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EPI 11
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MAHA EPISODE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Recap– ranveer is behind daksh he is suspicious about his intentions… everyone watch the video of shivika’s kiss… everybody gets shocked & teases them… rumya tries to handle the situation bcoz the mess got created by them only but shivaay unknowingly increases the problem.. annika and shivaay has cute fight bcoz of this.. rumya convinces shivika but still both gives rumya little punishment… annika gets emotional and tells them that after two days she will leave this house bcoz the work will be over… shivaay feels restlessness, pain, fear of loosing her but gets confused about his feelings… on the other hand daksh watches the video of shivika kiss…. epi end here…



[annika is on video call….. dadi and all youngsters(shivomrusomupri) r present at her back but she is not aware of this hence she keeps talking on her phone…]

annika: yes sahil, i’ll surely send u the videos of all dance performance…
sahil: hmm for sure or i’ll not talk with u & plz send the video of jiju and ur dance… also…
annika: what.. who is jiju..???
sahil: areyy my innocent annika didi.. u r going to marry daksh bhaiya then he will become my jiju na…(& does the logic sign)

[shivaay fumes at his explanation]

annika:(smiles weakly bcoz of the realization that she is gonna marry) ohh daksh… but sahil i am not gonna dance with anyone… i have so much work…. i am the organiser hence i only have to work i can’t participate here in ceremony….
shivaay: and who said that U can’t participate in the function…

[annika gets shocked seeing shivaay and all behind her]

annika: sahil i’ll talk with u later… enjoy Ur trip and don’t do masti plzz.. take care of ur self… miss u and kisses the phones screen… bye..
sahil: bye didi and don’t worry i am coming on billu ji’s wedding so don’t miss me this much… i get hiccups…. & i love u… and gives a flying kiss..

[annika cuts the call & turns back to talk with shivaay… who was lost in her cuteness… she looks at him]

annika: yes, Mr. oberoi, no one told me this but i have this much knowledge that employees r just for working they can not participate in family functions….
dadi: but puttar… U r not just employee…(but shivaay cuts dadi in between)
shivaay: dadi..wait i’ll talk with her… only i can handle her…(turns to annika) look annika I am not free to argue on this… or rather than that i don’t want to argue with u.. so plz understand what i am saying okayy..(then a servant comes and gives shivaay a gift box…) take this… it has a dress for tonight’s ceremony and wear this only bcoz it is designed for u according to the theme of our family…(and gives the box in her hand) and now u must have understood that u r family not a just employee.. so give instructions to the worker and be there for function… NO WORK IN FUNCTION… DID U GOT THAT..???

[everyone present in hall is dumbstruck by his behavior towards annika…annika just nods in affirmation…]

rudra: (goes to annika) yes didi bhaiya is right..U r family… U R my annika didi…(and hugs annika) and i was here for that….
annika: (annika is very emotional) hmm… tell na do u have any work..??
rudra: wooo annika didi can u extend my punishment from 2 days to a week…plzzz(with a pleading look on his cute face)
annika: (annika understands what rudra actually want… she ruffles his hair lovingly…) rudra….. i know what u want actually but i can’t stay here after marriage…so plz don’t insist me for this.. and i am here only na… u can come anytime to meet ur annika di….
rudra: (rudra understands that his antics r not going to work here) okay.. annika didi.. but if i am not able to come to u then..???
annika: (annika smiles brightly seeing his childish but cute behavior) then i’ll come to u… okay now happy…(and kisses him on cheeks sweetly & caresses his hairs…)
rudra: (gets super happy bcoz annika kissed him) i love u didi & i’ll miss u a lot…(and kisses back on her cheek)

[everyone is just observing this cute duo with sweet expressions and with wide grin on their faces..]

daksh: Rudra i am jealous of U… everyone is getting the kiss and i am the unlucky one…this is not fare annika…(and smiles widely… everyone looks at him with surprise…)
annika: daksh..
daksh: (in a tone of taunt) i am angry on u annika… i am ur would be husband but u didn’t kissed me like this till now… u can kiss everyone except me u kissed shivaay also but not me… am i this much bad…(and glares at shivika with plain look)

[everyone gets tensed bcoz of this……….. they realizes that daksh must have seen that video and now is angry bcoz of this….everyone looks at him..]

annika: daksh u r misunderstanding me actually it is not like that…
shivaay: yeah she is right u r getting us wrong…
dadi: daksh, how can u say like this…
daksh: (tries to stops them and starts laughing like mad.. everyone gets puzzled….) wait guys i was just kidding… i was pretending…

