Trust makes love perfect – Episode 6 (enjoy my revenge)


Hi..frnds..I’m back with my new episode… Thank u for ur support frnds..keep supporting me…thank u shruthi,megha,sujjie,areeb,maria,mahaaijaz for supporting me in last episode… Thnk u to silent readers too..if can pls comment..
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Recap:Shrishti handling viplav nd reason why he hate colors…

Shrishti is sitting at viplav s bed nd moving her hand through his hair.. Viplav is sleeping peacefully at her lap like a small kid…kanak comes to his room nd saw viplav sleeping peacefully.. She smiled by seeing Thr brother sister bond..she is proud of her children.. Shrishti saw kanak nd slowly nd carefully place his head at pillow nd make him lay comfortably.. Kanak came to thm nd helped Shrishti by covering viplav by blanket.. Shrishti smiled at her nd leave the room with her..both maintained silence bcz thy don’t want to disturb Thr Prince’s sleep…

Tht day passed …

Next day Mrng..
(At dhanni s home)
Varun is sleeping peacefully covering his face with a pillow…
Dhanni enters the room nd move the pillow frm his face.
Varun:”chotti”….let me sleep ..u go nd select a dress for me….at 9 I wants to be office..
Varun cover his face with blanket nd laughs silently.. He is waiting for her response…
Dhanni :wht ???office??? U promise me tht u will spend whole day with me na..
Varun:(controlled his laugh)ohh sorry ..I forget tht..we can enjoy some other day..(still under the blanket)
Thr was a silence… Suddenly he hear something break…he suddenly looked our of blanket nd saw the cell at floor in several pieces….
Varun:chotti.. Why u did this?
Dhanni:now u don’t forget abt ur words(in angrily but calm nd give a evil smile)
He sat at the bed nd looked at her
Varun:for tht why u throw ur own phone..??
Dhanni look at him with wide eyes nd her jaw dropped whn she saw he playing in his phone.. She glance at the floor nd she identify tht it’s her phone which she thrown..
Dhanni: wht!!!wht this doing in ur room..I didn’t bring it hr..
Varun:u didn’t bring it..Mrng I bring it..Hahahhaha….I knew my chotti today Mrng b4 u woke up I came nd pick ur phone frm ur table nd placed it hr…in Anger u didn’t recognized tht its ur own phone…u remember.last time u throw my phone in anger ..this is my revenge…
(Varun laughs )
dhanni took a pillow nd soon it turn to a pillow fight.. Both were enjoying..
Dhulari call thm for bf..
Dhanni:yeah mom..coming..
(Dhanni give a angry look at him nd goes down ..varun laugh at her childish behavior nd goes to washroom)
After sometimes varun came down nd saw dhanni watching some TV show ..he frm back nd close her eyes with one hand nd placed a box at her hand..she smiled nd he remove her hand frm her eyes..she looks at the box..nd it was a new phone ..
Dhanni:thank u bhai…
Varun sit near her..
Varun:so Wht today’s plan chotti..
Dhanni: “”masti..”
Varun :OK as ur wish princess..

Varun and dhanni went out ..roaming all over the city….its evng time..thy came to beach…
Dhanni nd varun is walking towards the beach..
Same time viplav nd Shrishti too came to beach…
Viplav: so we are at my di s favorite place..
Shrishti: hahahha..yes chotte.. This is my fav place…
Viplav: I knew..come we can enjoy this evng..
Thy both too headed towards the shore..

Viplav nd Shrishti is watching the waves like dhanni nd varun..thy didn’t saw each other’s..
Shrishti: chotte..u wait hr..I will get ice cream for us
Viplav: I will go..
Shrishti: why can’t I?
Viplav: ohh…angry di…go nd get
Shrishti laughs nd pinch his nose nd goes to buy ice cream..WHR viplav is staring at her lovingly… ..
Same time varun gets a call nd he goes frm Thr….
While he is talking he saw Shrishti passing through Thr…he look at her ..she was looking so cute.. She was buying ice cream ..
Varuns pov…
She is so cute. She ia walking towards the ice cream shop…A small boy came to her ..he was selling keychain.. She smiled at him nd bought all those keychains frm him nd rub his hair..She buy a ice cream for him nd watch he having.. Her eyes was glowing… Tht boy say something to her..I can’t hr wht it is..she give a big smile to him nd says something… Oh..God…who is she.???.
Tht boy run frm Thr..WHR he gone??? nd she is waiting Thr ..but for whom???…nd she is asking something to shopkeeper ..suddenly she again give her masterpiece smile to someone.. I look at the side WHR she is smiling at..I can’t believe.. Tht boy is running to her with his frnds…she laughs ..shopkeeper took a box nd she starts to distribute ice cream among children..she was laughing nd smiling continuously… Ohh..God..who is this angle..something happening to me…”.POV ends..
Varun smiles nd rub his hair nd walks towards the ice cream shop..

