TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 6

GUYS THIS IS FLASHBACK……i’m writting it parallelly pls do comment also i’m very sorry for the late update
PRECAP: all the youngsters(raglan,swan,uttara,sgresht,divya) are on terrace….there’s a small fight between swara divya….divya asks to meet swara the next day on a picnic

at night swasan room______
swara could’t sleep at all she was turning and tossing since an hour….”divya is sanskar’s best friend…what if she doesn’t like me he obviously shares a strong relationship with her….am i jealous no never why would i be but wat will i talk to her…..can i ask her about their friendship…i mean what if they were in a relationship, had a break up and now she wants him back……..what the hell man….looks like i have officially gone crazy…… “she thought

sanskar who was sleeping on the other side & could sense his wife’s turmoil so he slowly reached out and pulled her close to him…swara relaxes in his embrace…..
swara: what if she doesn’t like me sanskar……what then?
sanskar: i’m sure divya will like u swara after all ur the best….today when v were sitting in the terrace i could smell something burning u know….the smell was really strong…
swara:(panics) what u smelt something burning 2 hrs ago and decided to tell me now…..sanskar tum muje pakka marwaoge ek din……what will i say ma is she asks me abt the vessel……..and what would have hppnd if kaka din’t turn it off…..OMG is it even tur……

sanskar who was looking at swara rambling cutely all this time decided it was time to stop his wife……and he did so by smashing his mouth on hers which effectively shut her up……..swara slowly let herself get lost in the kiss ….she ran her fingers through his hair pulling him closer as he griped her waist pulling….both of trying to get even closer…when swara felt something nagging at the back of her memory…..something she forgot something she shouldn’t….
swara’s eyes flew open and she pushed sanskar away with all the force she could muster which resulted in a loud THUD…..
sanskar: blo*dy hell swara…..what was that…
he complained
then she worriedly says “sanskar i need to go to the kitchen…..u said something was burning……i should check …”
sanskar:(groans)swaraa………..what i meant was U were burning with jealousy ….i din’t mean the stove….
swara gave him a confused look but when it dawned on her that sanskar was pulling her leg…she was embarrassed at her foolishness yet amused at sanskar’s plight…so she pinned him down with a stern look, with a straight face she said ”o so u were making fun of me … for a week we will have a pillow wall b/w us and u under no circumstance will lay finger on me”
sanskar gave her a horrified expression and “swara i’m sorry darling…..u r such a sweet girl..u love me na….please forgive ur hubby darling….i’ll give u 5 chocolates 2morrow….i’ll even sit and watch DDLJ with u….i’ll read pride &prejudice every night b4 going to sleep….please maaf car do jaanu”sanskar pleaded making all sort of faces and actions…. swara buried her face in the pillow & started laughing…..sanskar noticed her shaking shoulders and worriedly went to her
sanskar: swara agar tummy inna bura laga tog sorry mein couch pe so jaoonga yaar pls ro mat…
swara slowly lifted her head from the pillow…..
swara: sanskar , u pulled my legs so i thought it was only fair if i do it…par sum too serious ho gaye yaar….u know na i can’t sleep without hugging something…..aur yaha pe teddy bhi nah……so the only option i have is u
swara pulled sanskar and both of them slept peacefully….

a girl is shown sleeping she’s fully wrapped in her blanket
ragini shuts her ears and goes to sleep….later on a guy is shown entering the room he goes and opens the curtains and then slowly moves towards the sleeping beauty with a jug of something and empties the whole the jug…..
RAGINI: AAAAAHHHHHHH what the hell…mamma papa what’s going on what is this ….yuck man
laksh was rolling on the floor laughing tears coming out of his eyes
down in the living room sum listening music in headphones…shekar rushed out of the house
guy: laado ma thats me ur one and only daring….
ragini: LAKSH ghadhe kainke yeh kya dal diya tune…its so sticky slimy and the smell…..uggghh
shresht was leaning on the door frame with folded arms and smirking…
shresht: that my loving sister is my payback for waking me up the other day…..its a disgusting mixture of castor oil and head & shoulders shampoo along with egg…nice mixture nah
laksh and shresht both were beaming widely….ragini on the other hand was fuming….b4 ragini could free herself from the mess they ran away …so ragini finished work and came down wearing a blue top and white tights and came down…..she saw divya sleeping on the couch
ragini: o hello uto jaana nai kya
Divya: rags babydoll do me a favour and shut up(she grumbles)
Ragini glares at the sleeping girl and storms out shouting for her brother….
Laksh: uff did ur sister swallow a speaker in her childhood. At this
rate i will become deaf in no time….
Shrsht: (chuckling)ill see whats wrong
He starts to move when ragini pours a bucket of ice cold water on both of them
Ragini: u ppl woke me up first while u brought divya here in her
blo*dy pajamas ….the girl is sleeping in the living room WAKE HER UP
Shresht and laksh both went inside to see divya comfortably sleeping
and sumi trying to wake her up
Sumi: are beta yeh ut nai rahi hai tum
Before sumi could tell something else shresht picked her bridal style
and left….laksh immediately went to the car asked ragini to sit in
front seat and he started the car
Shresht was carrying a still sleeping divya and entered the car back
seat with the girl still sleeping…..
Swara and sanskar opened the back seat and were stunned to see divya
on shreshts lap hugging his hand sleeping peacefully while shresht was
using his mobile….
Swara:(surprised)shresht tum
Ragini: haan di bhaiyya has been sitting in the same position and he
also carried her to the car
Can u believe it
She tells snickering while laksh had a stony expression
Sanskar: shresht agar tumhara peet dard kare toh muje bula dena ill hold her u dnt have to…..
Swara was a bit agitated and shresht notices it.
Shresht: are nai jeeju also if i move she’ll wake up she looks tired so let it be aap jao apni gaadi mein uttara ke saath aa jao bas uttara
ko daraana nai (he winks)
Sanskar absently smiles and nods he gives laksh a knowing look and leaves

IN AMUSEMENT PARK, parking slot
sanskar and laksh both went out to get tickets while shresht and swaragkni were chatting…uttara comes too backseat of car
uttara: divya can u pls pass the bottle she shook divya harshly In a dazed state divya passes a bottle….of vodka…

precap: laksh and divya fight….divya slaps sanskar …..

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