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So I’ll stop here or u will say ek toh late aur upar se paka rahi hai apane bol bacchan se…



EPI 17

Recap –



[somewhere like hill… there was beautiful scenario in front… annveer was on top of hill…. there was a big valley in front of them…. from that point all city was visible… the whole city was shining with different colors light… and above that place sky was glittering with twinkling stars & a very beautiful moon… which was casting his magic of brightness on this lovely pair of friends… both ranveer & annika was resting on the front side of his car… annika was lost in that beauty of nature.. & ranveer was staring her with plain look… finally he cleared his throat to break the trail of which annika was lost… annika came to this world again after listening to his voice… she immediately understood his state of mind…. she continued to look at that awesome nature.. but she was listening to ranveer]

ranveer : (with firm voice) annika it’s high time.. we have all proofs… no need to pretend marriage with daksh.. we can expose T&D… we r going right now & I’m gonna tell everything to oberoi’s…
annika : (in a very clam tone) nooo ranveer we can’t… so much happened today… they r already baffled by the sudden situations… this revelations r like disaster… lets give them some time to settle..
ranveer : (again with concern) annika u r right but think once… is it right to give them this shock on marriage day… all media.., business partners…, relatives will be present their.. this will create a big mess…
annika : i know ranveer… bahot bada raita failega par wo toh waise bhi hona hi hai… (i know it will create big mess but it’s gonna happen in any way..) tia is no. one cheepdi…
u don’t know her… if we exposed her in front of all then she will not be able to save herself.. and how much i know her i am sure she will definitely try to turn the situation in her favor… but if it happened in front of media then she will be helpless… she can harm any oberoi for her intentions & u know it very well.. we can’t afford it.. it’ll be safe if we do it in front of everyone..
ranveer : (in a very tensed tone) yeah i know… i mean now i got to know it after seeing that proofs… but i am worried for u more… it’s good u accepted daksh’s marriage proposal at least bcoz of this stalkers attack stopped but no need to continue it…. tomorrow everything will become fine… i am there to protect u but still i am afraid.. i can’t loose u on any cost… i have got my ishu back but she is not accepting our relation… i can’t afford to loose u… i can’t annika.. i can’t…..
annika : (smiled brightly..) I know ranveer…
ranveer : (ranveer saw her smiling.. he was totally confused..) why r u smiling… here I am in tension…. & u r smiling…
annika : (she again replied still enjoying the scenery) yes i am smiling on myself….
ranveer : (very curiously) why..??
annika : (now she turned to face ranveer) u know i was angry on god bcoz he always do partiality with me… he always gifted me with pain only…
when i came in this world he snatched my everything my parents… after that he landed me in that orphanage where surviving for one day is not less than any battle.. everyday i have to bear the torture.. but i was having full faith on him.. i was sure that he will answer my prayers definitely.. yes and he did it… one day one couple came there… they saw my condition they felt pity on me and they talked to management.. their was some problem in adoption hence orphanage people refused for adoption… i was left there again heart broken.. i was happy that i’ll also have family.., parents name.., love… but that dreams broke into pieces.. that night i fought with him i asked him why he is doing this.. i was small but didn’t backed off.. i sat there for whole night fighting with him… but to my surprise next day that couple again came there.. that man was determined to rescue me from that daily torture… and he succeeded in doing that.. he bribed them with some money and took me home… my first sweet home… my godparents showered their immense love on me.. i was really happy.. later god gifted them with little baby boy… ‘sahil’ i was so happy.. i was not having surname but i was gifted with most precious thing ‘family’. We were living peacefully.. but this was not liked by god… once again he gifted me pain.. he snatched my family…, my everything… Again i was left alone but this time sahil was with me.. then sundari bua came and made our life hell… i was fed up of this things… but i got to know one thing whatever it is i’ll be always gifted with pain only… once again i fought with him but for last time… i told him that he can do anything but i’ll not back off from this… I became fighter.. for myself…, for sahil…. & after that he did most painful thing of my life.. he gave an entry to shivaay singh oberoi in my life… after meeting him at the end of everyday i got gifted with pain…. i think he was partner of god… both wanted the same thing…. to broke me… to make me weak… they wanted my defeat… why… just bcoz i am the girl who was standing in front of them after their every attempt to broke me… this may have hurt their EGO.. (single tear rolled from her eye making a path on her cheek)
ranveer : (he was numb listening to her story…) U know i never saw anyone like u….. this attitude of urs make u different from others…. u have tolerated this much still u r smiling…(his eyes were wet)
annika : (annika smiled pleasantly) yes i am smiling bcoz see after all this happenings… he gifted me ‘ YOU ‘ (she pointed at him)…. i got one person whose eyes gets filled only listening to pain which i suffered… and that also before me… no one will say that we met some days before… U didn’t asked me any proof to prove myself… u believed in me without looking at my status… i don’t have surname this thing didn’t bothered u…. and the most important thing ” YOU TRUST ME ”
ranveer : (he got amused by her nature) U know i feel blessed to have u in my life… and u r wrong it took me little time to trust u & i was searching proofs to believe u… but after seeing ur pure soul… i didn’t need them… then i came with proposal of friendship to u… i am not that much good annika.. i am not…
annika : i know this ranveer… i also took time to trust u… but it happens we have seen people crushing our trust under their feet.. so it’s hard to believe anyone on first meeting.. but the most important thing is that whatever it is now we r good friends.. u trust me… u r always there for me in every problem to protect me… and most important our relation is pure…. only friendship.. u never tried to cross this line…. nowadays people have made fun of friendship…
ranveer : see u r proving it again that i am lucky to have u…. friendship is most beautiful & pure relation… but sometime i wonder how can anyone share everything with a friend when we doesn’t even share any blood relation.. sometimes it becomes most precious relation of our life… like our relation is for me… i can’t even imagine my life without u… HOW..?? (he looked at annika with confusion)

