hellooooooo buddies….. i am so happy bcoz of ur amazing response on last post of my silly ff… i know right now it is really confusing but soon all ur confusion will get clear..

i am giving a lot of importance to ranveer’s character bcoz he is gonna play a very important role in my ff… u know as per my experience & thinking there r only two things in this world which gives u strength and that r ur family & ur friends.. i don’t want to show annika’s family.. i want her to be orphan only.. i want shivaay to love her like this only… but she should have that strength hence i am showing her friendship with ranveer…which will support her a lot…. plz continue reading my next parts then slowly u will get to know the importance of his character…

i don’t want anyone to feel bad for annika’s character…… she is strong in my ff… yeah she will get hurt but she is strong in my ff so she will handle her problems..she will be like savior/angel for oberoi’s…bcoz of her everything will be changed… she will set everything on right path with her unique tactics.. right now she has managed to freed ompri from that accident case..and in future also she will help all oberoi’s and this will be the main reason bcoz of which everyone will love her….

many readers ask me to add precap also…… but what to do guys i can’t add it, bcoz i also don’t know till last min of typing the next epi that what will i type in that part.. whenever i start thinking i take my lapi & immediately starts typing on submission page for the next epi.. whatever comes in my head at that time that comes as the next update in front of u all….hence i can’t fulfill ur this wish… & i am so sorry for this.

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EPI 15

Recap– guys from now on i’ll not provide recap instead of this i’ll provide the direct link of last episode… so here is the link>>



[ompriannveer were happy bcoz of their new found bff’s but suddenly om remembered their Obro moment bcoz of this and again went in sad mood. prinku also remembered her moments with her brothers… both ompri again felt that pain remembering their brothers harsh behavior and dadi’s silence… annika noticed this…]

annika : (breaking the hold of hands.. she looked at ompri…) i know what u both r thinking…
om & pri : (both at same time) i hope everything get well like this…
ranveer : annika u know everything always…
om : i hope rudra & shivaay also will understand me like this… but they both r really hurt bcoz of this…
prinku : yes annika, i never saw shivaay bhaiya this much broken… it all happened bcoz of us…
annika : i know guys but he is correct at his place… u siblings r his life… he loves u a lot… he tries to protect u from every problem… he thinks that he is capable of handling all problems & dangers which will come in way of oberoi’s.. he don’t want u people to become stressed for anything… ur happiness means his happiness.. he is not angry bcoz u hide it from u… he is angry on himself thinking that he was unable to protect u…. he is pained to know that his brother didn’t shared his problem with him… his sister’s dignity was at stake but he was not aware of this till now… so his behavior is justified.
om : i know annika…it’s my fault but u know na shivaay he would have taken all blames on himself and would have killed that boys for trying to misbehave with prinku and this would have led him to big problem hence i wanted shivaay to stay away from all this.. and about rudra he is still kid…. he is so sensitive that he is not even able to bear this….
prinku : and we were also confused about that accident..bcoz we didn’t find that girls death body & not a single news of any accident in that area which took place at that night hence we decided to hide that matter from everyone…we were searching for that girl in this two years but we didn’t got any clue… and now suddenly we found that she is isha randhawa… so we didn’t even got enough time to explain them….
annika : okay i got ur point… u should try to convince ur family some how…
om : how annika… didn’t u see they are hell angry on us… and u know shivaay’s anger….
prinku : and this time rudra bhaiya is also angry on us…
om : and only one person can help us….
annika : (asks innocently) who…????
ompri : (pointing at her) YOU…!!!!

[annika’s eyes gets widen in shock…]

annika : what…..!!!! R u guys mad.. how can i help u in this…
ranveer : (now he was also confuse that how ani will help them ) yeah how is it possible… how will annika help u in this matter…????
om : u don’t know ranveer but annika is the only person who can handle them well…she can even make shivaay understand… shivaay becomes numb in front of her….. he listens to her….
prinku : and rudra bhaiya is a fan of annika…. so he will definitely listen to her…..
annika :(gives expression of admiring herself and feeling proud) haaa…that is true i am like that only hence i have huge fan following but i am not mad to go in lions den when he is ready to eat that person who will come in front of his eyes… u know even lion will be better but SSO (holds her head with both hands..) can’t even imagine….
prinku : no annika bhaiya will do nothing…… at least try to speak at least once….
om : yes annika, plz once…plzzzz (both ompri makes puppy face…)

