TRUST (Swaragini) Chapter 1

hi guys i am imps, this is like the first time i’ve ever tried writing a story.i have always had many ideas but i never really tried to pen them down also i’m starting this book with a rather vague idea.i just hope u like it.
any suggestion or ideas frm u are welcome.
Thank you for listening to me rambling and
guys this chptr is like a introduction.its abt the character and also a little bit into the story

sanskar maheshwari,ceo of 2nd best industrialist .he is a compassionate man inspite of loosing everything he cared about.he prefers staying in the office for majority of time.he and his father are not in talking terms .stays with family bt always in room.he is married but stays without his wife at present.he lost a sister due to circumstances.he hates his wife.he seems indifferent towards his siblings laksh and uttara (will be introduced aftr a few chapters)but is fiercely protective of uttara and laksh.

sanskar’s pov(in delhi)
a man is seen entering an apartment,its nearly one in the morning.he walks unsteadily towards the door stumbling over his own foot.he reaches for his pocket to get the key.he opens the door and enters a dimly lit room.he removes his coat and throws it on the couch thn proceeds to the bedroom al the while sipping from the bottle in his hands.he throws the bottle on the ground .he moves to the bar and pours himself another drink,hazily stares at the moonless sky and recalls a voice from the past “sanskar push higher,higher,areh aur zor lagao”she giggled swinging “u will fall down with a big thud,pumpkin. this is the ryt pace according to me “i laughed.this tym she answered him with an excited scream “i want to touch the skyi want to jump from one star to another .i want to play in the clouds that give so much pleasure by sending rain”she finished with a smile that shined brighter than sun itself. the shattering glass brings him back to the reality and his bl**dy hands reminded him of another voice this time the same person spoke bt she was no more the innocent she wasn’t smiling and her eyes they were cold distant empty,even her voice “u failed sanskar maheshwari,u failed big tym.u nt only failed as a husband bt as a brother also by not honouring ur sister’s words.the base of every relation is trust u failed to keep urs intact during the storm the sea of life prsntd.leave b4 i forcefully push u out.”sanskar slams his hand on the table with full force and screamt”WHY DIVYA WHY? when i needed u the most. u left me alone to face my fears . 5 yrs, i’ve been searching u .we always wer 2gether no matter wat cums our way,thn wat wnt wrng this tym .pls divya cum bk pls.”he doubled over and cried only to scream again “I HATE U SWARA SHE LEFT COZ OF U”and passed out

swara bose one of the best neurosurgeon in india.currently she stays in bhopal keeping a low profile.she is a polite soft spoken girl.she is friendly and has a nice sisterly bond with the MD of the hospital who helps her when needed.she is a married woman.doesn’t socialize much

it was 11pm.swara was sitting in her cabin and going through the files of her patients.aftr some time she closes the file and leans on her chair slowly going bk to the day the man she loved with evrything blamed her for cheating on him.”everythng we had was a lie”he screamt.his eyes were bloodshot.he had a bl**dy lip due to the fyt he was engaged.”all the tyms u had a operation or a meeting u were with him warming his bed.i trust nd u reward me with this.i did everything u asked me to.always at your beck and call.i iwas very clear abt going behind my bk in the starting wasn’t i thn why.i hate lies swara u knew could u do are a heartless bi*chswara and i regret meeting u.i loved with evrythng i had and now i’ll hate u with evrythg i hv.”swara opens her eyes with a jerk .she quickly wiped the warm liquid tht ran down her face.she stood and walked to the door she closed her eyes and slowly whispered “u were ryt divya, secrets could destroy relationship if the trust was weak,but i honestly thought ours was different,more strong and mature,after all i have been suffering for the past 5 yrs.i was wrng very much so.”and she left the room still bright and her heart more heavy.

shresht gadodia a player inspite of being married the no1 industrialist.he is shrewd.he changes girls like a person changes his respect 4 them.he also lost elder sister.he is very protective of his younger sister ragini(will be introduced later)he was once a happy go lucky man,always goofing around with the sister he lost.he is cold and calculating man.he prefers staying in the apartment even after having a loving family to go back to.he hates his wife.

a man was standing in a dark room looking at the night sky.he remembers a soft voice”shresht, no matter what hppns ur sister will always stand by u”she smiled.the memory fades,a new one replacing it.”i love u more thn my life pumpkin, will u marry me ?”he asked with a huge smile sitting on his knees.”yes “she whispered.”omg yes shresht i love u too..also i would be more thn hppy to trbl u for rest of my life”she said tears streaming down her cheeks,smiling like a child who has been offered a this one fades leaving a shresht with a bitter smile”ya ryt promises made only to be broken.liars all of them playing with my heart as if it was a ball.i’ll hunt u down and make u pay for every bit of the pain i had to go through.i’ll get answers to all of my unanswered questions i’ll make sure of it.nd i will find u my first target : divya gadodia or divya maheshwari .”he gives a devilish smirk.

tanya malhotra,a cheerful girl.she is intelligent.a born prankster,always seen around manali.she stays in the house near a hostel.she is an artist.the school headmaster and wife treat her as their own daughter.she likes classical dance too.(this character will undergo major changes as the story proceeds)

she is seen in her room. a small compact room.with a bed for 2,a couch, and a wardrobe.she was standing near the wardrobe humming a song trying to reach the top shelf to take her hidden treasure – CHOCOLATE – these kids always took it when she keeps it elsewhere .bt pushes an old diary in the process.the first page of the diary opens and revealing a name DIVYA YUVRAJ MALHOTRA.she closes the diary and shoves it back into the shelf as if it burnt her.she sits on the couch.gone was the girl with the childish smile replaced by the face of a woman who has been through hell.she runs her hand through her hair, murmring”it was the ryt decision.divya is better of dead.she was only capable of giving pain and nothing else.its good i killed her”she gives a frustrated sigh and says”why ami even rethinking my decision after 5 years uggggghhhhh. get this straight tanya divya is dead nd she’s better left dead ,yes thts it.”she sighs.and goes to sleep.

so who is divya?what did she do?is she alive?
keep reading to find out.
and thanks to those who read it.

so this is my intro guys hw was it?i hope u’ll lyk it.any suggestions are welcome.even criticisms are bt make it gentle .
raglak fans are going to hv to wait for sum tym.guys along with raglak there will another couple guys they will be swara’s bhai and bhabs it wd be nice if u ppl can suggest the couple.Also tanya and shresht need a face,u cn suggest tht also.guys ur cmnts r wat i need the most in order to continue so pls do cmnt.

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  1. Awesome episode dear.. Nice concept.. I prefer Arshi as swara’s bhai and bhabhi

  2. Abirsha

    awesome….but some are confusing….i mean ur english…..give some space between sentence….

    1. sorry i was typing in a hurry so……
      i’ll make sure of it next time

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  5. Interesting

  6. The pairs are swasan & raglak?

    1. yes along with two other pairs of the reader’s choice.raglak will take entry after few episodes.

  7. Cutiie

    Nice..pair will be swasan ba

  8. Cutiie

    Nice..pair will be swasan …

  9. Awesome

  10. awesome…..i m guessing swasan r husband n wife, divya is sanskar’s sis married to shresth.
    About entries….karan tacker n krystle as swara’s bhai n bhabhi and sandhir for shresth-tanya

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