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EPI 15

Recap –



[ shivomrupri shared a very tight bear hug they were smiling brightly with tears in their eyes… all members present their was happy+confused…except annveer… both annveer were happy seeing the love of siblings… shivru was confused little… now something stroked shivaay’s brain… he broke the hug & looked at ranveer with questioning look who was standing beside annika & was enjoying the obro moment with content smile… both annveer noticed this & started to panic..]


ufff god plzzz save us…. this shree shree shree kanji ankhon wala bagad billa {blue eyed mad cat} is staring at ranveer like this if he will eat him alive…. i hope he will understand the need to do this drama…. ohhh god if he got to know that ki raita maine failaya hai…. toh to meri ohhh my mata ho jani hai…… {ohh god if he got to know that this was my plan then i am dead..}


(thought to himself) beta ranveer why i think today u r going to die…. mr. shivaay singh oberoi is like hungry lion who will jump on u for touching his brother… & this all is happening bcoz of ur one & only great friend annika…. i hope she will keep her promise and will save me on time…. otherwise today is last day of ur happy life… bcoz after this Mr. SSO will make sure that this life to not remain happy for me…. plzzz god give us strength to face this person whom my friend named billu but is not less than any lion in nature…. i hope annika will keep her promise…. i trust her..


god plzz save us don’t know how will they react after knowing it was plan….

[ BFF gang looked at each other with worried faces they were continuously praying to god to save them anyhow…]

shivaay : (with a very stern voice) ACP randhawa may i know what is happening here…??? first of all u dared to touch my brother…. u arrested him…. & now u freed him immediately without of any pressure from my side…. & why the hell u were smiling when we were hugging…..

[ everyone looked @ ranveer with hope that he will clear their confusion… but he was all numb looking at shivaay’s attitude… he just saw annika with hope that she will interfere in between… om was feeling guilty for playing with his families emotions… prinku was worried for annveer bcoz she knows that very well if shivaay will know that they were also part of their plan he will do nothing to om & her, but he will definitely burst his anger on both annveer….]

shivaay : (now in a bit loud & angry voice) what the wuck..!! i am asking u something ans me damm it…!! is this any joke….
ranveer : (he was unable to speak words were not coming out of his mouth {ACP hua to kya hua guys baccha hai abhi bhi.. aur vaise bhi SSO ke samane acche accho ki band baj jati hai… ye te abhi naya wala ACP hai purana wala angry young man hota toh baat alag hoti…}) wohh…. whooo… i arrested himm.. bcoz… bcoz… (he was stammering… he looked at annika with pleading eyes..)

[annika was thinking how to say that it was all their planned drama…. she was nervous after seeing shivaay’s anger… ranveer noticed her lost hence he pinched her on her shoulder… annika glared at ranveer for doing this…. she closed her eyes and prepared herself to spill the truth… but before that dadi came near them…. dadi noticed BFF gangs changing expressions…]

dadi : (dadi went near annveer) i don’t know what r u doing & why…??? but i am feeling that u did it intentionally…..(she looked at annika especially while saying this)

[shivaay was on peak of his bursting… first of all annika went with ranveer instead of coming to him… this was the reason of his anger & secondly ranveer dared to arrest his brother… & after listening dadi’s word…. that he did it intentionally…. as usual he again misunderstood the matter…]

shivaay : ohhh now i got that….. dadi u r right he did it intentionally….. he is showing his power & trying to threaten us…. what do u want…. i know u middle class mentality peoples.. u will do anything for money… who the hell r u blo*dy cheap low class inspector… i know u don’t get much earning with ur salary… and now u got one good chance hence u r trying to frame oberoi’s and earn big amount in return…. blo*dy gold diggers…. (he was fuming in anger he himself don’t know what he said… at this time he just wanted to sue ranveer bcoz of annika & om’s matter…)

[BFF gang was baffled by the sudden turn in the situation… same with other oberoi’s… everyone chose to be quite after seeing this much anger of shivaay.. ranveer was angered bcoz of wrong allegation which shivaay put on his honesty…. he lost his temper… till now he was tolerating it bcoz of his friends & specially bcoz of annika… but this was the height … he curled his fingers and tightly shut his feast to suppress his anger… before he can utter any word… he noticed annika she was crying….]

