TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 10


shekar: beta woh____.
ragini: di yeh file kya hai. and it has karma industries on it .is it something related to jeeju
swara:(nervously looks around) haan woh ma baba the reason i came to mumbai was to get my friend’s land .his wife is a cancer patient they wanted to build an old agehome and orphanage there but karma company bought the land. they dont want an industry or company built there so ……
ishaani: thats very nice of them but how do u plan on getting land back . sanskar is ….well u know
swara’s shoulders slump forward : i dont know but i have to figure out a way they helped me in my tough times its only fair i do too
sumi: jao aur use baat karo ziddi hai par tumse pyaar karta hai…shaayad manane se maanjaye
swara smiles at her mother fakely as she knew sanskar hates her .
ishaani: here take the car key. tis was arnav’s favourite car u’ll definitely succeed (she smiles)
swara: arey ha arnav bhai kaha hai? i asked b4 but___.
ragini: aap jao na baad me baaki baat karte hai.
she tells and pulls swara out of the house. sumi and shekar turn to look at ishaani and ishaani smiles at them reassuringly apolegitically yrt fakely .after all her husband’s murder was a mystery unknown to the world and herself his body wasn’t discovered but her oath about reconciling his siblings with their better halves stood.
laksh is sitting on the table trying to concentrate on work but his mind kept going to vidyanand mansion. his spy reported that they saw a woman(face unseen) with shresht when he came there.…they had no clue as to who she was. did his broken hearted brother in law move on from divya’s so called betrayal ?he dint know as for where divya was ? this question has been a mystery to entire maheshwari family. the last time she took off, sanskar had her back but now ……with her swara bhabi also vanished and ragini was never the same his sister uttara was in a comna ever since. 3 yrs after the night of these unfortunate events was the news of ranveer gadodia’s accident which left the gadodia’s shattered …what happened back then was a mystery and his twin sister was the only one who held the key to it…

intercom: sir a woman in the name of swara gadodia is waiting outside since 5 hrs she refuses to leave without meeting you i asked her about the matter at hand but she wouldn’t say anything .should i let her in.
sanskar couldn’t understand the reason behind his wife’s sudden stubborn request on meeting him .she left calling him a chating bastard , a fraud and what not when she left b4 5 yrs. in our last meeting i thought i had made it clear that i wanted nothing to do with her but____.
swara: may i come in?
swara: sir i’m here to talk about vidyanand mansion.
sanskar who was shocked at swara’s formal behaviour and doubly so after hearing about va mansion..and he let it clearly show on his face not wanting to talk much
swara: sir this mansion was taken from my friend in an illegal manner..
sanskar: i bought it in a legal manner and i’ve got the legal documents.. i think this puts the discussion to an end. u may leave.
swara: (patiently)mr maheshwari u surely understan______.
she was interrupted by a knock on the door…
man: saab ji aapka khaana (he brings it to sanskar’s table and opens it . ready for him to heat, one box had karela sabji while the other had 2 chukka rotis )
sanskar: shukriya aap ja sakte ho(he smiles warmly at the man)
swara who noticed the dishes remembered sanskar’s hate for bitter gord
swara: u hate karela. woh kadva hai aur tum___.
sankar:i’ve come to like this bitter it myt not taste good but its definitely healthy.
swara stares at him for a few seconds: sanskar mera dost hai jo uss jagah mein ek orphanage aur old age home banana chahta hai . it was his ancestors mansion which was taken by deceit. its the wish of his dying wife . pls try to understand
sanskar: thats what i’m planning on doing with the land he can contribute what he wants it will be named after divya and no one else thats all i can offer . so take it or leave it
swara nods and leaves the office . she dint understand what it was between divya and sanskar neither would tell it so she quit trying to find out especially since how her doubts destroyed so many lives

divya was sitting on the ground her head rested on her knees she tried to hug herself and soothe her fears but she couldn’t. sanskar had warned her of this before . she was not able to stop herself from letting him see the innermost fears she had. leaving him was the most painful experience but seeing him again and having him close with the fear of losing him…again was even worse. she had a hard life her father was never happy with her birth. she was an free addition with her twin brother, the least loved, her cosin brother was her only solace along with her twin brother her twin cared but never had enough time to show as he was always being spoilt by the relatives…at the age of 18 she was forcibly married to a mentally sick abusive and sadistic bastard by her father for business reasons and it was 2 yrs of hellish agony before she was rescued again by her cousin brother. her family refused to take her in citing that she was a morally inept to leave such a caring husband they said it was she who wasn’t good enough her bastard husband had manipulated them but they were equally responsible for letting him. she refused to plead not guilty as her family failed to trust her but once again her cousin went against the entire family and put yuvraj malhotra her husband behind bars and another year b4 he proved her innocence to the family…..but it was too late she couldnt find it in herself to forgive and forget so she left india and pursued a interior designing degree and then with some help from her brother(cousin) turned it as her career it was 4 yrs before she returned .she wnted no relation with her family so kept it hidden she saw the possiblity of a happily ever after with shresht but her past caught up with her quicker than she thought maiming her…also threatening the lives of every one she cared about_____.


