Trust makes love perfect – Episode 1


Hi frnds…its me swara…any one rembeber me??..I’m going to start a fan fiction. Hope all will support me. ..and I’m adding some new leading characters to my ff. And also .I’m writing in our old ikrs..not present.. Sorry for tht…I will introduce characters while story progress… So I’m going to start my ff..and megha is the Creator of my cover page.. And support me a lot…thank u sis…
So now to the story..

At hospital:
Scene 1:

All r waiting in front of ICU…
All the eyes are worried and from those eyes can read a question.. HOW it happen??..but no one is in a situation to ask or even talk…no one can’t even console others because ,they themselves is looking for a support .all eyes are filled with tears somany of them failed to trap them nd flowing through their cheeks…

Scene 2:

One boy came running to the reception of hospital and ask the way to ICU .a girl is following him and he is guiding her..both r worried nd hurrying to ICU..both reached ICU..all those eyes look at them…

“Varun and Shrishti ” someone said….

(Hey friends ..these 2 characters r my special characters of my ff…my imagination.. Thy will be supporting characters for our vidhani….u can imagin any actors for this roles…nd in my mind its Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt?)

Varun:dadi,what’s happen??
Dadi:I don’t know! Don’t know anything!!(she burst into tears)

Shrishti came to dadi
Shrishti:dadi..nothing happened! We r here na..u relax dadi.

Dadi look at her,nd rested her head on shrishti’s shoulder….

After 2 worried hours..

Shrishti is looking at the ceiling.. A tear escape from her left eye.

Varun came to her and ask her to come with him..she followed him..
Thy both reached the corridor of the hospital nd Thr seem to be lonely.. Varun stop Thr.shrishti too do the same..varun make her turn to his side..

Varun:what happened to my cutie?
Shrishti:(looks at the worried face of varun)hey;I’m fine dear,don’t worry (she gives a smile to him)
Varun:don’t give fake smile.u knew na .u can’t hide anything for long from me..thn why trying to do tht..
Shrishti: don’t take tension.I knew u well varun.
Varun:then tell ,what’s going on your mind
Shrishti: I was thinking abt them..Viplav nd Dhanni…
Varun:ha,don’t know ..what happened to them
Shrishti:varun….nothing will happen..everything will be all right..
Varun:yeah! Sure!but cutie .don’t take tension.
Shrishti: yeah.. We want to give them strength. So my handsome boy too be strong…okay na..
(They both smile at each other)

Varun:come with me,we want to talk with doctor
Shrishti: yeah..come..

Thy headed towards doctor’s room

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  1. Maha_Aijaz

    Hi Swara 🙂 .. Good start and very interesting story.. very excited to read further and I am imagining rishi tanu from kasam as varun and shrishti <3 Go on dear and post the next one soon 🙂

  2. Latha

    Swara good start and interesting too. Why dadi was crying and what happened to vidhani. Good going and post the next part soon

  3. Sujie

    Swara…’s gonna be interesting….. ???

  4. Meghs

    Ammu good start..
    Suspence n all ha..
    Post nxt part soon?
    Love u?

  5. Swara di it is a very nice start??keep going. Post the next part soon

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