“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 6

Hlo buddies ?
Firstly I wanted to clear ur confusion regarding the ff is….this is totally my imagination and so no one(manish jigyasa) is been practically tortured here. ?
So guys plzz don’t stop commenting bcoz of the storyline. I know this storyline includes pain, tears, torture, terror and bla bla….but guys trust me like every story main leads will be together at last!!

I just want to show how “TRUST” matters in everyone’s life!!

I decided to go with this storyline as I found it unique and new!! And I hoped u like it….but many of u r thinking “why I’m torturing thapki and bihaan”. Yes guys they are actually tortured but to build a new kind of story.

And thank u to all my readers who used to wait for next.?Be with me like this guys.❤

Plzz do trust me and be with me…I really need ur comments and predictions for upcoming proceedings.

Recap – bihaan and thapki returns from sankar’s Valentine day party. They won a twin teddy bear written “My silly girl” and “My cool dude”. They danced together. Later thapki realized bihaan is not in his senses. She took him home excusing vasu.
Bihaan and thapki enters the room. Bihaan sits on couch and thapki sits near the dressing table. She stares her reflection and smiles unknowingly. “Why’s chuk chuk gadi smiling” he says smilingly staring her reflection. “Tha-nks bihaan” she says loosing her necklace. “Why?” Bihaan questioned seeing her. “All u did today means a lot to me” she replied.

She looses her necklace more and finds the wound on her neck her tears were about to roll when “Oh my God!! Chuk chuk gadi is saying thank u to me!!” Bihaan taunted which grabbed thapki’s attention towards him. She glares and then smiles at him.

He comes near her waggling and falls on floor. Thapki rushes to help him meanwhile he makes her too sit on floor. Electricity cuts off. The room is dark now. The moonlight is peeping inside the room through white curtains, which were dancing with slight wind. “Wow bihaan…. This room is looking so beautiful” she says looking at moon sitting beside him. “Only when u r here” bihaan says looking at moon. She looks him and then again at moon. They started their conversation looking at moon.
“What u did after our sepa-ration?”
“Was ignored by everyone” he said with a slight painful smile.
She looks him. “And what about u??” He questions and she again looks at the moon.
“Was tortu-red” she answered pouring her painful heart out looking at moon.
“Why??” He questioned.
“Bihaan…. After separa-tion from u….my Dad suffered a heart attac-k. I started staying with my family like before…. But society…. They always taunted me a-nd my Dad for my stammering problem. I was frust-rated. Then I met kabir. I know him from my coll-ege days…I used to dislike him but he was Aditi’s frie-nd so we became friends. I decided to take his help till I’m not se-ttled. He helped me. He saved my Dad from the second heart attack. We both signed a contract of fake ma-rriage…. We were hus-band and wi-fe for the wo-rld.

“Then why u came here??” Shraddha, who was peeping from door thought.
“Then??” A sleepy voice grabs thapki’s attention towards him. He was lying his head on her shoulder. “Why u came to a murderer then??” He murmured and slept.
“This bihaan devarji is so stupid!! How can he sleep without listening her!!” Shraddha fumes. “Relax shraddha…u got a big news…u need to plan something new!!” She smirks and leaves.

“Mur-derer!!” She looks at his innocent face. “I don’t think so…” Her heart shouts. “But….” Her mind interferes. “We both r suffe-ring bcoz of me biha-an… I’m sorry” she says and looks at moon. “Hmmm..” He moans.

Next day.
Thapki is busy in kitchen when she hears. “Wifey” she gets scared and widens her eyes. “Wifey” she again hears and her quivering hand hits the plate, the plate falls. “Wifey” she was becoming restless on hearing this….her fearful eyes was finding the origin of voice. She saw coming near her, she was unable to see the face.

Bihaan comes near her. “Thapki ur phone is repaired but I don’t know why this alarm…..” He says coming near her being busy in her phone. She snatches her phone in sudden action and jerks him away. He looks her shocked “how dare u??” Thapki shouts. “How dare u touch my things without my permission??” She continues. “But I was just…” He tries to speak when everyone rushes to them “what happened?” Bauji asked. Thapki kept shut in front of everyone. “What happened thapki beta?” Vasu asked to thapki. “I did a mistake again maa..” Bihaan says with his head bent down. Thapki looks on. “Bihaan I always warned u not to call me maa…..” Vasu shouts pointing finger towards bihaan. “Why u touched thapki’s phone without her permission??” Shraddha interrupts in between. Vasu comes near bihaan “u know what…..she’s my son’s choice and u…u r my son’s killer…. U can probably guess then who is more important to me!!” She yells and bihaan looks at vasu. “Maa…. Its O-K” thapki interrupted. “See….she’s defending u now!!” Vasu says glaring at bihaan and he looks at thapki. “I’m sorry thapki beta….” Vasu said to thapki and bihaan leaves for his room.

