TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 5


swara was standing infront of vam……the mansion looked really old and kinda creepy few of the rooms where lighted up with multiple diyas and outside also weather outside was stormy the wind was howling making the sand swirl and the trees slant she couldn’t see much so she rushed into the mansion….

shresht was having a verbal argument with divya….for nearly 20 min since the darn call came
shresht: miss malhotra…..
divya:(hisses) malhotra…my foot we both know thats a load of bullcrap..
shresht: language miss mal..
divya: (screams) SHRESHT GADODIA U BETTER SHUT UP….and we better move….NOW
she snapped, picked HIS car keys and stormed out of HIS cabin….then he moved to get his coat and mobile, then left for vam
neither of them spoke a word as they were too engrossed in their own thoughts…..
shresht: she came back my sister came back and meeting that bastard of her husband was her priority……does she love him still but how could she….the man was cheating on her and had the guts to blame it on her
divya : …”no matter what happens i can’t let this truth come out…i’m sorry but separation is the best for us and after this project i’ll make sure our ways are always separate……..
her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed that it was blo*dy raining they ,were flying in his blo*dy car and…..the car was no more headed to the road but to a pond on the left
she screamt pulling the steering wheel towards the road jerking him back and finally pulled the hand break she got down the car and pulled him outside…..she raised her hand to slap him when he swiftly held her hand twisting her around he held her other hand down in a fist, pressed her body against his and slowly leaned in placing his face on the crook of her, said “i know i almost got us killed….but i also got us to the mansion and now u can meet your aashiq after all… cheer up”he sneered and left.
divya kept staring at his retreating back with a shocked face
divya: muje yakeen nai hota shresht ki tum ab tak is shak ke keede ko apne dimaag se nai nikale tumhare is ghatiya soch ne hamare rishte ko thoda sanskar nai….woh toh mera..
she chokes on her words and starts crying trying to muffle the crying noise….

swara: o god i have been going in rounds..who stays in such huge mansion that too alone… he serial killer or or a rapist….shit swara kissi ne bhi call kiya aur bulaliya toh tum chali jaogi tum na paagal ho…finally she screams in frustration

a man was standing a room a little distance away . he is opening his beer bottle when he hears a voice
.”are koi hai bhi ya nahi”
man: is jagah mein iss Waqt Kon ho sakta hai…..woh bhi ek ladki…
he wonders , slowly reaches his pocket takes out something and moves out silently….
swara was standing in the balcony turning around trying to figure out which way to go her back facing the man…..
he grabbed her from the back and pressed the knife to her throat….swara eyes went wide but she was confused with her emotions….the man’s hand on her waist felt familiar and signaled safety but the knife told a different story…..
man: hoshiyaari dhikane ki koshish ki toh chaaku chalaane mein deri nai hogi….is like mere sawaal ka jawaab do….tumhara namm kya hai aur yahaan kis kaam se aai ho?
swara: swara naam hai mera aur..
and before she could finish the man withdrew the knife…she quickly turned but he already walked away…
swara: are yaar kamaal hai yeh banda chalte chalte wahan tak pahunch gaya par bhagte huye vi mein pahunchi nai….(screams)AREH RUKO KAHAN BHAGE JAA RAHE HO….
she runs behind him she almost reaches him but slips and falls on him both of them fall inside a room which was illuminated by diyas…..sanskar caresses her and bends down swara clutches sanskar’s collar fighting with herself over choices she’ll have to make in the next few minutes….sanskar suddenly remembers ….
swara slapping him and pushing him away then the screen changes to a hotel room where swara was sleeping inside on the bed while a guy was standing outside stopping sanskar from entering…
he stops himself in time and moves away swara was pained by his gesture runs away she runs down the stairs and collides into someone
the person was none other than shresht he moved the mobile torch on her face and gets shocked..”didi”he murmurs and hugs her tightly swara was in no condition to speak so she kept crying clutching her brother’s arm slowly recollecting the past
in the room sanskar breaks all the beer bottles and screams “SWARAAAAA” and starts punching the wall…as he recollects
divya is seen seen sitting on the road in the rain hugging her knees she is seen shivering in the cold but is unable to move our to the emotional pain…
ragini is seen standing near the window looking at a ring in which lash’s name was engraved she then holds it close to her heart as tears slide down her face
laksh is seen sitting near a bed…..a girl is lying and is connected to many wires.half her face is hidden by oxygen mask laksh slowly holds her hands and presses it to his mouth…”please utjao
chipkali…we miss u a lot..swara and sanskar also will return soon its only u and divya…..”
a woman is seen hugging a pictures and is wearing a white salwarsuit “tumhara aakri khwahish mein zaroor poori karoongi…..swara aur sanskar , divya aur shresht ko mein milakar rahongi…kaash tum yahaan hote hum dono ye sab saath mein kar sakte ……she closes her eyes n pain
well guys how was it……i know i said the flash back starts from here but they also had to meet so i shifted fb to next chapter…..guys please do tell me u want detailed past story or u want me start the present story quickly……please do not forget to comment thanks for reading

Credit to: imps

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