“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 9

Hey lovely people…?
This is the last episode of TRUST
Hope u like it…
And hope u get all ur answers relating to TRUST.

Everyone is at dining table for their respective breakfast. Bihaan was not there, as always. Kiran was on the way with a plate to bihaan’s room. When bihaan sees her while roaming upstairs, but ignores and leaves for his room. Kiran feels bad, extremely bad. “Its unbearable to me bhai”she thinks pouring her tears out.

“I didn’t trusted bhai…” Kiran cries. “And see what I did to him” she cries and everyone gets emotional. Thapki hugs kiran “last time…I didn’t trus-ted him…I don’t wanted to repeat my mistake….but u….u were with him so long….then how could u think ur bro-ther could ruin ur life?” Thapki says breaking the hug. Vasu weeps but hides her tears from everyone. Thapki sees this but remains silent. “Thapki bhabhi I’m sorry….I’m so sorry for not trusting u… u were suffering all this in ur past and I too managed to gave u hatred,only hatred” kiran cries feeling guilty. “It’s ok kir-an….that’s not ur mistake…. earlier ur trust was on right person and this tim-e mine!!” Thapki consoles and kiran hugs her.

In bihaan’s room.
“I’m sorry bhai….I’m so stupid… I didn’t trusted u….I’m sorry” she says sitting on floor behind bihaan. He sees her and thapki gets hopeful seeing them from standing outside the room. But he didn’t uttered anything. Kiran’s tears was uncontrollable…. She can’t see her bhai like this. “Bhai…plzz say something… Plzz scold me…slap me….do something” kiran asks holding his hands. “Its OK kiran….we don’t share any blood relation…. How can I scold u or slap u!! U were right at ur place.” he says without looking her, devastated. “Bihaan bhai plzz….don’t say like this….” She cries seeing his condition. Thapki cries seeing the scenario. Kiran leaves as it was unbearable to her to see his pain. Bihaan doesn’t even ups his head to see her.

In vasu’s room.
“Maa…..” Thapki says getting in her room. “What happened thapki?” Vasu asked hiding her tears. “Maa… U don’t need to hide ur lo-ve for him….” Thapki said softly. “He killed my son” vasu said ignoring the eye contact. “He saved ur daughter…. Not only kiran…but ….me too…” Thapki said going near her. “He sav-ed two lives” she says holding her hand. “But my son….can u bring him back??” Vasu cried. “Do u really think he killed ur son?” Thapki asks folding her hands. “Sankar has seen him pulling dhruv in front of the car.” Vasu cries sitting on bed. Thapki sees her and sits near her legs on floor, keeps her head on vasu’s lap. “Maa… Ask ur heart” thapki said softly “do u think he ca-n do this…even after still saving u from everyone’s hatred. He married me bcoz of u…but even after facing so much hatred…. He never uttered anything about u…then how can u think this about him?” Thapki explained and vasu looks her. “U might be thinking about how I kn-ow all this….he never told me…but….

(flashback **
When thapki and bihaan were sitting on floor, looking at moon involved in the conversation. He was not in his senses. He slept on her shoulder and she smiled. Later she made him sleep properly on his floor bed. He was murmuring something. She tried to hear. “No I can’t do this to dhruv and thapki… I can’t…don’t force me…I know u r asking something for the first time…but I can’t ruin their lives” he murmured. “Who’s asking u to do this bihaan…” She asked but there was no reply. She patted his cheeks to find the answer “say bihaan…. I’ll not tell to anyone” she asks. “Maa…” He said in a sleepy voice which grabbed the floor away from thapki. She was shocked.
**flashback ends)

Vasu was in shock. The every moment she spent with bihaan was splashing before her.

~~~”Dhruv beta come fast I’ll feed u”
“Maa will u feed bihaan too??”
“Dhruv beta….he’s not anyone to us….so better we need to stay away from him”
Vasu’s gaze fell over little bihaan who was peeping into the scenario. Vasu ignored.”~~~

~~”Maa …..see my toy isn’t working”
“It’s ok beta…I’ll bring u the new one….give this to bihaan”
Little bihaan thanked vasu. She ignored.”~~~

The tears were unstoppable to vasu. She cried when thapki came to console her.

~~~”Plzz marry her for my sake bihaan…”
“But maa…dhruv and thapki….”
“For my sake bihaan…”
Bihaan nods”~~~

Vasu breaks down on her knees when she realizes bihaan’s pain for the first time. “I want to go to him” she hisses and hugs thapki….”take me to him…he needs me today” she says.
“But what about my husband’s death??” Shraddha enters yelling in to the scenario. “Can he come back??” She asks glaring thapki. Thapki looks her in tears. “Ok wait….we’ll first fi-nd out the culprit and then it’ll be better to build any conclusion.” Thapki clears.

Unknown place.
“He will be here after some time…… I was waiting for this moment whole heartedly…. now you see what I’ll do Mr. Bihaan Pandey ” A laughing voice echoed the room.

