Trust makes love perfect – Episode 3


Hi frnds… Swara is back frnds..hope all remember me…so I’m going start my ff…all r ready na..but frnds without ur support I can’t do anything.. So plz comment…
Thank u mahaaijaz,shruthy ,aiswarya,sujjie Lakshmi nd megha ,latha thanks for ur support
.love u all nd my silent readers..

Here is my previous episode link: Episode 2

So we can go to our story na…

Recap: vidhani introduction nd Thr family..

Shrishti: varun did u remember how we all met?
Varun:how can I forget tht?
Both smile each other at thr memories…

Flash back:(our story begins)

A big room is shown…painted with pink colour surely it will be a girl’s room…bcz walls r decorated with Barbie’s pictures…nd room is too neatly arranged…someone is sleeping in bed ..a rose nd White mix blanket is covering tht person’s can’t identity who is tht..
A person seem entering the room nd slowly comes to the bed without making any noise..nd slowly remove the blanket ..nd it reveal tht who is sleeping peacefully.. Its our own dhanni….nd by watching her face a cute smile came at the other person’s face
.nd it’s none other thn our varun….
He slowly call ..”chotti….woke up..”..
Dhanni didn’t open her eyes..but smiles.. naughty girl is awake.. Waiting for me ha..?
By saying tht he slowly apply colors at dhannis face which he carry with him…
Varun:happy holi chotti…
Dhanni suddenly opened her eyes nd sat on the bed nd touch her face …nd give a puppy look at varun…varun laugh at her nd he was abt to turn back..but at a sudden dhanni grab his hand nd make him fall on the bed nd she quickly turn to her table..nd Thr all color is arranged which varun didn’t noticed b4…she grabbed it nd put all those color at him
Nd shouts..”happy holi bhai… “..he is still at bed fighting with colors at his thn dhanni jumb out of the bed nd varun try to catch her..nd she run out of the room..nd he follows…thy run around the whole house nd at last dhulari stops thm..
Dhulari: oho…frm mrng u both started …go nd freshen up..I will take bf for u both..go..
Dhanni and varun:OK mom…
Dhanni: but bhai..something missing?
Varun(give a smile): is it this?(he shows a plate full of color..)
Dhulari shouts “noooo”
Dhanni laughs :yesss…
Both of thm apply color to dhulari nd have a very good time…nd both of thm start Thr chasing game again…
At 9 am..
Its seems little peaceful time…dhanni is sitting at a chair nd she dressed in pink nd white mixture (I think its her fav colors)..varun came frm up stairs nd give a smile to dhanni.. WHR dhanni give a serious look to him..frm.his dressing itself it’s clear tht he is going to office…

Varun:so sorry doll…a last minute work..want to go nd present our work.. I will be back as soon as possible nd I have called ur frnds for ur celebration ..go nd enjoy with thm..I will come whn doll finish enjoying with thm..thts promise..
Dhanni was sitting nd looking somewhere else nd have serious look..
Varun:chotti..I promise tomorrow we both will have a entire day for celebration.. I will took leave ..
Dhanni(smiles nd look at him):OK thn..but today want to came back as soon as possible..
Varun: ur frnds will come soon
.have a nice time u..(he place a kiss on her forehead)
Dhanni(smile):have a nice day
Varun bid by nd went to his office in his car.

So next to our viplav s home…
A girl seemed to walking silently to kitchen with her hand at back…someone is busy in works …nd tht women turned its our kanak…
Kanak:shrishti..what u doing hr?
Yes,the girl is our shrishti…
Shrishti:nothing ma..want to Say u something
By thn she applied color to kanak face nd run back to the kitchen door..

Kanak: u devil..look..u spoiled my new sari..I will change to a older one if u want to play with these colors.. (She make a serious but its funny to watch…in my ff kanak is a cute and caring mother)
Shrishti:but u looking cute ma..(Shrishti laughs..still now Shrishti is free frm colors.. No one apply any color at her..)
Kanak:u…go nd play with ur dadaji nd dadi..don’t play with me again…
Two figures appeared behind Shrishti..
Its our dadi nd dadaji..
Kanak:what is this?
Dadi nd dadaji is fully covered with colors tht too a number of different colors… this na..whn I was coming down with colors.. I Saw thm both sitting down at I put all these colors Frm the upstairs to thm…nd it didn’t finished.. I laugh at thm..thy came to catch me..nd I ran outside.. Thy too sawing thm with colors.. The kids playing outside the gate came in nd played with thm both…nd now hr thy r…

