TRUST V/S LOVE episode 21


HI guyzz…i am here with my 21th episode of “TRUST V/S LOVE”…First of all…thanks to all the one who supported and encouraged by the comments…and also to all the silent readers for the silent support…..and plzz tell frankly ur suggestions and views about my ff…and plzz keep reading and commenting…..
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🙂 episode starts….

kunj,manik, arnav, and yuvi comes and greets eachother happy holi…

mahi, twinkle,khushi and nandini also comes there….the boys were mesmerized to see the beautiful girls…they all greets eachother with colours and wishes happy holi…

uv;; guyzz…it’s holi let’s enjoy..

khushi;; ya…uv is right…let’s enjoy..{and signs the other girls}
within seconds the girls pumps water on the boys…
the boys runs towards the girls..while the girls drop pump and runs….

twinkle starts singing;;
Itna maza kyun aa raha hai
Tu ne hawaa mein bhaang milaaya
Duguna nashaa kyun ho rahaa hai
Aankhon se meethaa tu ne khilaayaa….{and pushes kunj }

kunj starts singing;;
O teri malmal ki kurtee gulaabi ho gayi
Manchali chaal kaise nawaabi ho gayi …

twinj,arshi,manan,and dances…
all together sings…
Balam Pichkaari jo tu ne mujhe maari
To seedhee saadee chhoree sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi…..

all dances in water….
kunj was mesmerized to see twinkle dancing

manik and uv sings;;
kyun no vacancy ki hothon pe gaali hai
Jab ki tere dil kaa kamraa to khaali hai …{sings by going close to nandini}
nandini smiles and pushes him …

nandini and mahi sings;;
Mujh ko pataa hai re, kya chahataa hai tu
boli bhajan teri, neeyat qawaali hai…
{while all others dances}

uv and manik sings;;
Zulmi ye haazir jawaabi ho gayi
Tu to har taale ki aaj chaabi ho gayi …..

everyone sings and dances…;;
Balam Pichkaari jo tu ne mujhe maari
To seedhee saadee chhoree sharaabi ho gayi
Haan jeans pehan ke jo tu ne maaraa thumkaa
To lattu padosan ki bhaabhi ho gayi…..
Haan bole re zamaana, kharaabi ho gayi..
bole re zamaanaa, kharaabi ho gayee….

everyone plays in colours and with water….they all were sizzling….
twinkle goes from there as she feels to drink something…

she goes and accidently drinks bhaang…..
kunj who was dancing notices twinkle missing and leaves from there to look for twinkle…

mahi and manan dances romantically…
khushi smiles looking at them and moves to a side..

arnav sees that and comes to her and puts colour in her face…

arnav;; happy holi..

khushi {smiles};; happy holi {by putting colour in his face..}

arnav;; could i ask u something..

khushi nods..

arnav;; why r u not fighting with me…i thought u will fight when i put colour in her face..

khushi{thinks};; what to say…i itself don’t know the answer..

khushi;; vo….it’s holi…so…i th…thought not to fight with u..

arnav;; why…

khushi;; vo…i don’t want to destroy my holi with fighting with an idiot

arnav;; idiot??{angrily}

khushi;; ya…

arnav ;; oh..
by saying he pushes her in the colour water,,.. and laughs hardly…
khushi angrily looks at him as she is fully drenched in water..

arnav laughs and forwards his hand to khushi for getting up…

khushi smirks and holds his hand..

within secs she pulls him into the water..he also falls in the water..
khushi laughs{dramatically}

on the other side kunj who was looking for twinkle sees she standing in a corner smiling like a kid…
kunj goes to her..

kunj;; twinkle..why r u standing here ..let’s go…all r there

twinkle;; kunj…u came..{says like a little kid}

kunj;; what happen to her..

twinkle;; you are very very handsome …
kunj suprisingly looks at twinkle and understand she has drink bhaang..

twinkle;; could u plzz clear my doubt kunj..

kunj;; ya..i will u should come with me..chalo

twinkle;; no…u should clear my doubt first…{then cries loudly like a child}

the people who was near them looks at them…kunj notices that
kunj;; twinkle..plzz come with me..

twinkle;; {cries more loudly like a small kid} no…first u should clear my doubt first..

kunj at last says;; ok… plzz stop crying…i will clear ur doubt…

twinkle;; {smilingly} is it..

kunj nods and asks people to leave..they leaves..

twinkle;; so..u will clear my doubt
kunj nods and asks what is the doubt..

twinkle;; the doubt is….who r u..

kunj;; what..

twinkle;; aahaaa…who r u to me…when u r with me i feel comfortable, cared…..more than that i am feel crazy for u…plzz kunj..tell what is my love to u as a frd is going to any another stage…the stage where i can only see u…plzz tell kunj {says like a kid}..

twinkle curiously looks at him for the answer…while he struggles for answer..

twinkle;; do u want water..

twinkle takes a bhaag glass..

kunj;; twinkle no…

before he could complete twinkle forcefully make him drink bhaag…

manan was hearing twinj…
manik;; so..they r going to start a new love story…

nandini;; ya…u r right..they are going to make a love story..
they both smiles looking at twinj while kunj was shock as he drink bhaag…


precap;; bhaag effects,….


🙁 sorry for mistakes and 🙂 thanks for reading…♥♥♥♥♥

? ? ? love u all ? ? ? ? ? ?

Credit to: gopika

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  1. nice episode dear waiting for next episode . luv u .

    1. thank u soooo much riya….
      keep commenting…
      love u more…

  2. nice episode dear & also the precap
    waiting for nxt epi…..

    1. thank u very much naira….
      keep commenting..
      love u loads..♥

  3. Amazing episode gopika di. Plz post next episode asap

    1. thank u soo much anushka…ya i will post next episode asap…
      keep commenting..
      love u loads..

  4. Bhang……awesome episode…..

    1. thank u soo much rashi…
      keep commenting..
      love u loads..

  5. Anisha (Phycho)

    Gopika di…please update the next part soon…please..
    Btw the epi was FANTASTIC!!!

    1. thank u soo much anisha…
      will update next part soon…
      keep commenting..
      love u loads..♥

  6. Loved it

    1. thank u soo much sam..
      keep commenting.
      love u loads♥..

  7. Gopu u r fantastic
    Reminded me of my golden years ♥♥♥♥
    Miss them so much .. friends , fun , drama

    1. thank u very very much sanam…
      keep commenting..
      love u loads…♥♥♥

  8. amazing epi gopu…… loved it…. pls update d nxt one soon……

    1. thank u sooo much panchi…i will post it asap…
      keep commenting..
      love u loads♥♥♥

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