TRUST..!! Episode 4 By Maryam

Hey Guys…!! Maryam back with the fourth episode of “Trust”…I Hope You Guys qte liking the Story…!! Do Share your views via your Comments…

Maheshwari Mansion..

Sanskar was in his Room Packing his Stuff for Tomorrow and Sujata was helping him in it…!! Sanskar was Sitting on his Bed, He open the Drawer on his Side table and took out a Photo from it..The same Photo… Sujata who was standing n checking his bags notices it and Smiles sadly..!!

” You Love her Right…??” Sujata asked..

” Love..!!( Sanskar said coming out from his trance) Love whom mom..!! Sanskar asked trying to avoid his mom..!!

“Love whom..!! Love Swara..!! You love Swara right..!! Sujata said coming towards him and sat in front of him on the bed..!!

” Swara..!!” Sanskar uttered..

” Yes Sanskar and why are you so shock..!! I am Your Mother Sanskar..!! And I know You better than Yourself..!! Sujata said..

” I Don’t know what You are Talking about Mom..!!” Sanskar said still avoiding his mom talks.

“Really..??” Sujata asked and took the Photo from his hand..!!

“Yes”..!! He answered..!!

” Then what You talk with this Photo Every Morning and Night..!! Why You don’t open Your eyes in morning before watching this photo..!! Why You Always share your emotions with her on the very first..If u are sad or happy..!! Why You cry for her Every day..!! Why aren’t u the Old Sanskar after her Departure..!! Don’t run From Your Feelings beta..!! It will Hurt you more..!!Sujata said Caressing his Hairs..!! With this Sanskar broke in his mothers embrace, crying his heart out..!!

” I Love her Mom..!! I love her..!!” Sanskar finally said and Sujata just smiles a bit still hugging him..

” She was my Life mom..!! I love her more than myself..and I hate myself for not standing beside her during her tough times..!! She needed me mom..!! You know that day when she was assused she looked at me mom she looked for my support and Me….!! Sanskar blurted his heart out..

“Shhhhh…!! Quite beta..!! It was not that you were not ready to stand beside her..!! You loved her at that time too..Right..?? Sujata tried to pacify her son..!!

” Yes Mom I loved her at time too..!!” Sanskar answered..

” Exactly beta..!! When you love someone u always have trust on them..!! Did u said u don’t trust her..?? Did You accused her..?? No..!! You loved her and at that time You were too shocked to react..!! You were fighting a battle between Your mind N heart..!! Remember beta Your Mind will always try to over power ur Heart..!! But don’t let this happen..!! And now don’t Blame Yourself OK..?? Sujata kissed his Forehead and left the Room..!!

Sanskar was still there in his miserable condition.. He took swara’s pic and stated crying hugging the photo…!!

Kaise, jiunga kaise?
Bataa de mujhko
Tere bina!

Kaise, jiyunga kaise?
Bataa de mujhko
Tere bina

“Sanskar Hallucinate Swara beside him but before hr could catch her she was gone..!!”

Tera mera jahaan
Le chalun main wahaan
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le
Rakh loon aankhon mein main
Kholun palke na main
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le

Main andheron se ghira hoon
Aa dikha de tu mujhko savera mera
Main bhatakta ik Musafir
Aa dila de tu mujhko basera mera



Swara was Standing in the balcony of her Flat with a cup of Coffee and watching one of God’s Largest creation Losing its Light and Colour,the sun. She took a sip if the coffee and Put it back on the table but still keeping her eyes on the Settinb Sun..!! Soon she turns her gaze up on the Sky and a lone tear escape her Eye..She immediately wiped it and Pretends to be Strong..!! But in front of whom..?? In front of GOD..!!.

“Look I am Strong..!! You Tried to Break me Right..?? You Tried to Take away my Family from Me, You wanted me make me alone..!! And loom you did it..!! But I didn’t let u Be fully Successful..!! I am still..!! U can’t break me..!! U can’t break me..!! You can’t..!!” Saying so she broke down in pits of tears..But this was indeed needed..She needed it but she needs a shoulder too..!!
Karan who just came with Ragini saw her n this Condition.. Tears started Forming in his eyes and soon falls down he immediately wet to her and pulled her in his Embrace..!!
Swara got a Shoulder to cry at and Karan Got some peace..!! Peace to Have his LOVE in his Embrace …!! But was this the Right Shoulder she needed..!! Was karan the Support she needed..?? Was he the one She wants beside her..?? Many Question n Answers to be Explored soon..!!