[now ranveer is hell confused bcoz he is unable to understand whats going on… suddenly his phone rings…]

ranveer : hello… yes ACP Randhawa here…
POC : Hello sir shinde reporting here….sir we caught that culprit.. & he accepted that he has done that murder…
ranveer : okay good if he is accepting that he did that murder then arrest him… record his confession.. and proceed the formalities for court hearing… we will make sure that he will get a good punishment for his deeds…make his case file strong.. i’ll be there in half an hour…
POC : okay sir..

[he kept his phone back in his pocket & looked at his new found friends..]

om : u know i am glad that u r ACP.. our city is safe bcoz of u people…
annika : (annika is in deep thinking…) but i am very glad that ACP is my friend… now i don’t have to speak with billu ji….
ranveer : (in little confusing tone) what..?? & who is this billu…. sometime before also u was talking about him…
om : billu means shivaay… she calls him like this.. and yes what r u talking annika tell us clearly.. (but before he can continue ranveer cuts him)
ranveer : (in utter shock) whaaatttt…??? u call him billu…. & he let u call that…
prinku : this is the reason why we want her to convince bhaiya.. bcoz bhaiya allows her to do many things which he can’t even tolerate….
annika : (now annika was really in tension bcoz now ranveer knows who is billu.. she tried to divert their talks.) okay… leave that.. i have got an idea.. now no need to go and talk with him… now listen my plan…

[all bends down & join their heads… annika tells her plan (which is mute guys.. so just wait and read directly read the execution of plan)]

om: annika this is wrong i can’t do this…
ranveer : this is not fare annika… to save yourself u r pushing me in front of lion… what kind of friend u r…???
prinku : i am ready for this…
annika : see ranveer i am here only don’t get afraid.. i know him well after this plan he will understand the matter and then we will revel that it was our plan… & om i’ll say only one thing to u ” everything is fare in love & war ” if u want ur family back to normal then plzz do this….
omveer : okay…
annika : come now lets start our work… u all know what u have to do… (everyone nods their head in affirmation)

[all heads to go inside… they comes inside and omveer stays in hall while annpri gets in different direction… all shows thumbs up sign to each other…]

annika : (enters in shivaay’s room & speaks in very tensed tone) plz come fast… down… woah om… (and saying this only she leaves to call next person.. she didn’t even waited for his reply)
shivaay: om… what… (getting panic he rushes downstairs)

[annika does this with dadi, tejvi & prinku does the same with rumya & pinksh… everyone gathered in hall… now each member present there was spell bound bcoz of view in front of there eyes… om was handcuffed & ACP was standing their with gun in his hands..]

ranveer : (smirking) good u all came here… bid the last bye to Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi (om was just looking down..)
dadi : last bye.. what is this happening..(she sat on couch in shock.. saumya went near her to support her..)
ranveer : yes last bye bcoz he is under arrest for this accident case…
shivaay : (he was now at peak of anger.. he held ACP by collar..) how dare u… don’t u know whom u r arresting…. i’ll ruin u…. don’t u dare to touch him…
ranveer : (he frees himself & jerks shivaay away…) i know whom i am taking with me… he is criminal..
tej : but that girl is alive…
ranveer : yes Mr. oberoi that girl is alive but mr. omkara himself wanted to get arrest… (listening to this everyone gets shocked)
pinky : ohh my mata….!!! jethani ji our omkara gones mad ji….
janhavi : om what is this…(but om remains silent.. & doesn’t even look @ anyone..) om i am asking u something…
prinku : i’ll tell… om bhaiya feels that he is responsible for this accident hence he should get punished… & till now this is also not proved that this is the same girl who met with accident on that night…
rudra : (he was sobbing) but shivaay bhaiya told her to prove her point…it is not proved till now.. may be she is the same girl… bhaiya tell him na…
shivaay : don’t worry rudy i am here… Om what is this…. (now om lifted his head & looked towards annika… annika winked at him and gestured him to start..)
om : shivaay i have to go… i made a mistake… i should get punishment… if she is the same girl then i’ll get less punishment bcoz the case will be of attempt to murder… but if she is not the same Isha Randhawa then i’ll never come back bcoz it’ll be a murder case….(guys my knowledge of law is very less… so plz try to understand…) that’s why i wanted to meet u all… may be for last time…

