TRUST..!! Episode 3 By Maryam

Hey Guys..!! Maryam back with the Third Episode of “Trust” I hope you are liking it. Keep Encouraging me.

SanLak were on their way to College actually they need to bide Bye to their Friends and also the Dean has Called them for some formalities..
Sanskar notices Lakshya, He was Quite, He was not Old Lakshya He is Changed Not Just Lakshya Buy Everyone is Changed Because of_____..!! But Sanskar was use to of Lakshya behavior since last Four years but Today something was different..!! He always use yo Plaster a Fake smile on his Face Today that was missing, He Always use to Hide his Pain but Today he wasn’t able to..!!

” Missing Her..??” Sanskar Questioned breaking Lakshya Thoughts..

” Missing Whom..?? ” Lakshya questioned back..

” Really..!! Missing Whom..?? You know very well about Whom I am Talking..!!” Sanskar Said and Lakshya avoids it..

” Don’t You think WE were Wrong…!! Maybe it was not her Fault, Maybe it was HIS conspiracy..! You know him Right..?? Sanskar said..

” I know HIM and I know Her too..!! I never Said I didn’t TRUST her..Its Just..!!” Lakshya said..

” Then were you Quite that Day..?? Why Didn’t you took her Stand..?? ” Sanskar Asked..

” Not Just Me Sanskar..!! You were Quite too. She just didn’t looked for my Support she looked for OUR support..!!” Lakshya Added.. Making sanskar Reming that Day and engulf in deep Guilt..

” I too am Guilty…!! ” Sanskar said with Guilt..

” I Miss my Sister Sanskar..!!” Lakshya Said trying Hard to Control his tears..While Sanskar Put his hand on his Shoulder and other on the Driving Wheel..

Swara was sitting in the Living Room with a Sad pout on her Face..!! It seems she was Sad..!! At the Same time Lakshya Enters in side the House and finds Swara Sitting there with a Sad Face..!! He is went to her..

” What Happen Bandariya..??” Lakshya questioned..

” Stop it Bhaiyu…!! I am already sad and plz Don’t call me that..” Swara said being irritated..

” I will Bcz You are my Bandariya..!!( seeing swara’s sad N irritated face) Acha Sorry..!! What happened..!! Tell Your Bhaiyu he will do everything for You..!!

” Bhaiyu Vo Neha became Angry on me..!! She said she won’t talk to me now..!!” Swara answered sadly..

” ohh..!! But why is she Angry..?? Lakshya asked..

” there was nothing to be Angry I just Poured a Bowl full of Noodles on her..!! And Splash some Orange Juice on her face..!! Nothing Else..!!” Swara said innocently..

“What..?? What You Did .?? Its Good she should be Angry..!!” Lakshya said being Shocked..

“Awww..!! How mean Bhaiyu..!! Go I am Angry on You..!!” Swara said..

“Acha Baba Sorry..!! I won’t do it Again..!! But You should do something for her..I mean she is Angry right!! Hmm..Take some Chocolates for her you told me before she Likes that..!! Lakshya said..

” Yes..!! That seems good..!! Thank You Bhaiyu..!! But where’s my chocolate…?? Swara said

“Hmm here..!!” Lakshya said Offering her the chocolate which he promised her to give..!!

” Aww..!! Thank You Bhaiyu..!!(Swara hugged him) You are the Best Bhai..I love You..!! Swara said being exited..

” I love You too…!! And You are the Best Bandariya..”Lakshya said laughing hard and with this swara ran Before him in the Whole house trying to Catch him..!!

Lakshya Remembered some of their Bro_Sis momenta and Tears starts Breaming in his Eyes..!! He was Sad he was in Pain..!! He was Missing his Sister..!!
Sanskar on the other hand was also in the same situation he was Missing His____..!! His What..?? What was she to Him..??

Swara was Going out From the College and was on her way to Parking Area..!!

” Hey..!!” A voice came from her Back .!!
Swara turns and find Sanskar their..!!

” Hi..!! Swara said with a smile..

” Where are U going..??” Sanskar asked and came go her..

” I guess the College is Over so I am going to Home..” Swara said with a smile again..

” Oh Yeah..!!” So can I Drop you..I mean our Homes are Adjacent to each other …!!” Sanskar asked Nervously..

“Thank You..!! But I am having my Car..!! Swara said..

” Oh..!! So You Drop me to my House..!! No actually to Your House..!! Its been long I visited uncle and aunty..!! Sanskar said..

“Yeah Sure..!!” Come..!! Swara said and Sanskar gained a Million dollar Smile..!!

Both moved Towards Swara’s Car but on the Swara Slipped and Why not Sanskar caught her on the Nick of Time..Both have a Never ending EyeLock..

Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhaye
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na

Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya
Woh hai milta tumse hubahu
Ooo jaane teri aankhein thi ya baatein ki waja
Huea tum jo dil ki aarzoo
Tum paas ho ke bhi tum aas ho ke bhi
Ehsaas ho ke bhi apne nahi aise hain
Humko gile tumse na jaane kyun


Sanskar too revive some of his Past Momenta with Her..!!
Soon both SanLak reached College and went to meet Their friends as Both of them were Going to London the Next Morning…!!

“Hey Sanskar..!! How are u” Armaan from among the one Standing in Canteen said…

“Hey Guys. !! Sanskar Answered..
And like this they Got Engrossed in Talking with their Friends..

” Arey look who’s here..!!” A voice from their Back said..
Upon turning their face and looking at the figure in front of Them..!! SanLak Clinched their Fist and Their blood starts boiling..!!

“Sahil..!! Get Lost from here..!! We don’t wanna talk to you…!!” Lakshya said trying hard to control his Anger.

” Aww..!! Why..!! What happen..!! Don’t You trust me Any more..!! Truth is always bitter dear. !! Sahil Mocked..

” Truth. .?? Oh please Sahil..!! And we never Trusted You..We knew She was Right..!! Sanskar Said..

“You Trusted Her ..!! Like Really but I Guess That wasn’t Visible that day Dear…!! You never Trusted Her..!! And Why would You..!! After all She is a Character less…..” Before he could complete he Got two solid punch from SanLak on either side of his Cheek. !!

” Just Shut Up Sahil..!! Don’t Force me To Kill U here itself..!! Don’t ever Bad mouth my Sister or else u would see the worst of me..!! Lakshya said..

” I will because she is like this Only..!!” That’s why she ran away..!! Sahil said..

” Sahil..!!” Sanskar Roared and before he Could Smash him ..His Friends cane in Between and remind him that they were in the College and Sahil is not worthy for this..!!”
SanLak Went from there but not Before giving Sahil a Dangerous look…

So here it Goes…I hope You liked it…!! I know there are no SwaSan Scenes Yet but You have to Wait 2 or 3 Episode for that bcz its the demand of the Script…Keep Supporting me Your Comments means a lot…!!

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    Dun want swara to frgve dem huh
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    1. Maryam

      Thank u so much for Your Feedback n really means a lot..!! That’s what the Story is About “Trust”..I haven’t showed Swara’s emotion as clear as yet so keep reading to find more about her feelings…I would show everything clearly.. Don’t worry dear…N about Swara forgiving them let her decide then..
      I hope You enjoyed Reading the FF..I will try to improve it more..Keep Dropping ur Feedbacks n advises
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