Trust makes love perfect – Episode 2


Hi…frnds its me swara back…thank u frnds for ur feedback… Nd I’m just giving introduction to my ff..frm next episode only I will start my story…nd hope silent readers too will support me. .. can I start my ff na…
Previous episode:Episode 1
Nd mahaijaz u can imagine tanu nd rishi as varun and shrishti..
Recap: varun&Shrishti s moments….

Varun and shrishti moves towards doctor’s cabin. After discussion with doctor for a half an hour thy came out..both of thm seem to be a bit relaxed thn b4..thy came to others who are waiting infornt of ICU….
Varun:no need to worry, his condition is stable now,after 24 hrs doctor will say the exact report. Nd thr is no need to wait here till dn.only one or two is needed .
Me nd shrishti will be here. You all can go back to home..
Dadi:varun, OK then..but let her too stay with u both..(she looks towards the girl who is sitting at the end of the bench nd still looking at the doors of icu?)

Varun look at tht girl..her back is shown..still she is not hearing anything which is happening around her..she is waiting those ICU doors to open…tht ICU is really a hell for her..but her Prince is trapped Inside it…she is waiting for him to come out…varun came near to her.shrishti stays near dadi..varun makes her face him..a tear dropped form his face,by watching her face..her face shows her broken heart.. Still without any hope.. Varun bcm speechless by watching her face…

(Yeah..frnds it our now all got an idea na..who will be in ICU?..yes .its our viplav….what happened to him??r u thinking tht?…then it’s Ans is my story… I will say the Ans through my story…OK!?)

Dhanni sit like a statue, tears r not coming frm her eyes..its like no more tears r thr to flow…
Dhanni look at varun;
Dhanni:bhai…..(tears drop frm her eyes again .)he…(she points to ICU …but no more words come)..

(Yes..frnds.. Varun is dhannis brother..elder one..he love his younger sis a lot …more thn his life)

Varun:he is all right chotti..u go back to home with nd shrishti will stay here can I leave him like this bhai..I can’t..
Varun(he thought to don’t oppose her more..):OK then..u stay here with us…

All others went..only thy three are staying Thr..varun gone to clear some formalities for viplavs treatment… Shrishti nd dhanni are sitting infornt of ICU…

(Frnds now I will say abt families of our vidhanni….
In viplav s home its all same members.. One addition member is Thr..I will say abt it later…(characters r same as b4 vidhannis marriage in ikrs) (No widow concept)…

Next to dhanni’s family…. Dhulari as dhannis mom…varun as dhannis elder bro…her dad died in an accident whn she was kid itself…after tht varun was her dad bro nd best friend….nd varun is a famous business man ….

OK additional characters will introduce in between the story.. Tht okay na)

So..dhanni and shrishti is sitting in the bench… Doctor came out and ask for viplav s relatives..both girls came forward ..

Doc: his condition is stable now ..but if he didn’t get conscious in next 24 hrs will get difficult for his recovery…)

Doc leaves .. Dhanni brks down,shrishti support her nd hug her…dhanni cried at shrishti shoulder. Shrishti wipe her tears whn saw varun approaching thm..varun saw dhanni crying at shrishti s shoulder nd rush to thm..

Varun:choti…what happen. Why my choti crying… Don’t cry look at me…

Varun make her face him. She rest her head on varun s chest.. By thn shrishti tells all tht doc said to thn varun look at shrishti s face..she is avoiding eye contact nd finding words to say..she stammers in between…varun look at dhanni..

Varun:chotti…look…nothing will happened to him..I promise u…

Dhanni look at him with a hopeful eyes….he makes her sit at the bench nd she rest her head at his shoulder. Shrishti walks away frm Thr..varun look at her …

After sometimes making dhanni comfortable varun walks towards the corridor..
Varun saw shrishti crying her heart Out by leaning towards the wall..varun goes towards her..whn she saw him coming she hides her tears frm him which he already saw..

Varun:don’t try to hide those tears more..u can’t do it..I very well knew how much u feel for him..nd these tears r for him..still now u hide it bcz to make me comfortable bcz I was finding difficult to console my doesn’t mean u to hide these tears dear…why u want to hide thm?wants to show tht u r okay?..

She keeps quite..

Varun:(hugs her tightly) I knew how much u love him..ur brother is okay dear…don’t worry..

Shrishti :varun! chotte ….

She hides her face at varuns shoulder.. He gently touch her hair..nd make her relax..

( this is the addition member in viplav s family… Shrishti.. Viplav s elder sis..viplav is middle one..had one elder nd younger sis in my ff…
You all getting my story line na..I didn’t start story yet..just giving introduction.. If any confusion ask me..okay na?)

Varun:nothing happened Yarr..

Shrishti bcm a bit okay…

Shrishti:varun did u remember how we all met??
Varun:how can I forget tht?

Precap: flashback…

Frnds give feedback.. I really don’t know whtr u r liking or not..pls comment ur view

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Swara it was sad but good yaar.. dhani was in so much pain.. so that guy is viplav I wonder what happened to him.. shrishti and varun are so cute.. loved their part alot.. keep going and post the next one soon as I am very excited to know the reason behind all this..

    1. Thank u dear for ur support.. Keep reading nd commenting

  2. Meghs

    Sis ?? u made me emotional.. love it alot… suspence thriller movie it seems?

    Love u sis ?
    Keep rocking

    1. Love u too sis…don’t be emotional sis
      ?..keep reading

  3. Shruthy

    Hey Swara! I have been reading your story from the beginning but wasnt able to comment on the first episode. So here I am
    Though the episodes are quite short, I have seriously been enjoying them a lot. Haan the beginning is really emotional but that’s what I like, and I am now really excited to know what happened exactly in their lives. I mean the way they met, they fell in love etc, either about ViDha or VaTi. So I am rea

  4. Shruthy

    *So I am really excited to read the next part too. Hopefully I will be able to read it once you post as I am not at home. But yeah will be waiting like the other fictions. 🙂

    1. Thank u so Much for ur support …will post next part soon..keep reading nd commenting….

  5. Diii I’m soooo excited ???but today’s was an emotional one
    Keep going diiii
    Post the next part soon

  6. Sujie

    Okay,….. this is awesome ..though it was sad……WENT THROUGH ROLLER COASTER OF EMOTIONS….but good job dear…keep going

  7. Lakshmi

    swara di good to see you back….. Though it was an emotional one liked it…. I think to make laugh and to make cry are two difficult things…. If you are successful in this u can make a change in the world also….

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