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EPI 12
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MAHA EPISODE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recap– today no recap bcoz i have already wasted ur time in my talking… i have provided the link of all epi…plz read previous part for it…i’ll straightly start with epi directly.



[ ishana is ready to perform her dance.. she is tensed for om’s reaction.. but she can’t stop here bcoz she is committed to annika..the ‘manava lage’ song starts and she starts dancing gracefully…she is still showing her back to everyone but everyone seems to be mesmerized by her dancing moves.. as soon as the song proceeds she turns… everyone gets happy seeing such beautiful girl who is dancing with passion….but OBRO’s gets a big shock seeing her…]

om: (in disbelief with full of anger whispers..) ishanaaaa…!!!!!!
shivaay: this is the same con girl… but what the hell she is doing here….
rudra: she is the bela na…..bhaiya we should confront her… don’t worry O we r with u….. (both the brothers keep their hands on om’s shoulder…)

Song name : Manva laage from happy new year (performed by ishana)

[ishana starts dancing facing toward crowd but her eyes r only on her omkara ji… she was really happy to see him again… she was dying to get a glimpse of him…this song shows her emotions for omkara… she is a con girl everything was fake but her love is TRUE…]

Manwa laage, ho manwa laage
Laaga re saanwre, laage re saanwre
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanw re

Manwa laage, ho manwa laage
Laaga re saanwre, laage re saanwre
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanw re

[for this lyrics she performed some awful steps of indian classical dance..(or u can also imagine ishana dancing like deepika padukon like original one.. i have done the same..)] ——————————————————————————————-
[on this stanza some male back dancers join her but she imagines om dancing with her] ~~~ dream sequence of ishana ~~~
( om comes forward on stage and forwards his hand.. he was smiling with his killer look and ishana got mesmerized by his look, his smile, his innocence…om dragged ishana in the middle of the stage…)

Musafir hoon main door ka, (he imitated the famous srk pose…ishana hugged him from back keeping her hand on his chest and they swayed on the music..)
Deewana hoon main dhoop ka (on this lyrics focus fall on indicate the dhoop.. he smiles @ ishana lovingly who was back hugging him)
Mujhe na bhaaye, na bhaaye (here he hold ishu’s hand which were on his chest and brings her in front of him)
Na bhaaye, chaanv re (and he cups her face with both hands… and nods his face in negative… focus goes from them to indicate the chaanv)

[ishana comes out of the dream and finds om looking at her with anger, pain]

Manwa laage, ho manwa laage
Laaga re saanwre, laage re saanwre
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanw re

[she repeats the step like first stanza for this..i mean the classical one]


[ishana remembers some past moments with omkara in this stanza]

Aisi waisi boli, tere naino ne boli (she remembers omkara looking at her continuously when she was dancing at the art gallery…the feelings in his eyes was telling her something)
Jaane kyun main doli, aise lage teri holi (here she remembered how she got attracted towards him and started falling for him)
Main, tu mera..(here she remembered that how she decided to make omakara her only…)
Tune baatein kholi, kachche dhaage mein piroli (here she remembered their blissful conversations where they were having their tea @ art gallery)
baaton ki rangoli se na kheloon aise holi (she remembered omkara painting something and she is talking with him and totally mesmerized by his talks..& art)
Main, na tera..(but then she remembered omkara telling her about his GF unknowingly her eyes filled with tear and pain thinking that he is not hers..)
Ho.. kisi ko toh hoga hi tu (she remembered relation of ridhima and om)
Kyun na tujhe main hi jeetoon (then she remembered that how she tried to win him from ridhima)
Khule khwaab mein jeete hai,(she thinks its her day dream to get his love..she knows it very well but still wants to live that dream)
Jeete hain baawre..(she smiles bcoz of her journey with om got refreshed bcoz of this lyrics…)

Mann ke dhaage, ho mann ke dhaage (she looks inside her heart..)
Dhaage pe saanwre, dhaage pe saanwre (and there everywhere only one person is present…)
Hai likha hai maine tera hi tera hi toh naam re ( only OMKARA, only him no one else…)

[while reminding all this she is dancing gracefully with the beat of music]


[on this stanza she dances with her male partner]

Aise dore daale, kaala jaadu naina kaale
Tere main hawale huya seene se lagale
Aa.. main tera

Ho.. dono dheeme dheeme jale
Aaja dono aise mile, zameen pe laage
Na tere, na mere paanv re

[she dances well with her partner according to the lyrics..but she was eyeing only om bcoz she wanted om to say all this to her… after this the male dancer left ishana and gone back on his place..]