By saying this Shrishti laugh madly nd was holding her stomach… She feel something fell on her body.. Whn she opened her eyes..she was drenched with color nd water…dadaji is throwing water balloon nd dadi is using water gun nd kanak took some color nd put at her..
Nd all shouts”happy holi”….
All r now covered with colors.. All came to outside ..
Dadi: WHR is viplav?
Shrishti: he goes outside early mrng..
Kanak:this boy won’t change…
Dadaji:he won’t play with us..WHR is shambu?
Kanak: he went to pick shalu Frm railway station..she is coming to play with him..but This yr too can’t play with viplav na..
Shrishti:ma..u knew na..he hate putting colors at him..Thts why he go outside at this day..whn someone put color he get irritated nd will bcm angry ..thts why he avoiding it..let him do as his wish ma..
Kanak:oh…started …whatever comes u won’t leave his side na..always will support his likes..
Shrishti: he is my chotte na ma..
Dadi:ha..OK..come we all can have masti now..
Shrishti: how cute my dadi is..

Thy all played with colors…
A temple is shown..nd a boy seemed to walking through The road near by it..
Someone called him”viplav “…
Yes its our viplav…
Tht man who called him was abt to apply color at him..but viplav stopped nd said pls don’t put colors.. Tht man leaves with a confused look…

Same time at dhannis home

She got a call
Dhanni:hello megha..
Megha: varun bhai called us at mrng nd we arranged all things..u come near temple.. U knew na..tht place..we can celebrate holi Thr..OK na..
Dhanni.:I knew tht place.. OK. ..I will be Thr within 10 min..OK..nd I will pick aiswarya too..

Dhanni left frm.home nd pick aiswarya

Dhanni had a gang in her CLG called superb devils
Its included(megha(dhannis Best friend ,nd she is like her sis),aiswarya, shruthy ,sujjie,mahaaijaz(called maha),Lakshmi,latha nd dhanni)
Frnds its those who commented on my ff..I’m not considering ur ages nd making frnds of my dhanni..hope u will like..if didn’t too inform me…

Dhanni:r u ready aiswarya.. For our holi..
Aiswarya :why not.. Superb devils going to have fun..
Dhanni nd aiswarya goes in dhanni s car..dhanni is driving nd heading toward temple…

Precap:superb devils having fun nd viplav is walking towards thm..
What will happen??
Wait for next part..
Hope u all will like this part..
Pls give comment frnds..

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  1. Shruthy

    That was a cute starting for a flashback. Revealing the lovely and close bondings between the siblings of each family. Waiting to know what will happen at the temple but also why Viplav doesn’t like to be coloured…
    PS : thanks for the invitation dear! <3

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Swara it was super cute.. I loved dhani and her brother’s bonding the way they applied colours and shrishti’s part was also adorable.. I love their family bond? I wonder why viplav is so allergic with colours hmm waiting for that to real and us sey bhe ziada eagerly waiting for the next part as i am very excited to see our masti.. thank u so much for adding me as I love doing masti.. keep rocking?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s reveal instead of real .. sorry

  3. Swara diiiiii it was an awesome episode ??I became part of ur ff ??that toooo frnd of dhani I’m soooo happy ???.
    Shrishti’s character is sooooo nice ☺☺the way she applied colours ????
    I loved their family bonding

    Keep going diii??
    n post the next part sooon

  4. Meghs

    Its fantastic suspence thriller… like movie flashback it moving…. i loved the way u described everything bro sis bond superb? afterall varun is so cutena? family is so cute i loved it..
    Thanku thank u so much for adding me bt i wont call varun bhai ok… Ammu love u sis take care??? keep rocking sis

  5. Areeb

    Hi Swara. 🙂

    It’s your third episode and I’ve just read the previous two. Superbly written! And today’s flashback start is too good. Loved Vraun n Dhaani’s bonding!

    So excited for next episode. Seems Viplav-Dhaani first encounter at temple going to be an extreme one. ?

  6. Angel20

    Wow, nice start?? this varun-dhaani bonding was very nice.. Loved it.. N cute Kanak..?
    Keep writing di.. Jai mata ji..
    Sorry for not commenting on previous parts?

  7. Sujie

    Swara….yipeeeeeee I am a part of your ff….. Dhaani’s friend…..awesome????
    Keep going??
    This is lovely…….
    In advance HOLIIIIIIII HAIIIII TO ViDhaani ??????????

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