“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 5

Hlo everyone,
This episode is a Valentine special.
Hope u guys like it?
Recap – thapki escaped from her painful life with kabir n now living with Pandey family, on vasu’s insist.

After finishing the dinner, full of awkwardness, thapki n bihaan came to their room.
“What u did!!!” Bihaan asks angrily breaking the silence.
“I’m feeling slee-py now..good ni-ght” thapki replied normally which irritates bihaan more. “R u even hearing me or not” bihaan fumes following thapki, who was busy in managing her floor bed. “Good ni-ght bihaan….” She says covering herself from blanket. “Excuse me….do u like to answer me or not” bihaan fumes jerking her blanket away from her. She acts sleeping bihaan sees her in innocent sleep. He covers her n leaves to sleep on his floor bed.

“I’m sorry bihaan…. But I had to do it” thapki thinks seeing bihaan sleeping on floor next to bed,which was easily visible to her.

“Vasundhara ji, why u agreed to keep thapki with us!! Even their marriage is a lie of both thapki n bihaan’s life!!” Bauji asked sitting on his bed drinking water. “I don’t care” vasu says while loosening her necklace sitting in front of her dressing table. “What!!” Bauji reacts n then keeps the glass of water on table near her. “My dhruv wanted us to accept thapki, n it was only possible when thapki n bihaan will stay together.” Vasu explained sitting near bauji. “N what about bihaan?? They both hates each other to the core” bauji sounded worried. “Really u r caring for the murderer of our son!!!” Vasu questioned. “It might be an accident… I don’t think bihaan could do this” bauji said thinking. “O plzz….he could have saved him….but all he did is, he threw my son towards the car” vasu said jerking herself from bed. “We don’t have any proof yet!!” Bauji stood up following vasu. “Sankar had seen with her own eyes!! Why would she lie??” Vasu said angrily. “See dhruv’s bauji, I don’t want to talk about it anymore….u might need a proof against that murderer but I don’t..… I know he killed my son….n I’ll never forgive him…how many times should I explain this to u??” Vasu said angrily with tears rolling down her cheeks.

The next morning.
Bihaan rushes to shraddha, who was busy in a phone call. He jerks her towards him holding her hand. “What do u think of urself!!” He shouts. “Bihaan devarji” shraddha replied calmly taking her hand back. “U r married to thapki” she continued. “But we were separated!! Why u want us to stay together??” He questioned furiously. “U r such a moti buddhi I must say!!” Shraddha smirks n bihaan looks confused. “See u n thapki were in team to destroy my marriage with dhruv!! Although u hated each other to the core….but for dhruv’s life u created a team!!” Shraddha says walking slowly leaving him back. “So???” Bihaan looks confused. “Now dhruv is no more n u r his murderer!! Imagine then how to the core she’ll hate u now!!!” Shraddha smirks. “See…I’m telling u that’s not the truth” bihaan glared going in front of her. “U killed my husband n that’s the truth” “why r u doing this?? U wanted money see u got it…now plzz leave” “I want to take revenge…..ur only frnd sankar told us about the accident!!! Don’t u remember” shraddha shouts. “But trust me….she’s lying…” Bihaan pleads. “Why would she?? She was ur best frnd earlier… N now, when she witnessed ur crime, she’s ur enemy!!” Shraddha asks pushing him lightly. “Now this is my revenge…. U n thapki hate each other….u n thapki became a teammate against me….so now!! When u r a criminal u both should be together right!!! After all she’s ur wife. N u know what….. I’m very soft hearted…. see u killed my husband n I’m trying my best to save ur marriage life!!” She smirks n bihaan looks at her. “I really pity on u” she says in a low tone n leaves.

The door bell rings.
Thapki goes to open the door.
“U!!” Thapki gets shocked. “Who’s there thapki beta….” Vasu asks n comes to her.
“Aunty I came to invite u for the Valentine party” the person says smilingly touching vasu maa’s feet. “But sankar…” Vasu tries to speak when sankar interrupts “u all have to come Aunty…. Its my request.” She requests with her pouting face. “OK ok beta….how can we deny….we’ll come sure” vasu replies smiling. “Thanks Aunty” she hugs vasu n vasu smiles. “Hey thapki… How’re u here” sankar asks with a fake smile. “Actu-ally….”thapki tries to speak when “I insisted her” vasu says interrupting. “As just bcoz of that guy I can’t let her to waste her life.” Vasu says smilingly caressing thapki’s hair. “N its only for last one month!! then the decision would be hers….whether she would like to stay with us or not!!” Vasu says n thapki smiles back. “Of course she would love to be with u all Aunty” sankar says laughingly. “Ok now I need to leave…I have to distribute many cards” sankar hugs vasu n turns to leave “but Aunty…. I wanted to request u something”. “Yes beta” vasu asks. “Plzz bring bihaan too” sankar insists vasu nods uneasily n sankar leaves.

