TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 4

SWARA is seen seen walking on the road wearing red tights and white long tops her hair is braided into a fishtail ….

SWARA’s pov
2 days only 2 days and i’ll be in bhopal . no matter how much i love my family and mumbai i can never see either of them same way after what happened….
mumbai seems to have run out of taxi’s these i mean come on all of them full of ppl or goods and noe i had to cross roads ugh people in india just don’t understand the simple concept of signal and zebra crossing back in bhopal i had ask rajesh bhaiyya to help me and b4 marriage shresht used to after marriage it was………”AAAAAHHHHH” and that is when i fell into darkness..

LAKSH (pov)
shit man what have i done! bhaiyya is gonna screw me . but…..i never lost concentration while driving…she somehow just knew how to push the wrong buttons….ALWAYS i knew i was going to regret my decision of meeting her . and today i caused an accident thinking abt her….
i quickly got down the car ran to her she had fainted……but not one drop of blood was seen around her her and wait a minute….there was a huge distance b/w MY car and her body which meant i din’t hit heathen how the hell did she faint? i slowly turned her around and was shocked…..well that doesn’t even cover it… see it was bhabi….for a min all i could do was stare at her face….blo*dy hell what will sanskar do if he comes to…
“one soco cya race ho ek toh lady ko taker mar dia par se…..” some idiot started blaming out of nowhere and thats when i snapped

“bas kijkje uncle meen inde hospital hi jane waal hoon aur haan mere gaadi ne inhe koi takkar wakkar nai maara….yeh khud behosh ho gayi”
i quickly took swara to hospital where i learnt that she has been roaming in this heat without eating or drinking anything….i was about to enter the hospital when i remembered we no more shared the same easy relation…..evrythng changed in the last 5 years it was not only but shresht too….the innocent guy they all knew and loved vanished within no time after divya’s “betrayal” and right then i knew i had to make shresht, sanskar, and swara meet and i had a plan too….now only if it would work .
i stealthily entered swara’s room ,picked her mobile once i reached the car i called to make sure sanskar was staying in vidyanand mansion thn i called swara from her mobile and requested her to come to vam citing that i had her mobile…finally i made an untraceable call to shresht….

IN GADODIA COMPANY__________________
shresht was sitting on his desk…..while divya was sitting on the couch that was on the left oh his desk….making her presentation regarding designs of vam

divya: (frustrated)shre…sir i don’t think i can do this…..not without looking at the interiors of the mansion
shresht: i pay u to do was i ask u to do……not to order me around
divya: (she stared at him for a second then calmly said) sir today the sharemarket is rather high….pls do not buy stocks..
shresht: (giving her a pointed look)miss malhotra….
suddenly his phone rings…he puts it in speaker walks towards the couch
shresht: hello
caller: mr gadodia u wanted to destroy mr maheshwari but this no more possible…he has won the case , also i’ve got news that your sister is also there in mansion along with him….and phone goes off

divya looks on shocked at some point she held shresht’s hand pressing it tightly tears streaming down her face…while shresht went still…
laksh was smirking he starts the car “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”

guys in next chapter the flash back starts from were i left the previous flashback…it will only be about the fights they all had how they came closer and went far….only when flash back ends the current will move ahead revealing secrets….
and pls do comment….thnks to all those who read

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