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EPI 10


it’s morning annika get up and after seeing the stick of kulfi she remembers last night incidents… she feels embarrassed and goes to clear that the mess happened bcoz of pain killer she didn’t done that intentionally…….. into shivay’s room he is thinking about kiss at that moment annika comes there to explain but fails to explain she is feeling awkward but shivaay understands it before her saying…they both gets lost in each other when soumya breaks their moment and teases them for kiss.. both gets shocked and confronts soumya for it….somu has made the video of that kissing moment and had forwarded it to rudy… she was about to spill the truth when she sees that both r angry and will kill her if the video gone viral..hence she decides that she will not tell them about video and will delete it for forever…

she goes to rudra’s room to ask him to delete the video before anyone else sees it….rudy is in deep slumber soumya thinks to grab the opportunity and delete the video without his acknowledgement.. but rudra’s phone is protected with password…

here on dining table daksh & dadi r having there breakfast when annika & shivaay comes downstairs…dadi inquires about annika’s health on which shivaay replies… dadi and daksh gets surprised… daksh taunts them with sweet smile… just then ACP i mean ranveer arrives their to ask about annika.. shivaay is still doubtful regarding ranveer’s behavioral change… daksh excuses from their ACP get doubt on him. shivaay gets angry seeing the bonding of annveer (annika+ranveer)… everyone goes from their by some work so annika ask ranveer to join her on breakfast..but ranveer refuses..she tells him that she is preparing gajar halawa… listening this ranveer gets emotional and annika notices this being his friend she asks him to share his pain… ranveer tell her about his loved one to whom he lost in accident…he tells annika that she is like her only hence he wanted to become her friend.. annika consoles him prinku & om r listening to this feels guilty and goes to their respective rooms… annika lightens the mood of ranveer with her antics…ranveer tells her that he feels lucky to have a friend like her…he leaves from there for some work…

here in rudra’s room somu is trying to unlock the phone… she thinks that we keep password related to some thing which we love most or any persons name whom we love… hence she tries OBRO,shivaay,omkara & prinku’s name but phone doesn’t unlocks hence she tries her name but still it is locked, she scolds herself for being stupid and thinks that why will he keep his password on her name…. & in her last attempt it unlocks and she screams in excitement bcoz of which rudy gets up… they start to argue they share a bed fall… rudy asks her to tell truth then somu tells about the video and they decides to delete it after watching it for last time bcoz it’s rare…but they find that the video got shared and panics thinking about the reactions of shivika…. and gets scared….



[daksh is on a call with someone]

daksh: hey darling why r u worrying i just came out for small work…what is the urgency… that u want to meet me right now….
POC: it’s urgent when u will be back come and meet me @ poolside
daksh: okay madam ur order my command…
POC: hmm stop ur flirting and come fast..
daksh: that’s not possible… I’ll never stop flirting with u bcoz I love u sooooo much…. bye darling…
[ he thinks to himself… i don’t know why to worry when daksh is here… today sangeet will be memorable for annika & shivaay bcoz i am going to play my master stoke… my plan will be definitely succeeded and i know this will be the last stoke…..he leaves from there in his car but just then some cop who was behind him calls someone and starts to follow daksh]

cop: hello ACP sir, shinde here… sir as u told we r keeping an eye on daksh khurana…
ranveer: okay shinde any updates…
cop: no sir not sure… but i think he is hiding something he is going to do something in tonight’s sangeet ceremony…
ranveer: okay.. keep an eye on him.. i want his each and every minutes update…did u get that(and he cuts the call)