“They r expecting me to stay with them….they r so sweet….how can I betray them!!” Thapki thinks when bhabhi’s call her from kitchen for household chores.

Bihaan returns to his room. “Finally my cell phone is repaired!!” He enters thinking. When collides with thapki,who was wearing red net sari, he holds her in a sudden action. Her net sari’s pallu covers her face n he removes it slowly. They have an eye lock.
( The tune “na na na…” plays in BG)

“U need to fit a break in chuk chuk gadi” bihaan yelled n entered in the room. “Excu-se me…u could’ve a-lso seen” she said glaring at him holding her sari pallu to find a pin.
Bihaan turns his back towards her awkwardly. “U r not ready yet!!” Bihaan asked without seeing her. “N-ot yet” she answered awkwardly, trying to fit pallu by pin. “Aahhh..” She screamed. “What happened??” Bihaan asks turning towards her n then suddenly moving to his same position. “My wounds r paining… I’m unable to fit this pin.” She thinks. “Can I help??” Bihaan questioned. “Sh-ut up…I’ll go to bha-bhi” she fumes n goes out the room when finds bauji talking to both bhabhis “r u ready thapki beta” she heard vasu’s voice. Thapki hurriedly enters the room. “What?? Go to bhabhi” bihaan looks her confused. “They’re wai-ting for us….get re-ady fast.” Thapki sounded tensed. “I’ll be ready in two minutes. Think about urself” bihaan smirks n thapki glares. “See I can help u….” Bihaan sounded helpful. “Ok fine… I’ll close my eyes…is that ok??” Bihaan questioned but she didn’t replied. “Fine then…do as u wish…” He fumes n was about to leave “D-o it” thapki asked awkwardly. “R u sure??” He glared. She nodded.

He goes near her, she gives him pin n keeps her hairs one side. Bihaan gets mesmerized. He slowly pins it anyhow without looking at her. She sees in the mirror n thinks about how kabir used to torture her in front of mirror, by always kissing her neck, her arms. But bihaan, she found him different…. He was helping her without taking the advantage of situation. Her tears were about to roll down when “Done” she heard an innocent voice. “Tha-nk u” she smiled n he too smiled back. “R u ready thapki beta” vasu’s voice was again hearable. “Yes maa com-ing” she says n leaves.

“Bihaan be fast everyone is leaving” thapki entered n saw him in trouble wearing his watch. This was her time to mesmerize. He was wearing dark brown suit with white shirt, without tie. “Hmm…I’m done” he says n walks towards door, wearing his watch. “What happened??” She asked. “This watch….” He says n she takes his hand towards her. “I’ll do it” she said while making him wear his watch. He looks her lovingly n she was busy with his watch.

They reaches to sankar’s house.
Sankar n her family welcomes everyone. Sankar hugs vasu “thank u for coming Aunty” she says. “How could I deny when my daughter called me with so much love!!” She says breaking the hug. Everyone fumes seeing bihaan. Bihaan feels uneasy, thapki sees this. He was about to leave silently when someone holds his hand. “Plzz stay here for my sake” sankar says smilingly, holding his hand. Thapki looks on both n smiles. “Plzz thapki ask him to stay na…” Sankar insists to thapki. “Bih-aan plzz…” Thapki says. “How sweet thapki… Thank u” sankar thanked her smilingly. “Thapki beta come here” vasu calls her to introduce everyone. Thapki leaves.

“Sankar what nonsense is this!!” Bihaan asks jerking his hands back. “This is love” sankar smirks. “See….u destroyed my life….what u want more??” Bihaan fumes. “I want u my love….u know na!!” Sankar hisses near his ears n he jerks her away. “Why u did this?? U know I can’t kill dhruv….then why??” Bihaan questioned. “U r such a moti buddhi my love….but I love this quality of urs.” She says hissing. “Can u plzz answer me today??” Bihaan fumes. “Ok fine!! After all my Valentine is asking me something on this special day….. How can I deny today!!” She says caressing his shoulders n he again jerks her away. “Think… If u will be the murderer in front of everyone… Thapki will leave u…n no one will marry u….n everyone will think how pure is my love towards u…that even after a crime…I’m ready to support u…” She says roaming her forefinger on his blazer. “Then u know what!! Then people will say…see that girl…the definition of true love!!” She says smilingly. “So my future husband n present love….this party is specially for u….see what I do!!” She smiles n leaves n he glares at her.

