trust v/s love – Episode 2

HI GUYZZZ..first of all thanks to all t readers for reading my ff and also to all who gives me courage by the valuable comments…… Happy valentine’s day to all my frds who r commited and advance wishes to all who still waits for t right person……
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At taneja house, twinkle and khushi comes downstairs and says that they like to go out to see t places of kolkata. RT and leela allows and ask them to take care. On t other side kunj and uv make a plan of going out for shoping. Twinkle and khushi has reached an shopping area. Twinkle sees an mandir and tells khushi to continue her shopping while she goes to mandir. Twinkle climbs t stairs of mandir. While kunj and uv comes there in t car .They parked there car and gets off . Suddenly kunj sees a lady fainting , he runs to stop her from falling. But before he could reach twinkle holds t lady. Kunj sweetly looks at twinkle,(while
“dhoop se nikal ke
chhanv se phisal ke
hum mile jahaan par
lamha tham gaya….
aasmaan pighal ke
sheeshe mein dhal ke
jam gaya to tera

chehra ban gaya……” plays in t back ground)
Suddenly uv calls kunj. Kunj leaves while once more looking at twinkle.T winkle makes t lady sit and offers her t prasad. But t lady refuses and says that she want to reach hospital as her husband is in ICU. but twinkle says ”cool down.. as u love ur husband t lord also loves her devotes.. so believe in ur love and eat this”. Lady nods and takes t prasad. After that she thanks twinkle and leaves from there hurrily. On t other side khushi was walking with a bottle of juice in hand. Suddenly she looses balance , but uv holds her in time they have a eyelock. suddenly t juice falls on uv which jerks from her hand. they move each other suddenly khushi starts laughing ,while kunj is puzzled. By seeing t laughing uv shouts “stop…it…”. khushi tries to control her laughing but cannot while uv looks at kunj who also cannot control his smiling . uv angrily leaves from there , while khushi tries to say sorry. kunj also leaves from there. Twinkle comes there and calls khushi who was looking at uv leaving. Twinkle says “lets go..”. khushi nods and leaves from there.

Kunj and uv is near t car. uv angrily says” how dare she laughs at me..”kunj makes him calm and says ” just leave it..”. They leaves from there. Twinkle and khushi has reached t taneja house at evening . Leela asks” how was t day”. khushi happily says” maaa… it was awesome.. we eated t panipuri is very delicious maa…is it didi”. Twinkle says ” yes maa it was very delicious and more than that it was very difficult to bring khushi from bcoz continously eating it”. the family laughs while khushi smiles sweetly.

On next morning , twinkle wakes up khushi and says it is there first day in collage and asks to get ready fast.(twinkle is joining in t collage directly to 3rd year bcoz of there shift from london).On t other side uv and kunj gets ready and leaves to t collage

Twinkle and khushi reaches t collage. They waved bye and went to there respective classrooms. On t way some boys comes infront of khushi and ask her to dance around them . she suddenly asks” r u raging “. a boy says” ya offcourse and ask her to dance”. khushi starts dancing like a mad girl and moves around boys, while t boys r puzzled to see her dance. suddenly khushi takes a stick and starts beating them and says “this is my dance “. Juniors around them laughs and khushi saya” don’t be dare to play with me”while t boys ran away.
PRECAP; kunj frds tells him about t new girl and sees twinkle and smiles .The same senior boys comes infront of twinkle. one of them forces khushi for kiss. and shows uv staring at them with an angry face.

Actually i thought of bringing arnav( from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon) to t show as khushi’s pair, while t hidden truth b/w t family comes out and later uv turning negative bcoz of t truth ….
but….plzz tell whom do u guyzz like to pair with khushi { uv / arnav }

plzzzzzzzzz give me ur suggestion
sorry for t mistakes

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  1. I think twinj should me a pair and yuvi and kushi shold be a pair and no meddling people in between either pairs also it was quite interesting and fun update the nenext one quick

    1. thank u very much kna786 …and i am not bringing anyone in b/w khushi-uv

  2. I want yuvi and khushi

    1. thank sasmerra for giving ur suggestion…..and uv and khushi are t pairs

  3. Don’t make UV a villian…..not in the ff at least…. Pls…iss pyaar KO kya naam doon is coming up with season 3….

    1. rashi thank u for commenting ….and uv is not a villian…..and waiting for ipkknd 3

  4. Itss nice but plzz dont mak Uv a negative character

    1. thank u very much sunaina.. and uv is not a negative character..

  5. I was a great fan of ipkknd so I would realy prefer arshi yuvi and khushi make a bad pair sry being a arshi fan I said this but do what u feel like…I wud suggest u to give another pair to yuvi and bring arnav opp khushi. Arshi forever

    1. Aakanksha… i am also a big fan of ipkknd and t sweet arshi…thank u for commenting and really really sooooooooooory if i hurt u……. sry………..and plzz think that khushi as mahi[same girl who plays twinkle’s sis role in tei]…. and that i just changed t name from mahi to khushi

      1. ohh ohk I don’t mind its fine

  6. guyzzz ok i wil continue with t pairs twinkle-kunj and khushi-uv and i am not bringing any personalities in b/w…and also uv is not villian ….. thanks for giving ur suggestions….
    sooooory if i hurt anyone…


    1. thank u for commenting

  8. Plz dear i kindly request you khushi nd arnav be pair nd i totally agree with u aakanksha…… Today’s update was amazing plz carry on…… Thank you gopika when she ask a question who pair in your ff……. So plz am once again telling you be pair arnav nd khushi, kunj nd twinkle…

    1. thank u aarush for giving ur suggestion….really confused for taking a desicion ….

      1. gopika i love twinj and prefer uv in positive role and if u want to bring arnav then also bring maahi but my humble request is that yuvi should be positive

  9. I think kunj and twinkle will be the best

    1. trishmattie is twinkle and kunj yaar i did told of changing there pairs

  10. as long as twinj is together..i dnt mind whoever is wid thnks 4 tht

    1. thank u very much tara…

  11. after a long time thinking ……….i thought of changing uv to arnav or guyzz i should change khushi to mahi …………..plzzzzzzzzzz give ur suggestions….. sooory if i hurt anyone……plzzz suggest
    really confused

    1. ok then tei is incomplete with out yuvi and twinj and kushi is also a nice character and u better show uv already in love with maahi she is his child hood friend or sis in lw and then bring arnav for kushi

  12. hi paru…..t episode was really awesome….and guyzz who reads this plzzz tell ur suggestion to gopika bcoz as an author for her more than her view it is imp for her how u guyzz see it plzz tell ur suggestion to her…..

  13. Dear gopika your situation is so difficult but u don’t sepreat khushi nd arnav, twinkle nd kunj, mahi nd uv this three pairs are fantastic in your ff. If i will hurt u so sorry, your ff story is wonderfull nd this three pairs is also amazing!!!

  14. uvi khushi is best couple..

  15. Richel sid bieber

    I loved the pair of khusi n arnav bcz de r my fav one..nd m big fan of ipkknd..
    Bt i think mahi n uv is prfct..nd khusi n arnav…btw its ur decisn…

  16. uv n khushi

  17. khushi to mahi

  18. Bring in mahi and pls don’t make UV negative …so Twin Arshi and Yuhi ❤❤❤plsss

  19. khushi to mahi..change them..coz mahi looks bttr wid yuvi..althought i dnt mind wtever u i said..untill twinj is together

  20. twinj yuhi amd arshi make three pairs it will be nice na

  21. I also want uv n khushi…

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