[ suddenly a cold breeze traveled touching this duo… annveer closed their eyes to feel this… it stopped after some seconds.. annika opened her eyes.. she looked at ranveer & spoke]

annika : see friendship is like this cold breeze.. it was here just for a couple of seconds but it gave us a pleasant satisfaction.. happiness… touched our soul… it’s pure… and friendship is like this only… time-span of friendship doesn’t matter… sometime we become friends with someone in just minute & sometime it takes years to develop it… friends make equally important place in our life like our family or our love…

Kuch rishte uparwala banata hai,
kuch rishte log banate hai,
par kuch log bina kisi rishte ke hi…
rishta nibhate hai,
shayad wohi dost kehlate hai…

(she smiled at ranveer… and again continued to look at scenery… she was expecting that ranveer will say something.. but to her surprise..)

ranveer : (he also said looking at glittering city)

khushiyon par fizaoun ka pehra hai,
na jane kis umeed pe dil thehra hai,
teri ankhon se jhalakte dard ki kasam,
ye dosti ka rishta auron se gehra hai…..

annika : (she was dumbstruck… listening shayari that also from ACP Ranveer.) Ohhh bete ki…… what a shayari…. khidkitod… i was not aware that u r great shayar also… chupe rustom kahi ke….
ranveer : thanks but no thanks…
annika : why…???
ranveer : bcoz that shayari is not mine… woh toh maine abhi thodi der pehale FM pe suni… tum ro rahi thi situation ko bhi suit kar rahi thi toh chipka di…(he said giggling..) {i have listened it on FM sometime before & it was suiting the situation hence i used it here…}
annika : (annika was in utter surprise..) youuuu….. i’ll not leave u.. u r making fun of me…

[ranveer ran from there to save himself.. annika chased him.. freaking her anger.. they both were circling their car… annika was trying hard to catch him.. & he was teasing her more… at last she stopped in front of car… she was panting.. ranveer got concerned for her & immediately came to her help.. he sat beside her…when annika suddenly took hold of him.. and started tickling him… he was laughing aloud bcoz of this]

