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i know i over reacted in last epi but i was really disturbed by some comments/pm… i agree that i am total senti wali mental….but i am like this only i am very emotional… plzzz don’t kill me guys..thank u for supporting me this much… it gives me a lot of happiness i just took a look at last episode’s comment section.. and i realized that i was stupid to get affected by only 2/3 negative reviews but ur comments just made me proud on myself… i am so lucky that i got such supportive readers…. ur appreciation means a lot to me…

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LINK FOR ALL PARTS…(this link helps a lot to read all parts in one go.. or to read that episodes which u missed bcoz of ur busy schedules) —

LET’s start with today’s update


EPI 13

Recap– ishana’s dhamakedar entry with wonderful dance remembering her past memories with om….both Friends i mean annveer r up to something they got some lead in tia’s case and just waiting for proofs…some sweet friends moments of annika and ranveer…shivaay’s concern for annika regarding annveer’s friendship…daksh gives a heart attack to shivaay by announcing his marriage with annika on next day itself…shivaay confronts daksh in anger bcoz he was not happy about the marriage of daksh & annika…. tia & dadi both supports daksh in his decision..annika agrees bcoz of some reasons…om also supports daksh and taunts shivaay indirectly for not telling his feelings for annika…om requests daknnika for couple dance….they both dances well but annika thinks of shivaay only…. in her mind…after this, all couples dance with their present partners and their love partners also…While dancing there remembered their incomplete stories….om held ishana in end of the dance..and started lashing on her in front of everyone…tej handles the media and guests and asks them to leave…so only family members stayed there…ishana tried to convince him..she wanted to tell him about her helplessness, her love..but from no where ranveer(ACP) appeared in scene and started accusing om….om was fed up of hiding truth hence he confessed all truth to everyone…each and every member standing there was totally broken by the revelation….everyone was in pain…the reason of pain for everyone was different…ranveer accused prinku & om for being responsible for his pain..for his loved one’s murder…both siblings were feeling toooo guilty seeing ranveer in immense pain…but suddenly ranveer noticed ishana and hugged her tightly… yes she was the one whom he lost in that accident..he was filled with happiness & joy for getting her back in his life…but ishana’s reaction surprised everyone….
(plz read previous part for detailed info…i’ll start with epi).



[no one was in state of saying anything… suddenly the happy family changed to the most pained and sad family….but ishana came towards om she kept her hand on his shoulder to console him… but suddenly ranveer noticed her and was shocked and a smile crept on his face he was happy to the core after seeing her…]

ranveer: ishu……??????(he exclaimed in utter surprise…with lots of happiness in his voice…he just ran to her and hugged her tightly and started crying again…) ishu… my ishu…u r alive… i can’t believe it… i thought i lost u in that accident.. i thought omkara singh oberoi snatched u from me….but no u r here, u r alive, my life is alive….

[everyone understood that ishana is the same girl whose accident happened by om’s hand on that night…they all were surprised by this…but the most surprised was our ishana…]

ishana: (she jerked him away from her… in anger….) hey mister who the hell r u…how dare u touch me like this……i don’t even know u……
ranveer:(he got biggest shock) ishu i…. i… am ….i am ur ranveer… ishu….why r u behaving like this…. u don’t know me how can u even say this ishu…(he said all this in vein)

[ishana was totally confused..she was unable to identify him and he was behaving like if she is someone very close to his heart.. he was calling her his life….all dadi,tejvi,pinksh,omru,shivika,prisomu & daksh also were confused everyone was thinking only one thing if she is the same girl about whom om and ranveer were telling then why she is not recognizing ranveer bcoz as per ranveer she must be very close to him….]

