TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 2

WELL GUYS THIS IMPS,and i’m back with chptr 2…..thanks to all of u who cmntd it means a lot to me….keep reading and keep cmnting.

MUMBAI 07:00AM, Gadodia Industries:
a man is seen sitting with 3 heaps of file stacked on his desk…..the man is shresht’s pa. he’s seen rapidly going through the files……when the phone on his desk rings.
pa: hello, gadodia industries, may i know who’s speaking?
speaker: this is anwar, manager of Olympian Designers. we have been asked to send our best interior designer by Shresht Gadodia….can i speak to him?
pa: let me check sir.
He quickly presses the intercom,”sir there’s a call from the Olympian Designers, the Manager wants to talk to u ,right now.
Intercom: connect him to me.
pa: yes sir.

shr:good morning anwar, did ur Designer agree.
anwar:well i’m sorry Mr.Gadodia,she downright refused ur offer even the money
anwar:sir i’m really sorry for the inconvenience but i can arrange another employee if u like….please consider our offer sir.
shr:can this alternative of yours work as good as Miss Malhotra.?
anwar:(hesitantly)sir all of our employees have different styles…..they r all good
shr:hmm(nw his voice turns deadly calm like the calm of the sea b4 storm)that is a no then huh….Mr Anwar listen to me carefully… tomorrow mornning 6:00AM Miss Malhotra should be in my office,…or same time evening ur boutique will be demolished.
the line goes off.
shr: well now my next mission is……….DESTROYAL OF SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…..and the key to my mission will be Vidyanand Mansion …..u are the reason i lost my sister Sanskar and now i’ll make u pay for it by destroying ur dream.

a girl gets up lazily yawning and stretching all the while…..she reaches for her phone….and on seeing the the screen she shrieks….
tanya: o for the love of hades himself ! 25 missed calls this early in the morning…i thought i made myself clear when i said no…ugh
she checks for more calls and other msgs and enters the washroom. immediately after that she gets changed and rushes to the headmaster’s office.
martha: (laughed)look who’s finally up.
tanya:uffffo martha if not for aym(angry young man) i would still be riding unicorns fighting the choco bandits saving everyone in choconova.
she said with a dreamy smile.
martha gave her a incredulous look….she places a bowl of cereal on the table……tanya scowled at the cereal and “o come on martha not again i’m sick of the same breakfast for the past 2 weeks” she whined.
martha: u should have thought twice b4 u deny dinner my belle fille……this is the punishment u know that.
she says & chuckles..
tanya: but
tanya who was about to protest quickly shut her mouth when she saw martha’s eyes silently challenging her to complain……she gulps down the cereals and leaves in her scooty.

she barges into a room without as much as a knock….and finds a rather nervous looking anwar, sitting with his eyes closed pressing his head.
tanya scowls at him and empties an entire bottle of water on his head.
anwar:(scowling)what the hell lady! what where u thinking when u…..
he quickly stopped screaming and looked tensed and ….scared.
tanya: if its the same idea,then save ur breath anwar.
she warned
anwar: tanya please yaar our company needs this deal please don’t deny…. he is offering a crore………TANYA.
tanya picks her file bag and leaves without as much as bye.
he slowly sighs dreading the call that he had to now make to the demon himself.
anwar: he threatened to demolish my shop DAMMIT u must go tanya.he is the most ruthless man u would have ever come across today by 6:00PM if ur not there he promised he would demolish my shop……please i would owe u all my life if u did this ….please
he pleaded his eyes clearly showing how desperate he was.
tanya relents and finally gives in “fine i’ll go this better be worth it” she grumbled.

