TRUST..!! Episode 6 By Maryam.

Hey Guys..!! Maryam back with Another Episode of “Trust”..!! Guys Aren’t you liking the Story line. ..?? Plz do tell me so that I can change it as per your wishes. ..!! I can just advice You to wait for Further Episodes to unveil the hidden content…!!

LONDON Airport..!!

Sanskar and Lakshya reached their destination…!! They had Safely landed in London..!! But is this their real Destination. ..?? Could they achieve what they Really Want..??

“Sanskar You go and find the car which Dad had called for us I will just take our luggage n come..!!” Lakshya said

“Okay..!! Come soon..”  Sanskar Answered going out of the Airport. .!!

“Swara come fast Yar…!! Mom and dad must have landed we need to rush. .!! You know right Dad doesn’t like bring late…!!” Ragini said rushing towards the Arrival lodge…!!”

“GOD…!! Ragini Slow down..!! Uncle won’t kill you if u got two minutes late reaching there…!!”Swara Said being pissed off with her dragging while Karan Chuckled on it..!!

SwaRagini and Karan were entering the Lodge while Sanskar leaving..!! Swara was arranging her dupatta while Sanskar was looking at his watch…!!
Tera mera jahaan
Le chalun main wahaan
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le
Rakh loon aankhon mein main
Kholun palke na main
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le

And here they Go…!! Dash..!!

“I am Sorry…!!” Swara said without turning her face..!!

“That Voice..!! Was that Swara..??” Sanskar said when he registers that voice in his heart (*Not mind*)..!! But before he could see who was the owner of the voice She was Gone Yet Again. .!!


“Mom Dad..!!” Ragini shouted hugging her Parents while karan too their blessings n hugged them…!!

“We Missed You Mom Dad..!!” Karan said hugging them. ..!!

“You and that too Missed us..!! Oh olz Karan I know you were busy with Your Girl Friends n all..!!” Anupurna Said… (Rag-Kar mother) and Karan made faces while SwaRagini giggled..!!

“Oh My Sweetheart Swara..!! How are you beta..!! You know I didn’t missed them at all but yes I missed u a lot..!!”DurgaPrasad said hugging Swara..!!

“I am fine..!! And I missed you too Dad…..!!” Tears started forming in her Eyes when she said that..!! Yes she miss her Dad..Of course she do..!!..” I mean Uncle” Swara Said completing her Sentence..!! Everyone looked helplessly while Swara plastered a fake smile on her face..!!

Every one came back from Airport and were  settled in the Living Room, servants were serving them..!! SwaRagini were sitting with Ap who was telling them about her Trip to New York..!! She has been there with Dp on a Business tour as both were Handling their Business together…!! On the other hand Dp was with karan giving him some Business  tips so that it could help him in future..!!

“Now it’s Good we are back..!! So tell me what did You Guys Did in our Absence..!! Swara beta you tell me I know they are gonna lie..!!” Ap Questioned

“Wait mom..!! What will she say..?? I will tell You..!! In this two weeks trip of Yours nothing much happened Swara as Always cried and cried and cried remembering her Past and Karan Bhaiya kept Irritating her..!! And what else they both use to have Cat n Mouse fight everyday..!!” Ragini mentioned taking a deep sigh..

“Swara..!! What is Ragini saying huh..!! You..!! You just did a small cat n mouse fight with this idiot karan..!! You should have Hit him with a broom stick..You wasted a chance beta..!! It’s okay next time don’t let him go easily…!!” Dp said..!! Ragini widened her Eyes because she thought Dp would Explain her to be Strong and not to Fall week and neither to remember her past n cry, but what her dad said shocked her…!! Karan on the other hand smiled on it bcz he only told Dp not to discuss anything about Swara’s past as it would hurt her only…!!
After some time of talking Swara left from there…!!
Next Day..!!
St . Micheal College..

SwaRagini were their at College..!! They were walking n talking along with their Class fellows about the Freshers Party..!!How would they arranger it. .?? What would they do…?? How they would make it a memorable one..??…They were Discussing it when someone came and informed Swara that the dean is calling her..!! So she left the Class and went to meet the Dean…!!


“May  i come in sir…??”

“Yes Swara come in dear…!!” The dean said moving his Gaze from the files..

“Thank You sir…!!” Swara said coming in..

“So Swara..!! What have You planned for the Party and why haven’t you started the Arrangements as yet..!!” The dean asked

“Sir..!! We were discussing this only sir..!! And we will soon Start the Preparation.. Maybe from Today itself..!!

“Hmm…!! I guess I can trust you Swara. .!! You know Right i want the things perfect..!! You should Do Something new this time..!! Something unique which haven’t took place as yet..!!”

“Of course sir..!! I will make sure that Everything should be the Best..!!” Swara said

“Good..!! You may leave now…!!” The dean said..!! And Swara was moves out from the Exit Door..!! She Again dashed with Someone and he was Again the same “Sanskar”…!!

“I am Sorry..!!” Swara said not turning her face..!! Again he felt the Same..!! Again he felt her Presence..!! It seems that she was here near him but still very far away…!! Sanskar turns to find her but Again she was gone..!!


“Oh..!! Sanskar Maheshwari and Lakshya Gadodua, Right…!!” The dean said gazing then from head to toe as he finds them new…!!

“Yes Sir..!!” Both Answered..

“Oh..!! So Everything is done therein..!! All the Formalities are completed..!! You both are now the Students of this College. ..!! I hope You would bind to its rules..!! You can take Your classes from Today itself..!!” The Dean Said and both nodded their heads..!! The Peon took them to their classes…!!

They came near their class and the Peon left..!! Both enters together and…………….

To be Continued……!!


Here comes the End of Another Episode of “Trust”…!! I hope you are enjoying the story..!! The comments are decreasing Guys..!! Initially I got 20+ comments but in the last episode they were less…!! Aren’t you Guys Satisfied..?? Do tell me Guys through your comments…!! And a sorry to my readers who wanted SwaSan meeting in this Episode but the Majority supported my idea to take the Story according to my planning. ..!! I am sorry for that Guys..!! Plz comment..!! Silent Readers Plz break Your Silence…!!

Keep smiling..!!?

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  1. Anniya

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    1. Maryam

      No dear…!! I haven’t…!! But I have posted one similar to it…!! You can check it in my Profile tab…its “We are destined for each other..”!! But I left it in between…!!
      Thanks for commenting n I hope ur confusion is cleared…!!

      1. Anniya

        Thanks, yeah confusion cleared ☺☺☺☺

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    1. Maryam

      Thank You so Much dear…!!
      Ramadan Mubarak to you too…!!
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    3. Maryam

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    I mean hez gud n love her alot.. he irritate her alwyz to chnge her mind…
    M likin karanz chrctr more dan sanskar ??

    1. Maryam

      Thank U dear for Tour Wonderful Response…!!!
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