After introducing thapki to the guests vasu asks her to have some refreshments. Thapki nods n leaves. She goes to bihaan who was standing all alone. “Umm…Sankar is ur friend right??” Thapki asks holding her glass of juice. “Hmm…” Bihaan said without looking her n drinking his part of juice.

“Ladies n gentlemen… As we all r gathered here for our Valentine’s sake” host announces which grabs everyone’s attention. “So, as this is the day of love….there is a paper dance guys….everyone be ready with ur partners….n yes everyone has to participate” host continues.
Bihaan n thapki widens their eyes n looks at each other. Sankar smiles n holds bihaan’s hand. “For the first time this new couple will dance together” a guest says seeing bihaan n thapki. Thapki smiles hesitatingly. Sankar leaves bihaan’s hand on hearing guests. “Go my friend!!” She says patting slightly to thapki.

The dance starts n everyone dances on the song “sab tera from the movie baaghi”

Bihaan n thapki dances well on every fold. They have an eye lock. Bihaan, then, holds her in arms, she feels awkward n everyone claps, as they had won, unknowingly. They comes into senses n bihaan keeps her back on floor.
“We found our Valentine couple” host announces n everyone claps. N all couple leaves from stage. The host gifts twin teddy bears holding twin hearts written “My silly girl” n on other heart “my cool dude”. Everyone claps except pandey peoples. Thapki notices this but ignores. Bihaan smiles hesitatingly n they leaves from stage.

Sankar fumes seeing all this. “Now see what I’ll do” she smirks. “This teddy is so cute no!!” Thapki says to the blue teddy. “No pink one is much cute” bihaan interrupts. “Pink is for gi-rls…” Thapki says laughingly. “So….I…I too like pink color!!…” He says hiding his embarrassment. “The Bihaan Pandey’s favo-rite color is pink!!!…unbeli-evable!!” She bursts out. “What so funny….” He pouts. “U r li-ke a kid!!” She laughs again. Her laugh makes bihaan laugh too. They both laughs when bauji sees them. “After so many time I’m seeing my son laughing…stay like this my son” bauji smiles n thinks.

Sankar comes to both of them. “Hey guys I hope u r enjoying” she asks. “Yes of cou-rse” thapki replies smiling at her. The juice fells on thapki by sankar, which she pretends unknowingly, but bihaan knew sankar is going to do something. Thapki leaves for the washroom. “I know u did it knowingly” bihaan fumes. “So….??” Sankar asks n bihaan looks at her. “Leave it n have this juice” sankar offers a glass full of juice. A waiter passes by “waiter” bihaan calls “yes sir” waiter asks. Bihaan takes a glass of juice n tells waiter to leave. Waiter leaves.

“Now its time to make this day more special” host announces. The lights cut off. Everyone panics, including thapki, pandey family n sankar.

A melodious tune is hearable to all. The dim lightening shows a vision of a man holding guitar.

(Note : This song is about “The guy spent a very little time with the girl and fallen in love with her, but now she has left. For boy, it was neither getting nor losing her.”)

The man turns n everyone looked shock seeing him there. He smiles n plays guitar again.

“Na hai yeh pana
Na khona he hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kuyn hona he hai”

(English – Neither its winning nor its losing,
Your absence in my life is something destined to happen.
I am helpless and I don’t have a way to hold you back.)
He keeps the guitar aside n goes to thapki, offering her to join with him, the crowd hoots.
“Tum Se Hi din hota hai
Surmayi shaam aati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi” he sings holding her hands n making her to come on stage. Everyone looks surprisingly at them.

(English – I wake up with you and your thoughts.
In the evening when the beautiful sun sets,
It reminds me of you.
I am able to breathe, only because of you.
I am living, just because of you.)

“Aankho mein aankhe teri
Bahoo mein Bahe teri
Mera na mujh mein kuch raha
Hua kya
Baaton mein bathein teri
Rathe saogathe meri
Kuyn tera sab yeh ho gaya
Hua kya” he sings posing into a partner dance, holding her waist n she holding his shoulder. Thapki looks him lovingly.

(English – I don’t know what’s happening to me.
When I look into my eyes (in mirror), I find you.
I feel your hands curling around my arms.
Now, I even talk like you.
All my days and nights belong to you.
It seems like there is nothing inside me, which is mine now,
And everything belongs to you.)

