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LET’s go to bear one more emotional episode…


EPI 14

Recap – ishana refuses to recognize ranveer…but ranveer is very sure that it’s his ishu only….everyone gets confused by this…om comes in between of them and try to solve the confusion…but gets more confused…then shivaay and annika interferes in this matter… to solve it… shivaay asks ranveer and ishana to prove their point… annika supports shivaay.. ishana asks time for proving her point…ranveer is ready to give no. of proofs… hence shivaay asks them to live in oberoi mansion and clear the matter… prinku apologizes to shivaay…but shivaay is hurt bcoz of om & prinku’s secrets he bursts out his anger & disappointment on both of them…each member of family is pained, disturbed in sad mood bcoz of revelation of the suspense….ranveer finds similarity in condition of shivaay and him… he tells it hurts when ur loved one’s don’t trust u… and doesn’t share there problems.. annika understands that both shivaay and ranveer need her at this time to support them…. but she is confused about going with whom….she knows shivaay will listen to her only & ranveer doesn’t have anyone in his life except her….



[om just sits down crying..shivaay is going upstairs and ranveer is going out of oberoi mansion..annika is confused about going with ranveer or shivaay….ishana & daksh just only watches all them helplessly..]

daksh: (comes near annika) annika, i know u r confused to support whom right now… but trust me shivaay is my best friend i am here to support him..i’ll handle this time ranveer needs u most…his problem is bigger than shivaay’s problem & plus u r the only person he have in his life….(he keeps his hand on annika’s shoulder and signs her to go after ranveer…but annika looks at shivaay who was heading upstairs for his room) don’t worry i’ll handle shivaay….
annika: thank u so much daksh for understanding me this much…(and rushes to ranveer..and daksh follows shivaay towards his room…)

[annika holds ranveer by his hand before he fall down from stairs…]

annika: careful ranveer…!!! u would have got hurt now…where is ur attention…
ranveer: (smiles weakly..) don’t worry annika, if i fell from here then also it’ll not hurt me much..bcoz life had played more dirty game with me..this hurt is nothing in front of it…
annika: come with me…(and drags him by holding his hand outside the oberoi mansion..)
ranveer: where annika..????(but has no option hence follows her)

[here in hall only ishana and om were present… ishana was unable to see om in this much pain…she just went from their…..]


[he was sitting on floor with his face buried in between his knees which were folded and his hands tightly holding them….. he was crying like a little child…saumya came hurriedly to him.. seeing rudra like this her heart ached…she just went near him and sat beside him on floor..she was heisting to say anything… she kept her hand on his shoulder…rudra looked at her and hugged her tightly…and started crying again…saumya was shocked by his sudden move…she composed herself..and started caressing rudra’s back….]

rudra: sumo…. why i am the little brother… why i am so dumb…why i always cry instead of solving problems…bcoz of this no one consider me for telling anything…this much happened in prinku’s & O’s life but still I never noticed this… i am very bad brother.. i am very bad…if shivaay bhaiya was not their i would have lost both of them long ago…they were dying everyday with guilt and i was enjoying…. i did not even bother to ask them why they r like this (means why om started taking drugs & why prinku got panic attacks..) i am really dumb singh oberoi…u always say right.. i am useless….why i am here….(somu was just listening to rudra she wanted rudra to pour his heart out and feel free but when rudra said that he is useless..then she couldn’t control it..)
somu: (in a very soothing tone and caressing his back with one hand & caressing his hairs with another hand ) rudra.. it’s not like that…why u r blaming yourself… the situation is wrong…u r not irresponsible…u know when bade bal wale bhaiya & prinku were in that guilt u were the only person bcoz of whom they forget their problems and laughed..and this happened only bcoz of u… if bade bhaiya was their to support them then u were also their to give them reason to be happy and joyful… they both were living in guilt but still u gave them happiness and this thing gave them strength to live their life for u, for bade bhaiya, for this family… u r not useless rudra… i’ll say bcoz of u only ur loved one’s get the reason to smile through their tears also….so don’t be like this…(now saumya got conscious about their position he was still hugging her tightly so she swiftly pulled her out from his bone crushing hug and hold him by her both hands on his shoulders…) OR i’ll upload ur this cry baby pic on social media…(saying this she clicked a pic of crying rudra and smiled mischievously)
rudra: sumo i know ur doing this to console me & i understood ur point…i got it but i need to cry more then i’ll feel better…
sumo: okay rudra take ur time..(and gets up to leave but rudra held her hand)
rudra: sumo will u plz sit here with me… i need u right now..plz (saumya just nodded and sat their beside rudra holding his hand..and rudra again started shedding tears…)


