“TRUST” – THAHAAN Chapter 4

Hello everyone ?
Although its a short update but yet I posted bcoz many of u were unhappy about my storyline…… N I’m really sorry for that. But then….
I created a twist? to boost up u all regarding the storyline.
N I really hope that this short update can bring a smile on thahaanians face.
It’ll be completed whenever I’ll be able to…..but I couldn’t stop myself from posting it now.
So do bear me like u guys always do ?❤
Here we go…..
The phone rings
“Boss is calling….wait a min”
“Hmm”she pretends to smile as he leaves the room to attend the call.
“Thapki u have to do something…..” She said to herself rubbing her face by her hands.

“Bihaan Pandey u have to make ur phone get repaired…. I want to know about the girl who called me” he said smilingly, speeding up his bike. He wanted to talk to her as no one was there he could express his feelings…. He every time was scolded by her but he was enjoying it!! He founded a relief in talking to the stranger!!! Strange!!

“Sorry wifey” thapki heard after coming out of the washroom with her hair wet. “Wh-y??” She asked rubbing towel in her hair. “I need to leave….its urgent” he said with a sad face. “Its OK d-ear….com-e so-on” she said hiding her happiness. “Hmm…” He replies.

“The shop is closed!! But why!!…oh today is Sunday…” He said with a huffy voice. “I should go far at that shop….that might be opened today!!” He thought kicking his bike to start.

Thapki makes kabir wear his blazer. “Ha-ve a go-od day” she said smilingly. “U too …my love” replied he kissing her hands. He leaves.

“Now I hav-e to do some-thing….. Today its-elf!! I can’t tolerate it any-more” she said roaming in tension. She packs her stuffs hurriedly. Her phone rings.
She picks hurriedly, without noticing who’s on the call.

“Relax relax Di…why r u in hurry!!”
“Emmm…I…listen Adi-ti…I ne-ed to talk u som-ething urgent”
“Why r u so worried on ur special day!!?? What happened…say?”
“See….u n ma-a papa thin-ks that I’m living a happy life….but its not li-ke that!!”
Thapki tells Aditi everything about kabir. Aditi is shocked n angry at the same time, but is silent listening all her crying sister’s pain
“So I’m esc-aping toda-y…..I don’t kn-ow where….but I can’t sur-vive here anymore…. If he as-ks u ab-out me or maa papa…don’t tell him…he can do anyth-ing!!” Thapki said wiping her tears. “Tell ma-a papa to go to o-ur old city Agra.”
“OK Di but where will u go??…u can’t roam on road aimlessly!!”
“I kn-ow but…”
“U can go to my friend’s house…they’ll keep u for some days…n then u can apply for job”
“Ok msg me the address… I’m lea-ving….bye n don’t call ag-ain on this nu-mber” she says crying
“Di…u r very brave…don’t worry…I’ll keep maa papa n myself safe”
“By-e” thapki said as she was unable to talk Aditi more.

She escapes n runs holding her bag. Neetu aunty sees this. “R u in hurry? Is everything alright?”
“Yes au-nty…just go-ing to my friend’s ho-use” thapki replied huffing.
Neetu aunty analyses a scared n huffing thapki “ok take care dear” was all she heard from neetu aunty. She wanted to thank her….thank her for being there to talk even she was unaware of what’s going with vani, she helped her….her heart was thanking her n her mind was making her run as far as she could.

She gets hit by the bike n falls unconscious seeing a blurry vision of people gathering over her. Then she closed her eyes.

“Its ok…no need to worry she’s fine” she heard in her half conscious. She opens her eyes n clears the vision.

“A very familiar room, a very familiar bed…she felt”

“Am I ba-ck to that pris-on….” She utters getting up hurriedly, n soon her utterings changes into a cry.

“Hold on relax……u r safe here” a voice came near the door of the room.

“Oh no….I’m go-ne tod-ay…..” Her fearful eyes manages to see the person.

“You!!!” She yelled. “B..but ho-w!!” Did u….oh m-y God!!…. St-ay away…stay aw-ay fro-m me…” She was yelling louder n louder.

“Relax miss….u r saved by him only!!” Doctor, sitting behind her said calmly.

She looks at the person n then at doctor. “If u allow me can I ask something??” Doctor questioned n thapki nodes agreeing.