“Mein kahin bhi jaata hun
Tum Se Hi mil jatha hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Shor mein khamoshi hai
Thodi si behoshi hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi” he rotates n caresses her cheeks with his forefinger. He waggles little but thapki holds him.

(English – No matter where I go,
I always end up meeting you (in his thoughts, as he is always thinking of her).
Now there is silence even in this noise,
And it’s all because of you.)

“Aadha sa vaada kabhi
Aadhe se zyada kabhi
Jee chahe karlu is tarah
Wafa ka
Chode na chute kabhi
Tode na toote kabhi
Jo daaga tum se jud gaya
Wafa ka” he smiles n touches his nose from hers, which makes her smile too.

(English – I made you half a promise,
And I want to complete it now,
There is a mystic bond existing between us,
Which is holding me and you,
I tried leaving it,
I even tried to break it,
But it’s unbreakable now.)

“Mein tera sarmaya hun
Jo bhi mein ban paya hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Raaste mil jate hai
Manzile mil jati hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi” he holds her from n rotates her which makes her fall on his shoulder.

(English – I am like your shadow,
You taught me how to live,
Whatever I am now, it’s all because of you.
Earlier I couldn’t find ways or destination,
But now I am able to find the right path,
It’s all because of you!!)

He waggles again n thapki holds him. Sankar gets annoyed. Everyone claps n though sankar too. “I made him to drink that medicines n he’s enjoying with thapki!!” She fumes.

“Wow….what a performance” host says in between huge round of applause. Thapki smiles seeing bihaan n he too smiles back at her. “R u dr-unk??” Thapki questions in a hissing voice. “Nope nope not at all” he replies like a kid, which made her sure that he’s not in his senses. “So do u want to tell us about ur love??” Host questions bihaan. “No….I me-an…he lov-es me a lot…he pres-ented this beautiful gift on this spec-ial day….he’s so caring” thapki says smilingly seeing him as she doesn’t wanted to let anyone know that he’s not in his senses.

“Very nice…very beautiful !! I must say!! U r such a loving couple… Stay like this always… Our wishes r always with u” Host says, n, bihaan n thapki leaves from stage smiling at the audience.

The party proceeds. “Maa…I’m not feeling well…can I go home?” Thapki asked vasu. “Yes as u wish beta” she replied.
Hope u liked it
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Thank u ❤

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  1. Very nice valentine day special episode.but I have doubts .bihaan don’t know about kabir. Kabir don’t know about bihaan.. Then how thapki live with bihaan with out getting divorce with kabir.please clear my confusion. From where this Shankar came???

    1. Vinni7

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      Yeah they both doesn’t knows about each other. Twists will be revealed soon ?
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  7. You include shakar too in here…? A complete torture… 😉
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    Thahaan’s romantic scene started… great 🙂
    Waiting for the next
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      1. yes I read three chapters at one go today.. I was busy with my mother as you know that is why couldn’t read any of the updates on TU…finally read all today… Update the next as soon as possible dear

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  12. There are some things which I don’t understand in this story . First u said that thahaan got separated and then she married kabir . It’s understandable till now . But then I said than she scape from that life and that husband which is also understandable again . And fate made her meet Bihaan again and come back to nivas with him . Now here the confusing part starts . First of how can everyone still consider them as husband and wife when they get separated long ago . And if they’re still married legally then how can she marry another person and without divorcing . She’s like Arab men who can have more than one wife at the same time . Would u please clear this ! Thank you and please update more regularly

    1. Vinni7

      First of all let me state that I’m glad u poured all ur confusions and secondly, let me react……. ?
      Oh my God!! Hold on dear hold on ? everything will be revealed soon in the upcoming chapters. And let me remind u that it was stated on my previous episode that ‘they were separated not divorced’ so….and the answer of other queries will be revealed soon. Lol she’s not like Arab men ? she’s an Indian woman so she’ll definitely react like them only ?
      Stay tune buddy ❤
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      Thank u ❤

      1. Ok so they got separated which means that they are still married . But then still don’t understand how can she marry another person when she’s still married . When are u going to update next ?! And yes I always read your ff but never comment . Since this one was too confusing for me , I have decided to do it . It’s a nice story but painful . Please let us know in every episode that when is your next one going to release . Thank you ?

      2. I forgot to say something . I know that she is an Indian woman and you said that she’s going to behave that way . Is this mean that she never had any physical involvement with kabir ? I mean he was her husband , although I still couldn’t figure it out this relation . If she really going to behave like Indian woman so she wouldn’t do anything because she still married to someone else , right ?
        Admit it that it’s too complicated .

  13. Manish ki deewani

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    1. Vinni7

      Hi dearie ??
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