TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 9


SHRESHT IS SEEN RESTLESSLY pacing around the room frowning everyfew minutes . he finally goes and sits on the couch looking at divya who was peacefully sleeping since 5 hrs she hadn’t moved a muscle which was really frustrating . every few minutes her face would twist in pain indicating that she was having a nightmare he felt helpless seeing her in the state but knew he coudn’t do anything…..only if he knew what happened 5 yrs back . his thoughts were taking him back to the merry days when divya would taunt and tease lucky and ragini till they begged for mercy……CRASH…
shresht:what the heck woman can’t u stay put for a few minutes…creating havoc as soon she opened her eyes….(mutters lowly and helps her sit up propping up her pillow)
divya: o shut up . this is all ur fault u sh*thole if u din’t leave me in the middle of nowhere i wouldn’t have had got this forsaken disease and get killed….u merciless son of kronos(she hisses pushing him away denying his aid)
shresht:(in a stern voice)miss malhotra u were down with fever for almost a day, i think it would be wise of u to take rest another day so that u can carry on with ur job efficiently. i do not tolerate tardiness so u better make sure there’s none.
divya:(mumbles)ya ryt few yrs back u were the definition of tardiness and now u can’t tolerate it
shresht:(glares at her) u have something to say miss malhotra
divya: nothing u wanna hear sir now if u can be kind enough to grant me my wish of privacy. i would be so happy(she says smiling sweetly)
shresht gives her a disapproving look and walks away tapping his phone with as much force as he can muster…..leaving divya alone in the room . she quickly made a call to swara
divya: hello
swara: divya ohmygod 5 years u idiot u left for 5 darn years. we decieded to work as a team dint we. then why did u leave.
divya: o shut up u blabber mouth. i left him for his own good. and swara i might have destroyed the proofs he had against ragini but i still feel he has something that could destroy our lives given our most trusting husbands ….(says sarcastically and pauses)we need to be on alert and keep our distances from our parmeshwars. they do more bad than good…atleast till we find the guy and ragini ka kayaal rako she was broken and laksh refuses to believe she doesn’t love him any more this trust could get him killed…swara he threatened to spill ragini’s truth that’s the reason we are doing this we cant afford to risk another life so please think twice b4 u react impulsively(refering to swara slapping shresht)
swara: divya i dont think we need to involve ragini in it.5 yrs we have been trying to figure out who he is and we seem to be in stage 1 and can u ever forgive shresht……and me(she asks softly at end)
divya: can u forgive sanskar. also not to forget u both are the reason we are in this mess

with that said the line goes off. she turns and finds shresht staring at her…..

swara rings the bell and an elderly woman opens the door
swara: (choking) bhabhi
ishaani:(shocked but happy) ma baba ragini dekho koun aaya hai
sumi: koun aaya hai aur tum chillao mat tumhara gala pehle se karab hai it’ll get worse
shekar is seen sitting on the couch and ragini coming down the stairs. sumi walks towards the door but stops when ishaani moves from the entrance giving her a clear view of swara who was standing on the road
sumi: swara (whispers and runs to her carassing her face)kaha gayi thi tu. apni ma ko batana bhi zaroori nai samjhi na tu . shekar tum bhi do chaar sunao tabhi isse thoda akal aayega…
shekar pats swara’s head and hugs her tightly tears straming down his cheeks muttering sorry all the time and ishaani hugs her and smilingly tells her “ welcome back shona”
ragini who saw all this ran to her room and came back panting and opens her hand and shows chocolate: jab bhi kuch acha hota hai kuch
swara: meeta khaani chahiye
swara ends the sentence and both of them hug eachother tightly…….all of them move towards the sofa
sumi: kitni patli hogai meri shona…aisa lag raha hai jaise kaali haddi baiti hai ruk tu mein abhi tumhari man p[asand kheer leke aungi
swara: ma mere paas baito na muje aur kuch nai chahiye . room se nikalne ke baad meine kaa li
she puts her head on her mothers shoulder and holds her father’s hand “ i love u all and i’m so sorry that i left without informing”
ishaani: tu is baar kahin nai jayegi jo bhi baat ho hum saath mein solve karenge….mein sanskar se bhi baat karungi
swara: nai bhabi
sumi: swara hume pata hai tum usse naraaz hopar woh tera pati
shekar: nai koi kisi se baat nai karega. swara jo tumhare man kahe wahi karna beti tumhare har faisle mein hum tumhare saath denge bas dobara hume chodke mat jaana(his voice cracks at the end)
swara: nai papa kabi nai is baar mein bin bataye nai jaungi i promise ab mein chaahta hun ki mere spiderman muskuraye woh bada waala joh woh cheese kehne par dete
ragini: are baki log bi do ek acha selfie milega (smiling)
swara: ranveer bhai kab aayenge?
all family members went still and the question was like a sword hanging over there heads..their silence frightened swara and ragini looked expressionless , ishaani ma baba all of them paled …..
shresht: who was that ?
divya: no one u know (she turns away and walks to the bed )
shresh: (roughly pulling her) my house ,my employee ,my name …most importantly i could not be forgiven
divya: i dont remember mentioning gadodia sir there are many shresht around the world . also evesdropping is wrong no one ever taught u manners sir(stressing on the last word)
shresht: (grits his teeth) u were asked to take rest not make calls and talk to men . u r my responsiblity.
divya: responsiblity. i’m the responsiblity of an irresponsible man….if not for u i would have been working . what were u thinking when u ditched me in the rain..tsk tsk how could i forget every time things get blurry the first thing u do is run. old habits die hard huh (she angrily shoves him)
shresht: u r no better .and stay in ur limits ur my employee not my blo*dy wife.
he screams pinning her to the wall .and in the screaming he forgot to maintain distance……divya’s eyes were closed and tears ran down her face the proximity dint help shresht think any better….after all this was the woman he loved….he slowly moves in capturing her lips with his tasting pain fear….her salty tears and in that moment he knew..knew he couldn’t hate her even if evry thing was truth he couldnt do it even then….if it was all lie then…then what ?
while divya could do nothing she held on to him like he was a ray of sunshine in the darkness…the kiss wasnt soft like the soft kisses they had… it was demanding and harsh he gripped her waist harder pulling her more close wanting to never let go .she gripped his shirt tighter trying to get more close she was ina deep dilemma as her mind was telling to push but her heart wanted him close and she dint know wether she was pushing or pulling or both….she knew he failed to trust her being with him now could cost her self control which in turn would be worse for ragini and that thought alone made her push him of her . leaving shresht startled and confused . divya slowly sank to a sitting position clenching her fist willing the tears to not come..
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________so guys how was this chapter? u’ll get flashbacks in the upcoming chapter and also a few characters description…for the next few days i’ll be giving irregular updates please bear with me…and sorry for the delay…keep reading pls do cmnt letting me in on ur thoughts

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