[bcoz of om’s statement everyone started crying… only thought of om getting away from them made them sorrowful… rudra started crying uncontrollably same with dadi & pinky… tej was clam but his eyes were filled with tears… pain was totally visible on shakti’s face… janhavi was weeping badly… somu eyes also brimmed with tears… & shivaay now he was not in his senses first time in their life everyone saw him crying… tears were flowing continuously… he went near om & held him by his shoulders… shake him..]

shivaay : u can’t do this om… why r u doing this…? u can’t go like this…
om : shivaay what’s the use of staying here… where no one wants to talk with me… my brothers r not even looking at me, dadi didn’t even speak a word with me, every one is disappointed with me for not sharing this problem with u all…. but what to do i was afraid of this only… going away from my brothers, my family… i didn’t tell u bcoz i wanted to stay with u all…. i was not sure about the accident… i was not sure about isha’s death….. but now i got to know that i am culprit whatever it is i should get punished for it… i was running away from the fact for u all…. but if my family is not with me then whats the point in running away from all this… i am going shivaay…. i am going…..

[there was complete silece… om was thinking why i agreed for this stupid idea.. i can’t play with their feelings… they r really disturbed already… i can’t see my family like this..he watched annika praying to god keeping her fingers crossed… ranveer was also praying that this plan should not backfire on them…bcoz if it happened then… ranveer will be the most affected… prinku was sure that annika’s plan will work…. but still there was pin drop silence… now om couldn’t take this anymore he was going to tell them truth but to his shock both shivru pulled him in a bone crushing hug…. he only stood there bcoz his hands were bound by handcuffs… while his brothers were hugging him tightly…]

shivaay :(hugging & crying) R U an idiot.. how can u say that there is no use to stay here… we r angry on u but it does not mean that we will leave ur side in this hard phase… i am still here.. to protect u… to save u… till i am here no one can separate Obro’s…. no one means no one….. i’ll fight with whole world for u…
rudra : (hugging & crying) O u can’t go away from me.. if u went then who will listen my shayari….. who will make me shut.. who will stop me from doing my childish behavior… i won’t let u go.. did u get that… & still if u r going then i’ll also accompany u….

[om was numb to react.. he was aware of the fact that how much his brothers love him but still he was emotional seeing their love…how simply they forgave him… annveer were happy… prinku was also crying by now…]

ranveer : (he went near obro’s) LEAVE HIM…

[shivru was shocked & same all other member including annpri also.. they broke their hug]

ranveer : (he spoke while opening om’s handcuff) arey if u don’t leave him then how will he hug u back.. (as soon as he opened them.. om again pulled his both brothers in a tight hug)

[now everyone was hell confused by ranveer’s act… but they were overjoyed seeing obro’s… annika thanked god mentally & started admiring this trio… prinku was happy that her brothers r back to normal again…]

prinku : (she hardly speak in a audible voice) I am sorry bhaiya….. plzz forgive me…(shivomru listened to prinku and came to senses.. they again broke their hug)
shivaay : prinku… i am sorry for what i said before.. but i was gone mad after listening that.. u know na how much i love u… (prinku nodded her head smiling)
rudra : if u r only going to nod ur head….. or join us….
om : and why r u crying…did u forget what shivaay says….
shivomru : (in unison) PRINKU PEHLWAN IS THE STRONGEST……

[they opened their arms and gestured her to join them in group hug… prinku ran to her brothers.. & they four shared a very tight beer hug (i mean group hug) shivomrupri were smiling brightly with tears in their eyes… all members present their was happy+confused…except annveer… both annveer were happy seeing the love of siblings…]

epi ends on oberoi siblings happy faces in which shivru was confused little…



what will happen when oberoi’s will get to know that it was all drama..??
moreover that what will happen when it’ll be known that it was annika’s plan..??
what will be shivaay’s reaction….???
many questions..

i don’t know what will be ur reaction on my stupid update… but i am hoping that u will like it…..
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