TRUST V/S LOVE episode 17

Hi guyzzz…I am here with my 17th episode of “TRUST V/S LOVE”…….First of all thanks to tara, rashi, sunaina, sush, rishel,aarush, tei, smc, amu, tina, esha, aakankhya, kna786 , sasmerra, aakanksha, sanjana, sudha, saibo, sabanana, sanam, sar, tannu, trishmattie, shunna, tania, harna, tintu, sanu, ruchi, akshra, sara khan, naira, maryam , sadaf khan, ria, prapti, anam , yukku,shruthi,komal,salma, noor, muskan, star, srija, tammana, phycho, chehak, mukti, meenat, sweetie, ritzi, rupam, lama, riya, anushka, joshika , aliza, and zikra…..for t support and encouragment {sorry if i missed anyone}…..and also to all the silent readers for the silent support…..and plzz…keep reading and commenting……
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🙂 🙂 episode starts;;;

Twinkle shockingly looks at manik and nandini….and leaves from there..

manik; do u think i will give u forgiveness after these happenings….do u think nandini…
nandini cries hardly..

manik was about to leave but turns and sees nandini shivering as she was wet fully….
he takes out his coat and covers her….nandini looks lovingly at him…he also looks at her…they share a hard eyelock…

manik breaks the eyelock and leaves from there without looking at her….

on the other side, twinkle is at her tent..
twinkle thinks;; i am not understanding anything….is nandini was manik’s girlfriend…….if she was then what was the issue between…as i know nandini i don’t think she can hurt can i get the answers for all this…how..

she recalls the past incident where nandini stopping kunj from telling something to her …and also recalls how manik ignores kunj while she was about to introduce kunj to him…

twinkle;; yes….now only kunj can give me the answer…but it’s already late…i will ask him tommorrow morning..
twinkle sleeps..

next day …
twinkle;; kunj…i want to ask u something..

kunj;; ya.

twinkle; i want to know the story between manik and nandini..

kunj;; what…

twinkle; i came to know about that yesterday….i really want to know hat story…plzz tell kunj..

kunj;; ya…i will.. ..2 years back…i, nandini and manik were best friends….actually don’t know when nandini and manik falls for each other….they understood there love and confess eachother…there love gets increased day by day….and Nandini also had a sister “mukti”…one day a boy tries to misbehave with mukti in a hotel room…manik came there and beats the boy hardly….manik leaves the boy as he sees mukti fainting….he holds mukti while the boy ran away…nandini who came there misunderstands that manik is misbehaving with mukti..she slaps manik hard…fastly the news spread over the society…and the society blackened manik and his families face…i also behave soo rudely to him….later at hospital we gets to know the truth from mukti….we ran to manik to ask forgiveness..but by that time he and his family left india….

twinkle ;; i know manik and his family has suffered a lot but yesterday i came to see the true love in there eyes….if i marry will be of destroying 3 lifes… i will surely make manik and nandini realize there love…

kunj;; i am with u twinkle…for making them realize there love..

twinkle and kunj joii there hands and smiles each other..

on other side
khushi;; let’s play something..

uv;; ya..let’s play

mahi;; but what…

khushi;; truth or dare..

uv;; wow..nice…good idea..

kunj and twinkle also comes there..
all starts to play..

they placed the bottle and spins it…
it was uv first;

khushi;; truth or dare,..

uv;; dare..

khushi;; sing a song…

uv sings janam..janam… {looking at mahi..}
arshi smiles at them..

they spins the bottle was arnav…
uv; truth or dare..

arnav; everyone is taking me too dare..

uv;; kiss any girl here..

arnav {shockingly};; what?

arnav slowly walks to twinkle and kisses her hand and says “love u didi”

twinkle;; “ohh…my sweet bro..” {they share a side hug..while all smiles}

they spins the ball again and it was twinkle….
khushi;; truth or dare

twinkle;; truth..

uv;; your first crush..

twinkle;; mm….sharukhan…{with a naughty smile}

they spins the bottle again and it came nandini..

kunj;; truth or dare…

nandini; dare..

khushi;; u have to take 2 rounds in the jungle..

kunj;; how can she go lonely…it is also night

twinkle;; ya…take one paper from this bowl..
nandini tooks it..

twinkle takes it and reads;; “manik”

manik;; no yaar…

twinkle;; why..

khushi;; what happen manik bhaiya…if u didn’t go with her….she want to go lonely..

twinkle;; plzz…manik.

manik nods…
they goes to the jungle..

swara smiles to kunj…
kunj ;; it was very good that manik has gone with nandini…thank god as the chit name was manik..

swara;; thank me..

kunj;; u..

swara nods and smiles..
fb shows;;
swara writing manik’s name in every chit…
fb ends

kunj;; nice..
kunj and twinkle smiles…


twinj next plan..


🙁 sorry for mistakes and 🙂 thanks for reading…♥♥♥♥♥

(¨`·.·´¨) Alwayz
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Credit to: gopika


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  1. Anisha (Phycho)

    Gopika it was AAZING dear…..loved it!!!
    Please update the next part ASAP…..can’t wait for the next plan!

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