Manwa laage, manwa laage
Laaga re saanwre, laage re saanwre
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanw re
Rahoon main tere naino ki naino ki
Chaanv re
Le tera hua jiya ka, jiya ka, jiya ka ye gaanw re
Rahoon main tere naino ki naino ki
Chaanv re

[she was dancing forgetting herself…. she created her magic with her dance…. no one willing to stop her but she has to stop bcoz the song was ended.. as soon as the song ended everyone gave the unstoppable round of applaud for her… she was so happy bcoz of it but suddenly she noticed that om is coming on stage with full of anger…. she got tensed…but suddenly annika came forward with mic…] ———————————————————————————————–

annika: soooo it was the most blissful, awesome, amazing performance of this evening…??? what do u say guys (everyone nodded their head..) thank u so much miss. Ishana mehta.. u agreed for this on that too much short notice….
ishana: my pleasure, annika.. dancing is my passion.. i got most precious thing of my life bcoz of coming here…(and thinks that i got glimpse of my omkara ji)
annika: but still thank u for making it special (and smiled cutely with love)

[by now omkara was reached on stage and he was just waiting for annika to stop and then he was gonna confront ishana…but suddenly all the media people came there(they wanted to take her interview bcoz she was the first indian who reached in finals of world dance championship) and ishana excused herself and went in corner to give her interview and while leaving she saw omkara with painful look in her eyes…om was not left with any option hence he went back to his place…]


why ishana mehta… why u r here again in my life… what is ur real motive…i know u r a con girl but my family don’t know this but u can’t fool anyone here.. i’ll not let u do that…
i hate liar’s to the core.. and u r the biggest liar hence i hate u… i hate u ishana.. i hate u….(his eyes r filled with pain)


[tej enters and starts dancing on galla gudiyan…]

Song name : Gallan Goodiyaan from dil dhadkane do (performed by oberoi family)

Main dalu taal pe bhangra
Tu bhi gidha paale
Chal aisa range jama de
Hum ke bane sabhi matwale

Man kahe ke mein le aaun
Chand aur taare saare
Inn hatho par main chand rakhoon
Iss mang mein bhar doon taare

Hello hello tu floor pe jab hai aayi
Yello yello but solid masti chhai

Hello hello to much hai tumne lagai
Yello yello control karo mere bhai

Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole amritsari chudiya
Raat badi hai mastani toh dilbar jaani
Kar le gallan goodiyaan

Yeh baat na maine jaani
Kyu itni khush hai deewani
Tu mujhko aisi kahaani
Samjha de samjha de

Yeh baat hai sabne chahi
Miley janmo ka humrahi
Yahaan hua hai kuch aisa hi
Samjhe na samjhe na
Ab main jaana keh rahi ho kya fasana ho
Pyaar karne se bhi mushkil hai nibhana ho

Hello hello don’t mind mera ye kahna
Yelo yelo jara mere touch mein rehna
Dhak dhak dhak dhak dhadke ye dil
Chhan chhan bole amritsari chudiya
Raat badi hai mastani toh dilbar jaani
Kar le gallan goodiyaan
Raat badi hai mastani

O mar jaana oye…..(i cant explain this dance performance bcoz i have two three more songs.. and explanation for that one r necessary..plz imagine the dance from original IB but here everyone is dancing including annika and daksh also…..)

