TRUST V/S LOVE episode 22

HI guyzz…i am here with my 22nd episode of “TRUST V/S LOVE”…First of all…thanks to all the one who supported and encouraged by the comments…and also to all the silent readers for the silent support…..and plzz tell frankly ur suggestions and views about my ff…and plzz keep reading and commenting…..
U can find my previous episodes here;;

epiode starts;;

twinkle and kunj is sitting like kids….{by the effect of bhaag}

twinkle{like a kid};; bolo..kunj why i am feeling for u soo much..

kunj{like a kid};; vo…i don’t know..

twinkle;; why..

kunj;; because i also have the same feelings..and i also cannot find it to…

twinkle laughs and says “same pitch..”

kunj ;; but twinkle…..what is that yaar…

twinkle;; what..

kunj;; why are we feeling like that each other..

twinkle;; may be..we love each other..

kunj{thinks like a kid};; love…no…i don’t love u

twinkle{cries like a kid};; u don’t love me..i won’t talk to anymore kunj..
And was about to leave like a kid…

kunj;; no..twinkle plzz don’t leave me…i cannot live without u..

twinkle;; u can’t live without me..then also u don’t love me..

kunj;; no.. twinkle i love u…i am crazy for u twinkle..

twinkle sits lke a kid
twinkle;; so..we loves eachother…

kunj;; so…we are lovers right..

twinkle;; ya..u r right…we r lovers{says by clapping her hand like a kid}

kunj;; we are not lovers..

twinkle;; why…

kunj;; lovers kiss eachother…we not even kissed each other…

twinkle;; ya…u r right..

kunj;; but we can kiss now..

twinkle;; ya…we can kiss now…chalo we will kiss..

they moves closer to eachother…
but..suddenly twinkle pushes him

kunj;; what happen…

twinkle shows him the people looking at them..

kunj;; stupid people..we will go to our room..

twinkle nods happily and moves to there room holding eachothers hands…

on the other side
khushi and arnav is playing with water……
suddenly khushi slips…as always two protective hands rounds her…ya arnav..

they looks at eachother so romantically…
they both are fully drenched …..

khushi{thinks};; why..why i am feeling to be like this with u forever…why arnav

arnav {in mind};; i don’t know khushi…i don’t know…i want to be like this with u forever …may be it’s love..

khushi{in mind};;’s love..i am in love with u arnav…

arnav;;’s love…i love u..

suddenly they hear someone screaming….”hello angrybirds…”’s none other than the two love birds mahi and uv..

arnav and khushi looks at them..
they understands how close they are…
arnav makes khushi stand

mahi;; sometimes u guyzz makes us understand that it’s plubic place..

uv;; but know u guyzz are forgetting that…

khushi;; no…there nothing like that…

arnav;; ahhaa…there is nothing like that the way u think

mahi and uv looks eachother and smiles..
mahi;; ok….we can understand..

khushi;; what,…

uv;; vo..this is just starting of ur..

arnav ;; ur..

mahi and uv{together at same time};; love..

arnav and khushi looks at each other…
khushi was slightly blushing….

mahi and uv notices that…they coughs…

khushi;; it is nothing like that..

arnav;; is nothing like that..understand..

khushi;; mahi…r u coming..or ur going to stand here..

mahi{smilingly];; i am coming..let’s go..

khushi nods and they leaves..
before leaving khushi looks at arnav …while arnav looks at her..they shared a wonderful eyelock too..

on the other side
kunj and twinkle has reached the room..

kunj;; chalo…let’s kiss no one will see..

twinkle;; ya…u r right…let’s kiss..

they moves close to eachother for kissing…
they were too close but suddenly twinkle screams {like a child}..

kunj;; what happen..

twinkle;; my leg is paining..let’s sit and kiss..

kunj;; oo..meri babies leg is paining…let’s sit..

they moves to the bed to sit…
they both hold hands and was about to sit in bed ..but due to the bhaag effect they both sits down as they sees two beds…

twinkle;; why we sit down…we were to sit in the bed right..

kunj;; ya..i am also thinking that.we were about to sit in the bed..but how we sit down…

twinkle;; ya..leave it anyway we sit naa….let’s kiss..

kunj;; ya u r right…let’s kiss…

they moves more closer more closer but suddenly twinkle feels sleepy and says “i am feeling sleepy” and sleeps in kunj’s shoulder..

kunj;; u sleeped..i also want to sleep..

he sleeps to by placing his head in twinkle’s..

they sleeps so peacefully holding eachother’s hands..

manik and nandini comes to the room and sees them sleeping so peacefully holding each other’s hands..

manik;; i think they both sleep here due to the bhaag effect..

nandini;; ya.. u r right..

manik;; i will take kunj to the room..

nandini;; but before that plzz make twinkle sleep in the bed..

manik;; ya..u r right..
manik picks twinkle in his arms….but was not able to fully pic up as twinj were holding there hands eachother…

manik and nandini smiles seeing that,…nandini slowly seperates there hands..

while twinkle slightly opens her eyes..
twinkle;; manik..u idiot..

manik makes her sleep in the bed.
manik;; idiot??

twinkle ;; ya…u idiot leave that sweet nandini and came to london ..idiot
By saying she closes her eyes and hugs the pillow..

manik and nandini smiles at twinkle’s saying…

manik moves to kunj and put kunj’s hand in his shoulder..and stands up

but manik was not able to stand properly and was to fall..but nandini holds kunj..

nandini smiles and puts kunj’s other hand in her shoulder..

they both takes kunj to the room and make him sleep in the bed..


precap;; twinkle and kunj trying to recollect things…all leave back to there home as camp finished…


🙁 sorry for mistakes and 🙂 thanks for reading…♥♥♥♥♥

? ? ? love u all ? ? ? ? ? ?

Credit to: gopika


    • gopika

      thank u sooooooooo much zikra…
      i will update as asap..
      so keep commenting…
      love u loads ♥♥♥♥♥☺☺☺☺☺ 🙂

  1. crazy

    One more question just of u don’t mind…
    I know its not related to ur ff but still
    How did u change that pic of urs yar..
    I mean d pro pic z f sid…
    How did u change that plzzzzz tell me..
    I had this question since many days grumbling n my head

  2. Aakanksha

    Ohhhh gopika… not well as I hav migraine but u know I cud just not resist reading ur ff….its simply wooowww….luv u loads dear

    • crazy

      Hope u r fine..
      N ll b back with a great dhamaks dear..
      Gb .
      U know a secrete my god always listens to me…n today I ll surely pray for u n then sleep …

      • Aakanksha

        omg tysm dear…..I srsly don’t know how to thank u yaar….plzzz pray for me and my god listens to me too and so I will pray to him that u get all the happiness in life….luv u dear

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