TRUST V/S LOVE episode 16


Hi guyzzz…I am here with my 16th episode of “TRUST V/S LOVE”…….First of all thanks to tara, rashi, sunaina, sush, rishel,aarush, tei, smc, amu, tina, esha, aakankhya, kna786 , sasmerra, aakanksha, sanjana, sudha, saibo, sabanana, sanam, sar, tannu, trishmattie, shunna, tania, harna, tintu, sanu, ruchi, akshra, sara khan, naira, maryam , sadaf khan, ria, prapti, anam , yukku,shruthi,komal,salma, noor, muskan, star, srija, tammana, phycho, chehak, mukti, meenat, sweetie, ritzi, rupam, lama, riya, anushka, joshika and aliza…..for t support and encouragment {sorry if i missed anyone}…..and also to all the silent readers for the silent support…..and plzz…keep reading and commenting……
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🙂 🙂 episode starts;;;

They have joined with the other people in the morning who are also come for the camp…..
Later they all meets there guide too…

all has reached infront of a forest….
guide;; so…we are going to play the game…

everyone gets excited..
guide;; ok..i will tell u what is the game..first of all,u will be paired into fours…and the pairs are..uv,mahi,arnav and is kunj,twinkle,manik and nandini….and next..{announces every pairs}

everyone stands according to the pairs..
guide; ;; so.. .now the game is that…u should cross this forest……each team will get 5 flags on there way…the one team who crosses the forest first by collecting all the flags…will be the winner…r u ready.

everyone shouts;; ” yes”
guide;; ok…the game starts now..

everyone runs inside the forest..
twinkle shouts “flag” while uv shouts on the other side..

kunj finds the second flag and while taking it his leg gets hurt by a plant..
twinkle;; kunj….{by making him sit}

twinkle cares kunj’s leg while manik looks on them..
twinkle tears her scraf and ties at his leg…

nandini and twinkle helps kunj to stand up and starts there journey…

on the other side arnav finds there 3rd flag…

mahi was about to fall but uv holds her..they share an eyelock..

arshi coughs…
khushi;; lovebirds..some others are also here…

arnav; lovebirds?

khushi; oh..angrybird..u don’t know that…mahi and uv loves each other..

arnav;; what? {and looks at uv}

uv acts like hitting khushi while khusshi smiles..

uv;; bhaiya..we want to win the game…let’s go..{and pushes him}

arnav shakes his head with a smile and starts to find flags..

on the other side manik finds the 4th flag…
twinkle;; just one flag is remaining…let’s find it fast…

mahi finds the fourth flag and shows it to uv. he collects it to..

nandini finds the 5th flag while khushi finds it on the other side…
kunj;; now..we want to find the way for going out..let’s go..

after sometime…twinkle sees the land and shows it ..
they all runs..while on the other side arnav sees it and they also runs..

both the team comes out at the same time and screams “we won”

guide comes there and says “wow…u guyzz…won..well done…let’s wait for others”
all others also came and they leaves…

it has become night…
all are at there respective tents..

nandini comes out of her tents as she was disturbed by the windy noise and owl’s voice and walks a little and finds and a lake which is flowing calmly and smoothly…
she goes near the lake and sits at the side by playing with water….suddenly some scary sound came and was to stand up but slips and falls on the lake..

she shouts;; ”help”

manik who was not able to sleep comes out ..and walks for fe miles and hears a weak voice…he turns to see nandini drowning and runs to her…He jumps into the lake and brings out nandini who faints after her last shout…

He tries to wake her up..but it was of no he presses her belly inorder to get the water out ..after some try the water comes out and she started coughing..

nandini opens her eyes and sees manik…

manik;; r u ok nandini..?{cupping her face]

nandini nods..
manik understood what he is doing and was about to move away..

suddenly nandini holds his hand with teary eyes and asks;; plzz forgive me…

manik;; leave my hand {says without looking at her}

nandini ;; “plzz forget the past manik….plzz forgive me..”

manik {angrily and also with teared eyes } shouts ;; i can’t forget nandini….you have destroyed my families respect in the society by a misunderstanding…my parents face got blackened with out any reason because of u and u r asking forgiveness..”{angrily takes his hand from hers and pushes her…}

twinkle who came there insearch of nandini hears manik shouting at her…and looks shockingly at them…


PRECAP;; twinkle cames to know the past of manan from kunj……later twinj join there hands to make them realize there true love♥….


🙁 sorry for mistakes and 🙂 thanks for reading…♥♥♥♥♥

(¨`·.·´¨) Alwayz
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Keep
(¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Smiling!

Credit to: gopika

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