trust me… i m only urs… and ur mine 3 shots (Part 1)

hi frds how u all? i m varu…. i wrote with love.. so plscomments r necessay…it may be my last post too as i m tried to rigester in TU… but i failed several times…i think my “who am i? swasan ragalak” ff will remian incomplete… sorry…

this story is at the time when no mobile/internet connection were exist… people can contact them by writting letters or making trunk call.. no other sorce/tenchnology were exist.
it is story revolve arround 2 people… oh sorry 2 is maheshwari another one is gadodiya… both the families were middle class.. difference is maheshwaries living in a own house (pitrarjitha) gododias in rented house…
city hospital
we can see a lady wearing simple light pink nylon saree playing with a kid happily… after that she turns to go to another kid…
kid- didi.. did u forgot u have to give injection to me? u forgot na..(that kid claps hand while laughing)
lady- kiddo i alredy gave injection to u…(winked at kid)
kid- i didnt get pain…. how u did didi..?(in amusement)
lady- its ur didi magic…(smiles at her and walks out)
she sits in her cabin.. checking some case files.. then a lady enter into cabin..
lady- tq so much dr… u saved my child…
dr lady- its ok… its my duty…
lady- leave a long and happy life with ur husband and child…(seeing sindoor on her hair line and manglsootra on her neck she assumed that)
dr lady-(her smile disapeared hearing husband)(she just smiled)(that lady went from their)(she leaned back on her seat… closing eyes)(some fashes came in her mind)
flash back
a 10 year old boy- hey shonaaaa.. u r my jaanu.. look i ranked again in exam… whenever i go for exam seeing u i ll top in that.. u r really my lucky charm(saying this he kissied her cheeks)
shona-(5 years)(give million dollar smile to him)
they both went for icecream stand and eat it fully..
fash back ends
(u may all guesed it na the dr.. is none other than swara..”swara gadodiaya”)

a smile appeared on her face …. at that moment someone knocked the door.. she comes to sense..
person- dr. madam dean called a meeting… its urgent …all must present for half an hr..
swara- ok.. i ll..
she goes to wash room splashed warter on face several time to come to sence..
her inner mind-“what happend to you… u forgot wt he did to u … u r still remembering him.. he is a liar,cheater, just keep in ur mind he ditched u … used u…now there is only one feeling is for him that is u HATE HIM.. got that..”
swara- yes… i hate him … i hate him from my bottom of my heart…
some how composed herself and came to meeting hall
swara-(to dean) sorry sir… i m late…
dean- its ok swara… its not big deal.. i conduct this meeting to introduce our new surgeon .. he is g8 doctor… he has experiance of working under dr. viliom(imaginery) as assistant.. he never failed in any case in his career.. (she lisening with happy)..and u ll be his assistant… its good opportunity for u … to work under him…do u have any problem to work under him?
swara- Sir i m so happy… hearing all this .. i love to work under him… by the way wr is doctor?
(it is abig meeting hall… swara and dean are in enterance.. and that dr.. is other end he cant hear them)
dean – there he is..(his back is front for them) (loudly) Mr. maheshwari..(her skipped a beat hearing this)(but she thought he may be elese) mr. maheshwari(both were walking towad him him)
he turned his chair.. looked up to see and he totally shocked to see the swara.. swara too shocked to see him.. both were shock.. happy … both their eyes were wet.. swara composed herself
dean- look he is famous surgeon DR. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI… and sanskar she is DR.SWARA GADODIYA one of the best doctor in our hospital.. from today she will be ur assistant…
one nurse came to them and informed dean that some one called him.. he excused himself and went away leaving them alone
there is silence for few minutes… swara cusing her fate by closing her eyes .. sankar seeing her top to bottom
he is happy to see she is wearing mangalsutra and sindoor named of him.. he is happy that still she is my wife… mrs.swara sanskar maheshwari.. he is admiring his wife lovingly suddenly one incident flashed…

sanky- y u all married me to this girl…? how can i introduce her infornt of socity.. ha she is my wife,, just completed her pu.. and her work is only limited to kitchen and bedroom..
dp – shut up.. how can u talk this infront of us…(swara ran from there hearing him while crying..) just go away rom my sight…
fb end

