Hello guyz so after so much struggle i hv written an one shot… hope that u will lyk this too…
N m so happy so see that u guyz waits for mu os it means alot to me…


Swra: look sanskar to be honest i hv married u just cz of family.. we will be a couple in front of whole world bt in this room u r sanskar maheshwari n i am swara gadodia… dont expect anuthing from me…
Sanky: swra itz ok i hvnt any problem with this but please try not to behave rudely with my family..
Swra: ok … now m going to change i cant tollerate this bridal attire more…
Sanky:(in mind) swra i luv u… i dont kno wether u will luv me or not….bt i will wait for the day when u will luv me…
(Took blancket n pillow n sleeps on sofa)
Swra after coming back:(in mind)ohh god if that stupid vikas doesnt leave me then i dont hv to marry sanskar…. he is such a nyc guy… i wish he would get a nyc girl…
*****next day*****

Swra gets ready in red anarkali suite … sanky came in room he was lost in seeing her in this way
Sanky in mind” oh god she is looking tremendously beautiful.. ”
Swra: sanskas m going downstairs there is some phehli rasoi ritual….
He simply nodded yes

@dining table
Dp: swra beta kheer is really tasty.. god bless u
Ap: ya beta itz very tasty
Uttra: bhabhi is sooooo yummy… hai na bhai( winks at sanky)
Sanky:(strts coughing) hmm
Swra offers water to him
Sanky: achha i should leave now i hv a meeting today…
**he left**
Sanky was struggling for his Belongings… at that tym swra came n saw him struggling…
Swra: wait sanskar…
She took the belongings n handed over to sanky… he was leaving then swra called him
Swra: sanskar listen
Sanky: hmmm
Swra: look we will not hv any relation lyk husban n wife but we can be friends… n after some tym we can file for divorce…
Sanky: do u think my family will be ready for this divorce n all ??
Swra: i will make them agree… they will say that they dont want a daughter in law lyk me ever..
Sanky: swra whatever u want to do…do but plz dont hurt my family..
Swra: ok…

*** so let me clear some doubts … swra loves vikas but he broke up with her n marry another girl who is rich.. sanskar n swra’s marriage was arranged … when he saw her first it was love at first sight bt on the contrary swra has no feelings for him.. they are duly married **

Days changes in weeks… weeks in months..

Sanskar’s feeling for swra has increased n swara too some where has forgotton her past vikas… she has also dropped the idea of divorce.. but again everything changes with that incident… except one ” sanskar”

Everyone i mm was in hurry as it is the engagement of their lovely daughter uttra

Swra: kaka plz put that lyts there …n what’s this i hv told u na that we want bright yellow what’s this itz so dull… go n change this…
Sujata: swra beta plz go n check uttra na….
Swra: ji mom m going
Pari: swra plz take this set too n deciede whatever u want to wear ..
Swra: no bhabhi i hv my Set with me…

After some tym everyone gets ready except swra

Ap:(holds her ear)swra u r uttra’s bhabhi n u r still not get ready.. go n get ready

Swra:(in pain)ooucchhh badi ma m going pkz leave my ear itz hurting..
Ap: go n be fast…

Swra enters her room she took her lehengha n get into wash room…
* she cant bolt the door as it has jamed*
When she came back she got shocked n shouts”sanskaaaarre tummm”
Samskar n swra both hv an eyelock
They were lost seeing each other…then they canr back in senses n swra immediately look duppata n cover herself as she was just wearing top n lehengha no duppat… at the same tym sanky took his kutra n wears that as he has aslo came for changing

There was awkward silence

Sanky: m…m sry i… i.. dont kno
Swra: itz ok.. n.. n .m sry too…

@ party
everyone was enjoying swra was shocked to see uttra’s to be sister in law
It was pooja vikas’s wife.
Uttra is getting married to pooja’s brother..
Vikas: hello swra
Swra ignores
Ap; beta u kno each othe??
Vik: yup aunty we kno each other very well…. she is my ex…
Everyone gets shocked
Pooja: oh so u r that girl… nyc ha u again trapped a rich guy… u kno aunty she is just after ur money… vikas told me that she got a richer guy so she married to him
Swra: pooja he is the one who was after ur money n ya u guyz hv married before i got married..
Poja : when did u get married?
Ap: an year lter
Puja: baby we just mrried 3monthes back..
Swra n sanskar were shocked…
All the guests Left…
Swra was missing she was No where to be found sanskar got tensed…

Suddenly uttra came running
” ma vo.. vo.. bhabhi.. vo”
Sanky: what happend to swra tell me
Uttra: come with me..

Everyone was shocked to see the scenario…. sanskar was shattered for a sec but he composed himself..
Swra was lyng on bed she was covered with only blanket n vikas was lyng beside her with half naked body…

Dp:(angry) yahi dekhna rah gya tha…humare ghr ki bahu kisi or k..
Ap: swra ye sab kyaaa h…
Sujta: atleast think for my son
Swra was still lyng on bed lyk a lyf less body she was not saying anyword just silently tears fell off her eyes…
Sanskar go n strts beating vikas
Ap: what r u doing
Sanky: badi ma I TRUST HER she cant do anything lyk thiz… (to viks) “if u luv ur lyf then get lost”

