“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 8

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Party starts and maa bauji welcomed everyone. Bihaan was waiting impatiently kiran.

She arrives finally and both brother sister hugs each other. The scenario gets emotional. Vasu gets irked. And asks everyone to proceed for cake cutting ceremony. “wait maa…”kiran says going out from the gate. Everyone looks on. She enters with a guy.”maa…this is kabir” kiran says. “I know him….I met him at dhruv’s and shraddha’s marriage.” Vasu says smilingly looking at kabir. Kabir smiles. “maa actually he’s here in noida for somedays so….can he live with us…?” kiran asks and kabir looks her. “I might was busy with chuk chuk gadi in revealing the truth of shraddha. So I didn’t met him…I guess” bihaan thought looking at thapki. Thapki was busy in gripping table cloth in fear with her trembling hands….full of fear. Bihaan noticed and stands near her.

Later. After the party ends. Kabir asks Kiran to tell everyone. “I’ll tell only to bihaan bhai…he’ll help me….” Kiran says and bihaan overhears all this. He agrees smilingly. Kiran hugs him. Bihaan asks Kabir to be friends and let’s not fight now!! Kabir smiles and offers a handshake to bihaan. “Gajab” bihaan says accepting the handshake. He asks some general questions from kabir and leaves for his room after getting the satisfactory replies of kabir. Kabir smirks.
Kiran covers his bihaan’s eyes playfully from back. He smiles

“Bhai… Only u know the truth…” says Kiran. And I chose to tell u all this…bcoz…I trust only u in this matter…plzz do something… How to tell maa…” Kiran asks. “My pretty princess…u r only the one to trust me in this house. Thanks kiran…” bihaan says with his wetty eyes. “I don’t want to see any tear in ur eyes now!!” She orders and he smiles. “I’ll think something…. Don’t worry” he leaves smilingly.

He enters the room. He’s surprised to see thapki crying wildly in the corner of the room, with all the things,usually kept on dressing table was lying hatredly around the room. He rushes to her “what happened thapki??” He asks consoling her. “Bihaan…. Wi….Will…u….tru…Trust…me??” She asks with her teary eyes. “What happened thapki…. Say I’m with u….” He asks worriedly. “Biha-an…. That ka-bir…..kabir is not a good guy….he…” She hesitates saying this. “What he did??” Bihaan asks wiping her tears. She dictates him everything…about her past…. He was shocked and angry at the same time. “Bihaan…. Do tru-st me….I’m not lying…. He’s a culp-rit…. He should be puni-shed” thapki cries and hugs him. He consoles her thinking about thapki who always lied about her wounds, about her past and about her sufferings. He hugged her tight. “Why u hided all this from me?” He asked. “Biha-an…. I tho-ught u will not tru-st me… Like I did to u…. I’m sor-ry bihaan… I’m sorry” she cries gripping his shirt’s collar more tighter and hides her face in his chest. “I TRUST U Thapki” he says caressing her hair gently. Those beautiful words she heard from the person whom she left in the darkest phase. “I’m so-rry bihaan….” She cried hard which made his tears roll down.

The next day.
Bihaan thinks how to dictate everything to kiran. She hates thapki but trusts him. What’ll she do after knowing the truth. Number of questions were arising in bihaan’s mind when his gaze fell on thapki whom he was feeding. “I’m do-ne…” Said she. She was much scared of kabir, she never showed anyone but was unable to hide from bihaan….. He was supporting her at every stage. He used go feed her, he used to make her sleep patting her head gently…. Thapki built the strong trust on bihaan. The way he used to take her care and the way kabir used to keep her….her heart automatically compared. And founded bihaan’s heart so pure. “Thapki…. We’ll do something… He’ll never be able to hurt anyone” he says gnashing his teeth, thinking something.

“Kiran….I want to talk u something….” Bihaan utters hesitatingly. “Yes bhai say” she says being busy in watching TV sitting relaxed on sofa in the hall. “About kabir” bihaan utters. “What bhai say na…” She asks getting disturbed in watching TV. “See kiran….that guy is not good for u…….” he was uttering anyhow when kiran interfered angrily. “Bhai plzz…..u don’t need to talk about him…..” She warned. “Kiran listen….try to understand…” He tries to say when kiran again ignores him.

Thapki was roaming upstairs when she saw kabir cutting the rope of huge jhumer(royal big glass lamp) under which bihaan was standing. Thapki gets shocked seeing him and rushes to stop him. Kabir smirks and leaves from there. The rope was cut half. Thapki rushed to pull it as tighter as she could when she shouted loud “bihaaaaannnnn….” and the grip of rope losses. The jhumer falls and bihaan is being saved by kabir. Everybody rushes to the hall.

