TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 3



A few days back if someone told i would visit mumbai i would have laughed at them and made a joke out of it…but today i’m sitting in the deluxe room of a 5star hotel waiting for an obnoxious ceo just coz he threatened to break my best friend’s flight landed 2 hrs ago nd i was directly brought here to this deluxe room….but how could i forget that mumbai is the place i lost everything….b4 5 years when i first went to manali it was anwar who helped me get a room he even helped me earn money …. he saw right through my brave facade and helpd me in everyday possible….at that time i was a wreck very time i closed my eyes i could see his face…..his eyes,they held so many questions one of the most clear question was WHY? he was crying, the man who always brought a smile on my face was himself crying….he looked so broken when i told him to leave……..its been 5 years but still his face haunts me in everyway possible….. how can i possibly forget those memories which pained my husband much….and the worst was knowing i would only cause him more heart ache in future by staying and that was the main reason i left….i also made beautiful memories in mumbai but…..there was no way i get to relive them….
i was jerked from these thoughts when my phone rang….
“good evening mam i’m ….”
i cut him off and asks ”when is ur sir meeting me”
“ yes mam we have already sent a car to the ho the hotel..if u start now u’ll reach here within the next 45mins or so”
the car ride was painfully silent as the driver refused to talk due to strict orders…..and silence always gave me time to torment myself over my past…….
i went to maheswari manson ..since i could see no one in the living room…..i directly went to the room that was once mine…i took a shower and changed into my light blue shorts that ended an inch above my knee and a black t shirt….i brushed by hair twice and let it dry….i could hear the 2 voices randomly bickering….and i knew it was time i let my presence be known….i slowly stepped out of my room and greeted sanskar
“good evening Mr Maheshwari”
i smiled as i saw sanskar’s eyes widen and mouth opening and closing like a fish…..i fought the urge to laugh as he blinked rapidly and asked laksh to pinch him in order to confirm my presence….
“o my god its u…..its u…i’m not dreaming it is actually divya…..”he screamt
“ya but ther’s…….”
that’s when he pulled me into a bone crushing hug ”sans…..kash…..lemmego……..broosh……geroffme………..air………breath…….leave” finally i managed to choke out 3 coherent words that made sanskar let go off me ……….as i struggled to breath properly he .smiled sheepishly muttering a ”sorry”….i nodded and turned to 5 pair of shocked eyes among which one held a speck of..… jealousy…. interesting
i turned to sanskar and gave him a questioning look and pointed to 3 other ppl apart from his siblings…..
“ D this is swara sanskar maheshwari,my inside out beautiful wife , this gorgeous woman is my wife’s sister raging gadodia this young man here is , swara’s most pampered brother , Shresht Gadodia”…
“mam, we have reached the appointed destination…” the driver finally spoke…
i immediately scrambled out of the car in a not so dignified manner…..and went far from the vehicle……and the silence it gifted
i politely asked the receptionist abt her boss whose name i din’t bother knowing b4 i came to this ……..n0 1 company……..the receptionist apparently didn’t feel the need to be polite….she glared and hissed at me as i asked her of the boss’s cabin when i was finally going to leave….a man in his mid twenties spoke from behind me making me me squeak
“sorry mam….are u from OLYMPIC DESIGNERS….who came to meet sir?”he asked with a grim face.
“yes” i din’t feel the need to elaborate as i was very tried.
he told me the directions infront of the fuming receptionist….wait! fuming is she like his gf or wat…….the typical ceo dating pa…just lyk in all those those stories……only its the receptionist in the ground floor instead of the male pa…..god where have i landed…..
“ ……listening to me….miss”came an exasperated voice from beside me. shit i wasn’t listening “yes of course i was” the guy gave me ‘are u serious’ look and said “miss malhotra i will repeat for the last time…use the lift go to the last floor the turn left, the cabin at the end is where u have to go….understood”he finished.
i nodded and after a painfully slow lift ride i reached Last Floor……i turned left and almost ran to the last cabin…i held the handle but b4 i could push someone on the other side decided to pull….the action resulted in me falling into something hard and i took a step back only to trip over my own legs….just as i was about to fall into the embrace of gravity….. i felt 2 strong hands catching me……i slowly opened my eyes and found myself looking into a beautiful pair of grey eyes… was him, SHRESHT GADODIA the man i’ve hurt the most but also loved the most i successfully avoided him for last 5 yrs…..but here i was in his arms struggling to catch my breath not to mention trying to hood my own eyes and keep it clear of any emotion…….but dammit…the task at hand seemed to be really difficult….i mean how do u look into the eyes of the only man u ever loved and hide ur feelings…..especially when the last thing u expected was to be pressed against his body ….and thats when i noticed that the feelings felt was anything but mutual…uh…oh….….his grey eyes has considerably darkened and hands painfully tightened on my waist…..finally he dropped me and stepped back ”pull urself together miss malhotra……i know i’m irresistible but there’s no need to jump me in my work place” he drawled…making me visibly flinch….”now please walk in……we have business to discuss”
when i was about to step in he slammed the door on my face…… making me rethink my decision of visiting mumbai…i stood there for a few minutes regaining my composure….and willing the tears to subside. i made sure to knock and entered only when he answered….his eyes scrutinized every move of mine making me want to get up and run as far as possible but it could cost anwar his shop so i stayed put….the next hour passed by in a daze as we discussed my work he desired…….professionally.i left as soon as possible after that.

i had ordered white sauce pasta and lava cake an hour back only to find out i lost my appetite…. sitting in the balcony as i felt myself traveling backwards in time…….
_____________FLASHBACK _______________
all of them were sitting in the terrace…uttara was lying on laskh’s lap and ragini was sitting next to him….and swara was resting her head on sanskar’s chest with shresht on her lap ….…divya was silently staring at the moon from beside sanskaar while all others continuously chatted….swara noticed divya and decided to talk
swara: so how long do u know each other?
divya: (still looking at the moon)from my childhood…
sanskar who heard the women discussing him decided to but in….
sanskar; liar, v have known each other only for the past 3 yrs….
laskh and uttara abruptly stopped talking and turned to sanskar leaving ragini shresht and swara confused…
divya lazily smiled at sanskar and said…..” i hv known him for only 3 years…..learn to take a joke swara”
she drawled at the end…
shresht:can u talk with more respect pls…thts my sister ur addressing..
laksh: woah there shresht….take it easythts just how she behaves……..always.
laksh added the last part looking at divya
laksh: am i right?
divya looks at laksh then slowly turned to sanskar
divya:(sighs) i would like to spend some time swara…sanskar it would be nice if v got along
with that said divya left….
well one more chapter finished….i hope u like it….and pls do cmnt. thanks to all those who are reading…..

Credit to: imps

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