“TRUST” – THAHAAN (Part-3)

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She picks the call.

“Hello” thapki says hesitatingly

“Hello….” Bihaan says

She gets shocked hearing bihaan’s voice.

“How u go-t my number”

“Oh madam u think I’m a fool!!! First u called me if I’m not wrong ” he fumed.

“I migh-t had dia-led the wrong numb-er”

“Can u plzz be clear…ur sound is not hearable properly”

Thapki gets shocked as she was stammering n he will recognize her. But was thankful that he didn’t yet.

“Hello….will u speak now” bihaan says grabbing her attention.

“First tell me how u got my number??” She speaks controlling her stammer.

“From that Aunty’s shop” He replied smilingly.

“Ok bye n don’t even dare to call again” she warns and cuts the call.

“Strange!! Is she mad or what!! It can’t be a wrong number… as she had asked my name!!” He thought.

“I’ll not live with u now Mr. Kabir ….see what I’ll do….” She thought gnashing her teeth
“But what about bihaan…. What if he create any trouble for me!! As he only knows to trouble others…huhh…” She thought tensely.

“Aaahhh….this phone is a trouble for me!!!… Hell” she fumed glaring on phone, “but I need it!!”

Her phone rings with an unknown number.

She picks angrily, “can’t u understand” she shouted

“Relax Di…its me…Aditi”

“Oh…I’m sorry I thought….”

“U thought…. Jiju is on call right!!” She said laughingly, “did he fought to u??”

“No…n-ot at all….he..he’s su-ch a caring husband” she said anyhow, remembering about her husband.

“Hmm….he’s trying to be so romantic!!! I see!!

Both the sisters then, get involved in chattering.

“Bihaan bhai …….take this juice” kiran enters the room seeing bihaan busy in phone, thinking something. “Bhai” “hmm” bihaan answered after seeing her “u r again here!! Go now” he said hurriedly looking here n there. “Offo bhai…first have this” she orders giving glass of juice in his hands.

“Kiraaannn” a loud scolding sound grabs their attention. Kiran widens her eyes n bihaan looks her confused. “Why’s maa calling u like this??” He asked confusingly. “Wo….bhai….” Kiran was about to explain when “kiran….will u hear me or not” vasu shouted. Kiran rushes from there to vasu. While bihaan follows her, confused.

Vasu drags kiran, holding her hands, to the hall. “What u thought?? No one would be able to know what u r doing!!!!” Vasu yells. “But what happened maa??” Bihaan asks while coming in between kiran n vasu. “How many times should I tell u don’t call me maa” vasu shouted. “U thought u will do whatever u want n never be caught!!!” She continued. “But maa…..” Bihaan whispered slowly, but hearable to all.

“Maa…..its not like that….stop all this!!” Kiran shouted. “Ohh…so u will shout on me bcoz of this…..murderer!!” Vasu yells gnashing her teeth glaring at bihaan, angrily.
“Kiran….what happened tell me.” Bihaan asks continuously to kiran meanwhile kiran worries.

Vasu grabs bihaan’s hand with a jerk. “I’ll tell u what happened”. She grabs the juice glass from bihaan, which he unknowingly had carried with him from his room to downstairs. And she throws it on the floor. The glass breaks and his heart too.

“This girl is helping a murderer!!! She’s my daughter and its really shameful if she does so!!” Vasu shouts glaring in his eyes, meanwhile he stares continuously downwards, on the floor on the pieces of broken glasses. Everyone rushes hearing loud voices.

Vasundhara ji why r u so angry??” Bauji asked. “Kiran thinks she’ll help a murderer….murderer of her own brother…..and it’ll remain unknown by all of us!!!” Vasu replied once glaring at kiran then at bihaan.

“What u thought??? U can misguide her!! No Bih….Huhhh…..ur name is just a sin to us!!!” Her anger increases. Bihaan tightens his eyelids to release his painful tears.

“Maa……he’s not a culprit…” Kiran said holding his hands.

“Kiran” vasu yells jerking their hands away from each other’s grip.
“He’s no one to us…..keep this in mind”
“But maa….” Bihaan gestures kiran to remain silent.
“Ur holidays r over….n now u r leaving today evening itself for ur hostel” vasu orders.
Bihaan looks at his sister, in tears. Everyone leaves gnashing at him.
“I’m sorry bhai…. I created a trouble for u” kiran cries.
“No kiran….”he hugs her “its OK…..ur studies r prior”
“But promise me bhai…u will not punish urself” kiran asks holding his hands, to take a promise.
“Kiraannn…..go n pack ur stuffs right now” vasu orders from her room.
“Go n pack ur stuffs kiran” bihaan says n rushes to his room, removing his hands.
“One day u will definitely get someone who’ll change ur life…..who’ll teach u to live…..who’ll be only urs …..bhai….u don’t deserve all this” kiran thoughts n leaves wiping her tears.

“I should do something to save myself from this ka-bir” thapki thought, washing her hands after preparing the dinner.

“Wifey” thapki gets goosebumps after hearing that scary word. She turns around n sees, it was an alarm clock of her room. She takes a relieving breath after turning the alarm off.