[as soon as the dance ends everyone share the group hug and they have some sweet family moment.. but then annika noticed him and went toward the entrance.. as she was going shivaay and daksh noticed her going from there others were busy in family time…]

annika: ranveer where were u…??? i was waiting for u from so long….(and faked her drama of being angry on him.. daksh was coming towards them…)
ranveer: (he smiled bcoz he was knowing how big drama queen our annika is) one girl who is looking most prettiest in this function is angry on me…??(and makes puppy face…) okayyyy… baba i am sorry… (and holds his both ears by his both hands like when we do for punishment) see now i am holding my ears also…(and pleaded her…)
annika: ohh hooo u r na impossible… if i am drama queen then u r also not less… U R DRAMA KING…(and playfully hit him on shoulder…) tell me now why did u got late..???
ranveer: (sarcastically) madam i was busy in ur work only… did u forget that u only gave me that work….
annika: okay so u were late bcoz of this then no problem… but did u do ur work or only showing me herogiri…(annika asked raising her eye brow)
ranveer: yes the work is complete.. (but then he notices daksh standing there listening there convo hence he decided to go somewhere else) annika come we will go some where else it’s not safe to talk here…
annika: (nodded ) hmm u r right…

[ranveer holds annika’s hand and drags her gently outside the mansion… daksh wonders why suddenly they went from here after seeing me and stands there with plain look…shivaay also notices all this and gets into thinking..]


what the wuck..!!! why this ACP is always with annika… she also went with him willingly.. whats there in between them.. i am just worried for annika.. i don’t trust him… i have to find out everything about him… before it become late.. i can’t take any risk…. then he calls khanna and ask him to get every detail of ACP.


[annika is looking really happy and ranveer is very happy to see annika happy] annika: see i told u the same na.. i knew it from beginning itself that tia is fooling shivaay.. i was very sure that she is married but i was not having any proofs against her…
ranveer: but now we will have them…my team is working on it we will get all the proofs till night…and we only have to prove that she tried to harm u also in that stalker incident with his help..
annika: u know my doubt was totally right.. i was very sure about this.. i noticed something strange in him from the day one….
ranveer: i’ll not leave them both… they both tried to harm u mentally and physically also…hence i came here to secure u… annika u should be careful no one should get to know about this all till we get proofs hence try to behave normal don’t react differently bcoz u got to know their real plan… okayyy
annika: i know ranveer.. and hey don’t take this much stress.. u only said na i am a strong girl…& now i have u also with me to protect me from them…(and hold his hand and gives him assurance) now come we will go inside or billu ji will start to search for me…
ranveer:(being confused) billu ji…..???? who..???
annika: (realizes what she said and thinks if billu ji got to know this he will kill me with the gun of ranveer and panics) no one… u come na… how much do u talk…
ranveer: oohhh hellooo… how much do i talk…look who is saying this u r the only person who talks when we r together….. i keep mum all the time bcoz u even don’t give me any chance to say anything…(and makes frown face)
annika: okay baba… i am sorry but plzzz let’s go.. nahi toh raitaa fail jayega….
ranveer: u go.. i have some work i’ll join u in some time…
annika: okay come fast….(and she leaves from there to join the function again)


[annika thinks to herself to behave normal in front of everyone….as soon as annika enters daksh drags her from there to the stage…and makes her stand on stage…everyone looks at him and annika in surprise…]