rudra: sumo now what… (he is crying). we r surely dead… bhaiya and didi will not leave us they will kill us…
somu: it’s all my mistake… why did i send that video to u…(and makes an irritated face)
rudra: u thinks that it’s mistake to send me a video..(makes frown face)
somu: yes u duffer…
rudra: sumo u r right it’s ur mistake only why did u unlocked my phone without my permission… in the process of that phone snatch only we shared the video on ” SHITIA MARRIAGE” our whats app group…
somu: and the most dangerous thing is that everyone is member of that grp except tej & shakti uncle, and pinky & janhavi aunty…
rudra: even lady baba is also a member of that grp and last night only i added daksh bhaiya also hence if they saw this video then both baghad billa & billi will kill us…
somu: (gives confused look) baghad billa & billi ….??? who..
rudra: u tease me but u also have less brain u only know to eat paratha… are it’s shivay bhaiya and annika di….. but I didn’t get one thing…. how did u unlocked my phone..? it has password….
somu: (somu is angry bcoz rudra called her duffer & again taunt her on eating) bcoz U R A DSO….
rudra: DSO…??? what’s this…( and gives expression like he got it) ohh i got it DSO means Dashing Singh Oberoi hei na….(and does his logic wala step)
somu: (she becomes more angry..) noooo…… U idiot.. its duffer singh oberoi….. and what was in the password i got it in a minute bcoz my brain is not peanut size like u….
rudra: (frowns) sumoooo…. don’t call me that… and ohhh hello i know u must have done something to my phone bcoz its impossible to hack the password of rudy’s phone..(and does his collar straight)
somu: U don’t believe me… i’ll prove it… give me ur phone… i’ll unlock it in front of u..
[rudy gives his phone.. and somu unlocks it by password in front of him… he gets shocked..] rudra: how it can be possible… how did u got to know my password… I thought it’s the most difficult password…
somu: bcoz cry baby my brain is not peanut sized like u.. i know that we keep password related to some thing which we love most or any persons name whom we love… and every one knows that u love Ur ” Protein Shake “the most so it was easy for a smart girl like me…and leave all this concentrate on this that how to come out of this mess now…
[both starts thinking just then rudy shouts idea….] rudra: sumo, i have one idea… we will stop all of them from watching the video and will delete the video from their phone…
somu: bakwass idea (worst idea)…, duffer how can we stop them from watching it…
rudra: (asks very sweetly) sumo… do u have any other plan…(somu nods no) then don’t act over smart and help me… we will first stop lady baba & daksh bhaiya from watching bcoz if they watched this video then definitely annika di & bhaiya will kill us.. then we will stop bhaiya & didi & then at last we’ll stop dadi, O & prinku…
sumo: worst one..!!! but right now i don’t have any option bcoz i don’t want to die at this early age…
rudra: me too… so let’s get into action..


[they both thinks to start with tia… and spots her in hall… she is talking with pinky…they goes near her and sits near on a sofa like a good boy & girl]

somu:(whispers to rudy) rudra… tia is holding her phone in her hand how we’ll delete the video…
rudra: sumo wait for some time…
(just then annika comes there..)
annika: tia.. is there any problem in ur what’s app… actually i was trying to send u some photographs of the jewelry which u should select for today’s sangeet according to ur outfit…
tia: ohh.. yes annika. actually i forgot to tell u… i don’t know what happened to my what’s app.. it was not working from last 2 days hence i changed my what’s app number…(and then she turns to rudra..) rudy actually i was coming to u only could u plz add my new number in our SHITIA MARRIAGE group….
[rudy and somu gets happy that tia didn’t see the video & in excitement hugs each other tightly….. and tia,pinky & annika looks on being confused] pinky: ohh my mata rudra, whys r u being so happy bcoz of my bahus phone is not working…(and sees him little angry)
(rudra and somu realizes their mistake and try to cover up)
rudra: choti’s not like that… we have our result today hence we got excited…(somu kicks her elbow in his stomach and whispers that can’t u give proper excuse…)
annika:(she gets suspicious) from where the sun rised today..???? rudy… U R EXCITED FOR Ur RESULT…!!!!!(and raises her eyebrow)
rudra:(gives very innocent look to annika) didi why r saying like this u know na how innocent i am & still u r doubting on me.. i am not staying here i am going to get ready…(he gets up to go and drags somu with him and runs from there towards his room)
[everyone goes to do their work from there] rudra: thank god.. we got saved… so lady baba is out now next target… i mean now we have to stop daksh bhaiya…(somu nods)


[shivaay was sitting with some of his business partners…] shivaay: so Mr. dixit i think we r done with the discussion… now we can start this project ASAP…
Mr. dixit: yes.. of course, Mr. oberoi we r done… we can start it anytime u want…so let’s have one drink on this start…
[shivaay nods.. his partner orders drinks for both of them.. drinks arrives and shivaay was enjoying the drink just then his phone beeped hence he opened it to check… he gets shocked and spits his drink out……
shivaay: what the wuck..!!! from where this video came from… (he speaks in anger and sees the sender name and thinks rudy u r dead now…) mr. dixit there is one urgency i’ll leave now we’ll talk on phone…(and leaves from there…)


[rudra, somu, dadi, prinku, om, annika r present there… they r speaking about something just then shivaay comes inside with full anger hi directly goes to rudy and didn’t notices that on other side everyone is present….]

