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Heya cuties…
Well firstly if it’s posted today then Merry Christmas ! And if the next day then Belated Merry Christmas!
Now I’m too bzy to post my ff.. so decided to post an os..
Hope you enjoy !

A girl is seen crying vigorously. Her condition shows that she’d been crying since the last 10 – 12 hrs. Her eyes , cheeks, dark circles and heavy eyelids made her look miserable.
Girl’s pov:
Why babaji .. why ?? What is my mistake ? What have I done ? Why everyone considers me as a load on earth? Why am I soo unfortunate ? My mother left me alone in this world, my sister mahi , my papa .. everybody hates. Nobody loves me ! Nobody.. i..I.. don’t know what to do.. . He was the only one who loved me … Nd now ..

She was stammering at every word she spoke. Words chocked as she tried to speak. She wanted to share her emotions with someone but no one was there in her life !

She got up and ran towards the washroom. She opened the tap and started splashing the water hurriedly on her face. It seemed that she’d kill herself at the spot. She rubbed her face soo roughly that rashes appeared on her face. She again broke down crying.
” Babaji… Call me to you. Pls, pls call me to you. I can’t live in this cruel world anymore. Maa, pls come back to me.. pls maa. Only he was the one who loved me ,but now even he … ,” She couldn’t speak further. She was soo broken that it was too difficult to even support herself. She had no one around her.

Days flew but neither her father cared how was she nor Mahi. She was starving for food but no one came to her even to look if she was alive or not. The only one who cared was Chinki, her best friend. She was the only one whom the girl could share all her pain with. The girl hadn’t come to college since a week. May be , she knew the reason she knew the reason why the girl wasn’t coming to college so she decided to meet her. She reached her house and directly went towards her room.

” Twinkle ,Twinkle open the door pls. Why are you doing this to yourself ?Pls open the door. Plss.. look, I’ve come. ” Chinki said banging the door but heard no response. She again shouted and started banging the door. After sometime Twinkle slowly opened the door. As Chinki saw her condition , she was startled. She ran and tightly embraced her. Twinkle too hugged her and started crying. Chinki closed the door and sat beside her.

” Listen twinkle ! He wasn’t made for you. If he’d have thought for you even for once then this wouldn’t have happened. I know you love him a lot but I can’t say whether he loves you or not !” Chinki said.

” No.. no Chinki . I’m the most unfortunate girl of this world. Nobody loves me ! I know that. Even my family hates me. I lived him Chinki. I loved him a lot. But.. but why this always happens to me ! ” Twinkle hugged her and kept crying.


” You know what , I’ve always loved you but you … You lied to me! I hate you Ms Twinkle Taneja. ” The guy said looking towards Twinkle.

” No.. I didn’t lie to you ! In fact I .. I love you.. pls don’t leave me, ” Twinkle said crying.

” You never did . You don’t deserve me ! Get lost and don’t show me your face again !” The guy shouted.

” Uv … But atleast listen to me ” Twinkle tried to stop him but he left.

Flashback ends

” I tried to make Uv understand that I didn’t lie. I never killed maa. Keshav uncle killed her, but papa and Mahi never believed me. They always used to blame me about her death. Even I loved her a lot ! They left me.. even Uv left me… I’m alone !” Twinkle couldn’t take it anymore and finally confessed what actually had happened.

Chinki looked at her and was firm with what she had to do. ” He never loved you Twinkle . Yuvjar Luthra … Never ever loved you ! If he’d have loved you .. then he would have believed you. Twinkle, you’ll come to college from tomorrow and will prove him that you don’t need him. No you don’t. Is that clear? And who said that there is no one for you. I’m always there ! Whenever you need me , just call me. Twinkle as a friend there’s a suggestion for you.. TRUST yourself …plss. I’m leaving now. See you tomorrow.”

Twinkle tried speaking but Chinki shushed her and finally Twinkle agreed to come to college.

Next day

Twinkle reached college wearing a blue T-shirt with red jeggings. She had put on a very light makeup but it couldn’t hide her heavy eyelids and dark circles. But inspite of every thing else, she looked stunning. She entered and Chinki ran to her and hugged her. Twinkle hugged her back. They were about to leave but Uv came from behind and patted twinkle’s back.

” I thought you won’t come to college forever. After all murders should be inside the jail ” Uv said smirking.

