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TRUST V/S LOVE episode 24


Hi guyzzz…I am here with my 24th episode of “TRUST V/S LOVE”…….First of all thanks to tara, rashi, sunaina, sush, rishel,aarush, tei, smc, amu, tina, esha, aakankhya, kna786 , sasmerra, aakanksha, sanjana, sudha, saibo, sabanana, sanam, sar, tannu, trishmattie, shunna, tania, harna, tintu, sanu, ruchi, akshra, sara khan, naira, maryam , sadaf khan, ria, prapti, anam , yukku,shruthi,komal,salma, noor, muskan, star, srija, tammana, phycho, chehak, mukti, meenat, sweetie, ritzi, rupam, lama, riya, anushka, joshika ,sam, aliza, zikra , aarti, panchi, loveleen,chery,mannat, salma, fiona, callmeprincess3, vidisha,naira ,fallingstar dheemahee ,ahana, crazy and baby …..for t support and encouragment {sorry if i missed anyone}…..and also to all the silent readers for the silent support…..and plzz…keep reading and commenting……
U can find my previous episodes here;;

episode starts;;;

everyone is packing there bags for going back to there home…

twinkle is fully lost so she puts the clothes from the suitcase to the bed instead of doing the opposite….

nandini;; twinkle…..what r u doing….why r u putting the clothes in bed

nandini looks at twinkle who is fully lost and is not hearing any of her words…

nandini goes near twinkle and shakes her..

nandini;; twinkle….where r u lost..

twinkle comes to her sense..

twinkle;; what happen..

nandini;; what..

twinkle;; vo…after we both drink bhaag what happen…

nandini;; now also r u thinking that twinkle…leave it twinkle..

twinkle;; aahaa…but nothing bad happened naa…

nandini;; bad..what bad…leave it twinkle…if u r not recollecting anything then go and asks to kunj sometimes he would have recollected…

twinkle; kunj…ya right..
she smiles and packs her bag..

on the other side..
kunj recalls how twinkle said how she feels for him and how she is going crazy for him….

he smiles by recalling all her words whle she was in bhang effect..

suddenly he recalls how twinkle makes him drink bhang forcefully and gets tensed…
kunj; o my god …what could have happened after that…

manik comes there…
manik;; what happen kunj…why are u soo tensed…

kunj;; vo…bhaii…what could have happened after that…

manik;; after what…

kunj;; vo..after twinkle makes me drink bhang…and how we reached the room…

manik;; mm..idea…

kunj;; idea?..

manik;;ya….u ask to twinkle…f she would recollected the happenings..

kunj;; woww bhai…thank u soo much{and hugs him happily..}

after sometime everyone reaches near there jeep for going back to home…
kunj comes to twinkle

kunj;; twinkle…i want to ask u something…

twinkle;; too want to ask u something..

kunj;; then ask…

twinkle;; voo…after i drink bhang what happened…how we reached room….

kunj;; i don’t know twinkle….i was to ask u the same question…i don’t know what happened after u make me drink bhang forcefully..

twinkle;; i am sorry..

kunj;; for what..

twinkle;; i maked u drink bhang

kunj;;’s ok twinkle u maked me drink iin the bhang effect it’s ok

twinkle;; but…what would have happened after we drink bhang..

but before kunj can say something..they hear uv’s voice..
uv;; chalo…let’s go..

everyone sits in the jeep and starts there journey…
mavi ,manan and arshi is enjoying seeing the places …while kunj and twinkle is tensed thinking about yesterday…

after constant driving for hours…
they all reached home…

usha comes there and makes nandini and manik stand together..and leela takes the aarti

manan was shocked at that

leela smiles seeing them shocked..and says
leela;; i came to know everything…

nandini and manik smiles
leela;; u have a surprise..

manik;; surprise..
Before he could complete manik sees his parents there and was super surprised…
manik;; maa…papa..

manik’s maa;; ahaaa….we came here to make my son marry..

manik;; maa..i love nandini..

manik’s papa;; aahaa..that’s we are telling…the fight between u have finished soo we tought to marry u and nandini betta…

manik;; kya..but how told this to u.

twinkle;; it’s me..
manik and nandini surprisingly looks at twinkle..

twinkle;; why are u looking like this…i told this to her in the day i understood ur past..