Thapki rushes to him and caresses his face in order to confirm he’s alright. He nods and thapki gets relieved. But to everyone’s surprise. Kiran jerked bihaan shouting “did u saw something?” Bihaan and everyone looks her shocked. “U were saying me that he’s not a bad guy right!! But see…u r alive today bcoz of him!!” She says and bihaan’s tears rolled down. Thapki looked shocked at kiran. “U know what bhai….now I think maa was right!! When she scolded me for going near u….she said always that I and u never shared any blood relation….but I….I always treated u more than my bhai….but u ruined everything….” She cried which made bihaan shattered. He looked her with his broken heart. Thapki was totally shocked seeing kiran’s behavior. She tried to console him with her eyes…but he wasn’t seeing her. He was just seeing kiran….how could she even think that her bihaan bhai can ruin her life!! All the flashes of good memories with kiran were flashing before bihaan, meanwhile he was continuously gazing kiran. “Maa was right!! U can’t see anyone’s happy marriage life….even how could u?? After all u cheated a girl!! U cheated her at her marriage day in order to ruin her marriage.” Kiran shouts and vasu looks at bihaan. “And u did same with dhruv bhai!! U tried hard to ruin his marriage and ended killing him!!” She said gnashing and staring his teary eyes. He looks her in shock.

“What r u looking?? Am I saying wrong?? I was wrong earlier…but today….I’m sure u r jealous of everyone’s marriage life. U r a murderer” kiran cried with tears and everyone looks at her meanwhile kabir smirks. “I thought u will help me!!…but u…u r ready to ruin everything.” She shouted angrily. Bihaan was shattered, totally shattered. “Its OK kiran….leave all this” kabir says fakely consoling her. Everyone leaves leaving bihaan in the hall.

Now thapki… Who was standing and staring bihaan with tears, saw him moving to his room. He leaves and she weeps standing still. “Bihaan…. U don’t deserve all this…I can’t see u in pain now…” she thinks seeing bihaan climbing stairs slowly.

He enters the room and sits on floor behind the bed lying his head on bed, devastated. Thapki has always seen a rough and tough bihaan but after her return bihaan is changed, totally changed. Or should it be corrected as…… she started studying him more deeply….so she was understanding his pain. He used to tease her, he used to involve in fights, even his maa never loved him. Kiran, who was everything for bihaan…as she was the only one who trusted him…but today….she too poured her hatred out. Thapki always had noticed the strongest bond between brother and sister, but now….no one was their to show even the fake love to him. Thapki could feel the pain he was facing…something was breaking within her with his each drop of tear. He was crying in the darkness of the room, all alone, devastated, seeking love.

The guy changed so much!! Who used to bring smile in everyone’s face is now unnoticeable to everyone. The scenario was unbearable for her now. She collected all her gutts to go to him. She wanted to face him without any tear, as he used to do to cheer her up.

She places her hand on his shoulder. “Bihaan….” She manages to speak and he looks her. He was in tears, unbearable to her. “Its OK…biha-an” she sits saying behind him. “She said all this to u b-coz of that ka-bir….don’t take her wro-ng” she continued knowing that what she’s saying can’t bring back the bond of brother and sister. He sees her and then bent his head. Devastated. “I’m very bad thapki” he hissed with his head bent, lying his head devastated on thapki’s shoulder. She sees him in order to frame an answer. She cries and looks at him. “I’m useless thapki…. My life is useless.” He cries on her shoulder. She consoles him. “I’m fed up of the tag of murderer….I didn’t killed my brother……I can’t….” He cries and she hugs him tight. “It was an accident… I tried to save him….but ….she…she lied to everyone” he hissed again.

She was feeling his pain, the pain of his heart. That pain she never realized, never…. when she left him alone…. She never cared. But today…..she has seen him always insulted…. “Bihaan” she tights her grip to console him. “Trust me thapki……I didn’t killed dhruv….I didn’t” he cries and takes his head away from her shoulder. “How can u all think so??” He questions with his teary eyes seeking for answer. She wipes her tears. “I TRUST U Bihaan” she says wiping his tears, caressing his hair. He again keeps his head on her shoulder. She caresses his cheeks meanwhile he looked devastated. “No u don’t” he hisses “in fact no one does” he says without moving himself away from her. She tightens her eyelids to release tears. “I do bihaan…” She was about to say when “I should die” the fresh bunch of tears again rolls down his cheeks. “No biha-an… Don’t say all this” she says gripping him more tighter. But finds no response of bihaan. She runs her gaze on him. He was slept. She slowly patted his head in order to make him comfortable when his hand fell on floor. “Sleeping pills!!!” She cried seeing sleeping pill box in his hand. “Bihaan…. Bihaan…” She wildly tries to wake him up but he wasn’t responding anything.

“What u did bihaan… Bihaan plzz wake up….plzz for my sake” she cries rubbing his palms and caressing his head. She sprinkles water on his face but the response was nothing. She cries and everyone rushes to her and gets shocked. “What happen to him??” Bauji asks and calls the ambulance. “U all no need to worry….I’ll take my bihaan without anyone’s help….he’s in this condition bcoz of u all” she shouted glaring angrily at kiran. She makes bihaan sit in car with help of driver. They reaches hospital.