“I’m sorry bihaan…… I reacted like this…but this was just bcoz of my past.” She thinks while climbing stairs towards bihaan’s room. She collides with bihaan. He makes her stand properly and was about to leave. “I’m so-rry” thapki manages to speak. “Its OK….it was my fault…I’ll never touch ur things without ur permission” he says splashing her palms in front of her. She sees tears in his eyes, for the first time she had seen tears in ‘Bihaan Pandey’ the ‘rough and tough’ guy’s eyes. “I’m really sorry bih-aan…” She tries to explain. ” its OK…its always ur habit to become mahan aatma among everyone” he yells and leaves.

“I’m sorry bihaan… I didn’t me-an that….” She weeps saying this and realizes her phone in her hands. “I should check it….after finding the address which Aditi sent me…I’ll le-ave bihaan….. Then he can live without any tro-uble” she thinks and checks her phone. “Oh my God!!…. Where r my messages!! Everyt-hing deleted!!” She thinks roaming in room. She sees something on the dressing table “its my sim card!!…God its damaged!!” She thinks holding it.

The phone rings. “Who’s phone is ringing!!” She wonders and finds bihaan’s phone kept on couch is ringing. “Should I pick the ca-ll….” She thinks and sees his phone. It was kiran’s number. “I’ll tell her that he’s not h-ome!!….but….if he gets ang-ry then!!…no no….” She says and moves away from his phone. “but what if she’s ca-lling for something urgent!!” She thinks at the second thought. “Fine I sho-uld pick up the call” she thinks finally and picks the call.

“Hello” kiran said. “Firstly thank u for getting ur phone repaired!! I was dying to talk to u….” Kiran sounded very happy. “How r u?? Hey…u r not ignoring me right!! R u dating someone and not getting time for this princess!! OK u r forgiven for this tell me her name first” kiran says laughingly which keeps thapki shut. “Kidding bhai…I know u will not take any step without telling me” she laughs again. “Hello…bhai…why aren’t u saying anything??” Kiran gets tensed thapki tries to speak when again “did maa scolded u today too??” Kiran asked and thapki made a sad face thinking about incident. “Hello…” Kiran speaks. “Actually… He’s not ho-me so…” Thapki says anyhow. “And who r u??” Kiran questions. “Wait wait wait…..oh!! Miss Thapki!!… What r u doing there with my bhai’s phone?? Didn’t u get satisfied after leaving him alone in the darkest stage of his life!!” Kiran yells and thapki gets tears. “Anyways… I’m not interested in talking to u….ask him to call back.” She orders and cuts the call. Thapki weeps.

She wipes her tears. “I’m ur culprit bih-aan…. U r getting punish-ed bcoz of me!!….I’ll leave u now…I can’t be any burden on u” she says thinking, sits on bed and tries to fit the sim card in her phone. Bihaan enters and sees her. She sees him and continues her work. He goes to drink water. Thapki gets her finger hurt and moans bihaan rushes to her. “Can’t u do anything without hurting yourself?” He yells. “Let me do….” He offers help and she looks him. “Fine then….do as u wish….I’ll not touch ur things I’m sorry…” He says while getting up from bed. “Do it pl-zz” bihaan hears thapki saying and sees her in tears. “Ok…don’t cry…I’ll do something….” He says repairing her phone and she sees him.
“Now see Miss Vani….how’ll I find u!! U don’t exactly know who Kabir Katiyal is!!” Kabir shouts and splashes wine glass on floor. “I’ll make u know….my wifey….” He says gnashing his teeth in anger.
“Its done….” Bihaan says and thapki looks him happily. She checks the phone and the message was yet not there in phone but she relaxes after seeing Aditi’s number safe. “It seems something was very important in it!!” Bihaan says looking her. Thapki was about to ask something when “thapki beta…..” Vasu maa called from kitchen. She leaves from room.
“Hello…I need her at any cost….find it by hook or by crook” kabir orders someone in his phone call. “I’m coming to meet u with her photograph” he leaves.
After finishing dinner. Everyone goes to their respective rooms. Bihaan coughs badly entering the room. Thapki gets worried. “What happ-ened bihaan??” She asks. “Who kept that their” he manages to say while coughing pointing towards the mosquito coil. “I di-d it….I’m sor-ry” she says looking at him. He comes out the room, coughing. She follows him. “I threw it away now the smo-ke will also be disappeared after sometime.” She says looking concerned towards him. He starts to leave when “r u going some-where??” Thapki asks. “Yes…for a walk….would u like to join??” He offers she smiles and they leaves.

