Trust makes love perfect episode 8(love)


Hi…frnds…thank u so much for ur support.. So can start our story na
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Recap:vrshiti beach moments nd idiot red chilly temple moments

Dhanni and megha is driving back to home…dhanni is thinking abt viplav and his doings…. chilly…slow down..I want to live this life for little long.
Dhanni:u……what u call??
Megha:tht name suit chilly…
Dhanni:u…mad…u too start…
Megha:OK…OK…now cool down…tell me one thing…wht happened to u
Dhanni (carelessly): wht happen to me
Megha:oh…yaar..stop ur drama.. U knew na..more thn a frnd..u r my sister.. Don’t dare to make me fool..
Dhanni:ohh…u sis…wht I did…(she looks on the she is too concentrate on driving)
Megha:oh…u little naughty sis.. What a drama Queen… I knew u well…if any other is in his position… U would have teach him a lesson.. But now u r playing with him…what was tht..
Dhanni (stammers):ohh…me…tht..I’m trying to teach him a lesson.. But he always escape frm me…will show him…who is this dhanni…
Megha:stop ur drama sis…if u r really angry…he would have a learned a lesson by now…I knew abt u and ur Anger… So now clearly say what’s going on..
Dhanni:wht r u saying… Nothing… U gone mad ha
Megha:u r not angry at him na…
Dhanni applied brk nd car stop at a sudden
Megha still looking at her..
Dhanni:we reach ur home…so u at evng..
Megha smile at her nd hit her playingly
Megha: understood u pagal…
Nd megha step outside the car nd goes towards her home…
Megha turn to dhanni
Megha:so what was his name(she stand like thinking).
Dhanni(quickly): viplav
She bite her touhome
Megha…oh…red chilly Wht a memory
By saying it megha run to her home

Dhanni adjust the mirror of the car nd look herself at the Mirror.. Nd smiles..
Dhanni laughs nd shook her head
Dhanni:ohh…this idiot….am I mad???

@viplavs home

Viplav enter the room nd smiling widely .kanak saw him smiling like an idiot without any reason.
Kanak:why r u smiling like an idiot ?
At the call of idiot..viplav smile become more wider nd give a quick kiss at kanak s cheek…and ran to his room like a kiddo..
Kanak: wht happened to this boy…look running like a small kid…its Shrishti make him like tht…always treat him as a kid

“” he is our kid na ma””a sound came frm behind..
Kanak: ha…here comes his mom…
Shrishti laughs..
Shrishti: ma…I’m going outside…will be back soon
Kanak: ur kid not coming with me…
Shrishti: ha…no ma..I didn’t said abt this outing to him…
Kanak:go…if u stay more ur kid will come to find u…
Shrishti smiles nd leave

Shrishti enters the park
Shrishti pov~~~~~
Oh…god…wht I did…came at park…how stupid I’m…..are…why can’t I stay at home…he call me to here..but whom me to accept his invitation.. Evn I didn’t inform chotte…why me acting weirdly…
Oh…now I’m getting nervous… Will he come here or he was making fun…if he come wht will I say…oh….stop ur question Shrishti… Focus… Don’t get confused..this is public park anyone can cm here….relax(she try to make herself relax nd taking breath in and out…)….

POV end~~~~~
Suddenly a sound came frm her behind… Some musical party is going on..she turn to see nd her mouth hang open at the scene infornt of her..
All musical instruments are settled.. Nd someone is standing at the middle with a lovely smile… Wearing a white shirt and black pants
(Were Shrishti is wearing a white simple gown ….)
Shrishti: varun….
Varun came near to her nd Shrishti looks down….varun make her chin up and look at her eyes…

The music starts and varun make her turn nd he left her making Shrishti loose her balance nd was abt to fall but she herself stop frm falling nd look at him..WHR varun is laughing at her..
Varun start singing..

~“`Dekha hai tujh ko jab se
Haay main to hil gaya
Lagta hai mere seene se dil nikal gaya

(Since I’ve seen you,
I’ve been shaken.
It seems the heart has gone out of my chest.)

Mummy se kya Daddy se bhi milaaunga tujhe
Arre jo bhi main kahoon
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat

(Not just mom, I’ll make you meet my dad too.
Whatever I say,
why do feel it’s wrong.
Turn around!)

Tera dhiyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
To Palat…

(Where is your attention,
your hero is Here.
So turn around.)

Tujhe itni bhi khabar hai
ki tera hero idhar hai
tera dhyan kidhar hai
ye tera hero idhar hai..