Doctor checks him meanwhile thapki desperately waits for the answer. Doctor comes out the room. “See…he has taken sleeping pills but not so much that it could kill him” doctor clarifies thapki and she breathed thankfully. “He was fainted bcoz of some other reason” doctor says which makes her worried. “What’s that doc-tor??” Thapki asks. “He’s suffering from depression… He’s continuously murmuring that he wants to die… This is injurious for his mental health. I think he’s depressed.” Doctor says. “What sh-ould I do then doctor??” She asks worriedly. “U need to counsel him properly, he needs some attention and care….he will gain conscious till morning. U can see him” doctor says and leaves.

At morning.
Bihaan now became a still body. He was listening to thapki but wasn’t speaking anything to anyone. Doctor said thapki to “make him cry… pour his heart out anyhow… He’s in depression, in shock….he needs emotional support more than any medicine.” Thapki nods.

They entered in pandey nivas. She makes him to see everyone so that he could cry his heart out. But he didn’t responded anything. He was still. He climbed to his room silently. “Now Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey…. my wifey….now I’ll take u with me….and I’ll make sure that this time ur prison is much comfortable to u” kabir says twisting her hands. She gets scared. Kabir leaves her hand. “Did u forgot the wounds of my love?? The wounds I gave u….” He says caressing her arms which irritates her. “Kabir plzz….I’m not ur wife” thapki warns. “Oh my God!! My wifey learnt how to speak!!” He smirks. She glares him angrily, he gets irked and was about to slap her when someone holds his hand.

Thapki and kabir looked shocked at the person. She was kiran. Kabir widens his eyes meanwhile thapki smiles happily with tears. “How dare u Mr. Kabir Katiyal.” She shouts. Kabir looks her, shocked. “No kiran…its not like that” kabir tries to explain when she jerked him back. “Don’t dare to take my name” kiran yelled and everyone rushed to them, except bihaan. “What happened kiran beta….” Vasu asked. Kiran explained about kabir’s relation with thapki. Everyone looked shocked. Kabir was about to escape when someone holds his collar. It was bihaan. Thapki gets glad seeing him.

“Not so easily Mr. Kabir Katiyal.” He says dragging him by snatching his hair. “Torturing others is ur habit right!!” He says pulling him on floor. Kabir falls and glares angrily at bihaan. He slaps hard to kabir. Thapki looks on remembering how he used to drag her and slap her like this. Bihaan makes kabir to stand holding his collar when thapki remembers about how he used to her stand snatching her hair. She sees him with her revengeful eyes, with tears. Bihaan again slaps him and holds his cheeks tightly, enough to hurt him, he moaned. Thapki remembered about how he used to do the same. Bihaan twists kabir’s hand. And kabir pleads to him. Thapki remembers about her sufferings. “How dare u torture my wife” bihaan shouted and placed a punch on his cheeks. Thapki releases her painful tears by tightening her eyelids. “Bihaan devarji….call the police… He will take him away” badki interfered. “Wait bihaan pandey” kabir shouted. “What will u say to police?? U r a criminal too” he yelled. “U r a murderer” he continued and thapki looked. bihaan, then gnashed at kabir. “I’m not wrong!! And that was the reason of ur wife about leaving u after all !!” Kabir taunted. Bihaan looked him shocked, busy in thinking when “Kabiiirrrrrr” voice grabbed bihaan’s attention. He sees thapki standing in front of him holding kabir’s hand which was about to punch bihaan. “What u thought ??? U will do anything I’ll be shut?? Yes I was shut but not now……that was my mistake of trusting u….” She yelled and bihaan her. She throws kabir’s hand away. Kabir looks her. “A girl is not an opportunity kabir katiyal…..I thought u will help me but no…. U….” She cried and breaks down and bihaan consoles hugging her. “take ur revenge” bihaan said assuring thapki. She looks him. He nods motivating her. She agrees and takes a step towards kabir. Kabir looks her.

She slaps him hard. A shrilling sound vibrated the whole hall. Kabir looks her holding his cheek. She slaps him again. He looks on. She continuously places 10 hard slaps. And breathes relievingly and gets tears remembering about her past. Bihaan holds her from back. She hides her face within his chest. He consoles.

Police arrives and takes away kabir from pandey nivas, from thapki’s life. He leaved meanwhile both thapki and Bihaan glared him leaving.

Both of them comes to their room. Thapki thanked bihaan and he just smiled formally. He didn’t cried but….. Which made thapki more worry for him.

Precap – Kiran feels guilty for bihaan and goes to apologize from him. Thapki gets hopeful. Kiran cries. Later thapki goes to vasu. Vasu is shocked listening to thapki.
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