Jaagi jaagi raatein meri
Roshan tujhse hai savera
Tu hi mere jeene ki wajah

Jab tak hain ye saansein meri
Inpe hai sadaa haq tera
Poori hai tujhse meri duaa

Tera mera jahaan
le chalun main wahan
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le
Rakh loon aankhon mein main
Kholun palke na main
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le

Main andheron se ghira hoon
Aa dikha de tu mujhko savera mera
Main bhatakta ik Musafir
Aa dila de tu mujhko basera mera

Ragini Saw them like this and wipes her tears standing on the Door steps..!!

” They Don’t deserve her God…!! They Don’t..!! They Never loved her if they have did then they would have trusted her too..!! They would have Supported her too..!! But they didn’t..!! I know her whereabouts..!! I was with her since past Four Years..!! I saw her In Pain, In Miser,In Terror..!! I wish they Never Get her..!!

London Airport..

Swara was sitting on one of the benches and Crying miserably..!! Life was too busy in London that No one Got a while to check that Poor girl who was Crying there since the last three hours…!! In Midst of this a Girl Came to her…!!

“Hello..!! What’s going on dude..?? Why are You crying..??” A Girl asked her and is revealed to be Ragini..But on getting no Response..Ragini sat beside her and shakes her but she didn’t responded at She shakes her a bit harder and called out her…!! Swara bursted out crying more and hugged Ragini..!! Ragini was taken aback at first and for a while she wasn’t able to say anything..!! But gained some Courage she hugged her back and tries to pacify her. !!

” Look..!! Everything wi be Fine..!! Stop Crying..?? Who are You and what are You Doing here..!!” Ragini asked…!! But she got sobs in response..!! Ragini knew it wasn’t good for Swara to stay here as it was a bit too late and also she wasn’t too sure that she had came here before or not so she took her with her and from there their unbreakable bond Started..
(* will Reveal the other things later”)..

Ragini Got out of her thoughts when Swara Parted From Karan..!!

” You…!! You Guys here..??” Swara asked and tries to hide her tears but it was a bit too late…!!

” Yes We..!! We came here to see You and I needed some notes from you too.. “!! Ragini said and this time she ignored asking her about her Tears …!!
Karan left the house with saying anything and both Swara and Ragini Saw the Vanishing figure..!!

Karan reached the Parking area and in a Corner crying…!!

” I Love You Swara..!! I love You..!! I know You there’s a Past associated with You but I don’t believe in What Ragini told me,…!! I TRUST You..!! And I Trust my Trust on You..!! I will never let the Dark shade of Your Past Come near You..!! I Promise You..!!” Karan Stated…

Main andheron se ghira hoon
Aa dikha de tu mujhko savera mera
Main bhatakta ik Musafir
Aa dila de tu mujhko basera mera


Here we go with the Fourth Episode..!! Thank You so much for Your Support in the Previous one’s..!! I hope you like Positive Ragini and Lakshya..!! I always wanted them in a positive role..!!
Guys Don’t think SanLak didn’t trusted Swara..!! They didn’t Reacted at that Time, Neither Positive nor Negative …!! They were too shocked to React…!! Don’t worry I will show their Emotions, their Conditions their Miseries, pain every thing with the Passage of time..!! So wait till then..!! I hope you are Satisfied with my Writing..!!
Thank u guys and plz Drop ur valuable comments…

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  1. Neptune

    aww my swasan are suffering sooooooooooo much sansku loves swara thats good but i want to see whether swara loves him or not waiting to read further post soon dear

    1. Maryam

      Thank u dear..I am always waiting for ur comment they encourage Me a lot…I am Sad about SwaSan too.. Wait for the further episode n u will come to know about their Sufferings pain
      n many more..Thank u again dear….I am glad u liked it..