ishana: i am saying this bcoz i really don’t know u… who r u… and why the hell u r calling me ishu…
ranveer: (laughs like a maniac all others r just watching it….) ha… ha… ha… now i got that… you…. drama queen… u will never change… like always u r trying prank on ur ranveer…but i caught u jaan… this time i am not going to fall in ur pranks…why r u trying on my limits…plz don’t do like this….(he stared ishana with hope that she will end her prank)
ishana: no… why i will play any prank on u… TRUST ME… i really don’t know u..& what were u saying… my ranveer… how it can be possible.. u r not mine.. i even don’t know ur name…
[now the people standing there got more confused but the only sensible man came forward to get the confusion cleared.] om:(he came near ranveer and placed his hand on his shoulder…) ranveer r u sure U R NOT MISTAKEN..??? she is the same girl whom we lost 2 years ago..u might be mistaken…
ranveer: (he was totally surprised by question of om & loosed his control) what do u think om…!!!! whom i lost 2 yr back is any random girl…that i will not remember her face…i have told u thousand times that she was..(looks at ishana and seeing her alive..) no.. no… she is my life…i can recognize her she is my everything…& this was the reason that i wanted to take revenge from u both..but now i want don’t want anything… i don’t want any revenge bcoz she is here in front of me alive…and how can u even think that i will be mistaken in this matter… she is the one whom i love to the core.. i can even recognize her by her silence, by her presence, by her touch, i can recognize her if i am on death bed also…(but he sees everyone utterly confused and more ever he noticed that ishana was also confused after his answer to om’s question.) u all don’t believe me..wait i’ll prove it…(he takes his wallet out and shows something to om….)
om: (he just looks at the wallet and he gets surprised…there was a photograph of both ranveer and ishana looks at ishana then at photo…he has done this several times..just to confirm it…) yeah u r right….she is ishana only…both r same…

[now annika took the initiative and came towards them] annika: yeah u r right om… now my tube light lighten…i was remembering from evening that where did i saw her.. now i got that i had seen her in pic… ranveer showed me this pic before also when he told me the reason for his pain,for his rudeness toward oberoi’s…
ranveer:(smiles at ishana) stop it ishu..!! or now i’ll get angry on u…
ishana: (she was frizzed on her place but she came to senses by his voice) om can i see the pic…??? (om hands her the pic and she get a lifetime shock she just keeps looking at pic) Yes now i got that why u r calling me ishu…
ranveer: (he gets happy) thank god… u drama queen.. at least stopped ur drama…i thought u will kill me like this..
ishana: no mr.(takes a pause) sorry i don’t know ur name…i can understand that why u mistaken me as ur ishu.. bcoz the girl in the photo and me look totally same..hence anyone will misunderstood…but the fact is that i am not ur ishu… i am just her look like..& this is coincidence… in fact i am watching u for first time in my life…
ranveer:(he loosed hi temper..) enough ishu… U R MY ISHA…., ISHA RANDHAWA…..

[now all was looking at ranveer…bcoz of his statement…everyone was spell bounded and specially om… om remembered the photo of that child which was sent by ranveer telling that he killed that innocent child’s mother…om & prinku thought at the same time…it means she is mother of that child and wife of ranveer…Isha randhawa…they recalled ranveer hate for them for killing his wife, they remembered his confession which he done to om in lawn..his breaking down when annika asked him the reason for his pain…(if u did not get anything then plz read previous parts for clearing ur confusion) and unknowingly they both felt the kind of pain in their heart… their heart ached highly knowing the fact that she is wife of ranveer…]

ishana: noooo….. i am not any ISHA RANDHAWA… i am ishana…. ISHANA MEHTA….
ranveer: i can’t believe it.. i don’t know why u r denying the fact(he goes near her… hold her by shoulders) is there any problem ishu..???
ishana: no there is not any problem…trust me i am ishana mehta.. not any isha randhawa…
shivaay: (before anyone can speak further.. he spoke in loud voice..) okay stop u both… enough of this drama…i don’t know among u both who is speaking truth…i believe in proofs..and i am asking this bcoz my family is related to this matter and this is disturbing them a lot…either ranveer or ishana give proof and end this matter now itself….
annika: yeah Mr. Oberoi is right.. this is total confusing and everyone present here is unable to go to any conclusion.. so it will be better if u proved ur point..this will end the matter…truth will come out and then we will see it…
ranveer: i can prove that she is my ishu.. i can give u number of proofs to prove it…
ishana: i can also prove that i am ishana mehta…