(Do you even have an idea
where your hero is?
Where is your attention,
your hero is here.)
(***Shrishti try to go frm there but. Varun come infornt of her and pull her towards him..***)

are aa kahin coffee pilaun tujhe main
aa koi picture dikhaaoon tujhe main
chal le chaloon tujh ko aisi jagah o meri jaanejaan
jahaan hum ko nahi ho kisi ki khabar
jahaan laage lage na kisi ki nazar
(*****Varun hold her right hand and make her round him nd twiste her and whole the time Shrishti trying to stop..but varun hold her strongly***)

(Come I’ll go for a coffee with you somewhere.
Come I’ll show you some movie.
Come I’ll take you somewhere O my beloved,
where no one knows about us,
and where no evil eye gets to see us.)

Arre jo bhi main kahoon
tujhe lagta hai kyun ghalat
Arey palat..
Tera dhyaan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
To Palat na..

(***he look at her and thy share an eyelock**)

kehta hai kyun mujh se zamaana..
Arey haan, nahi aasaan hai tujh ko paana
Aah.. tere nakhre uthaaoon sanam
Mujh ko teri kasam
Taang doon chaand ko, teri teri khidki pe main
taank doon jaan ko teri kurti pe main

(Why does the world say to me,
that it’s not easy to get you..
I’ll bear with your tantrums,
I swear on you.
I’ll hang the moon on your window (if you wish),
and sew my life on your shirt..)

Arre jo bhi main kahoon
tujhe lagta hai kyoon galat
Arey palat..
Tera dhyan kidhar hai
Ye tera hero idhar hai
To Palat na………~““`

In throughout the song…he dance nd also make Shrishti to dance….nd Shrishti was showing Anger but silently enjoying his naughtiness…

After song Shrishti was abt to go hurriedly… But someone hold her hand frm behind…
She looks back and saw varun smiling at her…
Varun:tomorrow WHR?
Shrishti stare at him and thn burst into laugh… WHR varun is lost in the smile..
Varun came close to her and move the hair which is falling at her face….
Shrishti looks at him nervously…
Varun came near to her nd whisper in her ear
“Ur smile is awesome… Keep smiling”
Shrishti smile at his words and he make him face him…WHR she is blushing..

Varun:so…be my frnd?
She look at him surprisingly
He forward hand nd she shook her hand with him…nd he look at her
Varun:girlfriend….nd wink at her…
She mouth hang open nd he run frm Thr…
She run behind him nd last he stooped nd Shrishti fall to his chest….thy both look each other…nd smile…

Precap:more love…
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  1. Sujie

    Swara……. awesome….. Vrishti ho yaa ViDhaani such romantic scenes with Dhinchakk song is nice to imagine…. 🙂
    go on ….. and yes idiot Viplav and red chilly Dhaani…..iss combo pe pyar aagaya…. keep rocking

  2. Aiswarya

    Di it simply awesome ?? viplav smiling like an idiot ? red cilly dhani n idiot viplav are so cute ?varun singing song to shrishti was superb ………keep rocking di. the next part whenever u are free

  3. Shruthy

    Sweetie it was fantastic! I am confused if Dhaani realised it, but she indeed fell for that idiot.? Smiling and all ? I just hope she realises fully by next part.
    And VaRishti are just so pretty. Like Varun’s unique date and proposal. Friend… Girlfriend.. That was so adorbale. ?❤️
    Cant wait for next part when there will more love scenes, to see how both love stories indeed gprogresses by time.
    Waiting for next part! ??

  4. Areeb

    Haey! Beautiful episode. ? Red chilli-Idiot smiling games! ?? Varun-Shirishti too are Cuties! ?
    Waiting for next! ?

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Swara! It was mind blowing yaar?? red chilli and idiot viplav nice combination! Both have realized their feelings.. lovely haan! Best part was varun and shrishti’s Omg I was blushing while reading it?? varun was singing his own song “tera dehaan kidhar hai yeh tera hero idhar hai” cool haan! ?? Bara he zabardast scene tha re? it seems like I was watching a movie and then the way he said girlfriend.. toba u have made me crazy by ur writing which is filled with cuteness??.. So all are ready in setting their love stories! Great?
    Very excited to read further episodes so please post the next one soon!

  6. Lakshmi

    wow swara di…aap toh kamaal ke writer ho…..
    the scenes of megha and dhani was simply super…their bonding is very nice…actually it reminds me my best frnd….
    and the scenes of viplav and kt was superb….
    I enjoyed every bit of this epi a lot… 🙂 😉
    oho tera dhyan kidhar hai….. very much enjoyable…
    varun and shrishti is also shining with vidhani jodi….
    waiting for more love di….

  7. Meghs

    Wow its so good.. i loved it especially varshti part. Varun jeeju is so cute na?Keep rocking.

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