Trust makes love perfect – Episode 7 (unexpected)


Hiii..frnds..its me swara back..thnk u so much for ur supports frnds…im starting my ff without further sayings..
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Varun is driving car at a high speed ..frm his face itself can knew how much angry he is..he is showing his anger to other drivers..
Dhanni:bhai..why this much angry..slow down the speed bhai..
Varun:who is tht guy?why he act like tht..u want to answer me dhanni..
Dhanni(understood how much angry he is..bcz he call her by name whn he is angry only..):he..I don’t know who he is..he took his revenge.. Thts only I knew..(she was looking outside..bcz she didn’t like his anger tht hurts her)
Varun (fuming in anger):revenge.. Wht u mean by it…say clearly..
Dhanni:ha…tht day we played holi near by temple na..tht time..we coloured him..nd also mocked him he…(she stammer.)
Varun:Wht?? Is he mad …he will pay back for this…(he increases speed)
Dhanni(scared nd sad):bhai..I’m getting scared..slow down..pls
Varun (bcm sad for his chotti.nd he slows down):u OK ?
Dhanni(relaxed): ha..I’m okay..
He drove to Thr home nd while journey was filled with silence..

At midnight..
Dhanni was laying in bed ..she is still awake..she remember viplav pushing her to water nd varun s anger..suddenly someone switch on the light..she looks up nd saw varun standing with a smile..she got up nd sat on the bed..
Varun:still awake..can’t sleep na..
Dhanni(looked at his face but didn’t Ans)
Varun came nd sit next to her.
Varun:I was overreacting too much anger too u na chotti(a tear dropped frm dhannis eye..nd varun saw tht..he cupped her face…)no..pls chotti..don’t cry..I can’t see ur tears..I’m so sorry…I will do anything for..(before completing his sentence dhanni hug him tightly nd varun too hug her back)
Dhanni(still hugging): don’t ask sorry bhai..
After few min..thy breaks the hug
Varun:u sleep now ..tired na
Dhanni looks at him…
Varun:(teasingly)why staring at me..can’t sleep big u r ..still want someone’s lap for sleeping…
Dhanni: I’m not big..I’m small girl… chotti…come ….sleep now..
Varun make her lay on his lap nd Caressing her hair.. Dhanni soon fall asleep.. He make her lay comfortably at bed nd leave to his room…

Dhanni open the door nd search for varun..he was not at bed as she expected..instead he was sleeping at the chair..
Dhanni look at him painfully..nd she woke him up ..
Dhanni:bhai..why u slept hr
Varun:nothing chotti..I was thinking something.. Don’t know whn I slept..
Dhanni:ha..bhai..I want to say u something..
Dhanni:u trust me na..
Varun:hey..why u asking such stupid question..
Dhanni: bhai..tht boy who is in Beach na.
Dhanni: don’t be angry on him…its issue between us..u don’t bother abt it..or do anything.. I will give back wht he needed..but u don’t.
Varun:why not..I will…
Dhanni:u won’t.. Thts wht I want to say..u won’t do anything..pls na (She pleaded)
Varun:OK..I won’t.
Dhanni:promise me bhai..
Varun:promise.. But don’t cry more..
Dhanni: OK…I won’t..u go nd take a bath now..
Varun:yeah u wish..(he bow down in play… Dhanni laughs nd he goes to washroom)

Dhanni (herself): sorry bhai..I knew u want to make tht idiot payback.. Nd u will do anything.. But I don’t want him to get hurt bcz of u.. all start by me so I will take care of it..Mr.idiot.. I won’t leave u..(she smiles).

Dhanni nd varun were having breakfast.

Dhanni:ysterday wasted na bhai…
Varun:no..not wasted..only at the end he spoiled na..
Dhanni: yeah..
Varun think something nd smiles ..dhanni notices it
Dhanni: hey..bhai..why u laughing..?
Varun (came out frm his thoughts):nothing.. I was thinking abt something..
Dhanni feel something fishy..
Varun finishes his breakfast down…Nd left to office..