[shivaay was sitting on his bed facing wall and he was having his back towards the entrance…he heard some footsteps coming towards his room..bcoz of the grief,stress and sudden shock his senses were not working… but he thought that it’s annika.. bcoz every time only annika comes after him when he is in so much anger or sadness… she is the one who has that courage..]

shivaay: (he didn’t turned he was still facing his back towards entrance) annika, i know u r here to make me understand the situation but right now i am not in that state to understand anything plz leave me alone for some time….. plzzzzz (he said all this in one breath)
person on door: i am daksh not annika (he said it calmly.. and entered in room)
shivaay: woa.. i thought it’s annika…
daksh: and why did u thought like that..??? why she will come here….??? what relation do u have with her that she will come here to console u….?? as per my knowledge she is just ur wedding planner…AN EMPLOYEE right…???? (he said all this in a taunting tone)
shivaay: (shivaay went numb bcoz of this sudden questions..) nothing like that…i thought she will come here she has the habit of solving others problem….that’s why only…
daksh: may be u r right…. she has that habit…..but a best friend is more important than a boss…
shivaay: (he got confused at his last statement..) what do u mean..??? (he asked innocently….)
daksh: she is with ranveer bcoz he needs her right now…and as per my knowledge best friend is more important than boss….(he said it smirking) come on.. leave it… i was here to support u after all u r my friend… but as u said u need time and want to be alone.. then i respect it… i’ll take ur leave…(and he went out of room without giving any chance of reply to shivaay…)


what the wuck…!!!! am i nothing to can she go after ranveer leaving me alone.. i am with her from past many days & ranveer just came before some days but he became more important to her… he is her best friend then who am i…(he remembers what daksh said now) i know we r sharing a professional relation but everyone here knows that this relation is more than that… in our relation nothing is professional.. u r like family to me…(now he saw is replica sitting beside him on right and another replica on his left)

replica on right [ROR] : family…??? did u said this to her that she is ur family…
shivaay: (he was in shock seeing his replicas on both of his side) no i didn’t…
ROR: then how can u expect that she will come here leaving her friend alone…???
replica on left [ROL] : why can’t she come here… she knows very well that he needs her right now… and how can that ranveer become more important to her…
ROR : he become more important bcoz their relation has a name…. he is her best friend… he always stands by her side to help her….
ROL : but he is boss….
ROR : so what… no one goes after a boss to console him for his personal matters… and why will she come after such a person who always insults her.., hurts her, distrusts her…
ROL : (he was at short of words but still replied) i know that but we r like friends…
ROR : ohh…. but u r like her friend but did u said this to her..or anyone else that she is ur friend… did u gave any name to ur relation other than this professional relation..
ROL : (keep mum)
ROR: ohh sorry sorry i forgot how can she become ur friend… u join relation with people only who r of ur status or more than that….. according to u she is like friend but can’t become ur friend bcoz she does not have blood, surname, linage…am i right MR. shivaay singh oberoi… according to me she is more than any friend for u…. but leave it… u will not accept it so just focus on ur siblings problem…forget about her…

[ROL was numb to reply ROR so he just vanished from their and after that ROR also went from their smirking on shivaay….. shivaay was dumbfounded to react on anything his replica was right….she was more than any friend for him but something was resisting him to accept it… he was unable to give any name to their relation….he was lost in his thinking…


[ranveer & annika were sitting on bench… but he was so lost in his own world..and annika was just staring him trying to figure out what inner turmoil he is facing alone….finally she broke the ice]

annika: i know my friend is strong like me…but still i want to share ur pain…speak up ranveer don’t face it alone…(she started with little attitude) see i am very busy right now but still i am giving my precious time to u… so plz don’t waste it…
ranveer: (first gave her ‘ nothing can happen of u ‘ wala look and then spoke) how can u become so calm… u exactly know what i am going from right now…i know our friendship is not much older but still i know u very well….hence i know u r also stressed bcoz of recent activities which took place inside the hall…(he gave her big questioning look)
annika: (she just smiled little) ohh so my new found friend knows me very well… u r right ranveer i am very stressed out bcoz of everything but still i am calm bcoz taking stress will not help us to solve our problem.. we need to be calm for this..the we can solve things easily..