[now again everyone gets into thinking…. but our smart SSO gets the solution before all…annika still in her mind thinks to trust whom ranveer who is her friend or that girl whom she knows as ishana mehta..]

shivaay: okay then show the proofs and prove it (he said this pointing at both of them)
ishana:(she was little tensed) but i can’t prove it right now…
annika: (get into detective form) may i ask the reason (everyone seconds annika for this)
ishana: actually i’ll call my father here to prove that i am ishana mehta..his daughter…but he is not in city so..we have to wait till tomorrow evening…

[ranveer wanted to speak something but again shivaay stopped him by hand gesture]

shivaay: okay then.. no issues.. we will wait for it…call him immediately here..i want this issue solved at any cost….we will discuss this in evening tomorrow..U both keep ur proofs ready by then… and till then u both will stay here in oberoi mansion…i don’t want to take any chance… IS THAT CLEAR…(both nodded their head in positive…bcoz u all know… no one can deny shivaay sigh oberoi.. and more ever than this… at this time.. what he was doing is practical…hence ranveer & ishana both agreed for this.) and ishana make sure that U will not tell ur father anything regarding this matter…just ask him to come here in Oberoi mansion..
ishana: but why Mr. shivaay..???
shivaay: don’t ask me any question…. i don’t like anyone asking me question..just do as i said…(he said firmly)

[everyone was okay with shivaay’s decision bcoz they know the fact that whatever shivaay will do.. will do it for good only.. after all he is Great Shivaay Singh Oberoi…..shivaay starts to leave for his room just then prinku comes in his way…]

prinku: bhiy… bhaiya… i am sorry….
shivaay: (gives a pained look to om and then to prinku) bhaiyaa.. who…???(looks here and there like searching for anyone) i am sorry.. are u talking with me…

[now everyone got big shock bcoz of shivaay’s reaction]

om: shivaay…!!! why r u saying like this…
shivaay: yeah i am saying the truth… who am i… u both know me… strange…isn’t it…
om: shivaay… why r u behaving like this bhai…
shivaay: ohh so u r my brother and she is my sister….thank you so much for the information i thought i am the only child of my i don’t have any sibling

[shivaay was hurt a lot by om & prinku’s everyone understood his state of mind…now everyone was staring this trio…om was in pain after listening shivaay…prinku was just crying..]