daksh: ladies and gentlemen.. i am here on stage to announce something….
annika: (she was surprised to the hell) announce….??? what…???
daksh: wait sweet heart…(and holds her hand)… so guys i want u all to meet my would be wife annika…(and side hugs her) i know many people who r present in this hall must be jealous of me bcoz i got her….. but sorry guys better u try ur luck on another girls.. bcoz she is mine..(and smiles..)
annika: (she was shocked to the core by his sudden act but she smiled for the sake of people…) hi… yes i am annika….. would be wife of daksh khurana….
[now shivaay was the most shocked person among all bcoz he never expected that they will accept it publicly in front of all this people… and more ever he was hurt bcoz it was showing that how determined annika is about this relationship…..] daksh: but i am here to announce more important thing… as u all know annika is my future wife but we both decided to give each other time..but now i can’t do this bcoz today in the morning only i cracked one of the biggest deal of my life…but bcoz of this i have to shift in U.S. for this…and i can’t afford to leave her alone here bcoz i fear that someone will stole her from me… hence i have decided that i’ll marry her tomorrow itself bcoz i can’t leave her here…. i want her to come with me but with full rights as my wife…and hence i want to marry her tomorrow itself…(he turns to annika…and holds her by shoulder..) annika i know it is ur life’s biggest decision and don’t want to do wedding in this situation but i am helpless dear.. i can’t stay away from u for 2 years.. if we did not marry tomorrow then we can marry after 2 years only and i can’t take the risk of loosing u.. i can’t live without u my dear…..
[everyone was shocked with this announcement..] annika: ( annika was shocked to the core… she was just freeze at her place… her brain stopped working… ) daksh.. wooo..( she was unable to speak anything)
shivaay: (he got a heart attack after listening daksh announcement and he was like boiling volcano.. he just loosed his temper and barged on daksh) DAKSH….!!! have u gone mad… u r asking her to marry u tomorrow itself… how she can marry u… its the biggest decision of girl’s life.. don’t u dare to pressurize her emotionally…(his eyes were burning with anger..)
dadi: annika puttar i know it’s biggest decision but u have chosen daksh as ur life partner..tomorrow or another day u have to marry him only na then why not tomorrow…he told me everything in the after noon only… he is really worried for u beta…!!
shivaay: dadi u also supporting him.. it’s decision of marriage dadi……… how can he announce his marriage before one day only…
dadi: oyee khotya..!! if u can take ur marriage decision suddenly and announce it two day before of the date that also without informing ur family… then why daksh can’t do this.. he has asked me at least before taking this much big decision…..
shivaay: (he was dumbstruck by dadi’s answer he was trying to stop this non sense..) but if annika don’t want to marry tomorrow… then…!!!(annika looked at shivaay in his eyes..)
tia: shivaay baby… why annika will not want to marry daksh…after all she is in relationship with him..she likes him that’s why she agreed for his proposal..(she then goes near annika and keeps her hand on her shoulder) am i right annika… do u love him na… or u have anyone else in ur heart.. just tell us being frank..if u love anyone else…
annika:(tia this words gone into head of annika.. and she remembered shivaay saying ‘she is obsessed for me… she want to take tia’s place..’ & then she remembered ranveer telling her to behave normal…) no tia it’s not like that… i don’t love anyone.. but i decided to choose daksh as my life partner… and if i have choose him then i’ll not have any problem marrying him tomorrow also…(she said this with great smile but her heart was crying vigorously…) daksh i am not having any problem in marrying tomorrow.. i am ready for marriage…
daksh: ohhh annikaaaa…..!!!! u can not even imagine how happy i am… happiness don’t know any boundaries(and he hugged her tightly…)

[everyone clapped for them….everyone was happy except shivaay and rudra… rudra was just sad thinking that now love story of shivaay bhaiya will be incomplete and annika di will go with daksh bhaiyaa.. for forever… & shivaay was standing there totally lost….. his eyes were filled with tears… he was just staring annika.. with his tearful kanji eyes…,]

om: congratulation annika & daksh… many people r unlucky here they didn’t listen to there heart and see tomorrow u going to become some else’s… (he said this eyeing shivaay) i know many heart break has happened but still we should celebrate this moment.. so i am requesting u plzzzzz one couple dance to banta hai iss beautiful si jodi ka… (he means one dance is must of this beautiful pair)
daksh: sure my bro…(and forwarded his hands towards annika…for dance) but song i’ll tell(and he tells the song in om’s ear.. om smiles and goes to dj..)
annika: just nods and holds daksh’s hand…

[then it gets dark in the hall and focus fall an annika and daksh only..then suddenly song starts playing…]

Song name : Kaise muze tum from Ghajini (performed by daksh & annika )

[both started to do some ballet dance steps..]

Hoo Hooo Oooo..
Hoo Hoo Hooo…
Hooo Hooo…

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi, (daksh holds annika’s hand.. and brings her closer..)
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen, (he was lip sing the lyrics and was showing his love with his expressions..)
Utar Aayi Jheel Mein Jaise Chand Utarta Hai Kabhi,(he kneels down in front of her.. and shows his hand to moon which is visible from window and indicates that she is more beautiful than this.)
Haule Haule Dheere Se,(he slowly gets up holding annika’s hand)
[annika leaves his hand and goes to another side.. she was uncomfortable bcoz of his touch..]

Gunguni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Taranum Mein Tum,(he was staring at annika while doing his steps.)
Choo Ke Mujhe Guzari Hu Yu, (he touches his hands which annika left now while going away to show the lyrics..)