[he goes to annika and keeps his hand on her cheek annika feels uncomfortable…]

daksh: hey annika… i am so sorry.. u know me na… i was just kidding… i am mad. and how can i doubt on u… u know i TRUST U more than my myself…(and smiles)
annika: i am sorry daksh…
daksh: hey… hey… why r u feeling sorry.. i told u na.. i trust u my sweet heart… & i don’t mind it i have full faith on u…(but again smiles naughtily) but i’ll be more happy if u kiss me like this…(and looks in her eyes but annika feels awkward)
shivaay: whaaat…? (everyone gets hell shocked bcoz of his reaction..)
dadi: (pulls his ear and makes him stand beside her) oyee khotya…. why r u troubling her like this…
daksh: sorry sorry sorry darling.. i was just trying to lighten the emotional scene…
annika: dadi.. plz leave him… i don’t mind it… i know he is like this only plzzz dadi..

[now shivaay is at the peak of jealousy…seeing daksh and annika…. omru,dadi notices this..]

om: dadi, is anything burning here… the smell is coming from here only…(and winks looking at everyone)
dadi: yes puttar, the smell is coming for sure but don’t know from where it is coming…(and intentionally looks toward shivaay..)
everyone in unison: yeah the burning smell is coming but from where..???
annika: heiinnn, which smell…??? i am unable to sense it…(gives confused look to everyone…)
shivaay:( he understands that these all r teasing him only…) ignore them they r mad…..(gives ‘nothing can happen of u’ look to everyone…)
om: okay leave it… but i want to tell u all one thing… I want you to know that in a relationship that is supposed to last forever, one of the two partners should be more jealous than the other so that it never ends.(and winks at shivaay) yes na shivaay i am right or wrong…

shivaay: (shivaay feels uncomfortable) leave it.. i have one important meeting… i’ll be back till function & i want everyone ready for the function on time….(while telling this he intentionally looks at annika..)bye…..
om: bye shivaay…. u come on time & don’t worry… i’ll make sure that annika will be ready for function on time…(and again teases him)

[annika and shivaay both almost run from their to save themselves… and everyone leaves from there with a smile on their faces… In whole day annika does her all work and gives instruction to everyone about work bcoz she has to be free for attending the function..]

@ OBEROI MANSION’s HALL(which is beautifully decorated by annika for the function..{ u can imagine the one from original sangeet of SHITIA })

[annika is checking last minute arrangements… just then shivaay comes from office and inquires about her.. finds her doing arrangements.. he goes to her and sends her to the room for getting ready and he also leaves to his room… after some time guest starts coming tej & shakti r standing at entrance to welcome them..dadi is talking with someone…pinky & janhavi is busy in complementing each other….daksh comes on stage to start the program…{plz guys i can’t explain dress of them individually hence imagine them in the dresses of original IB sangeet ceremony…}]

daksh: good evening…ladies & gentlemen… may i have ur attention plzzz… first of all welcome to the most awaited sangeet ceremony of SHITIA…thanks for taking out ur time to join us in our happiness….. the soon to be bride is here (and then tia enters with her family…and daksh guides them to their allotted place to take a seat..) so give her a round of applause.. and tia u r looking absolutely breath taking dear.. i am sure shivaay will get heart attack seeing u..(and everyone chuckles at his comment & tia blushes..) i know… i know u all r waiting for the most handsome groom but wait for some minute… he is coming here with an awesome bang after all he is great shivaay singh oberoi… so enjoy and be comfortable…(and gets down from stage…)

suddenly the bachana aee haseeno music starts playing in background and shivaay enters(he is looking super duper hot) he stands on the top of stairs..focus falls on him only and then he forwards his both hands then om comes from backside and holds his left hand…and rudy comes and grabs the right hand…they start coming down together as soon as they r stepping on next stair… the stair gets glittered with beautiful lights…in this manner they come down with such a beautiful and awesome way…dadi comes to them and they share a group hug……everyone appreciates the OBRO’s

dadi: billu, i am so happy today…my grand sons r looking sooo handsome & dashing…( and does the gesture to remove bad eyesight)
rudra: yeah this is needed dadi.. i know i am the most handsome grandson of yours
everyone in unison : SHUT UP RUDRA…!!!
rudra: (makes frown face) no one values me here … i know u all r jealous of me…

[before anyone can reply to rudy suddenly all hall gets dark.. everyone panics…]

shivaay: what the hell…?? what happened to the lights…khanna find the issue…

but at that moment only focus falls on stage….. there two girls are standing with showing there back to the guests…the punjabi wedding song starts playing.. and the girls turns… they r none other than our prinku & somu who were looking tooo gorgeous in their awful attire…every family members smiles seeing their cute angels….rudy is dumbstruck…. om shakes him and gestures what happened… rudy just nods that nothing… the girls starts performing their dance…
Song name : Punjabi wedding song from hasee toh fasee (performed by somu & prinku)

[both the girls starts dancing gracefully on the beat..]