MUMBAI 04:30PM, Maheshwari mansion:
sanskar is seen talking in his phone,..he was coming down the stairs with a file in his hand.he looked really exhausted,his hair lost its shine and his eyes had no life….
uttara who was climbing the stairs in a hurry to get her phone slipped…..
sanskar : goodness woman! can’t u walk properly… u expect someone to catch u evrytym u fall.
he chided his sister, steadying her.
utter: i know u’ll always be there bhai…so y shud i be scared?
she smiled and sprinted to her room leaving behind a pale sanskar, who was clenching and unclenching his hand repeatedly….he quickly left the house as he started feeling suffocated.
sujata:didi sanskar forgot how to laugh since she left…we have no idea where she is or if she’s coming back…
annapurna:naan sujata only if swa
sujeta: no didi…she is the reason divya left us again…..i wish sanskar never married her.
she walks away fuming.
annapurna: pata nai kya ho gaya hamara hasta kheltha parivaar…….meri beti muje maa tak bulten ko tatar nai hai aur sanskar toh sath rehkar bhi bohut ho gaya…..
she thinks wiping her tears.

sanskar:(in phone)hello ashish , va mansion ke bare me sara files chahiye muje…….i wnt the land as quickly as possible……no i can’t wait for even 2 days.
he cuts cll & looks at the photo on his phone,he softly says ”Divya kash tum yahaan hoti……i know u would be very happy after all it was ur dream to build an orphanage along with an old age home……i wish u were here partner we could have done it together……..
he sighs.

4:00PM Bhopal to Mumbai Flight,
swara was seated on the window seat.she was looking outside slowly recalling the events of the day……..
rajesh her MD came to her cabin he was tired and looked exhausted……well he was bound to be exhausted, the man looked after his sick wife like no man would…….he loved her with every fibre in his body…..sunita his wife was suffering from leukemia….it was a given that she was going to die and the man accepted it with such grace that had surprised her and his wife …..if he was pained he made sure he hid it well because he nor made it feel as if she was going to die ….after that he made sure she enjoyed every moment of life everyday he would sit by his sick wife and fulfill evrywish of hers…….
but today he looked……..defeated too.swara felt compelled to comfort old man infront of she slowly walked to him and knelt down.
swara: bhaiyya its ok her pain will subside u know…….soon
rajesh softly smiled at her and said “no divya its not her disease but the case……we lost it divya..the ancestral place we had…..on which we were planning on building a orphanage……snit was very upset…..nd in ht moment i felt like an utter failure…..if i go there there met be a chance the man would agree but then……..i cat leave sunita now……..if anything happened to her in my absence,..i wudn’t be able to forgive myself
swear looked at the man shocked…….yes she remembered the mansion in mumbai……b4 when snit wasn’t always tired the used talk act the mansion……she also knew hw much rajesh spent on lawyers to win the case……and now some obnoxious ass of a ceo would own the land ignorer to build another stupid glass building, she boiling.
swear: bhaiyya i would go….i mean i would like to negotiate with this man ur talking abt….if there’s a chance the i’ll try.
swear offered.
Rajesh: no swear i would never ask that of u…evrytime i mentioned going out of bhopal u used to panic and now ur talking act going to mumbai the place ur entire family lives………no diva i can’t let u do tht……nt even for me.
swear ; bhaiyya listen to me there is very less chance i’ll come across any family member okay..i’ll be there 4 two days and return…..u have done so much for me over the last 5 years ….its only fair i get to do something for you.
rajesh now angry says ”r u trying to pay me back for my favors on u young lady if so the forget it whatever we did we did bcoz we loved u….thers no need…”
swara:(close to tears) no bhaiyya its nt pay back i just wanna it too wrong u said i was family….family help each other na
rajesh felt bad seeing her cry….”no divya u cn help and of course ur family…….u can go if that is what u wish for chutki……just be careful and cll very few hrs.”
rajesh said softly smiling.
“mam please fasten ur seat belt the flight is going to land” said the hostess….pulling swara out of her thoughts…..”huh…yeah”

so guys thats the next chapter………and in the next chapter the characters will meet each other and also a small twist……..i hope u’ll like this and next chapter also.
thank you 4 reading.nd please do suggest entries for the characters shresht and tanya.

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