Dekhu Tumhe Ya Mein Sunu,(he was doing his actions according to the lyrics..)
Tum Ho Sukoon, Tum Ho Junoon, (he again goes near annika and holds her from back..)

Kyu Pehle Naa Aayi Tum?

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi, Hoo Hoo..
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen, Hoo Hoo..(they performed some couple dance steps for this part)


Mein To Yeh Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal,
Upar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi,
Phir Bhi Tumhe Bana Ke Woh,
Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya,
Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya..


[daksh was really dancing very close to annika… shivaay was heart broken.. both annika & shivaay were staring at each other only….] ——————————————————————————-

[now annika starts lisping the song while eyeing shivaay but dancing with daksh..]

Badle Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi,(here annika remembered the incident of there meet at maha aarati where they both went in opposite direction..)
Badli Deep Ki Timtim,
Chedhe Zindagi Dhun Koi Nayee,(she remembered how daksh proposed her and she agreed for it.)
Badli Barkha Ki Rimjhim, (she remembered how shivaay and her relation changed day by day)
Badlengi Rituyein Adaa, (she remembered she agreeing for marriage with daksh)
Par Mein Rahungi Sada,(she eyes shivaay with pain)
Ussi Tarah Teri Bahon Mein Baahein Daalke,(she remembered hugging shivaay tightly after the stalking incident…)
Har Lamha, Har Pal..(she remembered all her moments with shivaay)


[now again they both starts dancing daksh cups her face..and turns her to look in his eyes..]

Zindagi Sitar Ho Gayi,
Rimjhim Malhaar Ho Gayi,
Mujhe Aata Nahi Kismat Pe Apni Yakeen,
Kaise Mujhko Mili Tum…..

[they both ended there dance….. and lights came… everyone clapped for them….everyone was smiling except shivika] —————————————————————————————————————————-
om: woohhhh brother this is called a jodi… what a beautiful dance… u both look amazing together… trust me guys u just nailed it…but now its time for couple dance again but with all couples…(turns to DJ….) hey buddy just play one romantic song for all… i request to all couples to join here in middle for couple dance..

[just then reyaan enters and straightly goes to somu and ask her hand for dance… tia goes to shivaay and daksh & annika r already standing there in between..rudra fumes seeing somu there with reyaan and goes to some random girl and asks her for dance…prinku is just standing alone hence om goes to her and gives his hand for dance…then some fan of ishana asked her for dance and she agreed bcoz he was insisting a lot… now all couples were standing in middle of hall in circle with there pairs…(now the couples for dance only were shivaay-tia, daksh- annika, reyaan- saumya, rudy-one hot girl,om-prinku,ishana- a fan)… they all take there positions..and waits for song… the dj plays the song and went from their to attend one call….]

Song name : Hamari adhuri kahani from hamari adhuri kahani (performed by all couples)

[dj has gone from there to attend one call but in hurry he mistakenly plays this song instead of romantic number… everyone stops but see no one on desk of DJ hence continue to dance…every couple was dancing with their dance partners but their eyes were only on their love…]

Paas aaye..(all girls look at their real love partners…)
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam..
Na huyi.. (all pair thinks about their relation and r sad bcoz of it..they r standing close to each other but there was a lot of distance in there hearts bcoz of many things..)

Ek adhuri
Si humari kahaani rahi (shivika,rumya & ishkara thinks about there incomplete relationship..)

{some music plays and pairs get changed now the pairs r shivika,rumya,ishkara,prihaan(they were adjacent hence i paired them nothing else guys), and the stranger (i mean the fan and rudy’s hot partner)(now all focus on our lead couples only..)
[this part is for shivika]

Aasmaan ko zameen (shivay holds annika by her waist and pulls her closer… she puts her both hand on his chest for support…)
Yeh zaroori nahi (then shivaay sees in her eyes she was also lost in his eyes..both can see pain in their eyes but don’t know the reason of pain)
Jaan le.. jaan le..(shivaay thinks why it is happening.. why this much pain..& same with annika she was also confused about her feelings..she wanted to hate him but unable to do so)