she got up and ran in the direction of the sound…to shresht’s room. and saw shresht struggling to open the scotch bottle another was broken i suppose while trying to open….it amazed her that all these years if one thing hasn’t changed it was shresht’s inability with handling the beer or opening it. she slowly stepped inside
divya: shresht bottle put the bottle down and dont move . u have surrounded urself with glass pieces and that in itself can cause a injury which will lead it to get septic and then….injections(she says slowly stressing on each word and the corner of her lips twitched up looking at him freeze at mention of injection)
shresht: i’m no longer scared of injections and i’m perfectly capable of opening a bottle( he snapped)
divya: of corse u r what ur not capable of is standing straight after 2/3 shots (she taunts leaning on the door frame assured he dint take a drink. as she remembered a similar situation only it was shresht’s hangover time)
she was in her fight club .it was semi finals and she had won…all her club friends voted to party..sanskar and laksh neither were pleased with this they never liked her fighting but she enjoyed the adrenaline rush whatsoever..they thought shresht would be the perfect bodygourd in their absence..they emotionally blackmailed him and he ended up agreeing…..
boy1: hell ivy that was one hella punch back there
boy2: the girl had it coming for her walking arond like she owned the blo*dy place…
divya smirked with a devilish glint and winked at them: anyone who messes with my mates are in for a attack….be it a he/ she
the entire hall chorused all of them looked wild but there was one guy dressed in a formal button down t shirt and jeans looking lost and out of place and nervous….nervous enough to drain an entire bottle of vodka and not even notice it
divya: shresht kya pee rahe ho (she asked cautiously)
shresht: p..aaaaa…ni pehle kadwa tha …par ab aur chahiye(shaking his head reaches out to grab more)
divya: nope thats all for today .tune pee raka hai…tumhara di is gonna screw evry1 especially ur jeeju
shresht: tum ka bolri ho di bohut achi hai woh kabi nai chillati ..tum gandhi humesha jeeju ke paas batakti ho
he pushes her and grabs a bottle from the counter and runs out leaving behind a shocked divya. she slams a thousand rs note on the table and runs behind him. she stands outside the club trying to figure out which way the idiot ran when she heard a loud crash she ran there and saw shrest kicking a cycle
shresht: tum muje nai jaante ho mein don hoon don mere paas gun hai(he uses his hand to form a gun) tum muje chot nai pahuncha sakte main thor ka dost hoon uska hammer utake tuje shoor shoor kar doonga(again kicks the cycle and falls backwards)
divya: o god ye sanskar ne kaha phasa diya muje…(she goes and pulls him trying to make him leave)
shresht pushes her away and jumps on top of a car hood , ties his coat on his waist.…

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Oley gire sulagte se sulagte se sadak mein
Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum akad mein
(he starts running pulling divya along with him. and then stands on the footpath pours half the bottle on himself. divya moves away from him scowling)
Toh socha phir
Geela hua hai wo sukhana ho ho.. brroom!
Chaahe zanana ya mardana ho ho..
(tries to stand straight)

(Na na na..
Tang tang tang taun..
Tang tang tang tadaun
Ma ma.. tang tang.. thcu thcu..)

Tu hi hai wo
Jis se khela tha main kho-kho khela kho kho
Tu hai Laila, Shirin, Sohni, Juliet

(he pulls her close and dances then twirls her around continuosly)

Sun lo, mujhko dhoondo na jungle mele mein
Whatsapp pe hoon ha ha …
Na tera na mera zamaana ho ho..
Na ye zanaana, na mardana ho..
Pakad daana!

(she is giddy when he lets go and leans against a wall for support)

Tu hi hai woh
Jisne khenchi meri dhoti, dhoti khenchi
Ab tu dhoonde kahaan bande
Na main Kaaba, Kaashi
Main twitter pe hoon(he holds her hand and pulls her close)

Sun re sun beliya
Dil ne dhokha diya
Aankhein mili tumse naazani (he looks into her eyes and hits her head….hard)
Mere hosh-o-hawaas kho gaye
Dil ne ro roka
Yeh aankhein hain dil ki zubaan
Khwaab roz roz dekhe naye
Ho.. dil ka bhanwar bole sun sathiya
Chhup na dupatte mein tu oh chhaliya (this time he tears her shirt by pulling her from behind)
Prem pujari ke.. dil ka bayaan
Hota raha, rota raha priye
Toh phir..
(tang tang tang..)

(she hits his head and removes the coat from his waist wraps it around herself)

Matargashti khuli sadak mein
Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
Oley gire sulagte se sulagte se sadak mein
Chhatri na thi bagal mein
Aaya hi naa akal mein
Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum akad mein
(snatches bottle from a passerby and empties it on divya’s head shocking her )
Toh socha phir
Geela hua hai jo sukhana ho ho.. brroom!
Chaahe zanaana ya mardana ho ho.. (kisses her cheek)

(he falls down and she sits down next to him pulling her hair)
divya:(mutters)i’ll not leave u sanskar maheshwari. see if i don’t tell ur wife

how was this guys. i know my updates r no more regular and i’m really sorry for that .it will be a few days before i can update regularly……so please till then keep commenting and reading ….thank you and bye..

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