Thapki, vasu and Shraddha, entered Bihaan’s room and find it empty. Thapki panics about him when she finds his phone there….”where had he gone!!” Thapki wonders. Everybody searches and doesn’t finds bihaan there.

“I’ve seen him leaving towards the pahadi(hilly) area.” Kiran says. And everyone rushes.

“Why have u called me?? What u want now!!” Bihaan questions. “Wait wait my love” the reply comes and the face revealed. It was Sankar.

She smiles and comes near him. Roles her fingers on his chest and he tightens his eyelids and twists her hand. She moans and then smiles seeing him…he gets irked and jerks her away.

“Give the proof of my innocence now…” he yells. “Sshhhh…” sankar gestures. “U r here bcoz of me….and showing attitude!! Very bad” she says and laughs. He sees her irked. “U have to marry me…. as u know…that’s what our deal says!!” She continues.

“This is the pahadi area…but where is bihaan….” thapki says and vasu worries, shraddha fumes.

“I know…and that’s why I came here…” he says with his head bent down. “But what happened to Mr. B phor Bihaan Pandey!! See….u r no one now” she laughs. “Will u proceed for the deal or not??” Bihaan shouts. “Again bihaan pandey” she shouts louder “how many time should I clear u about I’m the boss??” She continues and he shuts.

“Ok tell me….why r u here??…”she taunts bihaan. “Tell…. I’m eagerly waiting for ur reply… say fast” she says sitting again on the chair in front of bihaan. He sees her and she again gestures him to say. “I’m fed up of the murderer tag….” he utters anyhow. “Ohh…my love….sorry for giving u so much pain…but see….bcoz of that pain u r here…with me” she says. “Ok wait….do u want again to see the proof of ur innocence??” Sankar asks and he nods.

A video plays through the projector. Bihaan is walking behind dhruv on dhruv’s marriage day. Dhruv was devasted and walking aimlessly… meanwhile bihaan was walking worriedly behind him. “Dhruv…dhruv plzz listen to me….dhruv” bihaan was shouting but he wasn’t listening.

A car is about to hit dhruv and bihaan runs to save him. Dhruv sees the car and stands still in the abrupt action. His eyes widens more and more with the each step of car coming towards him.

Bihaan is about to push him away when someone pulles bihaan and the very moment. And the car hits dhruv. Bihaan rushes to dhruv and asks him to keep his eyes open. “Maa was right….an orphan couldn’t be faithful to anyone” dhruv says and closes his eyes forever. “Noooo…. dhruv…it’s not true dhruv…plzz open ur eyes” he cries holding dhruv’s lifeless body dipped in blood, on his lap. Suddenly he thinks about the incident and turns to see the person. It was sankar standing and smirking.

Bihaan keeps dhruv’s body and comes near her. “What u did!!” He shouts. “U did it…not me…” sankar smiles and clears. “What non sense….u pulled me…” he shouts. “But what’s the proof??” She says with an ease while arranging her ring properly.

“But….” bihaan says but stops after understanding the scenario. “I told u…u will pay high for not rejecting me…” she hisses “well I can save u…but u have to do as I say….my love” she hisses again….”u r a murderer now…” she laughs and leaves. He breaks down on his knees seeing dhruv’s bare body.

The video ends. “So ….what u think bihaan….??” Sankara smiles and comes near him. “I won” she hisses and he stands still after seeing the video. “Now let us proceed for the rituals…” she says.
“But I’m married…” bihaan says. “Today is ur last day of marriage my love….don’t u remember!!” She says keeping her hand on his shoulder, he removes. “After that incident no one trusted u….am I right!! Not even ur so called wife…she left u even after living one month with u…she left…” she says softly and he glares. “But she came…!! After the second month she came… and will again leave u today…as its the last day of ur marriage contract” sankar laughs and he gets sad.

“Wait sankar…” a voice grabbed sankar’s and bihaan’s attention. It was thapki. She comes out from the place she was hiding. Sankar looks shocked.

Thapki comes near sankar and slaps her hard. “I’m his wife….and I’m not going to leave him in this darkness again!!” Thapki shouts. Bihaan looks her.

“So u r the murderer of my husband” shraddha yells coming out of her hiding place. Sankar widens her eyes in fear. “I’ve called the police… now see what will be happened of urs.” Shraddha yells.

The police arrives and takes sankar away with the prooves. She leaves glaring at thapki. “R u fine bihaan…. ” thapki asks hugging him. But he doesn’t hugs her back. Her gaze fell on him when she finds he’s looking to anyone with his wetty eyes. She sees the person. It was Vasu.

Vasu comes near him and cries folding her hands. “I’m sorry bihaan…. I was unable to give u a mother’s love.” She cries and he falls on his knees. Vasu sees him. He hugs her from her lap. “Maa….” a single word with so much emotions filled everyone’s heart standing there. “I missed saying this word….Maa” he continues. Vasu caresses bihaan’s hair who was gripping his hug more and more like a lost kid who finally founded his mother. His innocent tears who were the proof of his unbearable punishment.

