TRUST..!! Episode 5 By Maryam

Hey Guys..!! Maryam Back with another Episode of “Trust”..!! Guys I Guess You aren’t understanding the Concept..!! Plz wait for further Episodes to explore more about the FF…!!

Next Morning (Kolkata)
Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar Room..!!

Sanskar was in his Room again With the Photo of Swara..!! Again this time he was Crying and Sharing his Pain, His Guilt, His Miseries to Her….!! But Is she Listening..??

” Shona..!! Where are You..?? You know I can’t live with out You..!! You know I am nothing without You. Why You Left me All alone in this Guilt..?? I can’t even Face myself Shona..!! I did very wrong with You..!! I know I am at Fault..!! But Plz Forgive me this Time..!! You are my Soul..And I am Just like a Body With out Soul..!! Plz Come back..!! ” Sanskar Said Broking into Tears..!!

“Sanskar..!! You are Right You Did Wrong and You should be in Guilt..!! But Don’t do this to You..!! If u would have Loved me You would have Standed for me..!! You would have Trusted me..!! You wouldn’t have let Me go so easily..!!” Swara Mentioned Sitting beside him..!! Sanskar moved his head Towards her and holds her Hand..!!

” No Swara..!! Please don’t say like This..!! I really Love You..!! Plz I trusted You…!! But..” His words were left incomplete..!!

” But…?? You can’t mention this “But” every where…!! It shouldn’t be a part of Love Sanskar…” Swara said with tears and taking her hand off from him..!!

But before he could say or do something, She was Gone..!! And its when he Finds out its his Hallucination..!! A Fear arise in his Heart that whatever he Hallucinate just now should be the Truth..?? Swara should not Think this about him..!! But what could he do..?? He was just Helpless..!! Tears again started flowing from his Eyes..

Najaane kab se
Umeedain kuch baqi hain
Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad
Kyun ati hai?
Najaane kab se

Durr jitna bhi tum mujhse
Paas tere main
Ab tau addat si hai mujhko aise jeene main
Zindagi se koi shikva bhi nahi hai
Ab tau zinda hun main iss neele asmaan main
Lakshya enters his Room and Find his Friend in such a Miserable Condition..!! He Rushed towards him..!!

” What Happen Sanskar..?? Why are You Crying..??” Lakshya asked concerned..!!
Sanskar hugs him and again tears flow from his eyes..!!

” I did Wrong Lakshya..!! I did Wrong..!! It was all my Fault..!! I couldn’t stop her From Going..!! I couldn’t took her Side..!! I am just too Bad..!!” Sanskar Blurted sobbing..!!
Lakshya was all Confused how to Pacify his Friend because he Himself was going Through it..!! He himself wasn’t able to support His Sister..!! He himself couldn’t stop her from Going away..!! Or being Forced to Go away..!!
Tears starts falling from his Eyes too, but he couldn’t go weak..!!

” Sanskar..!! Stop it. What are u doing Huh..!! What do You think crying like this will bring her back..!! We should find her..!! We should ask for her Forgiveness.!!We should support her..!! We should prove her Innocence and we can’t do this by Getting weak like this..!! So just wipe Your Tears.. We have to be Strong for her. !!” Lakshya said trying to Pacify his Friend..!!

“You are Right Lakshya..!!” I can’t be like this..!! I need to Correct my Mistake..!!” Sanskar said think over Lakshya words..!!

” Good..!! Now Get ready we Need to Go..!! Its Time For our Flight .!!” Lakshya said changing the topic..!!


St.Michael College

“Swara..!! Have You thought something about the Assignment..?? How are we Gonna Complete it..?? We have to Submit it in a Week..!! And Gosh its too Lengthy..!! We need Someone’s help.!!” Ragini said being worried about their Assignment.

” Yeah Ragini..!! I am Thinking the Same…!! Our Assignment should be the best..!! But we can’t do this alone..!! And also their is Fresher’s Party next week..!! And this Time our Batch is Assigned for looking after the Arrangement..!!” Swara Answered.

“Yup..!! I am Hell Worried dude..!! And the Fresher’s Party is on the Next day of the Submission date..!! Wait..!! Why don’t we ask For Karan Bhaiya’s help.!! He is Two Years senior to Us .!! He can Help us..!! What say.??” Ragini said.

“Help and that Too from him..?? He Just can’t help us.! He’s Not that Brilliant as a Student.!!” Swara said..

” Oh Hello Madam..!! Don’t Underestimate me..!! I can do Anything and u Guess You Don’t know I have been the topper since the last three Years.!!Karan Said Blocking their Way..!!

” Why You Always Come Like this..?? Why u Block our way Always..?? Just Go From here..!!” Swara said being Irritated..

” And Why You always Talk to me Like this..!! Why can’t You talk to me Sweetly..!! I just Want to be Good with You..!!”
Karan Said Complainingly..!!

” Why should I talk to You Sweetly..!! And do u wanna be Good with me..??” Swara asked..

” Because I…..!! ” Before he Could blurt out anything Further he Stops and realised what he was going to Say..!!

“You what..??” Swara again asked…!! Ragini witnessing the Situation tries to Control it and Jumped it between..!!

“Guys. !! Again u both Started plz Stop it Guys..!! And Swara plz Agree for it plz..!! Bhai can only Help us..!! Plz swara ..!!” Ragini said pleading..

” But Ragini….. ” Swara’s Words Remained Incomplete..

“No ifs n Buts..!!plz Swara..”
Ragini again Pleaded..

” Ohk..!!” Swara agreed Unwillingly..!! And Karan smiles on it…

” Hey Swara…!! The Dean is Calling You..He need to Talk to u about the Party..!!” Someone came and informed swara..!!

“Ohk Albert. !! I am just Coming..!! Swara Said..(to Ragini)” I’ll be back..!! You move Towards class I will meet U there..!!”
With this Swara went from there..!!

” Thanks Bhai..!!” Ragini said

“Thanks. ?? For What..??” Karan asked..

“You Only Asked dean To Assign our Class for The Arrangements..!! So that Swara Could be Busy and she shouldn’t get Time to Look back towards her Past..!!” Ragini said..

” I love her Ragini..!! So I can at least do this For her..!! Now stop thanking me and move towards your class You are getting late..!! Karan Said

” Ohk bhai..!! I am Going..!!” Ragini said with a smile and went Towards her class..

Kolkata Airport…!!

Sanskar and Lakshya had Boarded their Flights and went going towards the Plane..!!

” You Know What Lucky..?? Don’t know Why but u am feeling something Different..!! I feel we are gonna meet someone important very soon..!!” Sanskar said being in thoughts..

” Is it Sanskar..?? I too am Feeling Something like we are gonna Get out Destination our Aim London…!!” Lakshya said. ..!! And both went towards their Destination..!!


This is the Fifth Episode..!! And here it comes to the End..!! I hope U liked it..!! Do Comment and Share your Views..!!
And Yes..!! Do You Guys want SwaSan meeting in the next Episode..?? I myself don’t want this I have planned something else but as You are my readers n I am writing this only for u Guys So what’s Your Opinion..!! Feel free to share Your Views…!! And I wi try to Act Upon that..!!

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    M die hard swasan fan bt here likin karan

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    Yes!! Yes!! I want Swasan’s meeting!!! Coming to the chapter, it was awesome!! Loved it!! Continue soon

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