annika : ( she literally shouted on shivaay ) enough is enough Mr. oberoi….. there is limit to everything… he is not saying anything this doesn’t mean that he is wrong… what do u think every person from low class status is gold digger….. definitely he don’t have much earning like u…. but he is honest… & moreover that he has self-respect which can’t be bought by your money… & yes it was all planned but not by him… it was my plan… he did it on my saying… (she spoke all this one breath… her eyes were throwing daggers on shivaay…)

[shivaay was stunned seeing this reaction of annika… his anger flushed away after listening that it was annika’s plan… ranveer was overwhelmed seeing her… he was feeling very proud seeing his best friend taking a stand for him… everyone was astonished bcoz they never saw her this much angry….. & that to she was answering shivaay singh oberoi in this manner… this was the big shock… but om decided to handle this situation…]

om : annika… calm down… plzzzz….!!! ranveer i am very sorry for shivaay’s words….. (ranveer nodded at om then om went near shivaay) shivaay.. plz calm down… & plz don’t get angry on us actually it was our plan..(shivaay looks at om he was surprised..) i know it’s wrong but actually me & prinku we both were really pained seeing u all this much sad, angry & disappointed after the truth revelation… we were unable to bear ur behavior with us… & i was feeling very guilty towards ranveer hence i went after annika & ranveer.. (and after that om narrated all the lawn incident to family members… that how ranveer forgave him.. how annika saved them & made ranveer understood that it was not their fault.. how they became friends… how she explained them that shivru,dadi & other family members r right on their place…. how they asked annika to solve the issue.. how she got this idea to solve this problem… he explained all lawn incident in detail)
prinku : yes bhaiya.. only annika & ranveer r not responsible for this me and om bhaiya also are equally involved in this drama…
om : (he placed his hand on shivaay’s shoulder) shivaay mere bhai.. i know we did it in wrong way but our intention was right… annika did all this just for us… but still i am very sorry for playing with emotions of all of u.. but it was getting impossible for me to live bcoz my brothers were upset with me…. i just wanted all to become normal again….
rudra : yeah….all is normal again… hai na bhaiya…

[but shivaay was lost in his thoughts… how much she did for him & his family… his eyes were froze on annika… that anger, that hurt which was totally visible in her eyes… that was pricking his heart…. once again he did a blunder mistake in his anger… but what use of realizing it now… he wanted to speak with her hence he turned to go near her but she turned her face away…]

dadi : (she cupped om’s face) puttar….!!! don’t worry we r not angry on u…. i always say na if ur doing something for good reason then the way of doing it don’t matter….. u both already suffered for 2 yrs and instead of supporting u we all turned our faces away from u…. we r sorry puttar…. (she kissed om’s forehead & caressed prinku’s face….)
tej : (he went near annika… annika was nervous bcoz she knows tej’s nature very well) annika…. u remember when u helped us in that CD case… i told in front of everyone that u r like family to me… (annika nods..) u know u proved me wrong today….. (he said with plain look…)
annika : woh.. i am sorry….
tej : u proved me wrong bcoz sometimes family member also don’t do this much for anyone which u r doing for us… U always helped us.. many times… first u become savior for shivaay… then for me & shakti… & now for om & prinku… i was wrong u r not like family… u r part of my family… (he kept his hand on annika’s head.. everyone was amused bcoz of tej’s statement.. most shocked was om… he didn’t expected his father’s this move at all)
janhavi : (she placed her hand annika’s shoulder) tej is right annika… u did a very big favor on us i’ll be indebted to u for my whole life…
annika : (she was totally overwhelmed by this sudden showering of love) plzzz aunty don’t say like this.. i did not do any favor on anyone… i did this bcoz u all really matters to me a lot… the love & respect which u give me… my deeds r nothing in front of them… i’m ur employee but u never treated me like an employee… u always gave me love…
dadi : (she came near annika patted playfully on her cheek) oye… don’t u dare to call yourself employee again…. u r same to me like how shivomruprisomu are… u r my bacchi…
pinky : ohh my mata everyone is speaking buts only me is silent ji… that is not done na… (everyone chuckled at her reaction except one person… yes u may be guessed it… our billu… he was standing alone while everyone was standing near annika… he was just staring her without blinking…)
shakti : who stopped u pinky… (then he smiled at annika) annika maa is speaking correct… don’t feel sorry for anything.. whatever u did is correct…. thank u so much… if u were not there then i can’t even imagine what would have happened… u handled this matter very carefully…
pinky : yes yes shakti ji is rights… annika if u were not here then toh sabki ohh my mata ho jani thi….
rudra : (as usual drama king faked his drama with cute face) i told u already she is angel… my super girl…(and does the logic wala sign) but no one listen to me… see annika didi saved us again…(he hugged annika tightly) annika didi i have one surprise for u…
annika : (in a very curious way) surprise… what it is…???