Pandey family arrives there and sees the love of mother and son….so emotional… enough to fill anyone’s heart.

“Bihaan…” vasu makes him stand and hugs him. He too hugs her back. “Bhai….” kiran rushes to hug bihaan but hesitates. Bihaan sees her and opens his arms in order to offer a hug. Kiran gets happy and runs to hug him. “I’m sorry bhai” she cries. “This all is possible bcoz of thapki…” vasu says seeing thapki who was standing emotionally seeing the scenario. Bihaan sees her.

“Maa let’s go home…” kiran says. “Yes yes… come bihaan beta” vasu says. “Bhai and bhabhi will come on their own…let’s leave” she says and gestures everyone to give them some we time. Everyone agrees and leaves.

Bihaan comes to thapki. “Let’s go…” he says and she nods awkwardly. Bihaan’s leg hits from something and he sits down moaning and holding his leg. Thapki caresses the wound hurriedly. He sees her.

“Thanks…” he says. “It’s ok..” she says while standing. “U saved me today” he says without looking at her. She again sits behind him. “I’m sorry bihaan…. this all happened bcoz of me” she says with her teary eyes. He hugs her and she looks on. “U saved me thapki… I’m not a murderer…. u proved it.” He cries gripping her more. She hugs him back. “I’m sorry for not trusting you ever I was wrong… I am so sorry….” She cries.

He feels something…. something new was building within him. She breaks the hug and wipes his tears. “Now there’s no need to waste this tear….” thapki says thinking finally bihaan cried his heart out….now’s he’s alright. She breathes relievingly. They gets up and starts to walk.

Bihaan remembers about his every moment with thapki… he smiles seeing her in slow motion finding an auto rikshaw. He smiles and thinks what’s happening to him. She finally finds the auto and asks him to sit. He was just seeing her smilingly. She gestures him as “what happened?? R u fine?” And he replies suddenly after coming out his world of imagination. They sits in the auto. And the driver plays a song “Love me thoda aur”

Bihaan sees thapki smilingly, who was busy in seeing outside the auto, with her open hairs caressing his face.

Shayaron se lafz leke thode se udhaar Borrowing some words from poets
Bolna yeh chahta hoon dil se tumko yaar I want to say this to you from my heart
Ho raha tha, ho gaya hai halka sa khumaar I was, and I am feeling slight intoxicated
Koi na raha hai dil pe apne zor I don’t have any control over my heart
Love me thoda aur Love me a little bit more

He closes his eyes in order to feel her caressing hair.

Let me tell you tonight Let me tell you tonight
When the stars are shining bright When the stars are shining bright
Love me thoda aur Love me a little bit more
Just take my hand in your hand Just take my hand in your hand
And then don’t you let it go And then don’t you let it go
Love me thoda aur Love me a little bit more

She sees him and he acts normally, she sees him “u r weird!!” She laughs saying this. He sees her.

Teri baaton ki pyari si, meethi si The nice and sweet aroma of your words
Khushboo main leke saath mein I’m taking that with me
Muskuraata sa neendon se, khwabon se Smilingly with sleep and dreams
Milta hoon main toh raat mein I meet in the night
Yeh adaa hai nayi This style is new
Yeh adaa aa gayi I learnt this style
Tu joh mila When I attained you
Kabhi na kiya tha khud pe itna gaur I didn’t pay so much attention on me
Love me thoda aur Love me a little bit more

They’re about to reach home when “r u listening me or not” thapki fumed. “Ohh yes yes….” he says ….”the song is so nice” he says and covers his embarrassment.
“Stop here…” thapki says to auto driver. Both enters into the gate after paying. Thapki suddenly slips and bihaan holds her. They share a passionate eyelock.

When again the song buzzes around bihaan.

Tum ho ya na ho Whether you’re there or not
Lagta hai jaise ki ab tum hi toh ho It feels as if only you’re there
Har ghadi milta tumse hoon jitna main Every moment the more I meet you
Utni hi milne ki wajah hai badhi That many more reasons I find to meet
Milne ki koshishein The efforts to meet you
Pyar ki khwahishein The desires of love
Hoti rahe Keep on happening
Tujhe dekh ke hai saansein karti shor On seeing you my breath gets heavier
Love me thoda aur Love me a little bit more

So this way they shared a story of TRUST. The BOND of TRUST.
They now understood The MEANING of TRUST.

They started to feel for each other after winning each other’s HEART, FAITH and TRUST.
Thank u so much for reading guys…. I ended it today as I’m going to tour today…so somehow I wanted to complete it before going… it might had been better if my phone’s tragedy didn’t happened….?
But it’s ok…everything happens for a reason?
Ok so….I’m leaving today itself with my first time experience as a tour manager?? very excited ?

Wish me luck guys…
Bye bye and luv u all ????

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