I like dandiya
I like garba
But, if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist’em around
Do the bhangra everybody

[somu & prinku does the step of bhangra dance..]

Common and do the bhangra everybody
I like dandiya
I like garba
But, if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist’em around
Do the bhangra everybody
Common and do the bhangra everybody

[somu drags om and prinku drags rudra to join them]

Nothing like my jatt mahiya
Nothing like my mutyaara
Nothing like some kangna shangna
And long da lashkhara
Booggie te woogie main gidda kholna
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Dholon ke beeaton pe main tha dolna
Haaye sharam chadd ke, laga jhatake
Hai isme nothing wrong
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song

[omso & rupri enjoys dancing on this awesome song..]

I like dandiya
I like garba
But, if you really wanna party
Throw your hands up and twist’em around
Do the bhangra everybody
Common and do the bhangra everybody

(Instrumental Break)

Aye baaja, te gaaja,(somu gets the dhol and prinku gets the baja and does the acting of playing it..)
Te ghodi, te shamiyana,(they do the actions according to the lyrics..)
Laddu te shaadu,(somu eyes the plate of laddu which rudra snatches from her and gives her the wicked smile…)
Te lassi, te khaana vaana(prinku gives the lassi glass to om and food plate to rudy)
Happiness makkhan maar ke ho gayi multiply(both girls comes in middle and does the next step)

Chacha,(somu goes to tej who is busy in phone and drags him in middle), te chachi(then she drags janhavi also),
te maami, Te beeji viji(prinku drags dadi in middle by holing her hand),
te hothon pe laali (does like applying lipstick)
Te phonon mein 3g vg(shows their phone)
Show shaa vaali garm hawa pe kardi raindi fly
Chhetti champagneon ki dhakkan kholna
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Dholon ke beeaton pe main tha dolna
Haaye sharam chadd ke, laga jhatake
Hai isme nothing wrong
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song

[tejvi, dadi, omso & rupri r dancing in middle and shivaay, pinksh r eyeing their lovingly enjoying their dance]

(Instrumental Break)

Yeh jodi
Jannaton ki lage meherbaani (prinku and somu drags shitia)

(somu and rudra collides while dancing they gets into an eyelock… next lyrics are for rumya…they both starts dancing in a pair for next lines)

Yeh jodi
Haan mujhe bhi aisi jodi hai banani (both eyes each other lovingly..)
Yeh jodi
Apni hatheli aur lakeerein saath saath hai (rudra gives his hand for somu and she holds it..)
Jinpe mubaarak barsaatein
Kayanaat karti hai
Baant mithaiyaan, lakhh badhaaiyaan
May you live long
(rumya dances with synchronizing their steps with lyrics..)
Kahoon Rabb ko hazaron shukraana
Gar mein bhi nazare nazrana
Kare tere varga hi,
Tere jaisa hi changa maahiya
Senti main hoti aur mental dholna(sumo acts like crying showing herself senti and points at rudy for mental dholana..)

(now shitia are standing in middle and whole oberoi family is dancing around them doing bhangara steps..)
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Booggie te wooggie main gidda gholna
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
I toh go crazy ke jab vajde
Punjabi wedding song
Punjabi wedding song
Punjabi wedding song

[as soon as the song ends everyone present in hall claps for them…shivaay hugs both prisomu… dadi kisses both girls on their fore head… they share a sweet family moment..]

shivaay: (goes on stage…and takes the mic) welcome everyone to my sangeet ceremony… U know I am very lucky to have family…who loves me so much…u know omru U r my life but don’t think that i am getting married hence it will affect our relation… it’s never gonna happen bcoz if u r my heartbeat if i forgot u then it will stop beating…and my sweet angels (points at prisomu) I love u my princesses… ur happiness is my everything….and my lovely dadi..(goes to dadi and hug her) u know guys if omru r my heartbeat then she is my breath…(dadi gets overwhelmed and kisses him on cheek and hugs him tightly… obro’s also join them…before shivaay could speak anything further daksh cuts him in between..)
daksh: areeyy yaar stop it don’t be senti this much keep something for tia at least… strange normally girls get emotional while their marriage… but here is the opposite..(and teases shivaay)
rudra: (exclaims loudly seeing at the entrance..) annnikaaaa didi…..!!!!!