he come out from his fb.. sees swara turned to go from him.. he catched her hand
sanskar- (with full of love )shona….(she closed her eyes)shonaaa..(come to sence_
she turned
swara- swara.. DR. swara gadodia… shona died long back… and all thanks to u mr.maheshwari.. remember onthing clearly i m not ur wife anymore… (freein her self from him)i dont like this typ behaviour.. so please be in limit…now we have only on relation that is teacher and student.. im ur asistant .. i respect u as a doctor.. personally .. u know betteri think.. so stay away(saying this start to go)
he clutches her hand twists it and pinned her to wall.. she is shocked by him..
they both can hear eachothers heart beat clearly in empty hall… his hot breath toching her forhead… he can feel her abnormal breath toching his neck…
sanaskar- except this we dont have any other relation(in nervousness she just indicate no) say this by seeing me eye to eye..(she lift her face to meet his gaze)(he lost looking at her closed eye)open ur eyes and repeat that again..(she opened her eyes slowly.. he can see lots of love , pain in her eyes.. he wanna kiss her eyes and abosorb all her pain and give all happiness )
swara- no… we dint have any other relation except this…(he came too close to her)(she again closed her eyes)
he kissed her on hair line wr… she applied sindoor…
sanskar- then wt is this ? it s showing my right on u ..(he bend himself.. and kissed her neck softly… for a sec.. she stoped breathing…after that kiss he strightened himself) it is showing me still u r mine only mine…(swara is just melted in him.. she is not in her sense)(he kissed her two eyes softly with lots of love.. one drop of tear falls from her eye lashes) its showing me how u waited for me in these years…(she opened her eyes.. just falling for him all over again)(he sees at her lips leaned for it)(swara came to sense and remembered his betroyal and push him with all her force)

swara- stay away… u only killed my innocence… u only broke my heart… look here…this sindoor and mangalsutra is just for the society sake… it is like protection from bad lustfully eyes… in india now also there is some resepect for married women .. thtas y i m wearing this… if u want ur mangalsutra.. i can give it to u… i ll buy another one for me.. in market there is so many..(she acts to to remove that)
sanky-(holding her hand)no .. not needed
swara- and about eyes its ur wrong assuption mr. maheswri… see properlyyy..its showig hatered towards u…got that thing clear in ur mind…. u r closed chapter. its last tym ur behaving lyk this from next tym i ll not spare u… (she walk awy from him)
sansakr- how is shekar baba?
swara- he is alive… and one more thing do not dare to interfere in my life… dont try to meet baba… u having my promise… oh sorry… y u care for me…. in ur lyf if ur or sec.. also teated me as ur frd/love then dont show ur face to baba..
saying this she leaves … she crying .. and run away to her cabin .. and locked herself..
swara-y sansakar.. y u came again?to destory me agin? again to breack..? i m alredy dead… u giving all this pain to me…? is it my fault that i loved u unconditionally…? is it my fault i trusted u lyk anything..? i m now dr. swara…. but u know its not my dream… my dream is u only u… tobecome mrs. sanskar maheshwari…. from childhood ur my lyf…. not becoz.. our parents usualy talk about us.. our marriage… becoz i fall for u….truely madly… heartedly… i always found my happiness in u…. i always used to which u lyk.. i too fallowed ur path in studies too… i too took PCMB in puc… in that time going to pu college as a girl is g8 news… just for ur love i took that…
“now i m hating my self for loving u in dat much deep that… now i cant even hate properly….” she cried her heartout…
asking half day leave she went to her home…
on the other side——
sanky is sitted on grond seeing her..he remembered how he humulated her at 7 years back… their childhood… her cuteness.. calling him”SANSKAR RUKHO …. HEY SANKUUUUUUUU……. STOP…. i ll not leave u taday…” he remembered all their moments which seems all were done just beore now seeing brocken ,,,strong yet brocken from inside swara.. he brockr down
sanskar- i dint know that my one dream cause our lyf lyk this… sorry.. i m really sorry… but seeing today i have the hope that one day we ll be again lyk before… i can see love for me in ur eyes…i never confronted or accepted this… but my heart knows this before only… “I LOVE U SHONA…”i can bear ur punishment… pls forgive me and accept lyk before…(he leans behind wall”

recap-swasan past reveled in the p.o.v of swara… present swasan chemestry… other staff members bad mouthing swaras character seeing her with sanky

so how is it guys… its only 3 shots… yeah only 3… not lyk before… i m confident becoz i alredy wrote 3 parts.. and i ll post seeing the feed back… wheter u u lyked to continue or stop.
wt u think wt may be their past? wt sanky done… to her that she started hating him?

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