Ishq saccha wahi (they both thinks is the reason is love for there state of mind..)
Jisko milti nahi (but thinks this can never happen they can not love each other..)
Manzilein manzilein.. (they thinks their path are different bcoz they r different from each other they r just sunk in eyes of each other..they both wanted to stay close like this only for forever)
[ishkara part]

Rang thhe noor tha..(om keeps his one hand on her waist and holds her hand tightly with his other hand..ishana is feeling the pain he was hurting her in anger..)
Jab kareeb tu tha (he remembers that time when they were together..)
Ek jannat sa tha (he thinks how blissful that time was..when i was knowing her as bela only..)
Yeh jahaan…(he thinks that everything was perfect at that time and ishana also remembers her memories with om..)

Waqt ke reet pe..(they reminisces that time when they were away from each other)
Kuch mere naam sa…(they were away by bodies but in there heart they were only remembering each other)
Likh ke chhod gaya (they reminisces their last fight and going away..)
Tu kahaan..(they thinks about their past with pain..and om reminds it all with anger..)

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani..(2x)
[this part is for rumya]

Khushbun se teri (rudra hugs somu and gets lost in her fragrance…rumya remembered there happy moments..)
Yunhi takra gaye..(there cute fights..)
Chalte chalte (then they remembers their running from romi..)

Dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye..(they remembers their marriage..)
Jannatein agar yaheen..(they thinks if their marriage is the right thing happened or not)
Tu dikhe kyun nahin..(then they thinks that they only decided that they don’t want this marriage..they will not accept it..then why they r not happy with this decision..)
Chaand sooraj sabhi, hai yahaan..(they thinks they r in relationship with other partner still they r getting affected by this mistakenly happened marriage..)

Intezar tera, sadiyon se kar raha…(they thinks about there wait to see each other when they were away..)
Pyasi baithi hai kab, se yahaan.. (they remembered there confused relation..)

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x)
(now they again goes to their previous dance partners..)
[they were present in the hall by their body only..there minds were wondering in the past memories only…]

Pyaas ka yeh safar
Khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa joh tha
Pura ho jayega

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mil gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka sama

Doliya hain saji
Khushbuein har kaheen
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan
(this lyrics were not matching at the time to their condition..)
Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani.. (2x) (lead pairs think about their incomplete stories…..

[ now all lead came out of their thoughts bcoz of clap’s sound..they all gets away from each other but om grabs ishana by her shoulder…they both r standing exactly in the middle of hall… everyone person standing their in hall noticed this…they were wondering whats happening here…but om just wanted to confront ishana at that time..ishana was very scared looking this side of om.]

om:(he was super angry by now) Hey guy’s look here.. I know u all know her…. meet miss. ishana mehta… but no she also have another identity..& u all don’t know the real face which is hidden behind her innocent face..
ishana:(ishana feared to the core..) om..!!! plzzzzz… this is not the right place to talk this… let me explain..plzz..
om: whooo… so u will explain me…. & what u will say… another lie… or another fake stories…(he jerked her with force)
ishana: (she winced in pain..) aahhhh… om u r hurting me….
om: and u have hurted me already… u can’t even imagine my pain….everyone who was close to my heart betrayed me…..
ishana: (she was trying to convince him) om trust me i was helpless… i was not doing it willingly…i am sorry…(and she started crying vigorously…)

[tej understood the seriousness of matter and apologized to all guest and media..and asked them to leave the function…now all oberoi’s, annika,somu,daksh were present there..]

om: sorry…only sorry.. Ur sorry can’t heal my pain… ur sorry can’t give me my happiness back… ur sorry can’t change the bitterness of our relation… u r the biggest lair… u used me… i hate u.. u r a lair….(and some tear drops fell from his eyes…)
ishana: (ishana was feeling guilty for his condition for his pain) OM…!!!(but before she can speak anything one loud voice came for her behind.. she was having her back hence she was unable to see his face..)
ranveer: (he was looking hell angry…he didn’t saw the girl standing next to om bcoz she was facing another side he was able to see her back only…but he didn’t care about it.. he was just looking at om with rage filled in his eyes…) loookkk… who is talking about truth & lies… who is the biggest lair is telling someone that he hates lies….(he said sarcastically)
om: ranveer… this is not right time these things r different plz stay out of this…
ranveer: no Mr. Omkara singh oberoi I can’t stay out of this… let me show ur & ur sister’s true face to everyone…

