just mention t place in t ff . R u from kolkata?

      1. yeah…thats y i got a bit excited..cuz i hardly find ny bengalis..

      2. ohh but i have visited kolkata 2 times..

  3. Awesome plot… part aaj hi de do

    1. thank u rashi.. but i cannot post t episode today but will surely 2morrow

  4. Very nice gopika continue.Its a very nice title and story.Trust

    1. thank u for ur support SMC….

  5. Intro is very nice..waiting for t episode to begin..

    1. Thank u for t support gopu…

  6. One doubt….uv nd kushi are a couple??

    1. ya it is true

      1. I think u should bring arnav far khushi….plzzzz……

      2. actually arnav will be entering t show soon… before that there will be a love triangle b/w khushi and uv …later uv will hate both t family and will turn negative as t hidden truth b/w t family come out …..and t actual couple is arshi….

  7. Vryy nice continue like thiss. Waiting eagerly for ur nxt epi

    1. thank u for t support sunaina

  8. wow nice yar gopika…………waiting for the next episode

    1. Thankzzz tina

  9. oh gr8..i visited kerala once..tht also many yrs back..

    1. ohh really gr8..

  10. Nice one gopika
    Tara u seem to be very friendly come and visit Malaysia as well one day

    1. Thank u esha

    2. haha..yeah sure i would love after my boards.. 😉 😉

  11. Am imprese dud when i got a news the two couples of kushi nd arnav, twinkle nd khunj plz carry on….. And one more request gopika plz expose yuvi fast when am read yuvi name am so irritating……

  12. […] HI GUYZZZ..first of all thanks to all t readers for reading my ff and also to all who gives me courage by the valuable comments…… Happy valentine’s day to all my frds who r commited and advance wishes to all who still waits for t right person…… ————————————— here is my previous links;; […]

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