“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 7

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Thapki, who was hiding behind the tree gets scared of seeing kabir and bihaan together. She was unable to take even a step to come before them. She was just standing still.

“I’m saying sorry” bihaan says in attitude. “Clean it” kabir glares. Bihaan sees him surprisingly. “I said clean it” kabir yelled. Thapki widens her eyes. “R u psycho or what!!” Bihaan laughs. Thapki gets scared thinking what will kabir do now!! Kabir is about to punch on bihaan’s face but bihaan holds his hand. “Gajab!! I’m talking politely n u r ruining everything!!” Bihaan’s BG plays. They involve in cold war and thapki decides to stop them but remains stood on her place seeing kabir’s phone ringing.

“Yes yes I’m coming…. I’ll not spare that girl now!!” Kabir says on his phone and leaves gesturing bihaan as “I’ll see u” and bihaan gestures ignorantly.

Thapki comes out with her fearful eyes searching only for bihaan. “R u fin-e??” She questions. “Yes of course….don’t know he was psycho or what!!” He says glaring the way kabir left. “Ok…lea leave it…let’s go…go..ho-me” she looked tensed. They both leaves.

“Can I ask something??” Bihaan questions while walking. “Hmm…” Thapki answers. “Last night….u were telling me about someone …..umm…” He says remembering about last night. “Sorry I forgot his name…I don’t know how I slept without listening u” he says walking n looking at her. She widens her eyes and looks at him. “Its OK….it doe-sn’t mat-ter” she says with a fake smile.
“Tell me now….I’m listening.”
“No its fin-e…..”
“OK sorry for not listening u that time….but plzz say I’m listening..” He said thinking she’s angry on him.
“That was not so import-ant”
“Actually I was asking abo-ut what u did after o-ur separation.” Thapki says without noticing anything in tension, which made bihaan stand still for a while. She sees him and stops for a moment. Looks at each other and started walking again.
“What u did??” Bihaan asked looking her

She gets tensed and he notices her.
They reaches home. “We’ll talk later I’m fee-ling sleepy.” She said entering to room. “But….” Bihaan questions but keeps silence after seeing her arranging her floor bed.
They sleeps.
“I don’t know whether to tell u or not!! U will get angry on that kabir…what if he harm u!! No no….I can’t afford hurting u again. I’ll leave u forever and this will be my punishment of hurting u.” She says tightening her eyelids to release tears looking at him from between the bed.

At night
Thapki’s phone rings. She gets up. “Whose number is this!!” She wonders getting up looking her phone.

The word was so horrible to her. She gets panic her hands started quivering badly. Her fearful eyes was getting more and more wide and red. She cries and throws her phone. “No no no….lea-ve me….plzz…pl..plzz…” She cries and bihaan wakes up rushing to her. “What happened??” He asked to thapki who was sitting in the corner of room hiding her face between arms and knees. She sees him with her fearful eyes. “He is h-ere…he call-ed me..” She spoked anyhow. “Who’s here?? Who called u?” He says holding her by arms. She looks him and then her phone. It was kept as it is. “U dreamt something bad!!” He said consoling her, caressing her cheeks, wiping her tears. “H-e wi-ll fin-d me….” Her stammering was doubled in explaining him. She weeps and hugs him tightly. He looks her confused and hugs her back. “See no one is here….” He says smilingly. And her eyes travelled to the whole dark room. She find no one and felt safe in bihaan’s warmth. He makes her sleep on her bed caressing her head. She sleeps holding his hand and slowly losses the grip of her holding. He sees.

“There’s something u r hiding from me…. Something eating u from inside… What’s that thapki?” He says covering her from blanket.

Next morning.
Thapki comes out of washroom with her wet hairs and sees bihaan sleeping peacefully.

The slow music of “Gilehriyaan song from movie Dangal” plays in BG.
Rang badal badal ke kyun chehak rahe hain Din dopaheriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na
Kyun phudak phudak ke Dhadkanon ki chal rahi Gilehriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na”

(English – Why are the morning and afternoon changing colors and chirping happily? I don’t know
Why are the squirrels of my heartbeat hopping? I don’t know )

He smiles in sleep and she too, seeing him.
She smilingly dries her hair looking at him and then at mirror. “Thank u bih-aan… For eve-rything” she utters. She smiles and the song continues.
Her glare suddenly fell on the wounds of her past. The tears were about to roll when “Gajab!!” Voice grabbed her. “U disturbed me at night and can’t u even let me sleep in morning” bihaan uttered from his floor bed in his half sleep. “What I did n-ow?” Thapki fumed glaring him. “Keep ur wet hairs away” he fumed and turned his back towards her. Thapki smiles seeing his innocence, covers him from blanket and continues with her hair.
“Bihaan… I forgot to tell u…kiran called u yesterday…” She said seeing him. “And u r telling this now!! How careless!!” He yells and makes a call to kiran, getting up from his bed, hurriedly.
“Hey my princess I’m so so sorry….I was about to….” Bihaan pleads to kiran. “I’m busy bye” kiran replied fuming on him. “OK ok….I’m sorry I’ll never do it again…I promise.” He pleads again and kiran smiles “its ok bhai…” She says. “How r u?? I’m missing u badly” he says. “Even I’m missing u bhai” kiran replies.

Thapki sees bihaan involved in chattering with his sister. She sees him smilingly. The song again buzzes around her ears.♪♪♪♪
“Zara sa mausam sarphira hai Ya mera mood maskhara hai maskhara hai Jo zaayka mannmaaniyon ka hai woh kaisa rasbhara hai Main janu na janu na janu na”
(English – has the weather gone a bit crazy Or am I in a joking mood? The flavor of wilfullness is juicy I don’t know )

Time flew like this. Both thapki and bihaan was enjoying life with each other. They used to laugh together. They used to console each other. When thapki was scared of her bad dreams, there was only bihaan to support her. And when bihaan was insulted in front of everyone… Thapki used to console him, she used to motive him. Their relationship was now taking shape much pure than of “love”, they built “trust” for each other. Unknowingly.

But thapki she built a new and unknown feeling for bihaan…. The song used to buzz around her. She, sometimes, used to smile seeing bihaan. She was impressed with bihaan after all he proved her wrong about the thinking that ‘all men are same’. But she was guilty at the same time. She had left him in the darkness. When he needed her the most. But now…..she was with him…she didn’t knew till when!! But still….she was now with him.

One day when thapki was busy in arranging the clothes bihaan’s phone rang. He enters the room and receives the call sitting on bed, near the place she was standing.
“Bhai listen today is dhruv bhai’s b’day party….did u got the news??” Kiran asks happily. “Umm….yes yes….maa…told me…” He says trying to hide his sadness. Thapki overhears this and sees him when his gaze falls over her. He suddenly gets up from bed and stands near dressing table to talk. He breathes relieved seeing thapki not listening him now. “Bhai…why u try to lie when u can’t??” Kiran replies. And bihaan gets tears. “Today is party at home and I’m coming today.” She says making him smile. “U r coming!! Really!!” He gets excited. Thapki smiles seeing his childishness. “And I have a surprise for u” she says happily. “Oh my God!! Then I had to do preparations of ur welcome!!” He says gladly and cuts the call. Thapki smiles.
Precap – kabir and bihaan meets again. Thapki gets scared and cries badly. Bihaan consoles hugging her and she tightens the grip.
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