Trust makes love perfect – Episode 4


Hi….so happy for ur support frnds.. Thank u so much….actually I wants to make varun and Shrishti as the leading characters with viplav nd dhanni..bcz its a story of 4 of thm..thy all have importance.. I hope u will accept it… Give ur support frnds….

Here the previous episode:

Episode 3

Recap: holi celebration in dhanni s home and viplav s home…

Dhanni and aiswarya is heading towards temple….
Megha nd maha is waiting infornt of temple.. Dhannis car arrived…megha nd maha goes towards thm..
Dhanni: hi sis..hi maha…WHR r others?..
Megha:sujjie nd latha will arrive soon.
.thy r on the way..
Maha:lakshmi nd shruthi are waiting for us near the temple.. U both go to thm..we will come with others..
Aiswarya: OK..u all come soon.. We r going to thm..
Dhanni: ha..OK..come…

Aiswarya nd dhanni goes towards temple..
Thy both came to the back side of temple ..Thr seemed to be a lonely place..thy didn’t see anyone
.thy both was abt to return back..suddenly.. Thy hr shouting frm backside.. Thy both turned quickly
“” happy holi”………
Sujjie and latha threw a whole bucket of colored water at both of thm…dhanni and aiswarya was full drenched in color nd thy stood still by mouth hang open…
Dhanni:u both….thy said u both didn’t reached..
“Whom said” a sound came frm Thr backside..

Dhanni and aiswarya turned..
And saw megha nd maha standing Thr with two plate full of color ..
Aiswarya: dhanni was a trap..we r trapped..
Maha: correct ..aish…(thy laugh)
Megha:u both knew…color suit u both whn u both r wet..
By saying tht maha nd megha put whole plates of color at thm…
Dhanni:fools…this is not fair…

“What not fair” next sound came..
But this time thy didn’t evn get time to turn…b4 tht…Lakshmi nd shruthi starts attacking thm both with water guns nd water balloons.. Dhanni nd aiswarya is running to escape themselves frm this attack….
Dhanni nd aiswarya stopped infornt of a big table..arranged with colors nd water balloon water gun…
“Superb devils on action”..others shouts at thm..
Dhanni and aiswarya grab colors nd start Thr attack back…dhanni grab Megha s hand nd pull her towards her she was trying to escape.. By another hand dhanni put whole red color to Megha’s face..
Dhanni:now sis looking so cute..
Megha laughs nd look at maha.. Maha was laughing madly..megha look at dhannis face..a smile came to dhannis face…megha run towards maha nd caught her by thn dhanni took water balloon and start to attack maha with it…by tht time aiswarya comes with colors
Aiswarya: can I help u both…(smiles)

Aiswarya put the color at maha..
Thy all laugh madly…
Latha nd sujjie was having a war between each other..
Latha:red suits u more sujjie…
Lath put red color at sujjie nd run..
Sujjie:blue suits u latha..I’m coming..
By saying tht sujjie run behind latha..
Shruthy catch latha nd make her turn..nd sujjie threw color at latha..latha benddown at the mean time nd shruthy coverd with color….latha laugh madly by sitting at ground.. Shruthy give a evil look nd hug latha ..latha try to escape frm shruthy s hug bcz shruthy rub all colors in her body to latha….

Dhanni came to Lakshmi nd put color at Lakshmi face softly nd says “happy holi dear”.. Lakshmi smile nd wish her back” happy holi.”next moment Lakshmi was standing still with eyes wide upon..all other girls r rounded her with Thr weapons… Within 1 min..Lakshmi covered with full color nd water…
Dhanni: superb devils.. Come can play at road..
Others “yes .can have fun”..

Superb devils r on road …..playing with colors …
Dhanni was chasing Megha with colors nd throw water balls…dhanni laughs out madly…all others came infornt of dhanni nd gave a evil look…dhanni starts to run by laugh at others…
Same time viplav is walking to the temple.. Nd dhanni is running towards the temple…
Dhanni runs faster without bothering abt anyone and was next to viplav
Nd viplav didn’t notice the he is busy in making sure no one will touch him with colour.. Superb devils throw color nd water at dhanni..but dhanni bend down..causing some other dipped in color nd standing like a alien…. Yeah

Its none other thn our viplav…viplav s eyes r wide opened…he didn’t understand what’s happen a few sec b4…he looks at his body.. Which is full of colors now..he get too much angry..
Dhanni looks up nd saw viplav in colors
Dhanni first get shocked but in next sec she burst into laugh…
Dhanni: who is this alien?
Megha:but he looks handsome.. this called wht abt my bhai…
Maha:ohh…starts …bhais story.. U will face something more….
By saying this all thy again starts Thr fight…

Still viplav is standing still without any movement.. He looks at the girls with full anger nd looks dhanni with a serious look…WHR dhanni is having fun…

Viplav walks towards the girls nd was abt to grab dhannis hand..b4 viplavs hand grab her another two hands pull her towards a car..its our varun..
Varun:chotti..I keep my I’m..
Shruthy: looking handsome..
Dhanni:bhabhi shruthy …r u coming with us …
Shruthy:y not..(thy all laughs)
(Actually thy all r so closed frnds..nd used to tease each other like this…)
Varun:come..we can enjoy holi now..
Varun too join with superb devils nd have fun…
Viplav was looking all this by a very angry face..
Viplav: I won’t let her live in Peace…

Precap:viplav nd dhannis fight…

Frnds I don’t know whtr u like the characters which I choose in ff..I chosse my readers as characters.. So if any of u have any prblm inform me…

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  1. Aiswarya

    Today’s episode was awesome ???loved it sooooooooooo much ???
    Yipeeeeeeee I coloured maha diii wished that could really happened our ikrs family playing holy together
    n the best is that unknowingly we coloured viplav ???
    Why viplav is sooooo allergic towards colors ??
    Diiiiiii precap is very interesting vidhani’s first fight in ur ff??
    Luv u diiii❤❤❤
    Post the next part sooooon??

    1. Aiswarya

      Diiiiii thank u sooooooooo much for making me part of ur ff??

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Aish I also colored u and I really enjoyed that.. me and megha did a prank with u and dhani hope u enjoyed that 😀 😀

      2. Aiswarya

        Diiiii I enjoyed a lot ???

  2. Areeb

    Ohoo! ? What a colorful episode. And Dhaani friends beautified the whole episode. ? Loved it. Poor Viplav got angry. ? Post next episode soon!

  3. Meghs

    Sis its tooo good i loved it?? we all together colour viplav is best part the way u described its too good… well done

    Keep rocking

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Swaraaa it was dhamakedar dhuwandar episode.. I just loved it <3 The way me and Megha did prank with dhani and aiswarya was superb 😀 The way we were throwing colours at each other was mind blowing and my smile become even more broader after imagining myself laughing madly 😀 Oh God u know my family used to make fun of my laugh because according to them I laugh with breaks and I laugh too loudly so yeah I was enjoying that too 😀 So viplav is now coloured in dhani's love I mean its just color but phr bhe… Actually the part where viplav was drenched in colors though he was so careful was a hilarious one 😛 I was imagining his expressions and he was looking so cute in fact we all were looking cute.. Overall this episode was filled with masti thanks for making me part of this masti khez episode.. I enjoyed this ride alot and u defined them so nicely <3 keep writing and post the next one sooner as I am eagerly waiting for viplav's reaction and the reason to reveal behind his allergy towards colors plus I love varun and shrishti couple too so Go for it :-*

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