[ Now everyone was curious to know what rudra has planned for annika… rudra went to somu and told her something in a very low tone somu just nodded & went upstairs towards her room & rudy also followed somu… after some time both came down but somu was holding her guitar…]

rudra : (pointing towards annika in a cute voice) annika didi.. this is specially for u…….


Song name : Jabra Fan from FAN {with some modification from my side} (performed by rudra & saumya playing guitar)


Gharwaale bhi na mere (pointing towards all family members)
Samajhte nahi hain kabhi kabhi
aap sirf angel nahi, duniya ho meri…. ( he forms the heart shape with his both hands… looks annika through it and places it over his heart..)

[somu started to play guitar…. everyone was amused by her skill… rudy started dancing & singing…]

Main aapka haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya……
Main aapka haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya….
O aapko dekhte hi dil mein dhan te nan ho gaya
Main aapka haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya

[ rudra performed the same steps for this stanza like the original song… ]


[one projector started & rudy dragged annika in between with him… everyone was looking at projector & rudy simultaneously….rudy pointed at projector where annika’s photos slide show was going on ]

Style apka phatte hai (on this moment all annika’s photos showed in which she was giving tadi {attitude} to shivaay)
Aap pe khele satte hain (on this line they played video where omru were betting on annika & shivaay’s argument)
Aap se hi wifi connection judaa (on this line this photos showed up…. annika hugging rudra, annika kissing rudra on cheek, annika & rudra enjoying)

Aap ko jo aati hai (at this point the famous dialog of annika played in video ” phail gaya raita..” in her voice)
Line saari taapi hai (here played rudy’s video in which he was imitating annika’s famous dialog)

Koi kitna bhi roke, main toh na ruka (here shivom’s video played in which they were saying their favorite dialog “shut up rudra”)
Aap ne jo jo kaha, maine ditto kiya (here ruanni’s photo came on screen in which they both were doing their same ‘ logic wala sign ‘ together)

Kabhi jeb mein rakha
Kabhi dil pe liya
Aapki aankhon ke pyaar mein
Sar se, per tak, drench ho gaya (for this stanza he performed some steps according to lyrics..)

Main Aapka….`
O Aapka….
Fan ho gaya..

Main aapka haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya
O aapko dekhte hi dil mein dhan te nan ho gaya
Main aapka haaye re jabra
Hoye re jabra fan ho gaya…..

[rudra dragged annika for dance and they both danced together…. where their awesome bro-sis chemistry was witnessed by everyone… each member present there was adoring this duo… specially billu ji was so lost in her happy face…]

{sorry for murdering this original song lyrics}


[annika’s eyes brimmed with tears seeing efforts of rumya… she was too much overwhelmed by his way of showing love… she never expected that she will get this much love from anyone… she always yearned for this from her childhood bcoz she is orphan.. but when she got that from sahil’s parents god snatched them also… after that she never thought for second also that she will get this love again… but look here she was getting it… this was the rare but best thing of her life…. somu noticed tears in annika’s eyes… somu showed this to rudra]