shivaay: Rudra…. R U out of ur mind…????? how did u shared that video on SHITIA MARRIAGE… our whats app group…today i’ll not spare u….
[instantly om opens his whats app and plays the video… everyone watches the video on om’s phone dadi,prinku & om gets hell shocked…and cups their mouth and annika speaks in a loud voice ” Phail gaya Raitaa ” shivaay turns and finds everyone standing there with their hands cupping there mouth…] om: shivaay what is this…???
(annika glares at shivaay angrily)
shivaay: (he gets nervous and feels embarrassed bcoz he has created the mess..) wooo… wo… see it’s not like that u r thinking.. i can explain & feels shortage of words…
rudra: bhaiyaa.. u r a total billu i was trying to solve this mess and see u created more now (rudy said stamping his feet.. with cry baby face)…
shivaay: rudra ke bacche (and runs after him to get hold of him)
dadi: billu.. chod use( billu leave him)
[dadi sees annika uncomfortable and signs om… om understands…] dadi: chalo sab apane apane kam pe jao isake bare mai ab koi baat nahi karega…(come on go back to ur work no one will talk on this topic)
[but while leaving dadi turns back and says] waise billu kiss tha toh bada cute….and winks at both shivaay and annika…( dadi says that the kiss of shivika was cute and winks)

[as soon as dadi says this everyone burst into laughter but shivika gives them angry glare hence leaves from their suppressing their laughter..everyone goes…somu and rudy tries to escape from there silently just then annika holds rudy by his ear and same shivaay holds somu with ear.. and starts taking their class…]

annika: rudra… i’m not gonna spare u today what was the need to share that video on whats app and that too in family group…
rudra:(in pleading cry baby tone..) didi it’s not my fault.. it happened bcoz of somu i didn’t do anything trust me….plz leave my ear..
shivaay: soumya what rudra is saying is that true… tell me (he says in angry tone…)
somu: hwww rudra Ur so mean….it’s fault of our both u cry baby… wo bade bhaiyaa actually… and then she narrates all the incident..that how that happened by mistake they didn’t do it intentionally and all…. SORRY bade bhaiya…SORRY annika di..(and holds her both ears and make puppy face… rudra only stands there and looks at her cuteness.. and gets lost just then somu stamps his feet slightly and signs him to apologize…rudra gets it & does like somu… shivika melts seeing their innocence and cuteness…)
annika: okay okay now don’t do this much drama… it’s not ur fault actually…it’s all MR. Oberoi’s fault
rudra: Mr. oberoi (gives confused expression) now how came papa in this between… how it can be his fault…????
shivaay:(he thinks again Mr. Oberoi.. arrrhhh and gets irritate) not again annika..??? whats my fault in all this…
annika: all fault is ur what was the need to bring that kulfi that too in late night i would not have kissed u… and after that these two were trying to cover up the mess and what did u do u….. again spread it…what was the need to burst ur anger in front of everyone…
shivaay: ohh helloooo first the thing is I fulfilled ur silly wish and instead of saying thanks u r blaming me… yes u r right it was my mistake.. i should not have fulfilled ur silly wishes…U R CRAZY…(they both started to argue)

[just then they notices that these two naughty r smiling at them ] shivika: tum dono ko badi hasi aa rahi hai..(u both r enjoying a lot )
rumya: no … no… we were just..
shivika: whatever it is galati toh hai tumhari panishment toh jarur milegi(there is ur mistake also….hence u will get punishment)
annika: rudra from now till 2 days u will not get ur protein shake and u will not talk with any girl in today’s sangeet….
rudra:(he looks hell shocked and fall on feet of annika) didi plzzz don’t do like this… i’ll not do this types of mistake again… plzzz plzzz bacche ki jaan logi kya (and starts crying…)
shivaay: and soumya u….(points finger towards her ) u will not eat any sweets & chocolates from now on for a whole week…
somu: bhaiyaa… plzzz na don’t do like this… u know na i can’t do this…(she said making puppy face)
shivaay: no it’s my decision and it’ll not change.. okay….and annika why did u gave him(pointing at rudy) punishment for 2 days only… punish him for one week then he will understand….(both rumya r showing faces to each other)
annika: no Mr. oberoi i can’t punish him for week bcoz i am here for only two days… then my job will be over and i’ll not come here again…. (saying this she left for her work with sad face..)

[both rumya also felt bad thinking about that and left for their room…]


she’ll go after 2 days…. after 2 days i can’t see her…whats happening to me… why i can’t understand my feelings..why i am feeling pain by the thought of her leaving…why i felt bad… it’s obvious she is my wedding planner… after my wedding what she will do here… but still i don’t want her to go away from me whyyyyy……………
and he stands there with painful look on his face


daksh opens his what’s app and plays the video…..



why ranveer is behind daksh..??
is daksh is the stalker…??
what will be daksh reaction..???
will shivaay understand his feelings for annika…???
will the misunderstanding between shivika will get cleared..??

so here is the 10th part guys….
i don’t know but i think todays part is not that good…
if u did not liked it then all chameli’s & chandani’s r welcomed even rotten eggs, tomatos r also accepted

plzzz share ur views….

so bye guys gooood night
these devils r pulling me for dance so i have to stop here…..

and great news for u all next part is the maha episode… there will be surprises for u all some secrets will be revealed in front of everyone……
so keep reading and commenting……

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