om: shivaay…why r u saying this… we r here u have 3 siblings..we r ur sibling…. from when did u started thinking that u r only child of choti maa hence u don’t have anyone..
shivaay: (now shivaay was totally pained and hell angry so he said in a loud voice…) ohhh really…. i didn’t said this…but u both proved it today that we r not real siblings we r just cousins.. and we live together hence only u pretend to behave like my i right or wrong OMKARA TEJ SINGH OBEROI & PRIYANKA TEJ SINGH OBEROI….
rudra: (he was disappointed and was too angry) prinku & O…!!! bhaiya is right… i think i am dead for u ppl… hence u didn’t even thought once to share with us…RUDRA SINGH OBEROI is no more…HE IS DEAD hence his brother and sister suffered for 2 yrs in guilt & pain…but didn’t shared it with him..nor with their big brother also….ohh i am i got that… u didn’t share the problem with shivaay bhaiya.. then why will u share it with a duffer like me… (and he left from there without giving any chance of explanation to ompri…annika signaled somu to go behind rudra to console him..and somu just nodded and went behind him… calling his name….)
om: rudra…!!! rudra… just listen to me once..(but he had left turns to shivaay..) shivaay at least u try to understand…we hided this matter bcoz we don’t wanted to make anyone tensed for this…
shivaay: u know what om..rudra is right i think we r dead for u two…..and what did u said u don’t wanted to give me tension hence u both hided the truth…..u didn’t recognized me yet..what do u think seeing condition of u both from past two yrs i would have lived my life peacefully… i am dying everyday to see u like this….my prinku whom i cared like princess..gone through such a drastic stage of her life but i was not with her….(he turns to prinku)…prinku don’t tie rakhi on my wrist from next year… bcoz i don’t like to show off…u don’t even think me capable of protecting U… it was my duty to protect u.. but u don’t gave me the chance… it will be better if u do it wholeheartedly not just bcoz of tradition..(now prinku couldn’t bear the harsh taunts of shivaay and ran toward her room crying miserably…shivaay felt bad but he was also in same pain…now he turned to om..)
om: shivaay it was my decision to hide it from u all…i did this thinking of u only…(but before om can complete his talk shivaay cuts him in between)
shivaay: lie… u did this thinking about me… i don’t think so… bcoz if u have thought about me once also na… then u would not have hidden this from me..u would have came to me and tell me bhai i made a mistake and i need u bcoz u r my big brother…everyone will laugh on me….. see this is the shivaay singh oberoi who always fakes to be the “great wall of shivaay” to protect his family…. but truth is different his own siblings don’t trust him..they did not think that he is able to protect them…(and starts crying seeing him crying om goes near shivaay and hugs him but shivaay jerks him away…)
ranveer: Mr. shivaay…. i agree with u… i can understand ur situation..the pain gets more if the wounds are given by ur loved ones only…u feel like someone stabbing ur heart with dagger when u have to prove yourself in front of them…when they don’t share their issues with u… that shows their trust on u.. and it really hurts a lot…(he said this all looking at ishana and his eyes filled with tears and pain…)

[dadi was totally shaken so she went towards her room without any word…pinksh went behind dadi after seeing her condition…janhavi was tooo much disturbed she left to her room and tej followed her…om was crying a lot and pleading shivaay through his eyes to just listen him once..but shivaay paid no heed and started to move toward his room with a very pained heart…annika watched this she was about to go after shivaay to support him..but she noticed that ranveer was heading outside of oberoi mansion absentmindedly and he was about to fall bcoz he was sank deep in his thought and unaware of the steps ahead….she wanted to help ranveer but she also wanted to go after shivaay for supporting him…]


what shall i do now both ranveer and billu ji need me right now… i should be with ranveer bcoz it’s rule of stand beside ur friend in his tough times…but i can’t leave billu ji alone.. he is in pain right now and i know he will not share it with anyone…but he will at least listen to me.. and i can try to lessen his pain….what to whom i shall go right now… Why god u always make me stand in difficult situations… i am stuck in between ranveer & billu ji (she thinks with tensed expressions on her face…)

[om just sits down crying..shivaay is going upstairs and ranveer is going out of oberoi mansion..annika is confused about going with ranveer or shivaay….ishana & daksh just only watches all them helplessly..]

epi ends on tensed face of annika



what is mystery about ishana..??
what is the relation between ranveer & ishana…??
will everything become normal like first..??
will the OBRO’s AND PRINKU’s bond will become like first..??
towards whom will annika go to give support ranveer/shivaay…??

i know this episode is bit boring but i have to show like this bcoz the truth of om & prinku is indeed a big thing..and no one expected ishana’s entry as a loved one of trough my point of view they will react like this only…

guys u didn’t tell me that…..
did u like my justification about om’s hate for lies/liar’s…
did u like the suspense revelation about accident AND condition of om(drug addiction) & prinku(panic attacks and less confidence)
did u liked the justification given for ranveer’s hate…
PLZ TELL ME THIS….Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

plz tell me ur reviews and suggestions….
and i don’t mind negative comments..
bcoz it happens sometime only when i get concerned for them..i am a very open minded girl… just some times I behave like jhalli…

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