TRUST..!! Episode 2 By Maryam

Hi Guys…!! I am Back with the next Episode of “Trust”..!! I really hope you enjoyed Reading the First Part..!! This is Obviously a SwaSan FanFic but I would like to show more Relations in it..Like Friendship, Relation between a Daughter and a Father, between Siblings….!! I hope you are Okay with it…!!

Ragini and Swara Started moving towards their Classes both has chosen Medical Science as their lead…!!..

” Hey Guys .!!” A voice came from back..

“Gosh..!! He is Here again..”Swara said rolling her Eyes and Ragini smiled on it..

” Yup .!! I am here. I knew it..!! You were missing me Right..!!
The voice again said.

“Haha..!! Missing and that too you..Nice joke..!! (To Ragini) Let’s Go Ragini I don’t wanna make a Kimma of brain early morning..!!” Swara said turning her face and marching towards her Class..
Ragini just chuckles on it and Shrugs her Shoulder towards the Boy and turns her face to accompany Swara….!!
But He was He…! He came in Front of them..!!

“Why do you Always try to escape from me..Am I a Ghost..!!” The boy asked..

“Well Honestly speaking you are actually a Ghost..! Haunting me every time..!! Swara answered back trying to hide her smile..

” You can’t hide it From me dear..!! I know I am Handsome and you fear Falling in LOVE with me..!! Because You Don’t TRUST yourself..!!” The boy answered unknowingly..

Swara’s Smile fades with this and she gave a Stern look to him..!!
Ragini who was witnessing this all tries yo divert the Topic…!!

“Hmmm..!! Swara I guess we are getting getting late let’s Go..!! And BHAI you plz go from here.. Don’t you have to attend your Own Class..!! Ragini said trying to make Swara cool..

“I am Sorry Ragini..!! I know he’s your brother but he has to stop all this..!! I know he does this to make me Happy but Plz I don’t want it..!! And KARAN I consider you a Good Friend of mine..!! Plz Karan I don’t wanna end it..” Swara said..

I’m.. I am Sorry Swara..!! I….” Before Karan could complete..

“Let’s Go Ragini..!! Said Swara…

Both Moved towards their class not before Ragini gives a Sad smile to her Brother and Before Swara wipes are tears who were ready to come out…!!

” God Karan..!! What have you Done yar..!! You know about her..!! should be Careful before her..!! Next time control your Feelings..!! Karan utters and went from there to Attend his Class too..!!


A Mansion is Shown with the Name plate ” The Maheshwari Mansion”…!! Upon Entering inside we can see a Man sitting in the Living Room and Reading newspaper while a lady is busy in Arranging the dinning Table for Breakfast…!!

” Ram..!! Breakfast is Ready..!! Come have it..” The Lady said..

” Yes Sujata I am coming…!!” Ram said while putting the newspaper on Table.

“Kaka..!! Please go and Call Sanskar…!!” Sujata said to the Servant who was helping her..

” Gi Malkin…!!

Knock Knock…!!

” Sanskar Baba Malkin is Calling you for Breakfast…!! Kaka said..

” Yes Kaka..!! You Go I am coming Coming…!! A low voice from Inside the room came..!!

OK baba..!!

” I Love You…!! Where are You..!! Why You Left us…!! Didn’t u Trusted me that I am strong enough to stand beside you that I would help you in every ups and down that I would TRUST you…!! Said said Caressing a Photo..!! But who’s Photo..??..
He Placed the Photo inside the Drawer not before kissing it….!!

” Good Morning Mom..!! Good Morning Dad…!! Sanskar said before seating him on the chair..!!”

“Good Morning Son…!! So What’s Your plan son..!! When are you BOTH going..!!” Ram said..

” Tomorrow Dad…!! Sanskar answers back..

” That’s Great beta..!! Work Hard and Achieve Your Dreams..That is the reason why I am sending you to LONDON for Further Studies..!! Ram said..

“Dreams..!! Yeah Dreams..!! I will work hard and achieve your Dreams because I myself don’t have any Dream left…!! Sanskar said and Sujata Smiled Sadly on this…!!

” You will Achieve Your Dreams son..!! And Maybe London will show You the way..!! Sujata said giving a ray of hope yo Sanskar..

“Oh Stop it You Mother and Son..!! Why are you both always Emotional..!! Ram said to enlighten the atmosphere..

” I am done..!! I am Going to Lakshya…!! He must be waiting for me…!! We Both have some work left in College..!! Sanskar said getting up from his seat..!! Ram and Sujata Nodded…!!

Another Mansion is shown quite Adjacent To Maheshwari Mansion..!! Sanskar enters there and Find s a Man, Lady and a Young Boy doing Breakfast without any emotions on their, Just their Idols…!!Sanskar moved Towards them..!!

“Good morning Everyone..!!” Sanskar said Gaining everyone’s Attention..

” Good Morning beta..!! God bless you..come join us..” The Man said..

” Thank You Uncle but I am already done with my Breakfast..!! I just came to take Lakshya with me we have to Go to College..!!”
Sanskar answered..

” Oh Yeah..!! Come Sanskar Let’s Go..!! Bye Dad Bye Mom..!!” Lakshya said getting up from his seat…

“Bye beta…!!” They answered

Bye Shekar Uncle Bye Shomi Aunty…!! Sanskar too said..

With This SanLak cane out from house and Sanskar started his Jeep and both left…

This is it for Today…!! Please do comment and share your views …!! Suggestions and Advices are always welcome..!!

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