” Listen Mr. Yuvraj Luthra. What did you think that I will keep crying for you my whole life ? No.. no Mr Luthra. Stop giving yourself too much importance. Pls .. nd btw , I don’t find it important to prove you that I’m not a murder. Get that ! Come Chinki. ” Twinkle said and went away from there leaving a shocked uv behind her. Uv had never seen this tough side of Twinkle.

Within some days, Twinkle started opening up a lot more. She became more frank. She became more bold and the whole college was shocked with this new side of twinkle. But in these few days. Uv didn’t leave a single chance to embarrass Twinkle.

One day ..

Twinkle was going through the corridor suddenly she bumped into someone. She closed her eyes thinking that she’d fall but she felt a hand wrapped around her waist. She slowly opened her eyes and found a guy smiling at her. She was lost in his deep brown orbs suddenly heard someone coughing . She turned to look at the source and found Chinki and Rishi smiling. She quickly got up and both of them composed themselves.

Rishi to the guy ,” I know that you are smart but I never thought that you’ll be able to get the most beautiful girl ,the first day itself. ”

Chinki sightly slapped him on his hands ,” what do you mean my the most beautiful ? Don’t forget that your girlfriend is standing before you !” All of them burst into laughing.

Rishi ,” Twinkle , this is kunj! My childhood friend and is new to the college and kunj, this is Twinkle .. my girlfriend’s best friend.” Twinkle and kunj shook hands and from then onwards they started being together which often used to anger Uv a lot.

Within some weeks they became very good friends and slowly but unknowingly started falling for each other. It took them time to realize that but still they did.

It was not possible for Uv to tolerate twinkle’s happiness so he went to kunj and told her that Twinkle was the murder of her mother. Kunj was perplexed to listen this but he had a firm belief that Twinkle could never do this. This is it what we call TRUST.

Kunj ” Twinkle , Uv told me that you murdered you mother !”

Twinkle ” kunj… Actually !” Kunj was shocked why Twinkle was afraid if she didn’t do such a thing.

Kunj ,” Twinkle ,is it true?” Twinkle was afraid that she’d loose kunj also.

Kunj shouted,” Twinkle tell me !!!!” Twinkle ran from there making kunj more shocked.

She locked herself inside the room. She was panicking so much that it seemed that she’d die the next moment. She saw a knife and without thinking a second, cut her wrist …lying in the pool of blood.
Kunj also came and banged the door but when found no reply,he pushed nd broke the door ,but the scene he saw was totally unbelievable for him!
His love lying there lifeless. He ran and hugged her. He asked her to open her eyes but she didn’t , he shouted but of now use … He started crying… A lot more that a lot …

He laid his head on her chest and to his utter shock, she was still alive… Her heartbeat was still going. He picked her up and took her to the hospital. After 2hrs the doctor came out, and he smiled at kunj.

Kunj asked his permission to go inside and the doctor nodded. He went inside and he slowly entered the room. Twinkle looked at him, he went and sat beside her.

” What do you think of yourself? You’ll do anything and I’ll leave you ? Twinkle I know you didn’t do never killed your mom.. I believe in you … I TRUST you… but you shouldn’t have done this to you… What if something would have happened to you !.. kunj calmly said holding her hand.

” Kunj I thought that if I’d have told you then you would also have left me .. like everyone did ! Kunj whomever I’ve loved has left me… I don’t want to live without you … Never ever !” Twinkle said crying.

” Mm.. so you agree that you live me right… So don’t you TRUST your love … ?? ” Kunj smiled asking.

” Yes.. i do !! A lot … And more than myself !” Twinkle said and with this Twinkle hugged him. He hugged her back. ” Don’t repeat this ever! ” Kunj ordered and she nodded. ” Twinkle ..Pls always trust yourself ! Plss.. ” kunj made her understand. ” You are there na.. to make me understand .. ??” Twinkle enquired. ” Till my last breath!” Kunj said and kissed her forehead.

All this was witnessed by 5 people … Chinki and Rishi, who were the happiest , Uv , who was the most jealous and Mahi and Rt , who were the most guilty.


Trust is the most important thing for always. Be it in a relationship or on yourself. Until you trust yourself ,you won’t be able to fight for yourself and unless you trust the other one in a relationship, the relationship can never be a perfect one !

So .. keep trusting.. keep loving and keep commenting !
See ya..and a Merry Christmas again!
Love you all!

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