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but u know ‘ superb episode is directly proportional to time taken to think on it ‘ it means if i took more time then i’ll surely give u a best update… i get lots of fantastic ideas to make it more fantastic….
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here is the end of my bak bak… let’s go to the next epi….



EPI 18

Recap –



[everyone was so entangled in their problems.. no one was able to sit there… first one was ishana who made excuse and went from there.. seeing her leaving om also got up and went to his art room making a lame excuse of statue completion… rudra was in total disbelief & confusion about his feelings towards saumya.. he gave his bowl of basundi to saumya.. & asked her to finish it as it’s her fav…. she was so pleased by his this action.. but suddenly she also remembered it’s her broadcast time hence she also rushed from there with two bowls of basundi… annveer chuckled at this act of somu.. & seeing their bonding shivaay got irked…]

ranveer : Looks like she loves sweets.. so cute…..
annika : yeah… she loves not only sweets.. but she loves to eat everything….( annveer chuckled on their joke & both shivpri were lost in their happy face )
ranveer : (he got one message after checking it he left his food uneaten & went towards annika) annika… I have to go for this..(he showed her something in his phone)
annika : (annika’s face clearly showed worry.. which didn’t got unnoticed by shivaay) okay ranveer… but be careful.. keep in mind that here i’m waiting for u…
ranveer : of course dear..(he side hugged her) i’ll take care… i’m not gonna leave u this early… but u have to finish ur food & take rest.. tomorrow is a big day for u.. & no cheating in food.. i’m gonna confirm it from om or priyanka ji okay.. (he looked at prinku & she showed thumbs up sign)
annika : (making puppy face) okay i’ll have it… no need to show ur policegiri here… bye… (and ranveer went from there in jiffy)

[prinku was again happy seeing this side of ranveer… but she was most happy about ranveer calling her… but sso was in his bagad billa mode after seeing the growing bond of annveer… he became so possessive about her that he was like why this ranveer is coming in my annika’s life… only i have that right to care for her.. how dare he hug her like that.. his famous frown started growing when he was remembering annveer closeness in this less time span.. his possessiveness towards annika increased…]

annika : prinku…. plz don’t tell ranveer.. but i’m unable to eat anything.. i’m going to get some sleep… (saying this she went from there in kitchen)
prinku : bu…but.. annika.. (annika was already left from their)
shivaay : prinku.. u go get some sleep.. i’ll handle her..(prinku nodded & went from there…)

[shivaay went in kitchen to check on annika….. there she was so lost in her thoughts.. the glass which she was filling with water was overflowing but she didn’t noticed it.. this made shivaay more tensed… he was extremely worried for her…]

shivaay : annika…(she didn’t reacted anything hence he went near her & shook her holding her arm) annika..
annika : haa.. haann..
shivaay : what r u doing…?? R u okay.. ??? U r looking worried…
annika : (annika came back to her sense) if i’m worried also then u don’t have to do anything with it.. Mr. oberoi…
shivaay : (he was really pissed of bcoz of her behavior) ohh okay then i’ll not do anything.. but i need to talk with u..
annika : but i’m not interested… (she faced other side)
shivaay : (coming to his bagad billa mode) u will have to listen to me.. it’s important.. and should be known to u before marriage… & if shivaay singh oberoi want to speak then u will have to listen at any cost…
annika : (she was ready to listen him after him saying that it’s important & should be talked before marriage..but again after seeing his tadibaazi she got angry..) ohh hellooo.. i am not ur would be wife who will have to listen to ur non sense talks.. in which again u will show ur tadibaazi..
shivaay : (he grinned broadly ear to ear) okay then ur wish… i tried my best.. but if u want this then okay.. now go & sleep.. bcoz if u will not be there then how marriage will happen..
annika : what…??
shivaay : yes u r my wedding planner.. so u have to be there plus i think tomorrow is ur marriage.. R u really going to marry or not…??? (he again smiled like maniac)
annika : what do u mean..??? it’s my marriage.. so i’ll think about it… u think about ur marriage.. sorry not marriage.. deal…(she said pointing finger at him and glaring him with disgust)
shivaay : (in mind) ur marriage…(smirks) u will get one surprise… tomorrow u will come to know the truth.. then i’ll see..
annika : (in mind) tomorrow u will get to know the real face of ur enemies which r hidden in disguise of ur loved ones.. then i’ll see…

[both goes from there to their respective room… shivaay opens his cupboard and smiles seeing something.. and closing it goes to his bed & sleeps peacefully… while annika tries to sleep.. she was feeling worried for ranveer… and the memories of shivaay & her was bothering her a lot.. she was trying to get rid of it… but as like adamant kid he was not leaving her alone in her thoughts also… she dozed off to deep slumber.. thinking about tomorrow…]


[Two females were tied to chair.. and ranveer was sitting in front of them..]

ranveer : what u both thought… that i’ll not be able to know ur plan…
1st female : u will never be able to save oberoi’s..
2nd female : u can’t stop me by captivating me like this… u will regret for it… u don’t know my powers…
ranveer : i know ur powers very well & don’t worry u will go to ur right place tomorrow.. so enjoy ur stay here… (then he turned to 1st one) u have this much faith on ur partners.. then i feel pity on u.. tomorrow ur dirty game is gonna end & i’ll make sure to ALL OUT ur team.. along with ur captain… (and smirked and showed them thumbs down)
shinde : sir, should we take them to police station..!!
ranveer : not needed they will be bored there.. we will take them there along with their crime partners… u keep an eye on them… no place for mistake… and bring them at oberoi mansion along with all proofs… did u get that…??
shinde : (shinde nodded his head in understanding and saluted him…) YES SIR…!!!
ranveer : (looking at both females) ladies enjoy last night of ur freedom then tomorrow u will meet ur partners in oberoi mansion… & then i’ll take u all to the picnic in my jail…. then enjoy there for years… i’m sure u will have lots of adventure there… bcoz i’ll make sure to make ur remaining life worse than hell… (he went from there smirking..)

epi ends on the females… where police was standing there to keep an eye on them.




T&D EXIT… ALL VILLAINS WILL BE KICKED OUT FROM MY FF… { I know i didn’t covered that part of precap which i gave in last episode… but this is the reason i didn’t give precap… bcoz i also don’t know when any new idea will strike in my brain & i’ll change the epi.. but i’ll try to cover the above precap in my next episode for sure… pinky promise…}

What truth is shivaay gonna reveal tomorrow…???
who r enemies hidden in disguise of loved ones….???
what is there in shivaay’s cupboard… why he was smiling looking in it…???
whom ranveer captivated…???
total how many villains r there in this FF…???

so basically this was the next epi… i know this one is really short but the whole process of revelation of villains & their exit will take time.. i want all that in one episode only.. hence in next episode will be the longest one….

i am waiting for ur reply… run ur brain’s horses & try to guess the answers of above questions…???
if u want u can throw any vegetables…., chameli’s…, chandani’s…. whatever come in ur hand… (yehi sahi… mera toh fayda hi hoga…)
or u can give me ur sweet comments in appreciation….

Plzzz share ur reviews……….

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    And yes nans di is right that shiv is gonna to expose daksh….
    Maybe shiv saw those bangles….u will use mallika connection….may be not sure….he is smiling coz he realized hos love for Anika……may be again….but what r those bangles doing with shiv (myself confused)…

    Those women may be roop and gayatri(if not dead)…..

    Ok so i am very bad in guessing and I think I have proved this to u….
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    i have posted my 2nd SHivika OS.. do read if u get sometime

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