  2. Kakali

    Yeah SanLak did TRUST her but not taking stand at proper time when some1 need that stand badly, is it also equal to not TRUSTING..! They were too shocked to react, I agree but what about those 5 years? Swara left them and they are in guilt.! Hahhahah! Seriously? They didn’t do anything for Swara after that incident? Well Maryam, I loved it..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Maryam

      Thank You Kakali for Your Response..!! First of all dear I wanna show it INA Practical way..!! I may not nr good at Explaining things but I am trying and You will get to know more very soon so plz keep reading..!!
      About SanLak not Trusting Swara then let me tell u dear I already said that they did trusted her..!! For any conclusion you have to wait for the further episodes and for the scene when Swara left the house..!! I guess I forgot to mention but they did tried to find Swara..!! But they were not able to..!!
      Thank u again for ur response n Keep reading..

    2. Arshaanya

      I second ur comment kaku baby…
      We r twins ✋

      1. Kakali

        Yooo Arsaaaaa. We are born twins. *Hi5?

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    Lovely dear

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  4. Saumya_K

    It’s is sooo interesting Maryam! Truly! Can’t wait for next epi n waiting for swasanlak face off! Stay blessed n post ASAP! ?

    1. Maryam

      Thank u dear…!! I am Glad u liked it..!! Will post soon

  5. loved it

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  6. nice dear

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  7. sanskar realized his feelings to swara?nice dear

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      Thank u dear…I am Glad u liked it..There is much more in Store.. so keep waiting..!!

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  11. Sus

    sometimes we are in so shock to react for anything
    i want to ask… were they in their teenage when swara left her home,
    becoz i saw teenager don’t have that much power they always obey their parent foe one or other reason.
    slowly they start seeing the world and develop their thinking

    1. Maryam

      Thank You so for Your Response dear..!! Actually sorry if i forgot to mention that They were in their First Year of College and so They were not that much mature..They were Young..I know u might have many confusions I will try to clear them in the next chapter..

    1. Maryam

      Thank u dear..!!

  12. Ishanvi

    Awesome chapter!! Loved it!! Can’t wait for next chapter! Post soon!!!!!

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      Thank u so very much Dear…I am Glad u Liked it…!! Will post soon..

  13. Independent

    awesome dear

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    Very nice… Liked it!

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    I know you will explain everything.. So waitig for the nxt update..
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      Thank u so much dear…!! Thank u understanding me…!! I am glad u liked it..!!

  16. Simi

    Awesome chapter… I agree aboit Sanlak’s behaviour

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      Thank u Simi dear.. I am Glad u Liked it..Keep Reading dear..

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    Awsm …. Update soon next part

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      Thank u dear..will post soon…

  18. Arshaanya

    I dun agree wid ur explntn on sanlak trusted her…
    Ofcrse dey did… dey were to shocked to react agree… bt not takin stand at ryt tym is equal to not trusting…
    Wbt swara?
    Can she undrstnd dat dey were shocked dat y didnt react…
    She expctd frm dat 2 persons bt wat dey did??
    Now feeling guilt??
    N dere she lived n still living in pain n all…
    Acc to me u cannot justify sanlak here…
    N m loving karan z chrctr here ??

    1. Maryam

      Thank U for Your Response dear..!! I don’t know what to say about it..!! I think u guys arennot able to understand what I am trying to say or I am not able to make u guys understand..!! Dear they Trusted her but they didn’t reacted neither positive nor negative I agree they were wrong not to stand beside her when she expected them to do…!! But dear when Suddenly at once u heard something Shocking there’s always a situation when u are not able to do anything..!! Perform any action..!! Plz wait for the scene when swara will be blamed I will try yo Justify every character..!!
      At last thank u again…!!! Will try to satisfy u guys..!!

  19. i wish sanlak stood would take stand for swara at that time

    1. Maryam

      Thank You for Your Response Dear..!! I guess Your Wish will Gonna come true one day..!! They will surely gonna Support her…!!

  20. Seebu_s

    sanlak didn’t trust swara when she needed…!i didn’t liked that…!but it is ur story…!!pls don’t let swara to forgive them easily?

    1. Maryam

      Thank You For Your response dear…!! You Will get to know about Swara”s Feeling very soon and I hope you are Gonna like that…!!
      Thank U once again. .!!?

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