somu : (she hit rudra on shoulder giving him deadly look) duffer see… bcoz of ur worst performance annika di is crying….
rudra : (showing his finger to her) hawww moti… not bcoz of me bcoz of u annika didi is crying… u din’t even know to play guitar… ohh god why did i asked u to help me…
annika : (she was totally surprised by this tom & jerry’s silly fight) areyyy yaar… stop it guys.. i am not crying bcoz of ur performance…
rudra : (he was so panicked he didn’t even waited for annika to complete…) annika didi u didn’t liked this na… i am sorry… i planned this specially for u bcoz u r going na.. i was going to perform this in sangeet but all that drama happened in between hence i couldn’t perform it… but i thought to perform it now… i thought u will like this… my plan spoiled bcoz of this moti.. i am sorry didi… (rudra finished all this in one breath & continued his blabbering)
om : (annika pleaded om through eyes he understood her gesture he yelled at rudra but in soft voice) shut up rudra….. at least listen to her… (rudra stopped his chant bcoz of this & looked at annika)
annika : (she went near rumya and hugged both of them) thank u so much rudra… thank u saumya… u know this is the best surprise which i got till date… no one planned anything like this for me… u gave me the best gift for my farewell…
somu : my pleasure di…
rudra : haww sumo… this was my plan & u r taking the credit alone…
annika : (she said in calm voice) guys plz don’t start it again…

[ bcoz of rudy once again everyone came to normal again… now everyone was relieved… so all was back to normal mode….]

ranveer : rudra u r right someone is taking the credit alone.. (he said looking at annika…)
annika : ranveer…!!!
om : okay guys now plz u both don’t start ur tom & jerry fight..
tej : No he is right… he also has done a great favor by understanding my children’s… thank u ACP.. from my all family..(once again a shock for oberoi’s)
ranveer : no sir.. plz don’t say thanks to me.. i was just teasing annika.. in fact actually all credit goes to her only.. i was mad in rage of revenge… but she came in my life and changed me drastically… no one will believe that… we recently met each other… she definitely has some magic…. i don’t know what will happen tomorrow… but i am glad i have her with me.. & see now i don’t have only one friend… i have two more….(he pointed at ompri)
annika : ohhh god now plzz… u don’t start like others… or i’ll die with happiness.. (everyone chuckled at annika’s statement..)
rudra : (he noticed shivaay standing alone & staring annika..) O don’t u think someone didn’t say anything…???
om : (he didn’t understand why he was saying like this..) ohh i forgot.. thank u so much annika & ranveer….

[but before annveer can reply anything rudra hit his forehead with his palm.. & turned om to look @ shivaay & pointed at him… now everyone understood what rudra want to say…
shivaay become nervous bcoz of this sudden attention… he wanted to speak with annika… but before he start.. annika cut him in between]

annika : (in a sarcastic tone) koi jarurat nahi hai rudra… aur waise bhi pehale chot pohacha kar fir mafi na mangane ki aadat hai logo ki… isame koi nayi baat nahi hai… {no need rudra.. and someone has the habit of hurting & not even apologizing for that… there is nothing new in this…}
ranveer : but annika..
annika : nahi ranveer maine kaha na jarurat nahi hai…. raste ka patthar agar hame thes mare toh hum use kuch kehate hai kya… nahi na… fir in se kyu umid rakhana… pata hai maine aaj subah hi ek shayari suni radio pe… { no ranveer.. i said na no need… if we get stumbled bcoz of stone which is laying on road, did we say anything to it… no na… then why expect from him…. u know i listened one shayari in morning on radio….}

jane kya mujh se jamana chahta hai…..,
mera dil tod kar muze hi hasana chahta hai….!
jaane kya baat zalakti hai mere iss chehare se….,
har shaks muze aajmana chahta hai…..!

[ everyone understood the seriousness of matter….. dadi signed to elders & all elders went from their…. only youngsters remained in hall… ranveer also got one call & he hurriedly went outside to attend it… om gestured to pri & rumya to come along with him… shivika were so lost in each others eyes they even didn’t noticed everyone leaving.. first annika came to her senses… for last time she threw a pained look to shivaay & started to leave…. but shivaay held her hand from back…]