Same time at the shore…
Dhanni walk forward nd enjoy the waves which touch her feet slowly.. She walks little more forward but not too much nd feel the cool breeze…viplav too was enjoying the breeze.. Suddenly he saw dhanni ..he remembered she coloring him nd teasing him..he got too much angry nd look for Shrishti …no sign of her.
Viplav: di won’t be back soon..means Thr is time for my revenge (he gives a evil look at dhanni)
He walks towards dhanni nd he was standing near to her…only her backside he can saw….
He suddenly make her turn his sudden action she looses her Balance nd was abt to fall..nd at the mean time he pull her to him so she didn’t fall..she fall to his chest nd look upwards..thy look at each other for few sec.. Forgetting everything.. Her face was disturbed by some hairs which make her more cute nd his eyes are just like starts…thy suddenly came to reality… Dhanni pull herself frm him..
Dhanni:u idiot… Wht the hell are u doing?
Viplav (smriks):u didn’t remember me?
Dhanni:who r u??I didn’t remember?
Viplav: ohh..u nd ur stupid frnds played holi near temple.. Did u?
Dhanni:u stupid…don’t dare to say anything to my frnds..
Viplav pov~~
I came for a revenge.. A serious revenge.. But now I’m enjoying her anger..don’t know now I’m not in anger..I’m just playing with her..but why..only my di has this make my anger go away within sec.. .but how she did tht..nd WHt I’m going to do next.. anyway im enjoying
POV end~~~~~
Dhanni:ohh..hello idiot…wht thinking.. Wait..wait…ur tht alien..we colored accidentally
Viplav(angrily): u remember it….yeah..its dare u to put color at me..
He walks forward making dhanni move back..
Viplav:…ohh…but idiot.. U look like alien at those colors.. If want we will make u again like tht….

Viplav look across her shoulder.. He saw a wave coming nd dhanni is still walking backward nd can’t see the wave…viplav give a evil smile..
Viplav: enjoy my revenge….
Dhanni didn’t understand.. She opened her mouth to say something.. B4 tht viplav give push her to the waves nd she fall to the waves..make her drench in water…
Some of the ppl around thm laugh at her..who is trying hard to stand up..viplav turn back nd saw Shrishti coming he walks hurriedly to her nd take her to other side of the shore…
WHR dhanni is trying to get out of water..varun came Thr in search of dhanni nd saw his chotti in this situation.. He rushed to her..
Varun:wht happen ?
Dhanni (in anger):tht idiot push me to water
Varun: who the hell?tell…
Dhanni:he was just here…pls take me frm here bhai…I want to go frm here..
Varun understood her situation.. He hold her comfortably nd take her frm there WHR he is fuming in anger too…
He make her sit in the car at the same time dhanni saw viplav entering into a shop near to tht beach followed by Shrishti…
Dhanni: there he is bhai…(she pointed towards viplav…
Varun spots him nd was abt to go .but dhanni ask him to take her to home…varun didn’t notice Shrishti..
Dhanni:pls bhai… I want to go home now..pls ..
He starts the car ..nd give a final look at viplav…..

Precap: some flashback of beach moments….

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  1. Shruthy

    Awww! Varun liking Shrishti angelic heart and beauty and falling for her.
    And on the other hand, a revengeful bond of Viplav and Dhaani. WHen I was reading that Viplav noticed a wave behind, I thought it was going to be dangerous and he will save her. Hmm… I think that when Varun will start liking Shrishti, he will be trying to teach a lesson to her brother for having harmed his choti.
    Really excited to know what will happen. Want to know how things will change between them and how she will make Viplav fall for her or vice versa.
    Post the next part soon.

  2. Aiswarya

    sorry for not commenting in previous episode
    di u are making me fall in love with shrithi’s character she is soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet sis . today’s episode is very nice

  3. Angel20

    O wow it was amazing!! Loved Viplav’s revenge… Post the next part soon!

  4. Sujie

    Varun Shrishti
    Viplav Dhaani….good going dear….
    Loved it….. You rock 🙂 😉 🙂

  5. Areeb

    Epic fun full episode! ?? Dhaani & Varun poo art was fun to read! ? Varun liking Shrishti at first glance! ? Viplav enjoyed arguing with Dhaani! ? But then also didn’t forget the revenge. ? Good going!! ? Excited to read next episode! Surely, Varun will pay a visit to Viplav! ? And might land up on Shrishti again! ?

  6. Maha_Aijaz

    Amazing swara! I am more and more falling in love with shrishti-viplav and dhani-varun bond.. Funniest part was when dhani throws her own mobile thinking it as varun’s mobile..
    So finally viplav and dhani had a face off though that was little annoying as viplav pushes her in water but loved that part too.. Loved both POV! Shrishti’s angelic acts were mesmerizing! This was epic..
    Keep writing
    Post the next one soon!

  7. Meghs

    Awwwe its so cute yaar their bond i liked… and vidha nok jhok was quite interesting. . Post nxt asap wanted to see more nok jhok of vidha..

    Love u sis good going

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