It was a dark night. Stars and moonlight wasn’t peeping on earth bcoz of clouds. The cool wind with scent of nature was the prettiest part of the nature. “Whether is so beautiful!!” Bihaan says walking while keeping his hand in his jeans pocket. He sees thapki who was feeling slight cold. He gives her jacket to her. She looks him and get tears not so noticeable.

“U r so caring bihaan…. And I…I always misunderstood u…” She thinks seeing bihaan who was busy in his own chattering. She sees him in slow motion with light music in BG. He sees her n gestures “what happened?” with his eyebrows. She nods as “nothing” and he again continues his chatterings. It was a new feeling building within her.

They sees the ice cream stall. Bihaan asks her whether she wants she nods hesitatingly.They goes near ice cream and buys their respective ice creams. “I misunderstood u….I’m sorry bihaan…. I’m so bad…. And u r so caring….” She thinks looking him. “What r u thinking…ur ice cream is melting be fast!!” He says which grabs her attention towards him.

She sees him lovingly.

(The song Gilehriyaan from the movie Dangal plays in BG)

“Rang badal badal ke kyun chehak rahe hain Din dopaheriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na
Kyun phudak phudak ke Dhadkanon ki chal rahi Gilehriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na”

(English – Why are the morning and afternoon changing colors and chirping happily? I don’t know
Why are the squirrels of my heartbeat hopping? I don’t know )

She hits his hand slightly which makes ice cream swipe on his face. “U r looking like a joker!!” She bursts out and runs to save herself meanwhile he chases her laughingly.

“Rang badal badal ke kyun chehak rahe hain Din dopaheriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na”
Kyun phudak phudak ke Dhadkanon ki chal rahi Gilehriyaan Main janu na
janu na kyun

(English – Why are the morning and afternoon changing colors and chirping happily? I don’t know
Why are the squirrels of my heartbeat hopping? I don’t know )

“Zara sa mausam sarphira hai Ya mera mood maskhara hai maskhara hai Jo zaayka mannmaaniyon ka hai woh kaisa rasbhara hai Main janu na janu na janu na”
(English – has the weather gone a bit crazy Or am I in a joking mood? The flavor of wilfullness is juicy I don’t know )

She teases him to chase and behind the tree, he sees her and again runs towards her. She escapes. Both laughs.

“Kyun hazaar gulmohar se bhar gayi hain Khwaahishon ki tehniyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na”
(English – Why have the branches of desires Filled with thousands of flowers? I don’t know)

“Kyun phudak phudak ke Dhadkanon ki chal rahi Gilehriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na Ik nayi si dosti asmaan se ho gayi Zameen mujhse jal ke Muh bana ke bole tu bigad rahi hai”
(English – Why are the squirrels of my heartbeat hopping? I don’t know. I have formed a new friendship with the sky The earth is jealous, it is making faces at me and saying ‘You have gone bad’)

She hides and sees bihaan lovingly in the meantime he disappears. Thapki looks for him when “woof” bihaan scares her from back. She runs again.

” Zindagi bhi aaj kal Gintiyon se oob kar Ganit ke aankadon ke saath Ik aadha sher padh rahi hai ”
(English – Life too nowadays Fed up with the numbers Is reciting a poem or two With the figures of maths)
“Main sahi galat ko peechhe chhod ke chali kachehriyaan Main janu na janu na janu na janu na”
(English – I have left behind the courts of write and wrong I don’t know)

“Kyun phudak phudak ke Dhadkanon ki chal rahi Gilehriyaan Main janu na janu na kyun”
(English – Why are the squirrels of my heartbeat hopping? I don’t know )

She runs and bihaan chases her when he collides with someone. “I’m sorry I didn’t saw u….” Bihaan says to the person. “R u fool…look at my dress now!!” The person yells. “Hlo Mr. I’m saying u sorry for that only” bihaan says glaring him. He was kabir.
Thanks for reading ?
Plzz plzz plzz do comment….I’m waiting eagerly….
And yes if u think I deserve tomatoes and potatoes then u r free to throw them….I’ll catch ??
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  1. wao….today i feel hapy bcoz thahaan are hapy now….hope so bihan will help thpki to get rid frm kabir