[and smiled brightly which brought smile on ranveer’s face also…but before he can reply to her they heard one voice from behind…they turned their head in that direction…and yeah it was none another than our sensible Mr. Artist his eyes were still teary but he look composed…his shoulders were hanged down as if he is carrying any load…]

om: (he came there and sat beside annika was sitting in between both of them) she is right ranveer…i know i am disturbing u both… but i wanted to come out of this state of mind and hence i want ur apology.. i know i am responsible for this.. whatever u r facing is just bcoz of me…i am the reason behind all ur problems…first u lost her bcoz of my carelessness & now she is back… but refusing to recognize U… ur anger is justified plz punish me for this….
annika: what r u saying om… punishment for what…???
ranveer : (he stood up from his place and went to om and made him stand by holding him with one shoulder..) no annika… he is right… he should get punishment… after all he is responsible for everything…
annika: (annika was shocked bcoz of his answer) what…!!!!! what r u saying ranveer… u promised me that when u told me about this accident that u will not punish him… u only want to check if they did it intentionally or not… AND now it is clear that it was totally an accident they both r not at fault… in fact they both also suffered a lot in all this…they r already repenting on it… how can u broke ur promise… how can u punish them…
om: (he cut ranveer from replying) annika u were ware of this truth from before also still u stood there for me and prinku…????
annika: yes om that day when ranveer was sharing his pain with me on dining table… i noticed u & prinku both leaving from their with guilt which was totally visible on ur face…then i shared this with ranveer.. he first got angry and then narrated whole story to me… i got afraid seeing his hatred toward u both but his reason behind that was right… so i asked him to tell his real intention….he told me that he hate u both but he is really here for me… he respects our friendship more than anything in this world… bcoz i am the last person on earth who is with him…. he asked me to trust him… so i asked him one promise that i’ll help him to find out the truth but if u both didn’t do it intentionally then he will let u go… and now we all know that u r not at fault…(she went near ranveer) then why ranveer why….. did u forgot ur promise……????
ranveer: no annika i didn’t forget it… but he is responsible for everything hence he should get punishment…..after all he is the person bcoz of whom i lost her…..(he turned to om)… but he is only responsible for her come back also…(now both annika and om looked at each other first and then at ranveer with confusion) yeah bcoz of him i lost her but bcoz of him only i got her back also… i know right now she is denying the fact but i know she is my ishu only but she is back so he should get punishment for this….(now both annika & om were highly confused) so Mr. Omkara ur punishment is that from now onward u will find this ACP always behind u…. but not as a inspector but as a friend…(and hugged om tightly….both annika and om did not expected his move)
om: but i am ur culprit
ranveer: (he broke the hug) i know u r… but u r also my savoir also… u brought her back… and more ever than this…. annika made me understood the fact that it was not a mistake of u both… how much i suffered from all this that much u also suffered…. u r very good hearted man and u both r innocent… it was game play of destiny nothing else….
om: (now om was feeling free of burden and he just hugged ranveer with happiness) thank u so much ranveer… u don’t know how happy i am right now… i am feeling so light.. i feel like i am a free bird i was living this life just for my family….thank u…. thank u sooo much (he was having tears of happiness in his eyes) i need to tell this to prinku…
ranveer: (he smiled briefly) if u want to thank then thank annika…. bcoz she made me saw good side of u both…she showed me ur suffering and brought me out of that rage of revenge… and now i have no reason to hate u bcoz my ishu is back…so no worries…. and about telling priyanka ji then there is no need to go anywhere she is right here only…

[bcoz of his statement both annika and om turned to see prinku standing there with content smile on her face and her eyes full of tears…om signed her and she came toward the trio walking slowly….and she just hugged annika]

prinku : thank so much annika…thank u so much…(she wanted to speak further but was unable bcoz of her crying…)
om: yes annika thanks a lot…u don’t know how big favor u did on both of us….(hugged annika from side..they share a group hug)
annika: ohh hellooooo Mr. artist….. am i any stranger to do favor on u both…(she made a fake angry face) u both r my friends & not only friends but best friends so it was my duty to help u out….but saying this u made me feel like paraya dhan…
ranveer: ohhhhh god annika…..!!! U R SUCH A BIG DRAMA QUEEN…….and don’t forget the credit is mine also so don’t take full credit..
annika: ohh hooo now i’ll have to become drama queen after all the drama which u guys should do that also i had to do na…. so i am doing drama of my all friends side also…
[everyone chuckled on her explanation]
om: ranveer why r u standing their…as u said we r also friends so u should join this group hug am i right girls….???(before anyone could say anything annika dragged ranveer in group hug)

[they four shared a tight group hug…. everyone of them were happy that the issue got solved and if end well then all well….annika broke the hug and kept her hand in middle of them..]

annika: so guys….BFF’s

[all grinned from ear to ear showing their teeth and grabbed annika’s hand one bye one… first prinku…then ranveer & then in last om]

all for of them in unison : YEAH….. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER…..

epi ends on their happy and satisfied faces.. and their hold of hands…



will this newly found friends gang will be able to solve all problems of each others life…?????

so done with my update……
guys plzzz comment…
if u didn’t like it…. plz tell me what u don’t like… i’ll surely try to improve their…


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