He ask everone to leave … everyone left n he bolt the door… he went near swra n cover her bare shoulders with a dupatta n make her sit n covers her bare bck with the same blancket …. n hug her
Swra was confused with his this act
Swra:(cryng) sanskar i…
Sanky: i kno u cant done anything wrong bcz I TRUST U
Swra:(overwhelmed with his statement) thnku…sanskar that vikas tries to.. to… rape me..(holds sanky more tightly)
Sanky:(caryng her hair) ssshhh kuch b ni hua u r safe.. bt y dont u shout..
Swra: i cant… i dont kno what happend to me but i was unable to move or to shout..( cries)
Sanky(in mind) he must hv drugged her..
**next day they went to doc to test about drug n the Were positive**
“After one month sanky bring her out of the trauma … n swra has fallen for him…
They also took their marriage at a noch higher… swra was tryng her best to prove her innocence… bt all in vain.. no one talks with swra except sanskar.. they even restricted her to enter kitchen n pooja ghr as according to them she is unpure”

After 6 months
Sanky: swra m so happy… they will accept u now.. after listening this..
Swra: ya sanskar m hapy too plz come fast i cant hide this thing for long
Sanky: m coming princess
Swra n sanskar came down to tell something to them
N were shoxked to see shomi n shekhar there swra ran n hug them.. shomi jerkd her n starts slapping her….
Sanky come in btwn n says” ma u hv no ryt to slap her for the thing which she hasnt done… ”
Shomi:(angry) she is my daughter n what she has done is…(interped by sanky) “she has done nothng I TRUST MY WIFE …I TRUST HER”
where no one can respct my wife i cant live there

He hold her hand n left the house…swra n all MF n GF tries to stop him bt all in vain.

7 monthes later
On phone
Uttra: hello bhabhi(cries)
Swr:uttra wht happned y r u cryng?? Is everythng fine (tensed)
Uttra: no bhabhi… mom is very ill she wants to meet bhai
Swra: we r cmng
SwaSan enterend MM n were shocked to see swra…
Ap: swra tum…
Sanky: ya badi ma she is pregnent…that day we want to tell u about this bt no one is ready to listen us.
Swra hold his hand tightly n signls him to stop n meet Sujata he went to meet her…everyone ask them to say at MM …a month passed sujata recoverd completly..bt again something happens..

Suj: jijji look at swra she looks so dull
Ap: ya bt we cant do anythng what she has done
Suj: ya that was wrong bt this child is of sanskar n m still shocked what she has done…
Ap: sujataa my heart never believes that swra can do smthng lyk this..
Swra was walking dowmstair suddenly she skips a step bt sujata n ap holds her
Ap:(angry) dekh k chla kro swra dhyn kaha h tumhara.. kuch ho jata to
Swra smiles n hugs ap n sujata” badi ma plz or danto na ”
Suddenly a ldy came n said” wow ap u r so modern”
Ap: are jiji aap(she is ap’s cousion)
Ldy: ya u r so modern ni to iss ladki ko kon apne ghr m rkhega
Ap: she is our bahu jijji n she is expecting her first child..we hv to look afterher
Ldy:(goes towards swra)whoz child is this haan
Swra was in shock she just keeps on cryng
Ldy:(angry) stop this fake tears … n tell me whoz child is this.. jise tum sanskar ka naam de ri ho.. cz m sure itz not sanskar’s child…
Swea: masiji what r u saying… this is our child
Lady: i kno hiw characterless r u n ur so called child is also a proof of ur characterlessness m sure if itz a girl then u will make her a sl*t lyk urself..
Swra cant take this anymore she ran towards her room she was about to cut her wrist bt she felt a strong hand stopping her na tight slap on her face.
Swra:(cries) sanskar
Yes it was sanskar who has seen n heard everythng
Sanky: what the hell u r going to do.. r u out of Ur mind how can i live without u n our child.
Swra: no one will ever accept me or my child
Sanky: ssshhh everyone will accept u n ya OUR child too come with me… swra do u trusr me?
Swra: I TRUST U more than anything
Sanky: then come.
He calls everyone n take them to a place n ask them to hide themselves.. a man came
Vik: swra so how r u
Swra: none of ur business cz of u no one is accepting me.
Vik: so basicly u want to kno the reason..
Vik: so this is just a revenge.. of that slap..when i tried to kiss u
Swra: u deserve that
Vik:bt seems that some has already kissed u… n a lot more than that..
Swea: y u lied abt ur marriage
Vik: shona u kno i dont luv that girl pooja i jst want her money bt she was hard to crack…n u kno u n pooja r not my first target… ur my 17th n pooja is my 18th target… whaat i did with u that nyt agter that no one will accept u…i hv done same with pooja n make her n her hubby apart bt thia sanky he trust u lyk hell

Everyone came out of their hiding place … puja was also there she was fuming in anger she strted her car n drive that towards vikas bt vikas pulls swra ahed n pooja hitted her..
Sanky: sswwaarrraaaaaa
Itz been 6 hrs still operation was going on… sanky was sitting lyl a lyfless body….
But then an angelic sound hits his ears its baby’s cryng sound doctor came n told them both are safe bt needs extra care n sply swra as she is very weak…
After 10 days MF welcomes swra n sanskr with their daughter… n accepted them whole heartedly…
《 sanskar trusts swra… he never left her he fights with everyone to Prove her innocncs cz heTRUSTS her》

Hope u lyk it as i was blank but still write this sry if it doent match ur expectations… nxt tym i will try to write better

Credit to: meher


  1. Nita

    Wow meher it was lovely….as always….I don’t know from where u get such awesome, heart touching ideas(it was a compliment dear)….eagerly waiting for your next os….. Keep writing..

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