“How u got so many wounds on u??” She asked calmly

Her fearful eyes looked confused what to answer….she tightened the grip on her hands holding blanket.

“Its ok u don’t wanna tell….I was asking…casually!!” Doctor again looked calm which helps thapki calming down.

“She needs rest….I think she’s not mentally prepared to react on the situation… She’ll be fine…she just needs some time.” Doctor said n she left the scenario.

“How r u feeling??” Thapki heard the voice. “St-ay away….stay aw-ay u….murd-erer” the face revealed, it was bihaan. “Listen don’t be panic….I found u on road…so…” “Oh sh-ut up….u hit me fro-m ur bike.”
“Ok…but that was by mistake”.

Thapki searches her phone, here n there on bed. Bihaan notices n hands her phone over to her. “Tha-nks” she says grabbing her phone hurriedly. “Aditi must had sent me the address of her friend… I should check” she thinks trying to switch on the phone.

“Why isn’t my pho-ne switc-hing on!!” She asks looking at bihaan.
“It…it was broken when I saw…” He replied.
“O no….” She thinks patting her head.
“I’m sorry it looks it was urgent!!”
“The addr-ess stupid……” She stops when was about to say her story.
“OK leave it…..tell me where should I drop u??” Bihaan asks her.
“That’s what I don’t know” she thinks.
“Say” he asks lifting his eyebrows.
“Ummm….actu-ally… I was comi-ng to Pan-dey nivas only!!…to meet maa n bauji” she says smilingly hiding her tension.
“Really!!!” He sounded unbelievable.
“Where is m-aa?? I want to meet her”
“Yeah sure…she may be in kitchen”
Thapki leaves smilingly.
“I think she’s lying…” Bihaan thinks.
“What now thapki…. Think faster…. I can’t live with this murderer at any cost” she climbs the stairs while busy in her own thoughts.

She collides with someone.
“Don’t u have eyes…..” The voice yelled at thapki
“I’m sorry shrad-dha”
“Oh my God!!! U here!!! Am I dreaming or what!!” Shraddha says surprisingly.
“She’s here for u” a voice grabbed both of them attention, it was bihaan, upstairs, n then comes down near thapki.
“U know thapki…. Shraddha bhabhi wanted to hug u tight” he smirks.
“How r u here thapki beta??” Bauji asked entering in the scenario.
“I ca-me to….”
“She came to live with us…..” Shraddha interfered.
Bihaan n thapki widens their eyes in shock, without looking at each other.
“R u sure thapki beta??” Bauji sounded confused

“Why not bauji!! Although they were separated but not divorced!!” Shraddha explained n everyone accept bauji seemed agreed.
“But….bauji..” Bihaan tried to interfere.
“She’ll live with us…..” Vasundhra orders entering the scenario. “She’s my son’s choice….he liked her too much…he wanted us to accept her….so we’ll accept her from today itself” vasu says caressing thapki’s hair.
“U don’t have any problem right??” Vasu questioned thapki.
“No….I have problem… But I can’t tell….thapki say plzz say u can’t live with me even for a second” bihaan thought praying.
“I don’t have any prob-lem maa….. As I’m not divo-rced yet….I’ll stay here…with bih-aan” she smiled n touches Vasu’s feet. Bihaan looks her angrily n she looks at him mischievously.
“It seems God wants to give ur relationship a chance!!” Shraddha taunted bihaan while he could only glare at her.
“Let me do aarti of thapki” vasu said happily.
“Not only thapki maa….” Shraddha says holding bihaan’s hand n dragging him to stand near thapki. “New couple!!” She continued leaving his hand.
Vasu irks n bihaan sees it. “Its OK maa…do aarti of thapki only….I..” Bihaan says hesitatingly.
“Stand near her” vasu orders holding aarti plate in her hands.
She, then, does tilak of both bihaan n thapki. Bihaan is super happy to experience all this. “Thanks thapki….. Although we don’t trust each other….but thank u so much for this precious gift” bihaan thinks smilingly looking at thapki. “I don’t know what I’ll do now” thapki thinks joining her hands in front of God’s idol.
Thanks for reading?
N I’m seriously curious to know about ur views….so do comment plzz❤
Luv u all ❤

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