TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 8

swara is leaning against the hood . shresht and sanskar are looking at her
swara:(chokes)divya kahaan hai ?(she stares at both of them and raises her voice)i repeat where is divya?
shresht: she was here a few minutes ago….but di u need rest and
sanskar: what do you mean by she was here i thought she left 5 years ag….are u in touch with her?`(screams at shresht)
shresht:(shocked)ahmmm ummm woh …i….we met a few days b4(and tells them evrything)
swara:(shocked)if she came here with you…..i doubt she left without informing . she doesn’t show unprofesionalism…
sanskar and shresht were surprised that swara was complimenting her and also the fact that she knows divya more than they thought ….
swara: answer me u idiots where is she…should i repeat it a thousand times….
shresht looks down acknowldging his mistake of leaving her alone outside in the rain….silently
sanskar: i should never have given my nod for the marriage…. u are an irresponsible brat shresht all ur life u were tied to ur sister’s pallu…..blo*dy hell what was i thinking….(he mutters at the end)
shresht: enough stop right there u talk as though u have kept my SISTER in pure bliss….u maheshwari siblings have given us pain…only that…one way or the other

sanskar fumes listening to this and walks away from their……….swara remembers dropping a file and runs in to get it with shresht hot on her heels…..

shresht: di stop running….lets go back home a lot has happened in these 5 years
swara cuts in and snaps at him “and many things are yet to happen as for going back home NO atleast not until i finish all my responsiblities towards….(she stops and closes her eyes)
shresht: maheshwari house…….thats all u ever think about na ma baba dadi dada no one matters . for god’s sake di why don’t you understand he was cheating on you with that bi CHAP(swara slaps shresht)
swara: all of u men are alike INSENSITIVE u fail to understand that ur mistrust brings us pain u are no better than sanskar

she screams and runs away leaving a confused and hurt shresht behind…..he pulls himself out of the daze and starts lookng for divya….after walking for a straight 30mins he reaches the car and looks at divya lying on the road beside his car…..trying to shield herself from the harsh climate……he reaches home and calls the doctor…….

the doctor left and divya was sleeping …..she would mumble his name a few times and hiss in pain but din’t open her eyes……giving him enough time to process his sister’s words and the past happenings

IN LODGE that swara stays……
swara:(to herself)i need to contact divya…..she came back and never bothered infoorming me did she get any clue on what happened back then? did she find him ……..ragini meri behen ki zindagi barbaad kar di ya usne and divya is keeping secrets at this point when we finally meet….i am so done with this idiot of a girl . and these guys they are anything but understanding aur shresht ne toh had hi kar di uske saath i wish we could solve this and go back to bhopal……and rajesh bhaiya’s property issue also needs to be sorted out
(she picks up the file and starts going through it)o shit yeh company toh sanskar ka hai (she looks tensed)kal ke baad toh wo muje baav bi nai dega ajeeb ceez hai kismat bhi jise bhaag rahi hoon usi ke saamne aakar khada kar deta hai…..(she comes down and boards a taxi)


laksh is eeen coming down the stairs……he runs to his mom and touches her feet “ma mein aaj ghar se kaam karunga aap pls papa ko bata dijiye “ he goes back to his room and sits on the couch and sighs slowly thinking about her
in school campus……

2 14yrs old in uniform are seen running in the corrider . she puts her foot in front of him making him fall down….she looks at him sticks out her tongue and runs away and the guy is smiling at her but also compaining he gets up and runs behind her they finally reach a empty classroom ….” aaaaaah i’m first first first” she sang happily standing on the table trying to catch her breath laughing madly . when a voice complains “ laado yeh toh cheating hui na “ while laksh places 2 sandwiches on the table . ragini taps her chin giving a thoughtful look and says “par lucky pyaar aur jung mein sab kuch jaayaz hai” she takes a free fall and laksh catches her “ jab bhi girogi mein waha rahoonga tuje pakadne ke liye” he tells smiling….” but ragini what if i’m not around like if i have to go away for higher studies , i’m busy etc” . “replacement what else “ ragini tells winking….laksh feels bad, he lets her down and turns to go when ragini holds his hand and says “but i know uski zaroorat nai hoga ……kyun ki tum muje chodke kabhi nai jaoge” laksh raises his eyebrows and asks”itna barosa hai?” . “lucky tum muje chodkar kabhi nai jaoge ,itna barosa toh hai muje …..tere phattu aur nikamme hone par”she tells and runs away from there laughing while laksh looks at her with a wide smile and says “ya ryt”.

the images shift to a elder looking laksh and ragini……15yrs

ragini:(in phone) baby i’ll be there within the next few minutes ….oho stop throwing a tantrum i’ll be there no worries hmm i love u too bye
laksh: ho gaya ab mein kuch kahun(he was hurt and irritated but his voice was calm)
ragini: lucky i know we need to talk . i mean jabse yeh relationship shuru hua hum ek doosre ke saath bbilkul waqt nai bita rahe hai aur dosti ke saare niyam thod rahe hai…..par filal i need to leave ansh naaraaz ho jayega tum mere charm ho na pls wish me luck and let me go pleeease lucky(she sweetly asks him giving her puppy dog eyes and pulls his cheeks)
laksh: all the best laado and bye

ragini leaves leaving laksh alone in the corrider….
laksh:(thinks)bye ragini and this time for real…..i thought tum muje hostel jaane se rokogi par….its better if i leave now seeing u with someone else is not easy…..especially when i know u’ll never c me as anythiong more than a bff u never know when i return i would have moved on and we could have a painless friendship where neither of us are hurting . i hope(he whispers the last 2 words as a tear rolls down his face)

laksh opens his eyes and says “what happened to us ragini we were so happy even after i returned we were happy even if i was hurting our friendship was never affected the love and trust were the blocks with which we built our friend ship…….what made u not trust me anymore ……kya chupa rahi ho mujse…

sorry for the late update guys….and thanks to all of them who commented in the last update……i’ll try to update another episode today itself if possible……keep reading and commenting…..all ur suggestions are welcome…

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