trust v/s love – Episode 1

hiiii gyzzz……….really sry i was not able to update my episode.. yesterday as i was not well….
first of all i like to thank tei, tara , rashi, smc,gopu,amu,sunaina,tina,esha,akankhya for t support and also t silent readers for there silent support…and also readers plzz say frankly if u r liking it or not…

here is my link of intro;;;

On a lovely morning ….a family reaches t kolkata airport. from there they entered into a car . On t way t 2 girls on t car eagerly watches t places through t window. Suddenly some goons fall infront of there car . One boy came and start beating t goons badly. The girls were shocked to see that and one girl’s eyes was full of anger. The driver turns t car and go to another way while t girl angrily stares at t boy.

The boy grabbed one of t goon’s collar and take t money from his pocket. He handover t money to an old lady while t goons run from there. The lady smiles and says “thank u betta ..”. He takes her blessings and leaves from there in his bike.

The car has reached near a big house and name board is shown i.e, “taneja family”. and t girl smiles when they entered in t house . The girls runs inside t house and started to dance ….’ we have reached home …yaeee”. suddenly leela says “khushi betta’ suddenly t girl says “sry maa…”(khushi’s face is revealed)…The other girl who was eagerly looking at t old pics of her parents. khushi runs to her and says ‘come on didi we will go upstairs. they both leave to upstairs.

location changes to sarna house…
on t other side t boy has reached t house on his bike and takes of his helmet(it is revealed to be kunj). He comes to a bed room where someone is sleeping in t bed. kunj approaches to t bed and says’Get up yaar…” After a long try kunj takes wather from t side table and throws it on his face. The boy jerks from t bed and shouts “kunj bhaiya…” while kunj smiles . Usha sarna entered t room. and says “uv” . while he runs to her and says “maa look this…what kunj bhaiya has done’ usha with a smile says ‘if i had come to wake u up then i will do t same.. uv..”.uv looks at kunj while he smiles at him. usha says”ok get ready fast and come downstairs”. Usha leaves. uv asks kunj “where did u go in t early morning ” kunj says “to see a friend” uv says ‘girlfrd?”kunj replies”uv..aah it is girlfrd but not mine my frd rahul’s as they have a fight eachother “uv eagerly says’oohhhh ” and leaves..

PRECAP;; Khushi getting raged in t collage.. and kunj seeing twinkle for t first time
sry for t mistakes……….

Credit to: gopika


  1. Rashi verma

    I totally agree with Tara , make ur updates a little longer since the theme is really interesting, very interesting…..????????

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