Viplavs home.
Shrishti is staring outside the window nd smiling.. Two cold hand block her vision
Shrishti: chotte..
Viplav: oh..di..caught me..anyway why my di is smiling like an idiot
Shrishti: idiot?? Nd me.. Will kill u fool..
Thy both run around the room..viplav jump to the bed nd shrishti throw pillow at him.. After a while both get tired nd shrishti sat on the bed nd viplav lay on her lap..
Shrishti looks away nd smiles
Same time hr at varun s car..he is enjoying the fresh air nd smiling
.both smiles….

Flashback ~~~
At beach.. Shrishti is giving ice cream to kids nd varun approach her..
Varun came near to the shop nd stare at her..nd .move towards her..
Varun: hi..I’m varun.. What’s ur name (flirting way)
Shrishti: ohh…varun nice name..nd my name..ahh..I forget.. (She laughs at him)
“Shrishti di..thank u so much for ice cream treat” a boy called frm other side..
Shrishti smile at him nd looks at varun
Varun(was looking at her smile nd completely lost):shrishti.. Thy didn’t forget..
Shrishti smile wider..
Shrishti (thinks) :he is flirting with me nd I’m laughing at him..ohh..wht happen to me..anyway one thing want to accept is tht.he is too handsome.. (She bite her tongue)..
Varun:tomorrow WHR will u come..?
Varun:oh..u buddhu..u want to meet me evng come to the park..I will cm
Shrishti (mouth hang open nd eyes bcm wider…she was superb shock..he is calling her to park..):hello Mr..wht u want…r u mad..
Varun just smile at her nd leave..WHR Shrishti is still in shock…

Flashback end~~~~
Viplav: hello….(he waves hand to Shrishti to make her back to sense)
Shrishti feel weird nd looks hr nd Thr..
Viplav:wht happened to u Yarr…too much thinking.. Now don’t want me..always in thought
Shrishti: ohh…u devil..
Thy both again start thr tom nd jerry fight

Time around 9 am..
Megha nd dhanni is standing near to the temple
Megha:hello..will u tell me..why u call me to here..what’s going on..
Dhanni: he will cm here ..I knew..let him come..will show him who is this dhanni..
Megha:are…u pagal..who going to come..
Dhanni:tht one we colored during holi na..tht one.
Megha:oh..tht handsome..OK..hey…wait…why u waiting for him..don’t flirt with him..I’m Thr to do tht..
Dhanni:if u do thn will kick u…
Dhanni said all tht happened last day to megha nd megha end up in laughing
Megha: Mr handsome is smart too..
Dhanni:I will kill u for sure ..
Megha:hahah..sis cool down..let him come..we can teach him a lesson..
Thy both were waiting for him its been around 11..
Megha:come dhanni..he is not going to come…we can find some other way..
Dhanni nodes nd thy both were coming down…at the same time Viplav enters Thr nd were climbing the stairs..both of thm didn’t saw each other..but megha notices Viplav..
Megha: look one is Coming.. He too handsome na dhanni..
Dhanni:I want tht idiot only..
(actually megha didn’t identity viplav as tht day he was full of color….nd now dhanni looks at the way of Viplav nd saw him coming.. She look at him nd drag megha to the side of the stairs making thm hide frm him)
Megha:wht u doing?
Dhanni:this is tht idiot… Now dhannis play will start..
She smirks..
Viplav was climbing stairs without noticing anything.. Nd was near to the place WHR dhanni is standing….suddenly dhanni came infornt of Viplav frm side..bcz of her sudden movement viplav loose his balance nd was abt to fall..which was dhannis plan..but for her surprise.. Abt to fall..Viplav grab dhanni hand for a support.. But she too loose the balance nd both fall down ..nd in tht action
.dhanni hug him tightly nd both roll down the stairs..Danni closed her eyes WHR Viplav staring at her face..both landed at the end of the stairs..Viplav staring at her face whr she still closed her eyes.. He smile at her .suddenly megha came downstairs nd make dhanni stand..
Megha:u OK dhanni…
Dhanni turns to Viplav who is standing with smile.
Dhanni:u idiot.. U make me fall down….How dare u..I won’t leave u..
Viplav: hello red chilly… U make me fall down. Not me..
Dhanni: red chilly.. Who the hell r u to call me like tht..
Viplav: viplav..
Dhanni: idiot.. Who ask ur name..
Dhanni was fuming in anger nd was abt to go near him but slip one step nd was abt to fall but 2 hands hold her on time ..she looked at those eyes..nd he smiles..(yeah..its our Viplav) the anger in dhannis eyes was melting down thy share a cute eyelock…Viplav smile at her more widely nd says””take care”….he loose his hold nd make dhanni fall down frm his grip..
Dhanni: ahh…
Viplav: cu red chilly..
Dhanni (still at the ground): idiot..,(,screams)
Viplav laughs nd walk away leaving fuming dhanni at ground..