“He says he loves me…..but his love is a prison…..a sin…. I can’t live with him anymore…he even doesn’t knows the meaning of love….. He’s just a….”

“Ting tong”

“Oh my God… He arrived….” She rushes to open the door, hiding her fear.

“Hey wifey….. Sorry for coming late baby” he says hugging her lightly.

“It-s o-k…..ur work is impor-tant” she says pretending to smile. ”

“N so is u” kabir says in a loving tone, loosening his tie.

“I’m coming with water” she tries to keep herself away from him. While she feels dizzy n kabir holds her.

“It seems u didn’t ate anything today!!” He says making her sit on couch.

“I’m fine kab-ir” thapki says while drinking water from his hands.

“My baby….wait I’m coming with food to u….”


“Sshhh….just sit here”

Kabir arrives after a while with dinner plates in his hands. “See….I brought it…for us….only for us”

“Hmm…yummy….u made such tasty things today!!” Kabir says while she smiles holding a spoon of kheer.
“But wait my wifey” she stops at the very moment with her fearful eyes. “Wha-t ha-ppened ka-bir??” She manages to ask.

“How was ur day with ur mobile phone baby??”

“It was nic-e…..I also told Ad-iti…”

“What u told Aditi??”

“About ur gi-ft” she says smilingly

“Hmm…I see….can I know whose number is this??” Kabir asks about bihaan’s number.

“W-o….actu-ally……” She gets shocked n tensed thinking what to reply. “Its my fri-end’s num-ber” she says, trying to be normal. “I don’t want to share u from anyone…. My love” kabir says kissing her arms. “Then how could u contact ur friend??” He presses her arms hard, she moans.
Bihaan, in his room is crying, sitting on floor with his head lying on bed. “Oh no….this bottle is also finished!!” He says glaring at the bottle. He manages himself to stand to reach to the other bottle inside the cupboard.
“Is ur friend ‘he’ or ‘she’??” He asked slowly.
Thapki gets tears. “I’m asking something…..” He shouts which jerks thapki in fear.
“Sh-e s-he…..sh-e’s sh-e” she spoke anyhow gulping fears. “I should call her then!!” He picks her phone to call on that number.

Thapki was frightened, she was just sweating in fear, her eyes were getting red n her hands were constantly rubbing each other in fear.

The phone rings. Thapki gets much scared and kabir keeps the call on speaker.
Bihaan was busy in drinking other bottle when he sees his phone ringing.

“Who’s calling a murderer this time!!!” He laughs and tries to reach to the phone, kept at the corner of his bed, with his waggling legs.
“Sh-e migh-t be bu-sy thi-s time….” Thapki says smiling pretending to hide her fear.
Bihaan’s legs slips and he falls on bed. Meanwhile his mobile got hit by his hands, unknowingly. He falls asleep on his bed. The broken sound of mobile was hearable to a half consciousness bihaan. “I always destroy everything” he murmurs and sleeps.
“The number u r trying to reach is currently switched off….plzz try after sometime” kabir gets irked listening this meanwhile it satisfies thapki a lot. “Thank God… For the first time bihaan did right in his life” thapki thinks breathing satisfyingly.

“I want to do a test” kabir says with his mischievous smile “a test of our love” he continues.

Thapki gets scared and surprised.

He kisses a green chilli n caresses it on thapki’s face. Her teary eyes glares him in fear. He,then, dips it in kheer and takes it near to feed thapki. She gets scared.

“If u will be able to eat it…..then our love will proved true!!” He said gesturing her to eat.

“I’ll too eat it…we’ll see whose love is stronger!!”

“The-re’s no ne-ed to do the-se….” She says in a fearful voice.

“See this chilli will taste sweet…just like u…..don’t worry wifey…I’ll too eat it.”

She closes her eyelids tight to release tears. Kabir holds her cheeks and presses it tightly to hurt her. She moans n he makes her mouth open, forcefully.

She cuts a bite of chilli dipped into kheer, anyhow she gulps it, closing her eyes to avoid the taste.

She cries. “Is our love not sweet??” He asks worriedly.

“No…i-ts no-t lik-e th-at” she tries to cover when he too eats the chilli. “Its not sweet!! U don’t love me!!!” His tone turns from worries to anger. He twists her hand “so u don’t love me!!!” He tightens his grip over her hand.

Thapki was hopeless. How could she make him understand that a chilli cannot be sweet at any cost. She was silent just listening all his stupid ways of his so called love!!

He slaps her which makes her fall on ground. She looks on shattered. “U don’t love me!!! U…don’t…love me….” He utters in anger. She covers her face with her arms in order to ignore the scenario. She feels dizzy and faints.