[everyone turns to see at the entrance and gets mesmerized (especially shivaay & daksh) seeing the tremendously awful looking annika.. as she was coming.. it felt like some fairy in coming their with cutest face… she was looking so beautiful….she stands there shying bcoz every pair of eyes of that hall were just staring her with lovely expressions…shivaay who was totally lost in his lady love’s beauty comes near annika unknowingly and they both share a eye lock… and suddenly some worker switches the fan on & rose petals starts falling on shivika… (actually this arrangement was for shitia but the worker was new so he thought that they r couple and switched on the fan) both shivika were lost in each others eyes that they didn’t even realized this..but every member in hall got shocked but some of them were happy….(and u all know who were that happy people..)but suddenly both came to the sense…bcoz of

tia:(in a tone of taunt) u know shivaay baby, annika is lucky… she always gets that thing which is meant for the lucky one & gets attention of everyone… see it’s my sangeet but annika stole the all attention by this grand entry..which was meant for us…
annika: tia… it’s not like that I am sorry.. workers must have switched it by mistake… and don’t worry… i’ll just go and will arrange something more wonderful for u both..
shivaay: annika, did u forgot my words NO WORK… and why r u saying sorry… it was not ur mistake…(turns to tia) and tia i didn’t expected this from u.. i thought u r understanding..(tia tries to say something but shivaay stops her with gesture..) come on guys just leave this.. i thinks we should continue with the function.(everyone again goes to there places..)

omrupriso, dadi: u r looking soooo beautiful (and gets surprised bcoz they all complimented her at same time with same words… and smiles at each other…)
annika: (blushes and turns pink) thank u so much..(shivaay was standing just behind her he wanted to compliment her but he was hesitant..just then daksh comes there..)
daksh: (does action like getting heart attack..) u know shivaay i was worried about u thinking that you’ll get heart attack after seeing tia but i was wrong… see i am getting heart attack seeing my lady love…annika my sweet heart… do u want to kill me…??? u r looking so beautiful…somebody plz call the doc..
annika:(smiles at his antics..) daksh u also na…. (and hides her face in dadi’s chest being shy…)
daksh: see now u r killing me again, don’t shy like this…..
[now shivaay is red in jealousy… and he just wanted to stop this flirty Daksh…everyone was enjoying this..]
shivaay: guys it’s my sangeet can we go through the next performances…plzzz (and glares with jealousy at both daksh & annika)

[now annika remembers something and goes on stage..]

annika: attention everybody..(everyone looks at stage) i am here to announce a special performance of a best dancer.. she has just returned in India from DUBAI after taking participation in ‘ world dance championship ‘ she made her way till final but unfortunately she failed to win it.. but is doesn’t mean that she is not a good dancer… so let’s appreciate her talent…
[there is focus on stage only… one girl was standing there in her dancing position… facing back at audience…]


i don’t know what will happen my performance… i am so worried about their reactions… if i would have aware of this fact that i have to perform in oberoi mansion i would have rejected this assignment…long ago.. but now i can’t deny it bcoz i have taken the amount for it…I’ll have to perform..


[daksh is on call] hey i told u na just wait for sometime after this special performance of that girl only.. i’ll play my next game.. and trust me this one will be the master stroke of our plan and we will get that thing for which we r doing this…just wait, watch & enjoy.. dear.(he turns and sees annika who was standing beside shivaay… and thinks now i’ll see how u get saved from this plan…and smirks…]


[everyone is eagerly waiting for that special performance…then the ‘manava lage’ song starts and the girl start dancing gracefully…she still showing her back to everyone but everyone seems to be mesmerized by her dancing moves.. as soon as the song proceeds the girl turns everyone gets happy seeing such beautiful girl who was dancing with passion….but OBRO’s gets a big shock seeing her…]

om: (in disbelief with full of anger whispers..) ishanaaaa…!!!!!!( same ishana which was in real IB played by vrushika… her past story is same like real ishqbaaz)
shivaay: this is the same con girl… but what the hell she is doing here….
rudra: she is the bela na…..bhaiya we should confront her… don’t worry O we r with u….. (both the brothers keep their hands on om’s shoulder…)

Epi ends on face of OBRO’s shocked face while others r ready to enjoy the special performance of ishana…


so guys this was the first surprise for u guys that ishana’s entry the maha episode does not end here next one also will be the maha epi where u will get a treat of solo performance of ishana & of course some awesome performances of all couples…and many more surprises which u will not expect at all…

what will be om & ishana’s reaction…????
what is daksh’s plan…???
will everyone come to know about ishana…???
will shivaay understand the reason behind his jealousy…???

i have tried my best in this epi…
i kept my fingers crossed, i just hope u all will like the maha episode…and new twists…
plz comment whatever it is positive or negative….
i’ll not mind at all……
and i’ll try to update the next epi ASAP…..

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