Precap:vidhani nd varun&Shrishti… Love begins..

How was the episode frnds..pls comment..

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing swara! U have made me speechless re, it was too good.. whole episode was filled with fun 🙂 Varun-Shrishti and Viplav-Dhani scenes were very nicely written! Really excited for upcoming episodes.. How vidha’s nok-jhoks will turn into love <3 Eager to know that so post the next one soon!

    1. Swara

      Thank u so much dear for ur sweet words.
      Nd our vidhannis love story will start soon…wait for it..
      Nd I will post ff as soon as possible…
      Thank u once again dear..
      #take care.

  2. Sujie

    Arrey….. you nailed it rey…. Superb …….
    Mirchi Dhaani…. Hot Viplav…..hayee….superb combo….
    And VRishti….. awesome pair…..
    good going dear 😉 😉 🙂 🙂

    1. Swara

      Thank u so much for ur words dear…
      Yeah..chilly dhanni nd hot viplav..will be nice combo…?…

      Nd vrshiti is pair which I introduced.. Actually I has a doubt tht whtr all accept it or not..but all of u accept it..thank u very much

  3. Lakshmi

    swara di after so may days got to read ur ff…it was just awesome…
    loved the parts of brother sister …and ya cute nhok jhok of red chilly and idiot…looking forward for the next one…
    how r u di…..?

    1. Swara

      Hi…dear..I’m good…wht abt u?

      Nd thnx for reading the ff..nd so happy tht u r liking my story line…keep reading nd commenting.. Ur words mean a lot to me..
      Take care

      1. Lakshmi

        ya fine di…welcome…story is too good that we have no other option than liking it….ya ofcourse…thanks di…ok u too..

  4. Shruthy

    WOOOW ! That over protective and super duper caring bhaiyaa!! <3
    I actually love such big bro-young sister relationships (kash I had a big bro too :/)
    And even Shrishti-Viplav's love is eternal and so beautiful. Kash my own brother was as caring with his elder sister –'
    Arey wah! Matlab even Shrishti is lost in Varun's thoughts … Not bad not bad
    Dhaani and Viplav's cute and funny revenge wala scene at Temple was so adorable. The way Dhaani got trapped in her own game. Viplav lovably staring at Dhaani, that was literally dreamy to read. Imagine such a handsome man on you staring at you like you were his princess. I know, I am literally mad. VERY CHARI! xD
    Please post the next part soon. Will be waiting

    1. Swara

      Thank u so much my dear..I’m so happy tht u like it …nd I too love such bro sis relation.. This all is my dream which I write in my ff….nd Viplav staring at princess… It will superb tht some one like Viplav staring at us?..

      Keep reading nd commenting dear.. Thank u so much for ur words

      1. Shruthy

        The pleasure is all mine ? Exactly, me too! That makes me get desperate thinking I have no big bro actually. ??
        Oh man! Who wouldn’t want that? My God I would faint man. My cheeks will be that red that I will get fever??
        Always following. Waiting fot next part

  5. Aiswarya

    Swara di it’s a awesome episode. She is so lucky to a brother like varun n viplav is so lucky to have a sis like shrishti??
    More than vidhani’s parts I’m enjoying varun n shrishti’s part ? shrishti lost in varun’s ……too good
    Vidhani’s scenes were nicely written

    1. Swara

      Thank u so much dear for ur sweet words…keep reading nd commenting…
      Very happy tht u accept my characters…

  6. Areeb

    Haha. Fun filled episode. ? Loved it!!! ?

  7. Meghs

    Sry for late comment sis… u rocked? varun dhani part was best i adore their bond … i wish i have elder bro but no worries i had my elder bro one who u know ? he too treat me like this

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