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks sadia ?
      Yeah he will help thapki to get rid off kabir ?
      Stay tuned ❤

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Hhahaha vinni if anyone throws tomatoes n potatoes I’ll save u from them.as I love ur ff.yes thapki n bihaan r being tortured but besides it it’s very interesting a very new n unique story.thapki had started building feeling for bihaan n bihaan is very guilty..all the characters have a kind of different role.I’m loving it.deary

    1. Vinni7

      Awww❤ thank u juvi ?? for saving me from potatoes n tomatoes ?
      Yeah story is going to be take a romantic step now ?
      Luv u dear ?

  3. who said that your track isn’t good?? I am loving it and want to read more of it… I hope thahaan remains united and both of them fight their own problems together.. please update soon dear

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  4. why there isn’t any precap? ek precap de do.. maza aayega

  5. I like your ff . It’s different but painful but I’m sure that in the end they get together as u said . But why don’t you write any precap ? And also from next episode write that when is your next update . And thank you for clearing some of confusions in this ff . Update more regularly please ❤❤

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks pari?
      Yeah its somehow feels painful to read but yes they’ll be together for sure ?
      I’ll give precaps from next episodes… Sorry but I could hardly give any kind of timing regarding next parts but I’ll definitely try to be as regular as I can!! Keep supporting and smiling dear ❤

  6. Love it , no precap??

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      Thanks arooj ?
      Sorry for that…I’ll upload precaps from next episode ❤

  7. Manish ki deewani

    vinni no one throw tomatoes and potatoes dear .i throw flowers yellow roses plz catch it .i really like ur story .u always write different story .bihaan met with kabir but bihaan does not know about thier past .so tha-bir marriage is fake .i wish bihaan learn some lesson to this kabir

    1. Vinni7

      Aww ❤ I cought all the flowers ??
      Thank u so so much for being always there for me bae..❤
      Yes thabir marriage is fake….!! Bihaan will make him learn a lesson one day ?
      Stay like this ❤ keep smiling ?

  8. wow nice episode. hope thapki and bihaan United soon and they both help each other get rid from their problems. waiting for next part update soon

    1. Vinni7

      Thanks kishor ?
      Yeah they’ll help each other in getting rid off their respective problems.
      Will update soon ?

  9. Actually Vinni, i like the way you describe the tortures, as if it’s real..
    Sometimes i scared wondering if you’re addicted to it. I’m sure you’re not 😉

    1. Vinni7

      Lol lee_na ???? ur thinking is making my smile broader and broader ??
      I’m glad u can feel like the characters. But seriously I’m not addicted to it ???
      Actually I can describe pain tears and all more accurately than love and its feeling and all. So I usually go with painful stories. Otherwise if I would start to write a romantic story that’ll become horrible for readers ???
      And its really not like I’m addicted to it or something ??
      I’m C phor Cool ?
      Luv u ❤❤❤
      And a big thank u ?

      1. Yeah, you’re so cool dude 😉

  10. Sulbi

    Vinni dear its amazing… Thahaan scenes were awsme… again Kabir… so scary yaar… feeling pity for Thapki… post soon dear… tc… 🙂

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      Thank u sulbi❤ I’ll try to post soon dea?

  11. Simply amazing nd to b honest dear i love ur story plot its diftrnt but d thing which i wnt is thahaan nd plz unite them soon nd thahaan scenes ice cream one ws so cute bihaan is so much caring……tc dr keep wrtng nd plz give precap wtng for next prt eagerly update soon dear….

  12. And yes plz make sure that bihaan teaches a lesson to that kabeer nd shud hlp thwpki nd b dere for her btw i wntd to say dat no body cud hate ur story its too intrstng dear srsly….dnt wry jst keep wrtng u r indeed a gud writer

    1. Vinni7

      Thank u simi ?
      I’m really glad u r liking my story plot?
      I’ll give precap from next episodes.
      Thank u so much dear I’ll try to post soon.
      Stay tuned❤


    vinni dear…amazing epi dear….

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      Thank u kumutha ??❤❤

  14. Sorry sorry…
    I m so sorry 4 late cmt
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    To phirrrr…
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    Love you di
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    1. Vinni7

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