ranveer : annika leave me yaar… i was just kidding…
annika : hmm u were just kidding that’s why i am doing this… how dare u.. u were making fun of me… i’ll show u…
ranveer : (still trying to control this tickle queen) okay okay meri maaa…. stop now i was not making fun of u.. that shayari in mine only..
annika : (annika stopped after listening this) Hwww… u r lying… if it’s ur shayari then why did u said like that before…
ranveer : (he was trying to stabilize himself..) bcoz crying annika doesn’t look good…. this zansi ki rani avtaar suits u more (he said pointing at her…)
annika : (she was shocked) what…???
ranveer : (defending himself by putting his hand on her..) plzzz now don’t start again… it’s late we should leave… everyone must be worrying about u at home… specially billu ji.. (he said last one mischievously)
annika : (in frightened tone) hey don’t call him billu… sun liya na toh khud bhi maroge aur muze bhi marwaoge….{if he listened to it then he will kill u along with me}
ranveer : (he said chuckling to himself) haan vo toh hai aaj ek zalak dekh hi li maine usaki.. vaise tumane naam galat rakha hai.. naam toh hai billu par kisi kunkhar sher se kam nahi hai Mr. SSO… {you have kept his nickname wrong… nickname is billu… but he is not less than any dangerous lion..}
annika : (glaring him in anger) ranveer don’t u think today U r kidding a lot…
ranveer : (understood what she want to say.. and preferred to keep quite..) okay now come on let’s go.. we r already late…

[annika nodded at him. both sat in car & departed to oberoi mansion… when they entered inside they saw all young oberoi’s pacing here and there in tension.. ishsomu was also present there… daksh was nowhere to be seen.. shivaay was standing in middle with his famous frowned look & anger totally visible on his face… as soon as they entered everyone rushed towards them.. first one was shivaay..]

shivaay : (holding her one arm tightly) have u lost it… where is ur phone.. i was calling u like mad.. can’t u just answer it once…
annika : (she removed his hand and ignored him fully and went near om) Om why u all r worrying this much.. ranveer was with me.. we went for some urgent personal work..
shivaay : (he was hurt bcoz of her behavior) om ask her if her personal work is done then can we have our dinner… or she is already done with her dinner along with her friend…

[ shivika were glaring each other… others were just looking at the duo unknown to react anything…]

annika : (in total amusement) what u all r waiting for us… why u should have continued with it what was the need…
shivaay : it was needed for us.. come on everyone let’s dine together…

[saying this he went and sat on dining table… everyone followed him quietly.. all girls sat in one line occupying adjacent chairs to each others.. and all boys sat on opposite side… shivika & rumya were opposite to each other.. priom & ishveer were opposite to each other… shivaay gestured servants to serve food to everyone.. while whole dinner shivay was staring annika.. she was uncomfortable bcoz of his constant glare.. rudra was observing everyone when his gaze got stuck on cute saumya who was busy in licking the bowl of basundi..{sweet dessert made from milk.. in marathi we call it basundi.. in other language idk} ishana was looking at om with love while om was lost in his thoughts he was remembering all past incidents of his life.. accident.. then his & prinku’s state..then ishana’s entry in his life..their relation… he confronting her for fooling him… after that her re-entry… ranveer’s sudden entry and claiming her to be isha randhawa.. his ishu..that child’s pic which ranveer sent to him… saying that bcoz of him this child lost his mother… this all things were revolving in his mind… ranveer was staring anish one after one sometime with concern sometime with happiness… prinku was noticing all this.. all which she was remembering ranveer’s help.. their meetings… she was trying to configure her feelings when she remembered ranveer saying… she is ISHA RANDHAWA… MY ISHU…. she felt some kind of pain but she was unaware of the reason…]
{darmiyaan was playing in background…}


Song name : Darmiyaan from Jodi Breakers { As a BG score on current situation for all couples}


Lafzon se jo tha pare (shivika remembering their journey)
Khaalipan ko jo bhare (both remembered how they were present for each other in every situation)
Kuchh tto tha tere mere darmiyaan (both remeberering their moments)
Rishte ko kya mod doon (shivaay remembered their changing relation)
Naata yeh abb tod doon (annika remebered all painful moments with shivaay & her determination of going away from him)
Ya phir yun hi chhod doon, darmiyaan (both looked at each other intently)
Benaam rishta woh… (shivaay remembered annika asking ” who am i to u..?? ”
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo (they remembered their concern for each other… their closeness… their fights… their close moments..)
Ho naa.. sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan (they remembered none of them accepting their relation and naming it professional)
Darmiyaan Darmiyan…
Darmeyaan Darmeyan…
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan…
Darmiyaan Darmiyan…
Darmeyaan Darmeyan…
Kuchh tto tha tere-mere darmiyaan.. (they traveled to their shivika world remembering their unique journey from start with every passing moment in which they both were together..)