[everyone who was standing there was now hell confused..and our SSO can’t bear this that someone is pointing his finger at his bro & sis.. he just went near acp with full anger…]

shivaay: ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa… don’t u dare to point ur finger at my brother and sister… they r innocent…(he yelled loudly)
ranveer: (clapped and laughed like mad) woah… look… how much ur family trust u guys.. but they don’t know ur true colors.. u pretend to be the raja harishchandra na.. will u be able to tell the real truth at least to ur family…

[om just bowed down his head in guilt.. prinku was sobbing badly…annika went to her and tried to calm her…om looked at prinku’s state…]

om: yes i am the lair…(he dragged prinku in front of ranveer..) we r lairs… yes we r lying to our family since two years… u wanted to hear this only na… u wanted me to confess my sin… (bcoz of his reply everyone was broken.. shivaay collapsed on near by chair annika rushed to his side to support him…rudra was sobbing continuously saumya kept her hand on his shoulder..dadi also collapsed but daksh was there to save her.. tejvi & pinksh were freezed on their place..ishana was clueless about happenings hence she just stood in corner…)
prinku: bhaiyaaa… !!
om: no prinku… not this time.. i can’t hide this anymore.. this guilt is killing me each second… each moment…i can’t handle it now….(then he turned to ranveer) U wanted to listen it…then listen it carefully…yes i am the lair but i hate lies and the reason is bcoz of one lie only i killed some one…yes i killed her… i’ll tell u everything in detail…