shivaay : (stammering..) a… anni…annika… at least listen to me…
annika : (turned to face him.. he was still holding her hand) did u listen to anyone…???
shivaay : (he kept mum bcoz he was very well known that he is at fault…)
annika : why r u silent tell me… no u never listen to anyone… u just directly jump to conclusion without knowing the matter…. U R great SSO na… so u think u know everything… u didn’t even bother to ask that person….
shivaay : (in a very guilty tone) annika it’s not like that….
annika : then how is it…?? tell me….
shivaay : (no answer again.. he just looked at her in pleading way…)
annika : it’s okay Mr. oberoi… not need to say anything… people say sorry & thank u when they feel it from heart… but in ur case i don’t think so…
shivaay : annika plzz try to understand.. i am really..(he takes a pause) i am….
annika : (with plain look) i said no need… nothing new… i am habituated to it now… u always do this… first u hurt me & whenever i try to forgave u… u again hurt me more… more than previous one… first u tried to buy me with ur money… u tried in all way.. u gave me immense pain… & for what…??? For that crime which i didn’t committed.. but still i tried to forgave u… but u insulted me on each day… but still i forgave u… just bcoz of ur family… i tried to help u… i told u about tia… about my doubt… but what did u do… u called me gold digger… why bcoz i am middle class, i don’t have blood, linage.., big name like u… hence only na.. u think i am gold digger… i am obsessed with u.. i want to take tia’s place in ur life…
shivaay : (her last sentences clicked his mind.. he remembered feeling her when he was talking with om.. now he got what happened actually..) annika… did u hear my & om’s conversation.. (he waited for reply… but after not getting any he continued…) see annika.. that was not my words actually tia was saying all this and i was telling om.. but u listened it and….
annika : (listening tia’s name annika got hurt again) ohh…. so this is the thing.. tia said all this and u accepted it… bcoz u trust her… so whatever she will say… it’ll be 100% true na… after all she is from big family & and who am i…. ” trash of road ” in ur words hai na….
shivaay : (after listening his own words from her again his guilt increased) no annika.. it was tia’s POV not mine…
annika : (in a very pained tone)okay i accept it… may be that day it was tia’s POV…. but today u proved it…. u also think the same…. what is the difference… that day tia blamed me bcoz of my standard & today u blamed ranveer… so it proves that u also think in the same way… u both thought that we r gold diggers & we r after ur money bcoz we r middle class people…
shivaay : annika… i know…

[but before shivaay can complete his sentence.. ranveer came in a jiffy towards annika… freed her hand from shivaay’s grip & dragged her with him.. and went from their somewhere in his car….shivaay was shocked & angered bcoz of ranveer’s action.. he followed them till outside of oberoi mansion but.. they already left from their in very high speed… he got worried bcoz of this… he called annika but she cuts his call… he tried several times but she rejected each time…he sat their on stairs thinking about her when daksh came their…..]

shivaay : daksh from where r u coming this late..?? where were u..??
daksh : ohh my best friend.. i think u forgot it.. tomorrow is my wedding.. so i went for shopping… see i brought so many things for my bride.. (and he shows some bags in which all things were there for bride like bridal wear… jewelry.. makeup kit.. and many more things…) i know my bride is most beautiful.. she will not need all this.. but still i want to see her as i want… hence i went for shopping….
shivaay : (he was pained to listen my bride from daksh’s mouth..) but what’s the need..???
daksh : come on bro its my wedding… not a joke or any game or any deal like u….. so i need this… just one day… and after that she will be mine… mine for forever… then only daksh & annika…. no one in between… only us….
shivaay : ( ‘ mine for forever ‘ listening to this he felt like some one broke his heart in pieces.. and that broken pieces are pricking him…)

[ dadi saw shivaay & daksh talking… it seems that they both were fighting with each other… they were arguing a lot… shivaay held daksh collar in anger and then jerked him away… he said something listening to which daksh smiled like maniac and laughed a lot… after that he went near shivaay & slapped him hard… after this he said something listening to which shivaay slapped harder than daksh also & even punched him in stomach… but after this daksh said something to shivaay pointing his finger as if he is warning shivaay about something & went from their smiling like a maniac….]

epi ends on shivaay’s determined face…..



shivaay got to know the reason of annika’s changed behavior.. will he be able of prove his point to annika..???
where did annveer went in jiffy..??
what happened in between daksh & shivaay…???

i am really sorry for delay guys… actually bcoz of my preparation for 2nd round of my interview i asked my friend to submit it on my behalf… but she forgot to submit it on time & after that TU was not accepting submission bcoz of new yr holidays.. hence it got delayed more… once again really sorry for that… she told me today while interview that she forgot to do my work hence the first thing i did after coming home back was to submit my epi….
once again i am really sorry for this delay…..


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