Oh its a special feeling.. (annika felt it’s something different)
These moments between us (shivaay was so lost in her eyes… he just wanted the time to stop still.)
How will I live without you [x2] (they both felt it’s impossible to go away from each other)

Aankhon mein tere saaye (om was staring ishana.. her reflection was visible in his eyes)
Chahoon tto ho na paaye
Yaado’n se teri faasla haye (he remembered how he tried hard to remove her memories..)
Jaake bhi tu na jaaye (he remembered her leaving from his life)
Thehri tu dil mein haaye (but staying in his mind.., brain.., everywhere…)
Hasrat si banke kyun bhala (he always desired her comeback not knowing to himself)
Kyun yaad karta hoon (he remembered those days when he was missing her badly)
Mit ta hoon banta hoon (he remembered changing himself from calm to angry omkara.. but again becoming the old one after remembering her)
Mujhko tto laayi yeh kahaan.. (he noticed the drastic changes in himself)
Benaam rishta woh…( both ishkara remembered their unsaid relation)
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo (both felt uncomfortable in each others presence)
Ho na sake jo bayaan darmiyaan (both amused about sudden changes in relations bcoz of which their feelings was unsaid)
Darmiyaan Darmiyan
Darmeyaan Darmeyan
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan
Darmeyaan Darmiyan
Darmiyaan Darmeyan
Kuchh toh tha tere mere darmiyaan (ishakara also remembered their journey)

Hard for us to say (rumya noticed that they r sharing eye lock in middle of everyone’s presence..)
It was so hard for us to say (both found it hard to recognize & say about their feelings)
Can’t close a day by day (they found their relation awkward or different)
But Then the world’s got me in way (they remembered hiding their relation from world)
Darmeyaan (they both lost in solving the puzzle of their relation)

chalte thay jinpe hum-tum (prinku remembered her & ranveer’s moments their together walk on karawa chauth)
Raaste woh saare hain gum ( then he saying my ishu.. and prinku felt like it’s over)
Ab kaise dhoondein manzilein (but still she was trying to find way which will come to ranveer..)
Raatein hain jaise maatam (she remembered feeling like dead after sawing his love for ishana)
Ab toh hain din bhi gumsum (she remembered their awkward relation after the incidents)
Roothi hain saari mehfilein (she remembered feeling uninterested in everything)
Itna saa taana yun yaad aana (she remembered all their fights while the investigation of accident)
Bann jaaye aansoon bhi zubaan (her tears which was saying everything)
Benaam rishta woh… (prinku felt her relation to be one sided..)
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo (she felt that discomfort of telling it to ranveer)
Ho naa sake jo bayaan darmiyaan
Darmiyaan Darmiyan..
Darmeyaan Darmeyan..
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan
Darmeyaan Darmiyan..
Darmiyaan Darmeyan..
Kuchh toh tha tere mere darmiyaan… (prinku was lost in ranveer thinking about the strange feelings..)

epi ends on all couples confused faces.



PRECAP : DHAMAKEDAR TWISTS… T&D EXIT….{ for the first time i am giving precap i’ll try to cover this in next epi}

will all couples become successful in solving their entangled relationship…???


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    What can I say about this episode. This one is a good mixture of emotions, trust &love.
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  22. Archiya

    Dear Calli,
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    This para i loved the most
    (friendship is like this cold breeze.. it was here just for a couple of seconds but it gave us a pleasant satisfaction.. happiness… touched our soul… it’s pure… and friendship is like this only… time-span of friendship doesn’t matter… sometime we become friends with someone in just minute & sometime it takes years to develop it…)
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  23. Sorry, for not commenting till now ,finally I’ve read all the episodes completely and I can say only one word… FABULOUS. The dialogues, the emotions, the scenes that u narrated were perfect. Everything was done in a very detailed manner. The songs used for describing the scenes. The suspense that u have created also looks very interesting. I liked the relationship between Anika and Ranveer and no one thought that they can have such have good chemistry. U have pulled of the story really well, and I must say, your writing style is very interesting. I think I should take some tips for my ff. well, I genuinely feel that u r a much better writer than me but I’ll point only one negative point. There is no proper continuation of scenes. Like, it’s serious to funny to again serious to again funny. U know, my biggest problem is I want some realism in story and this story lacks it. Okay, I’ll not give much gyan. You asked for my feedback so I just gave it. otherwise u can write whatever u like because many people love your ff. Keep up the good work

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