OM’s confession

that day i was really happy bcoz ridhima agreed for my proposal… i was in love with her and she accepted to be in relationship with me…i wanted to tell this news to my siblings.. i called shivaay & rudra and shared my happiness with them…then i tried calling prinku…but her phone was not reachable…hence i asked mom about her.. mom informed me that she has gone to her collage with her friends… so i thought let it be i’ll tell her in evening and then i left for lonavala…for the art exhibition… i booking was done by that organizers… hence i directly went there in was night.. as soon as i reached hotel in the dark lawn of hotel… i saw some boys trying to rape one girl.. i was not able to see the one was their.. i thought to go and take some help but later i decided to handle it alone.. i went near them….i pulled one of those boy from back and gave him hard punch..but as soon as i done this i saw the worst sight in front of my eyes…that girl who was being humiliated/raped was none other than my prinku.. my little sister… i just rushed to her she was very scared…i covered her with my jacket and turned to that boys… i beaten them black and blue… for touching my sister… they ran away from their to save their life, but while going one boy yelled loudly…. u don’t know ur sister came here with her will….listening to this i loosed my temper and hold priyanka and started confronting her…she told me that among all the boys there one was prinku’s BF and she lied to the mom and came here to meet him…but he was blo*dy jerk and he forced prinku.. but prinku denied for that hence he called his friends and tried to rape her…my anger was having no boundaries… i dragged prinku to the car and started driving rashly… i was hurt thinking that my sister lied to me and bcoz of her one lie she was in that situation.. thank to god i went there on time.. or what would have happened…thinking this i was driving in full speed..prinku was requesting me to drive slowly but i paid ne heed to her request…we were in forest…there were no lights on was not clear vision prinku held my hand and requested me to stop..but i looked at her and jerked her hand away.. but when i was looking at her… one girl came running in front of my car and i dashed her….prinku noticed this and asked me to be careful but i was late.. i had dashed that girl with my car…we immediately got down of our car…and watched for that girl…we were standing on a old bridge… we searched for that girl everywhere.. but we didn’t found her.. then prinku noticed her duppata on railing of bridge..i went there to help her but before i can do anything she slipped and fell in the river.. i didn’t even saw her face…only her duppata left in my hand which was fully stained with her blood…..we both were shocked…

~~~~~~~~~~flashback ends~~~~~~~~~~

om: yes i killed her… bcoz of me that girl is no more i am the reason for her death… i am a murderer… bcoz of that one lie our whole life changed we both became the reason of someone’s death hence i hate lies to the core… and liars also bcoz i am the biggest lair..i hate my self… i hate my self…i know how i am living my life with this guilt…i tried to take drugs to forget all this and kill myself but each and every time shivaay saved me….prinku was also broken she started to get panic attacks…she was unable to face anyone..she lost her confidence…we both r alive just for sake of our brothers… our dadi..for our family…. i am dying each day with this guilt…,this pain..,this sin…

[every person who was standing there was broken..and was in immense pain after knowing the truth….everyone was shedding tears there was no end to there tears…] ranveer:(he was also crying badly) but at least… u r alive.. u r in front of ur family… but what was my fault why this pain to me… she was my life…yes omkara U snatched my life…u snatched my everything.. u snatched my reason to be alive….i am living this life for 2 years life a soul less body.. who is just here to punish her culprits….(and he broke down completely and sat on floor bending on his knees…crying vigorously…. (annika came to ranveer and hugged him tightly after seeing is condition…)

[everyone was astonished seeing ACP in this miserable state….and this increased the guilt of omkara & prinku…]

om: yes i am ur culprit ranveer… i had done the sin…u can punish me but there is not any fault of prinku in all this plzzz leave her(and he also sat crying in front of ranveer folding his hand for asking forgiveness…
prinku came forward and said it’s not ur fault bhaiyaa.. it’s my mistake.. it all happened bcoz of my lie…i am the real culprit…(she hugged om crying uncontrollably..)

[no one was in state of saying anything… suddenly the happy family changed to the most pained and sad family….but ishana came towards om she kept her hand on his shoulder to console him… but suddenly ranveer noticed her and was shocked and a smile crept on his face he was happy to the core after seeing her…]

ranveer: ishu……??????(he exclaimed in utter surprise…with lots of happiness in his voice…he just ran to her and hugged her tightly and started crying again…) ishu… my ishu…u r alive… i can’t believe it… i thought i lost u in that accident.. i thought omkara singh oberoi snatched u from me….but no u r here, u r alive, my life is alive….

[everyone understood that ishana is the same girl whose accident happened by om’s hand on that night…they all were surprised by this…but the most surprised was our ishana…]

ishana: (she jerked him away from her… in anger….) hey mister who the hell r u…how dare u touch me like this……i even don’t know u……
ranveer:(he got biggest shock) ishu i…. i… am ….i am ur ranveer ishu….why r u behaving like this…. u don’t know me how can u even say this ishu…(he said all this in vein)

[ishana was totally confused..she was unable to identify him and he was behaving like if she is someone very close to his heart.. he was calling her his life….(all dadi,tejvi,pinksh,omru,shivika,prisomu & daksh also were confused everyone was thinking only one thing if she is the same girl about whom om and ranveer were telling then why she is not recognizing ranveer bcoz as per ranveer she must be very close to him….]



finally it ended guys my hands r paining bcoz i have typed very long episode it took me total 6 hrs to type this and u all know i don’t prepare anything..i type it down on submission page as it comes in my head…so it was really hard for me.. now my back and hands both r paining like hell……. its Thursday night & tomorrow i have one interview in after noon but it’s 5 AM in morning so i should go bed quickly to take some sleep bcoz i have to wake up early for my interview…sorry for mistakes bcoz i really don’t have capacity and time also to recheck my typed update for corrections…may be there must be two-three mistakes only bcoz while typing itself i check it two times that am i typing it right or not…so plz try to understand

no questions from my side today as like i always give after episode regarding the update…

i only want one question’s answer from ur side and that question is R U HAPPY WITH THIS SUSPENSE FULL FF….?????????
IF YES then i’ll continue with regular part of this ff
BUT IF NO…then next part will be last part of my ff in which i’ll reveal all the suspense,mysteries..and will give happy ending and then THE END….


& i’ll decide further on majority of votes only…hence if u want me to continue them plz say it.. if u don’t want to comment..plz pm me ur ans…

and now whatever it will be whether LAST PART or REGULAR PART.. i’ll post it on Monday…after seeing ur response…
bye….. bye…….

and u can also tell me about this part also..
i have taken too.. much effort for this part specially…… hence plzzzz share ur comments regarding this part particularly…. if u can…..

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