manik’s maa;; she made me realize that i can’t get a good bahu than nandini and she also says that she will surely make nandini my bahu…
By saying she holds nandini..

nandini;; i am sorry aunty….i…

befor she could complete…
manik’s maa;;…in the past whoever was there in ur postion will do the same….
By saying they share a hug….

after some time…
arnav comes to khushi who was talking to mahi and mahi..
arnav;; khushi..could we go for dinner today…

khushi blushes and was about to say something….but mahi cut’s her..

mahi;; what a idea….let’s go…i will call twinkle di and nandini di also…

arnav;; what…………i mean..

uv u mean what..

arnav;; i want to say something to i thought we both go lonely..

uv ;; ya…u can say it what is the problem if we are there..
uv smirks at him..

arnav looks angrily at uv
arnav;; ya..there is no problem mahi…there is nothing personal to talk to khushi…but to u…

uv and mahi cluelessly looks at eachother..
mahi;; me..

arnav;; ya..let’s go..
By saying arnav holds mahi’s hand…
uv;; kya..bhaiya….what personal talk bhaiya…vooo to mahi

arnav;; ya…i thought to say this to khushi but now i thought to say to mahi..

uv;; what..nahi bhaiya..

arnav;; nahi..why..

uv;; vo…i and mahi have some work…our class is starting after a week soo…we have to do it know bhaiya…

mahi;; ahhaa…chalo uv…

uv ;; ya…let’s go…ok bhaiya..i think better u say to khushi…
arnav smiles and nods..
mahi and uv leaves..

arnav;; soo…khushi…will u come with me for the dinner..
khushi blushes and nods..

arnav and khushi reaches a restaurant…
arnav makes khushi sit and he also sits….

arnav;; u undoubtfully know why i bring u here..
khushi blushes..

khushi;; for dinner right..

arnav;; ya…for dinner but it also has a other reason….u know it right..

khushi;; other reason.?

arnav;; i told u naa…i want to tell something…

khushi;; ya..u told me…but what…

waiter comes there and serves there food..

he keeps a plate infront of khushi which is closed…
waiter smiles and leaves..

arnav signs khushi to open the plate..and sees the plate beautifully decorated and it’s written “i love u” with sauce…and also a ring between rose petals..

arnav stands up and takes the ring…slowly knees down..and forwards the ring..

arnav;; my life did not begin with u khushi…but i wish my life should end with u…and i promise no matter what happens , i will be there with u till my end….i love u khushi…i love u a lot…

khushi was was ecstatic , happy….

khushi;; yes…but i love u more…

arnav makes her wear the ring and hugs each other….
both of them was unable to understand the feeling…..
they eats a wonderful romatic dinner and leaves home..

at home..
nandini brings the CD of there holi celebration video…

all family gets excited to see the video….
anita;; ya…let’s see…

twinkle{thinks};; sometimes may be i can get something from that..

twinkle;; nandu..there are two copies right…plzz give me one..

nandini nods and gives her one CD

twinkle leaves from there

suddenly the electricity goes…..

leela;; let’s watch it later..keep the CD save somewhere..

nandini nods and gives it to kunj asking him to keep it safe

kunj thinks the same that he can get some clue from this…and leaves to his room..

kunj and twinkle sstarts seeing the video in ther laptop in their respective rooms…

the video starts…they skips the video and both stopped where twinkle get’s drink..

it shows how twinkle said about her feelings…{kunj smiles and twinkle gets tensed by seeing that}

then they sees how twinkle makes kunj drink bhang forcefully…and how kunj says his feelings and how they said they love each other….
{both gets shocked by seeing all that}

they get’s more shocked by seeing they was about to kiss…
kunj and twinkle closes there eyes slowly by seeing there lips coming..more, more close…
but both gets revealed by seeing twinkle pushing him…

Both gets more more shocked by seeing they leaving to room by saying they will kiss there

both gets restless by thinking about what could have happened in the room….
the screen freezes at there tensed face…


twinj realizes there love for each other….both thinks to confess there love to each other..


🙁 sorry for mistakes and 🙂 thanks for reading…♥♥♥♥♥

(¨`·.·´¨) Alwayz
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Keep
(¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Smiling!

Credit to: gopika

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    Love u…stay blessed dear

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  9. Omg what an amazing update!!! ????
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