The sun rays disturbs bihaan. “Kiran, stop irritating me and correct the curtains” he murmurs. “She’s gone let me remind u” bihaan hears someone’s voice and gets up. “She’s gone bihaan devarji…” He rubs his eyes in order to clear the vision. It was shraddha. “Why r u here??” Bihaan shouts. “Just came to see the murderer of my husband” she replied. “U don’t wanted to marry him u only wanted his money….see u got it…” He yelled. “But u n thapki really tried hard to stop our marriage isn’t it!!” She says laughingly. He looks on. “But u know….I always hated her…but when she left u…I felt to hug her tight” she taunts laughingly. “Ohh really!!! U want to hug her tight!! Don’t worry bhabhiji… I’ll make ur wish come true” he said laughingly. “We’ll see”. She says n leaves fuming.

“What happened to my phone!! How’s it broken!!” He thinks holding its pieces in his hands. He was desperately trying to fix the pieces but it was useless….they weren’t fixing. “I should take it to its medical shop” he says laughingly “kiran would had corrected me!!” He says thinking about his sister.

The sun rays disturbs thapki. She feels a soft touch around her body. She feels n thinks it might be kabir, but vanishes her imagination as fast as she could, then gets up hurriedly after hearing the voice “wifey”. She found herself on her bed with blanket over her. She gets little relieved when she again hears the voice “wifey” she shuts the alarm hurriedly in fear.

“Happy b’day to u….happy b’day to u….happy b’day dear wifey….happy b’day to u.”

Kabir enters singing n carrying cake and their breakfast in two trays, keeps them on bed near her and takes out a small box from his pocket. He comes near her n makes her wear a ring, then kisses her fingers softly.
She gets scared n jerks her hands back. Kabir looks on. “I know u might be angry on me” he says looking in her eyes. “I was just kidding last night….n u took is so seriously!!” He says his head bent down. Thapki gets scared after hearing him. Her eyes turned red n tears rolled down. “I’m sorry wifey…..” His voice scared her more. She rubs her hands on her toes in fear. “OK u want to punish me right!! Ok then take this.” He says forwarding his hands towards her. “Punish me…..” Thapki looks him. He dips his hand in a hot cup of tea. Thapki gets scared “No….no…kab-ir stop thi-s non sen-se plzz….”she cries and pulls his hand out of tea, in a sudden action.

“I’ll teach u a better lesson kabir katiyal” she thinks glaring him. “U can’t see me in pain….and how rude I was yesterday!!” He says caressing her hairs. “We’ll celebrate ur b’day today, happily” he continues. She pretends to smile.

“Ur friend’s phone is still switched off!! I guess she’ll call today definitely as today’s ur b’day!!” He says looking on her phone.
She gets goosebumps “Sh-e….she mi-ght had forg-otten!!” She manages to say, pretending to laugh.
“No she can’t!! After all she called u even before Aditi!! It means she’s much important to u!!” He says “I would like to meet her!!” He continues.

Thapki gets scared “if no one called today …then I’ll be finished!! N no one will call …..I know” she thinks and gets tensed.

“Ok leave all this…..now cut the cake and have breakfast u didn’t ate anything till yesterday”. He offers her the knife. Her fearful confused eyes listens as he gestures her to cut the cake. She blows candle, with her closed eyes, wishing “I wish I could get my best gift today…..my freedom”. He claps and kisses her cheeks.

“Landline rings” bihaan rushes to pick the call when vasu picks it glaring at him, he bent his head down, stands there.
“Hello kiran beta….how’re u??”

“Fine maa..how’re u…..and….’everyone’??”

“Hmm….’everyone’s’ fine” vasu says looking at bihaan.

Bihaan smiles hesitatingly.

“U r not allowed to talk her…..” Someone says in a low voice. He turns to see. It was suman and preeti bhabhi.

“U know na badi maa will not allow!!” Suman bhabhi says.

Bihaan knows they r right…he’s not allowed…. But was standing there hopefully when vasu maa says “come n talk to her” he smiles happily n was about to take the call when bauji interfered “coming coming vasundhara ji”.

Bihaan was knowing everything, as it was not the first time he’s being insulted like this!! But still he hopes one day everything will be fine. He leaves on his bike for his mobile to get repaired.
“What’ll u gi-ft me to-day kabir??”

“I gifted u the ring already!!”

“Ohh th-at’s it!! Rea-lly!!

“Ok so my love is not satisfied…I see….well I want to do a promise …my love”


“I’ll try to change myself from now….u will help me right!!!”

She gets goosebumps hearing his ‘so called promise’.
Well u guys can suggest me something regarding romance (I’m worse at romance, literally ?) in the episode…. As it was not so appropriate I guess ? again a apology ?….
Thanks for reading ?
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  1. Nice , kabir is really negative role but I think he’s more sick than being a bad guy . Would u please update faster or at least say when ur going to update next

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  2. end kaani romance soon unite thahaan and kabir get his lesson

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    Amazing dear..hmm wish our thahaan unite soon.n they clear their misunderstandings.many secrets to reveal I think soo.waiting for the next one

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  6. Different track of story nice one .y always torture thahaaan please give some happy episode

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  7. Pls make Thapki strong to return all the pain she’s enduring back to Kabir. without inflicting pain physically but emotionally. Kabir is bastard .. He deserves it period.

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    1. Vinni7

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  9. Amazing but when will thapki nd bihaan will meet…?

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